Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #59 - The Falador Graphical Rework

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:10] I'm mod Matt he and today we're going to
[00:12] be talking all things falador and so I
[00:15] have with me on the surface today hello
[00:17] I'm mojo hello I'm mod Malta and we've
[00:19] not had madjoe on the sofas before so
[00:21] what do you do mods Joe and product
[00:23] owner at the Guardian steam what's that
[00:25] mean dated a tie today and these lots of
[00:28] planning and emails and looking at cool
[00:30] stuff I was originally an environment
[00:33] artist and I don't really have enough
[00:34] time to do that anymore Russia which
[00:36] sucks because it's something I enjoyed
[00:38] and things were talking about fala Dora
[00:40] I actually did the original update of
[00:43] falador 11 years ago Wow when it was
[00:46] originally paper-thin walls I made it
[00:48] look like the more thick and bricky but
[00:50] I think after five years every thought
[00:52] yeah it maybe needs a bit of a lick of
[00:54] paint which is a something I'd like to
[00:56] talk more about today ok so what it what
[00:58] is this followed or update we're
[01:00] sneakily talking about quite early I'll
[01:03] out I'll jump in and take that one ok
[01:05] it's essentially a sort of mini world
[01:08] event it's just a two-week-long little
[01:11] piece of content to to go with the
[01:14] graphical rework that we've had waiting
[01:17] annex waiting an excuse to launch for a
[01:19] little while now yeah and it's going to
[01:22] feature the the white knights and the
[01:23] Black Knights fighting through the
[01:25] streets of falador and you can pitch in
[01:27] on one side or other to earn yourself
[01:30] unique rewards and find out a bit more
[01:32] about the history of the city ok so
[01:35] where's this project come from them how
[01:37] we conceived the project originally
[01:39] started out as an improvement project as
[01:41] an art team we try to look at all of the
[01:43] areas of the game that we'd want to do
[01:45] improvements of I know karanji is always
[01:47] mentioned as something that needs needs
[01:49] a bit more love and we did some work in
[01:51] updating falador a couple of years ago
[01:53] back in 2013 run from mod Lewis and he
[01:57] took it quite far didn't it wasn't quite
[01:59] finished and we basically couldn't find
[02:02] the right time to spend more time on it
[02:04] because there was so many other projects
[02:06] that we thought there was more player
[02:07] appreciation in working on you know it
[02:09] sort of it languished we never really
[02:11] finished it but we thought you know now
[02:13] it now is the time let's actually finish
[02:15] the project get out of the players
[02:17] combined it with an event and actually
[02:18] I'm actually
[02:19] live right okay out of our pending
[02:23] folders were requiring a merge down
[02:26] every week for the last two years ok was
[02:29] that a big team worked on it or so I
[02:32] think quite a lot of environment Isis
[02:33] worked on it a couple of years ago but
[02:35] what we're doing in the Guardians is
[02:37] actually taking the project looking at
[02:39] where it currently was and then getting
[02:40] the entire team involved in how can we
[02:42] make it better and so we've done some
[02:43] new designs we're getting our QA guys to
[02:46] give more feedback some of our QA guys
[02:49] have you been helping us fix the bugs
[02:51] low we'd like sort of the place to see
[02:54] this as a team it's a team effort and
[02:56] when it finally goes live okay and how
[02:58] long has the development taken for it
[03:01] and I can't remember how long we spent
[03:03] on it originally but we're keeping this
[03:05] quite quite tight so the guardians are
[03:07] working we're coming out of working on
[03:08] the mikey six project yeah we're going
[03:11] to be going into fully working on
[03:12] invention so this is a relatively small
[03:15] update for us we only really want to
[03:16] spend two sprints so that's that's about
[03:19] four weeks worth of work on it and
[03:21] they're obviously like a bit bit of time
[03:23] before doing a couple of concepts and
[03:25] things like that but really primarily it
[03:27] will be two sprints get in there fix it
[03:30] up at all of the content that we want to
[03:32] do and then try and turn get it out to
[03:33] the players okay so so it's quite
[03:35] unusual for see is a really short
[03:37] development time like that it is I think
[03:39] we're lucky in that really most like
[03:42] ninety-five percent of a graphical
[03:43] update was done for us right and by the
[03:45] rest of the team a couple of years ago
[03:47] and but saying that I was looking on
[03:50] reddit and I saw someone I've gotten the
[03:53] username had done a mock-up of what
[03:54] valid or could look like and they used
[03:56] it was a Photoshop montage using assets
[03:58] from ashdale and I was like hang on I
[04:00] need that grass we can use those trees
[04:01] and we can change the sky box and do
[04:03] more things so yeah that inspired me I
[04:06] showed an mod Alex one of the enviro
[04:09] tightest can we do this and he was like
[04:11] what that's really cool and that would
[04:14] take more time so we're kind of thinking
[04:17] as a stretch goal taking this sort of
[04:19] this is a inspiration they might be able
[04:22] to add a tiny bit more level of Polish
[04:24] to it but the core for us is making sure
[04:26] that it's got engaging gameplay okay and
[04:28] that's what we've been working on as a
[04:29] priority okay and we keeping the scope
[04:31] as small as we can
[04:33] Dino use my can't get more than two
[04:35] sprints yeah yep so really learning from
[04:37] how the ninjas apply there but actually
[04:39] they're readers brilliant okay so what's
[04:42] the focus of the graphical update and
[04:44] what kind of dinner for you the main
[04:46] thing is just the building's up taking
[04:48] the building's making sure that the
[04:50] castle is is updated and that's taken a
[04:54] lot of the time making sure if the
[04:56] architecture looks as nice as possible
[04:57] as of right now where we haven't
[05:00] actually gone into the full spring
[05:02] production lots of the furniture hasn't
[05:04] been touched it's all exactly the same
[05:05] and okay I guess when this goes live
[05:07] you'll see if we have the extra time to
[05:09] update the furniture as well I'm hoping
[05:11] that we will okay what what what's your
[05:14] real hope for the graphic update that
[05:17] means I've got to commit to it I'm
[05:18] asking that no I did hope I did say
[05:21] promise so the the hope is that you
[05:23] would go to fallow door and you wouldn't
[05:25] see an old asset right if that's the
[05:27] Duster goal and so hopefully we'll be
[05:29] able to update the NPC's there there are
[05:31] better versions of the white knights and
[05:33] that we've had so we can we can use the
[05:36] new armor set yeah we can update some of
[05:38] the citizens and you know there are just
[05:40] things like the old chairs in the pub we
[05:42] can update those it's nice and quick
[05:44] there's lots of little bits of polish we
[05:45] can apply all over the place but also
[05:47] the funny thing is as part of the update
[05:49] because of the the story we've actually
[05:52] as well as updating the area we really
[05:54] kind of want to destroy it as well so
[05:56] right Carter firm some of those sort of
[05:58] things to play what we doing is there
[05:59] will be some siege engines there will be
[06:01] some things may be on fire so yeah
[06:04] hopefully a little bit yeah nothing to
[06:07] damage there won't be damaged forever
[06:09] okay to the story now so what what's the
[06:12] story behind the white knights versus
[06:15] black knight Sir mmm all that's not all
[06:18] of my door like invit in this event
[06:20] anyway well okay so some some players
[06:23] might know of r adeline who was the
[06:25] first king of Asgard including falador
[06:29] he was the first one to unite them from
[06:31] a whole load of little bickering
[06:33] city-states essentially into a kingdom
[06:36] and there's rumors that have gone on
[06:39] ever since that he had a magic sword and
[06:42] a scabbard that wouldn't let him die and
[06:44] the banner
[06:45] would crush entire armies before and all
[06:47] that sort of thing and they've gone on
[06:49] for for quite some time people tend to
[06:52] think they're a bit of a joke new
[06:54] evidence has come to light that suggests
[06:55] that there might have actually been
[06:57] something in it after all and the black
[07:00] and the white knights both know that if
[07:02] there is any truth in it that there's a
[07:04] hell of a lot of potential power in
[07:06] those artifacts and they're both going
[07:07] for them right so the Black Knights it's
[07:11] sort of now or never for them they've
[07:13] they've raided the city in an attempt to
[07:14] to get in and and find those artifacts
[07:17] and they've done it so quickly that they
[07:19] manage to take the defenders by surprise
[07:21] didn't manage to get the city shut up
[07:23] before the Black Knights got in there's
[07:24] now fighting in the streets okay siege
[07:27] camped inside and out sort of a little
[07:30] bit of back and forth between them and
[07:31] just a big Street battle going on while
[07:34] they simultaneously try to search for
[07:37] these artifacts and and get out with
[07:39] them if they can ok so our players going
[07:42] to be help with choosing which side they
[07:44] help or we've made it a little less
[07:47] formal ok than than the actual world
[07:50] events because it's only it's on your
[07:51] two week thing we didn't want the whole
[07:53] that's a big bath between back and forth
[07:55] thought between forth mostly because
[07:57] people tend to rejoin sides based on
[08:00] who's winning and we couldn't put a
[08:02] third side in without involving the city
[08:05] garden there a bit to the basic next
[08:08] white knights and Black Knight yes so
[08:10] yeah we've made it so that you can just
[08:11] pitch in with whatever side you happen
[08:13] to fantasy pitching in with ok it won't
[08:16] ruin your white knight rep if you're
[08:18] going for the various bits of armor for
[08:20] that and that's sort of you need
[08:25] pitching by doing by okay killing enemy
[08:28] Knights chopping up the siege engines if
[08:31] you're on the other side healing their
[08:33] wounded if you're with them yeah and
[08:35] just generally getting stuck in and
[08:38] getting experience for doing those
[08:40] actions as you would for doing any other
[08:42] action and as you're going along you'll
[08:44] be collecting bits of supply caches
[08:47] essentially you collecting fragments of
[08:49] them that you put together and then you
[08:50] open them for additional rewards and
[08:52] that's sort of challenge bags of
[08:56] resources and these unique cosmetic
[08:58] reward
[08:59] so you can say i was there i was there
[09:01] during the second so you drove falador
[09:02] when the Black Knights busted in and
[09:04] there was this great big Barney cool
[09:06] cool okay so that sounds really say do
[09:10] we know when that's when all this is I
[09:13] know we're in very early stages we're
[09:15] talking about stuff that's coming up any
[09:17] idea where in our schedule it's coming I
[09:19] believe that's coming out after infest
[09:22] the late October right okay okay so but
[09:27] not Halloween themed but not how I mean
[09:29] think no no no Halloween is in the safe
[09:31] clutches of the Jukes the watch the
[09:35] watching for what ya the watch okay so
[09:38] what's your favorite pub in runescape I
[09:41] I know what what Sarah would have me say
[09:45] but I do quite like the pic and loot
[09:48] right the the thieving based tavern in
[09:51] the starter area be all I named it
[09:54] because it's got the flash powder
[09:57] factory underneath it of course yes and
[09:59] multiple tower always loves the flash
[10:02] powder thank you I'm not above a little
[10:03] idiot is employees enero and right
[10:08] mainly because of the squirrel I have a
[10:13] I have a poison arrow tank it i love the
[10:17] poisoner right okay so i think that's a
[10:19] really good little insight into what's
[10:22] coming up just one more question left oh
[10:24] no okay what what what is mod multi
[10:28] going to accidentally promised to over
[10:30] graphically overall next you know I
[10:33] couldn't possibly commit to anything try
[10:36] and keep it to a continent well thanks
[10:40] for coming in today it's great chat for
[10:42] you guys and hopefully we'll be seeing F
[10:44] fun in the streets of falador sin bye
[10:46] bye