Transcript of RuneScape Podcast 58 - The Light Within

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:06] I'm madhumati and I have with me today
[00:09] moderating and where can we talking all
[00:12] things sarin yes why would that be mod
[00:15] Raven because we have the sarin quest
[00:18] otherwise known as the light within
[00:20] coming out soon so why is it called the
[00:23] light within it was what we've bandied a
[00:26] number of names around the team and we
[00:28] settled on the light within because it's
[00:29] a kind of play on within the light
[00:31] previous elfquest right and it's
[00:33] referring to kind of sarin being well
[00:38] the light within the elf city really
[00:40] she's kind of what sort of drives all
[00:42] right um yeah she's a weed Christie S&C
[00:46] thing at the moment so it was that kind
[00:47] of light within the elf city and mostly
[00:50] it was the plan within the light I'll be
[00:51] honest that is our main region
[00:53] overworked so why did we decide to do
[00:57] this quest run some of the other options
[00:59] we have available well this one one a
[01:02] rune labs poll it was suggested by gaga
[01:04] lady and it was very very popular right
[01:06] and that's pretty much the reason we did
[01:09] it is it was what players wanted it was
[01:11] what was voted for in maroon labs and so
[01:13] that's what we worked on so
[01:15] congratulations to go guy lady yes let's
[01:18] listen to gaga lady so what are the
[01:20] requirements for the light within okay
[01:24] so skill-wise you need 80 guilty 80
[01:27] crafting 80 divination 80 herb-lore 80
[01:30] prayer 80 slur and 80 woodcutting right
[01:35] you need to a completed the quests
[01:36] meeting history templates intestine and
[01:40] all the elf quests and faith the gods
[01:43] and world wakes Wow well so that's quite
[01:47] a set yep so that makes this quest a
[01:50] grandmaster Grand Master Quest what was
[01:54] the last Grand Master sphere um think it
[01:57] was fate the gods wasn't it I think I'm
[02:00] sure I'm sure our listeners correct as
[02:02] I'm sure they will and if not yeah and
[02:04] if you're wrong you'll be embarrassed I
[02:05] won't but okay yeah cool and that cloud
[02:10] be the end of it for me okay so what
[02:13] what why Grandmaster quest because it's
[02:16] the culmination of quite a lot of stuff
[02:18] it's the next step on from the elf City
[02:23] really in terms of lore anyway yeah and
[02:25] the elf city is in itself kind of Grand
[02:28] Master let's be honest so it didn't make
[02:31] sense to Gomez to make a novice little
[02:34] quest because that will make out be no
[02:35] sense whatsoever so it kind of just the
[02:38] natural progression renault I suppose
[02:40] you have to have access to your city
[02:42] anyway to be able to do any well yes yes
[02:44] so our city with its raft of 75
[02:47] requirements yes makes sense to have
[02:48] enough progress add an extra five on oh
[02:50] yeah in a bad article okay so where do
[02:56] the players start you will start the
[02:59] quest by going speaking to your lovely
[03:01] friend Eleanor who's in the ethyl
[03:02] section of the elf city right okay and
[03:05] now of course you're going to tell us
[03:06] what happens in the quest yeah for a
[03:09] limited degree I think people are well
[03:13] aware that I don't like giving out
[03:14] spoilers and I've been quite big on
[03:16] trying to stop spoilers Oh get
[03:18] everything else with it but i can tell
[03:21] you bet doing it yes they are certain
[03:23] you tell this stuff that we have given
[03:25] away so obviously it's to do with sarin
[03:28] and it really drawing sarens noise don't
[03:30] think too big a spoiler I think players
[03:34] will be aware of that you'll get to
[03:36] visit some cool places you'll get to
[03:38] visit toffee and I think again that's
[03:40] the other thing that we've we've leaked
[03:41] already with tough toffee odd is the
[03:43] ancestral home world of the elves right
[03:46] it's another plane and it looks awesome
[03:48] okay until you'll be able to go there
[03:50] both during the quest and post quest as
[03:52] a reward okay I'm trying to think what
[03:56] more I can say without spoiling and no
[03:59] very much so I will just now have to
[04:01] talk to lots of its ok you have to talk
[04:04] twelves yes if you don't like elves this
[04:06] is not the quest for you so I'm gonna
[04:07] get health cooties from cool down um
[04:09] yeah maybe
[04:12] elf cooties I'm judging you right now
[04:18] okay okay so and and of course the end
[04:22] of the quest will be awesome yes yes and
[04:24] I understand I think mod mark hinted in
[04:28] the month ahead that there might be some
[04:31] choices you have to make yes there are a
[04:33] number of choices that quite a few them
[04:37] won't be immediately obvious some of
[04:39] them will be immediately obvious okay
[04:41] but a few then won't be immediately
[04:42] obvious but they are setting stuff up
[04:44] for in future I can't say too much about
[04:48] the choices again cuz spoilers but some
[04:51] of them will be at least one of them
[04:54] should make the players go otherwise
[04:58] you're heartless which you know I
[05:00] approve of but that's okay ok so
[05:02] there'll be some tough choices yes Oh
[05:04] tough choice is good I would like to
[05:07] think so yet tough choices have
[05:08] consequences yes so rewards then yes
[05:15] what rewards will the players be like
[05:17] Peter with it so the most obvious
[05:19] rewards will be the spells and press
[05:22] whichever one of the things that we've
[05:24] been very open about these so I don't
[05:25] think there is any surprise yeah we've
[05:27] got a big list to go through in a minute
[05:29] here we have there are I think what was
[05:31] it 14 new spells I think right number of
[05:34] new pro I might be wrong I'm sure we'll
[05:38] work out and say I haven't recently done
[05:39] that the adding but we've got a number
[05:41] of stuff and the viral EC's would be
[05:44] good basis for possible future editions
[05:47] yeah a key thing being the prisms which
[05:50] are things that you the you cast as a
[05:54] spell that a payoneer the player and do
[05:56] an effect over time so you have like a
[05:58] number of ticks and you can maintain
[06:00] them and you can buff them and do sorts
[06:02] of things which we've got sort of i
[06:04] think for at the moment but we could
[06:08] always it would be a good idea see what
[06:10] more we can add later yeah but we didn't
[06:13] have all the development time in the
[06:14] world to do all the things we wanted to
[06:16] do well as I still from the case we
[06:19] could just keep adding stuff oh yes yes
[06:22] we had quite a lot of original things
[06:25] that we just had to
[06:26] sensible and go through and go nope nope
[06:28] nope because you know we we couldn't do
[06:31] all of these and the quest or indeed
[06:33] some of them all of these and there are
[06:35] a couple of them that we just told you
[06:37] can't do that don't be stupid wondering
[06:40] required completely rewriting combat we
[06:42] decided that maybe we maybe that wasn't
[06:44] the best study yeah yeah for a rather
[06:46] niche reward as well that's like maybe
[06:49] not the other thing you'll get is quite
[06:53] a respectable amount of XP of glory
[06:58] six-pack of glorious XP but it's not
[07:00] bonus XP right and for those of you
[07:02] interested will be done in the form of
[07:03] XP lamps so you can save them you can
[07:06] use them when you want to do a 99 party
[07:10] or something yeah or you can do i doing
[07:12] just go yeah and click the moment you
[07:14] get them um but an efficient use of
[07:17] lumps how dare you I'm not an efficiency
[07:21] play anyone who has seen me play the
[07:22] game knows I'm not an efficiency player
[07:24] I am a stupid play wait see what are you
[07:27] doing those i'm mostly giggling
[07:29] coherently and run past the place
[07:31] trolling my teammates I'm not a good
[07:34] person I've enjoyed potatoes I grow
[07:37] potatoes it's very important everyone
[07:39] has to be well fed on potatoes it's
[07:41] vital okay a bit of a diversion yeah so
[07:45] let's run through the spells okay giving
[07:50] it a given there are so many of them
[07:51] there are quite a few so there are horas
[07:55] yes dear so the Aurora's are the direct
[07:58] combat spells of the sort of light sides
[08:01] and one of the things we've done and
[08:02] this is going to be integrator was on
[08:03] the prize is we have listening to
[08:05] feedback from players we have updated
[08:07] ancient magic so they have a chance to
[08:10] proc on abilities so obviously they
[08:12] didn't end Burton the auto cast I don't
[08:15] know the exact number but there is a
[08:16] small chance of the ability extra facts
[08:19] will now go off so you'll get things
[08:20] like the blood barrage bonus or ice
[08:23] barrage wherever you want to use they
[08:25] will take the runes from you when they
[08:26] do this so you only there's no free ride
[08:29] yeah and these work with the light form
[08:32] of the price so these will proc when the
[08:35] Prioress active had a higher chance
[08:36] okays light and dark form give you a
[08:38] better chance to easy
[08:39] is propping ok we have opal Aurora which
[08:43] is your kind of if you've got the person
[08:46] who's in charge of the prisms they
[08:48] should probably have this active because
[08:49] every time this goes off it will
[08:51] increase the lifespan of the prisms
[08:52] right so you can't maintain them
[08:54] indefinitely be keep them going quite a
[08:56] nice long time yeah the next one we have
[08:58] is sapphire Aurora what this one does is
[09:00] increases the sort of power of the next
[09:03] tick of the prisons okay so I did he
[09:06] will study more it does slightly better
[09:07] okay emerald Aurora is our kind of tank
[09:11] spell yeah the others are mostly for
[09:14] other people this one is for you when
[09:16] you cast this when it procs you will get
[09:17] a stacking damage reduction buff right
[09:19] stacks up to five times its percent each
[09:22] stack so you can get up to five percent
[09:23] damage reduction which stacks with every
[09:25] other form of damage reduction right so
[09:28] you can get some nice good things those
[09:30] combinations down while still throwing
[09:32] damage at the body so you can you can
[09:34] still contribute effectively and then
[09:38] the antithesis are is Ruby Aurora which
[09:41] will find everyone else but you nearby
[09:44] and it has a chance of giving them a
[09:46] damage buff so the more people nearby
[09:49] you can make them deal more damage so
[09:51] it'd be very good against bosses you can
[09:53] get all your teammates together and wave
[09:55] on the body group up and go for it yeah
[09:57] okay and then prisms yeah so the prisms
[10:01] are the way more interesting things that
[10:02] we're doing with these prize in creating
[10:05] this little sort of thing that floats by
[10:07] you and it does a dandruff restore
[10:09] non-damaged does a buff for everyone
[10:11] around you so it's not just you it's
[10:14] everyone around you is except say Don ok
[10:16] um and isn't an Ironman and remembers to
[10:20] turn except a Don i remembers because we
[10:22] both ash and i forgot on the lights on
[10:24] the livestream you both feel so except
[10:26] they don yes yes yeah i'm going to send
[10:29] at the moment fees I don't believe work
[10:32] with Iron Men accounts ok after feedback
[10:34] from our teammates so if you think
[10:35] they're wrong tell us we have the prism
[10:38] of restoration yep which is useful for
[10:40] familiars it will heal the familiar it
[10:43] will give it will increase the familiar
[10:45] special attack energy so it'll heal that
[10:47] as well and when you're using a scroll
[10:50] it will have a chance for the scroll to
[10:52] not be used
[10:53] so you basically get a free use of the
[10:54] effect of the special attack so it's
[10:56] good to prop one of these down and
[10:58] because it just sits there so you can
[11:00] cast it early on and then just occasion
[11:02] you remember about it it also goes
[11:04] nicely with the sapphire Aurora to heal
[11:06] more so you can keep your creature going
[11:08] for longer yeah nexon what is the prism
[11:12] of salvation this one's a bit of a weird
[11:15] one when you place this prison down it
[11:18] doesn't do any kind of buffs or healing
[11:21] or anything what it does do is that your
[11:23] teammates can click on the Aurora and so
[11:27] on the prism and teleport to immediately
[11:29] right as long as they're within to the
[11:31] line of walk so yeah you can't jump over
[11:33] fences and you can't unblockable things
[11:35] but you will get out of danger
[11:37] immediately in a pair buy it right okay
[11:39] so i can think of some uses for that you
[11:41] think about like a boss is about to
[11:42] charge at you and you go and no i can't
[11:44] escape you can click the thing and
[11:46] teleport to it yeah or I'm convinced
[11:48] that players will find really
[11:49] interesting uses for it yeah so we're
[11:52] going to be intrigued you see how people
[11:53] use that by IPS imagine there's some
[11:55] interesting uses for yeah I think it'll
[11:56] be it'll be cool to see prism of loyalty
[11:59] is one of my favorites which is this
[12:01] creates a another prison that pays by
[12:03] you and what you do is you kind of pour
[12:06] your health into it so it hurts you but
[12:08] it gives a kind of energy pool for this
[12:10] prism right and then when allies are low
[12:14] on health if they're nearby the prism it
[12:16] will heal them automatically so it's a
[12:19] kind of like you put them down to
[12:21] support your teammate so that they will
[12:23] get that appropriate kind of healing at
[12:25] the right time when they most need it
[12:27] and don't have to rely on them clicking
[12:28] things yeah it picks the nearest person
[12:30] at the first person to need it rather
[12:32] than any kind of you choose who does it
[12:35] so it's easy to manage yeah and again
[12:37] you can keep going around you can top it
[12:38] up any new things and I'm fairly sure
[12:40] it's tax with barricade for everyone's
[12:42] asked ever very nice and then the final
[12:45] we've got is prism of dowsing which is
[12:47] our skilling one yeah you put this one
[12:50] down by divination location by the by
[12:52] the crater or wherever yeah and what it
[12:54] does is it finds wisps and it draws them
[12:56] to it and then when you use it when you
[12:59] want to use all these where you start
[13:01] sort of siphoning off them you will get
[13:03] an increased chance of getting enriched
[13:06] and this is a bonus for everyone who's
[13:07] by that prison so anyone if you see
[13:11] someone drop a prism of dowsing go over
[13:13] next then when you'll get much better
[13:14] rates of young Richmond itself okay and
[13:16] you won't have to move much because it
[13:18] will drag the wisps to you which will
[13:20] make life nice and easy yeah so it
[13:23] should be a good useful little skilling
[13:25] spell particularly well salud fluency
[13:27] yeah some other ones who got we've got
[13:30] intercept what this one does is again
[13:33] you'd accept a torn anyone work on Iron
[13:34] Men you use this on another player and
[13:37] it kind of wards they're able to ward
[13:38] them for a few seconds right and during
[13:40] that time any damage they take you will
[13:42] take instead yeah so you get but you get
[13:45] it reduced amount you take ninety-five
[13:47] percent of that damage okay so it's
[13:49] useful if ticket for the tank and you
[13:51] have massive health pool you see all
[13:52] your friends is about to die you go no I
[13:54] will save you a new cast the watermen
[13:56] and then when they get hit they go I get
[13:59] to live and you go I only mildly
[14:00] inconvenient which should be good yeah
[14:02] and the next one we have with that one
[14:05] is another spell to work with your
[14:06] teammates and you can use it on yourself
[14:08] but it can't defies the point which is
[14:10] shield dome and you quite a little force
[14:12] field over you and you so sit there
[14:13] channeling it so you can't do anything
[14:15] while it's active you just channel it
[14:16] but anyone who stands within the dome
[14:20] again who is accepted on yeah we'll get
[14:23] a damage reduction buff of it starts at
[14:26] fifty percent and so that's fifty
[14:29] percent of all damage is just ignored
[14:30] and again they're stacked with other
[14:31] things and they also get an accuracy
[14:33] debuff because you're trying to fire
[14:35] through a Webley force field so ok you
[14:36] get accuracy debuff there is diminishing
[14:39] returns on this for every additional one
[14:42] after that one you get it's half as
[14:44] effective so you can't just sort of
[14:46] stack it forever and then you can never
[14:49] harm me you have to wait yeah it's a
[14:52] think a two minute cooldown so it should
[14:53] be very useful if used at the right time
[14:56] yeah but it's not useful to just sit
[14:58] there and constantly spam cast it
[15:00] there's no advantage for four phases
[15:02] yeah useful for phase is useful for
[15:04] certain boss fights I'm sure players
[15:06] will find other uses for it as well and
[15:07] for real it's yeah so then we have
[15:11] crystallized crystallized is another
[15:15] skilling spell and what you do with this
[15:16] one is you cast it on a mining
[15:18] woodcutter
[15:19] fishing or hunter but a full box trap
[15:24] from Hunter yeah and it will crystallize
[15:27] it it will convert it to crystal meaning
[15:29] that whilst you gather from it you won't
[15:31] get any resources you will get increased
[15:33] XP okay I think it's another fifty
[15:35] percent but also that particular node
[15:38] won't destabilize it won't disappear so
[15:41] for trees it won't be felled for minor
[15:43] locations it won't be removed alright
[15:45] this it will still be removed if another
[15:48] player is doing it right but the
[15:51] crystallized spell will wait until it's
[15:54] come back and then the tickle continue
[15:55] so it's 30 seconds now another player
[15:57] can't ruin it don't worry you just have
[15:59] to be patient for the fishing location
[16:02] it will automatically make you move to
[16:04] it if the fishings spot moves okay it
[16:06] makes it be easier to kind of almost a
[16:08] FK you crystallize it click it and it
[16:10] will do it for you okay and Hunter the
[16:12] trap will just not be removed so you'll
[16:16] get that constant hunter XP gain ray but
[16:20] no resources and of course balance to be
[16:22] more sensible than my previous play test
[16:24] it first prototyped it because there's
[16:28] no delay on clicking it in the project
[16:29] in the normal coat right oh it's just so
[16:31] they're just watching hunter XP just go
[16:33] this long stream I think it worked out
[16:36] as a couple of million an hour and timbo
[16:38] told me know okay I would like but
[16:44] notoriously no no the next one we bought
[16:47] is rapid growth which is a farming spell
[16:49] and what this one does is or you cast on
[16:52] herb tree or fruit tree farmer patches
[16:56] and it will just automatically move to
[16:57] the next stage guaranteed nor ill and
[17:00] this stacks with the potion from the
[17:02] mall yeah so you can do this once per
[17:05] day per patch it should make things just
[17:07] a bit faster for certain thing so it
[17:09] should be a little useful then crystal
[17:13] mask this lasts for five minutes and it
[17:16] gives a bonus to your pick pocketing
[17:19] right okay which i think is about
[17:21] fifteen percent i might be wrong okay
[17:23] that's what I haven't topped my head and
[17:26] also if you do get caught by someone who
[17:29] would stun you has a chance to stop you
[17:32] being done
[17:33] nice so should be quite useful yeah and
[17:36] then finally we have a spell book swap
[17:38] which is identical to public lot from
[17:42] the lunar book but it's in the ancient
[17:43] book now so I can swap between the
[17:46] ancient Luna and standard spell books
[17:48] asked needed right should be good and
[17:51] then prayer oh yes praise you still have
[17:53] prayers so we still have prayers yes so
[17:56] frankly there are lots of rewards yeah
[17:58] it's it should be nice and meaty and it
[18:02] should also be a good sort of styling
[18:05] what if people want to suggest more yeah
[18:07] we're not immediately planning to do
[18:09] more i should say but if it becomes
[18:11] popular and it looks like they're things
[18:13] that needed we could look into it okay
[18:14] so tell me about the prayers then so we
[18:16] have lightened art form from MP earlier
[18:18] saying that we've now made it so there
[18:20] is a percentage chance for the ancient
[18:22] spells to proc yet on abilities what
[18:25] these do is they double their chances
[18:26] more likely for these to go off so if
[18:29] you want to be supporting the prison's
[18:30] you would have life form on and casting
[18:32] opal aurora and sapphire aurora if you
[18:35] want to be spawn your teammates you
[18:36] would have flight form on to cast a ruby
[18:38] aurora so they get the damage buff if
[18:40] however you just want to murder the
[18:42] enemies with massive efficiency you have
[18:44] dark form on so you can laugh man I
[18:46] please they freeze and you suck the life
[18:48] force out the Met tetra saris is a pile
[18:50] assisting is yes then we've got
[18:53] Chronicle absorption the H is a prior to
[18:56] make things just a bit more convenient
[18:57] really which is that currently when the
[19:00] chronicle appears you have to grab it
[19:01] stop shooting your current divination
[19:03] and you run off and use on an altar at
[19:05] the etiquette XP what this pride does it
[19:07] just says none of that thanks and it
[19:09] just takes a chronicle automatic
[19:11] captions out and it converts immediately
[19:13] to the relevant text be all right so
[19:15] it's a nice little useful things you
[19:17] know again if you use it for divination
[19:19] particularly with the what's called
[19:22] prism of dowsing around it yeah it
[19:23] should be quite as must and its energy
[19:25] there yeah then we have the same way
[19:29] interesting couple of them which are
[19:30] like soulik what's all linked does is it
[19:34] finds another player nearby who also has
[19:36] sold in captive so you need to have
[19:37] coupled is on and it will show you have
[19:40] accepted or but you do also need to have
[19:43] accepted on okay I know where that is no
[19:46] I do know where that is now yes what
[19:49] soul link does is it splits the damage
[19:52] and healing that you get between the two
[19:54] be right so half the damage you would
[19:57] take it sent to them half the Healey you
[19:59] take we get 10 to them which makes it
[20:00] useful for kind of balancing things out
[20:03] okay and so slow living thing out yeah
[20:06] it should be quite cool and teamwork
[20:09] protection what this does is it finds
[20:11] everyone around you who was has team web
[20:14] protection active and for each one third
[20:16] finds it gives a damage reduction across
[20:19] all styles like the protection prize
[20:21] yeah and it also gives a retaliate
[20:25] chance oh right chance to reflect that
[20:27] damage so I think it's five percent
[20:30] damage reduction per person and then one
[20:32] percent retaliate chance per person okay
[20:34] it starts at five but that's still a
[20:37] quarter of damage year and moved in a
[20:39] five percent chance to hit back nice
[20:41] which should be pretty good so if you
[20:42] have a team of you going up against
[20:44] something you should all have this on
[20:46] you should get some nice just general
[20:48] bonuses going out with it should be good
[20:51] then we have super heat form and what
[20:55] this one does it automatically smelts
[20:57] any or that you mine right Amanda burns
[20:59] near logs that you cut your flow
[21:01] converts them immediately to the well it
[21:03] doesn't convert them it gives you the XP
[21:04] as well yeah so it's again a quality of
[21:06] life just make things a bit easier if
[21:08] you can't be bothered to run back and
[21:09] forth to a furnace you just turn this on
[21:12] and keep mining you'd have the relevant
[21:14] out of coal you don't get to skip coal
[21:16] well on that should be fine okay and
[21:18] then the final one is for stewed which
[21:22] boost your defense gives you a small HP
[21:24] bar and it also doubles health regen and
[21:26] allows help from jen in combat in combat
[21:29] love the regeneration but it should be
[21:31] quite useful for a tank particularly if
[21:34] you stack on the other things as well
[21:35] yeah so if you you know you have this
[21:37] active you have the Emerald art on and
[21:40] you have yes team web protection
[21:41] soulsplit then you so sure then you can
[21:45] get some nice kind of tanking going on
[21:48] it should be quite useful brilliant
[21:50] that's a really massive set of stuff yes
[21:52] I'm not yes good right that's so last
[21:56] question when are we going to see the
[21:58] quest
[21:59] hopefully you'll be seeing it next week
[22:01] on the 17th is our planned launch date
[22:03] right obviously I say hopefully because
[22:06] things can sometimes explode hopefully
[22:08] nothing will but they looks like it
[22:10] looks like a 17-pound wow where can't
[22:13] wait you're looking forward to it I am
[22:16] looking forward to it yes it'd be nice
[22:17] to see it finally out there we've spent
[22:20] you know quite a while working on it
[22:21] said yet is he being used and when it
[22:24] comes out I assume you'll be all over
[22:25] the forums oh yeah i'll be i'll be in
[22:27] game i'll be on twitter I'll be on the
[22:29] forums I'll be trolling read it you'll
[22:31] be difficult not to spot me probably so
[22:34] if you have any questions on the day
[22:35] feel free to hassle madre yeah that's
[22:37] fine well thanks for coming in today
[22:39] moderators quite a great to talk to you
[22:41] and if you'd like to say bye-bye to the
[22:43] listeners now bye-bye listeners bovine
[22:45] listeners
[23:02] you