Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #56: Community Exposed!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:11] I'm mod sky and I'm here with more
[00:14] balanced and this week we're going to be
[00:16] talking about community exposed so we'll
[00:19] reveal all the secrets about community
[00:21] so more balanced say hi hello I'm on
[00:25] balance under head over in scope
[00:27] community and yeah this is a interesting
[00:29] podcast really isn't it community
[00:32] exposed yeah is if that's a good title
[00:34] and I feel like we're about to reveal
[00:36] the deepest and darkest secrets about
[00:38] the runescape players well I don't
[00:40] really think I've got many insights
[00:41] about that I just go with the flow
[00:43] really well we'll soon find out I'm
[00:45] guessing yeah how long have you been at
[00:48] jagex for but at jakes for about two
[00:52] years now so Wow a relative newbie to
[00:55] the company because you've got the likes
[00:57] of mod action mod mass for instance I've
[00:59] been here for years and years and years
[01:01] and yeah I'm a little noob oh I've been
[01:05] playing green saver ages oh that's a
[01:07] thing and playing since 2004 on and off
[01:10] obviously but you can never quit
[01:11] runescape it's another veteran I
[01:13] wouldn't say veteran in that I'm rubbish
[01:16] but I'm yeah I've played for a while
[01:19] great and what do you do in jagex so
[01:22] you've always said that you're the head
[01:24] of community what does that entail so
[01:26] I'm part of the community team as you
[01:29] might imagine and essentially we're the
[01:31] bridge between the players and and the
[01:34] studio so let's say it's update day the
[01:38] players are commenting on the forums on
[01:41] reddit on Twitter on Facebook across the
[01:43] whole of the Internet essentially and
[01:46] it's our job to collect all that
[01:47] feedback and to deliver that to our
[01:49] developers and equally when the
[01:51] developers have got some feedback for
[01:53] the players or are asking some questions
[01:54] it's up to us to phrase that in the
[01:57] right way make sure it goes out to the
[01:58] right people and we're the go-between if
[02:01] you like that's great so how many people
[02:04] are in the team so really I like to
[02:07] think that the community team is as big
[02:09] as the company because everyone really
[02:12] should be doing the job of a community
[02:13] manager however if you really think
[02:15] about it the people in our team in the
[02:18] community team including you mod sky as
[02:20] I think seven or eight of us
[02:23] that includes runescape an old school
[02:25] and we do everything from social media
[02:27] to like community management in the
[02:29] traditional sense on the forums and
[02:32] equally we do live streams podcast just
[02:35] like this one and loads of other stuff
[02:37] as well so what other community team
[02:40] responsible for what are we responsible
[02:42] for a heck of a lot actually we are
[02:44] responsible for a lot of things so as I
[02:47] said I've gone update day we will be
[02:49] collecting feedback from players we
[02:51] equally outside of update day we're
[02:53] collecting feedback from players and
[02:55] that's in their game that's on the
[02:56] forums on social media equally we spend
[03:00] a lot of time running in-game events we
[03:04] help with design decisions to make sure
[03:06] that players feel engaged with the
[03:08] content we tend to do live streams
[03:12] podcasts videos and we also manage our
[03:16] volunteer moderator teams as well that's
[03:19] the player moderators and the forum
[03:20] moderators as you think we did a podcast
[03:22] about both of those teams a while ago p
[03:25] mods exposed an F mods exposed there ya
[03:28] go what I'm plug there with a plug and
[03:30] yeah so there take a big chunk of our
[03:33] time but they're really worthwhile
[03:33] because essentially the P mod team for
[03:36] instance or an additional two thousand
[03:37] community champions if you will and they
[03:40] help spread the word and and make sure
[03:42] that the community is a really safe and
[03:44] fun place to be what would you say is
[03:46] the best part about being in the
[03:48] community team the best part about being
[03:50] in the community team has got to be
[03:52] being able to engage with our players
[03:54] every single day I don't know anyone
[03:56] that can really say on my job is to talk
[03:59] to people and play games with them and
[04:01] find out exactly what they're saying
[04:03] there's like it's a very rare thing to
[04:05] be able to say I enjoy my job this much
[04:07] because ultimately my job is just about
[04:09] finding out what people think so what's
[04:12] taken up most of your time at the moment
[04:14] most of my time at the moment is taken
[04:16] up with things like runefest that's a
[04:18] big time sink for us as a team we're in
[04:21] charge of organizing various elements of
[04:24] that like for instance getting the
[04:26] tickets out to players selling the
[04:28] tickets making sure that the events on
[04:31] the day and look great and everything
[04:33] goes smoothly so that's taking a huge
[04:35] amount of our time at the moment
[04:36] equally we're spending a ton of time
[04:38] doing things like reporting on on player
[04:41] feedback so for instance raids we just
[04:43] put together a big report on that and
[04:45] and that was going through all the
[04:48] forums or the all of reddit all of
[04:50] twitter and facebook and just checking
[04:52] to see what the players say about this
[04:54] how can we improve it what was the best
[04:56] bits and then the developers can
[04:58] actually learn some lessons from the
[04:59] content that they've developed yeah well
[05:01] that sounds great so what are you guys
[05:03] doing that room for you going to be
[05:05] there what you're going to do when
[05:06] you're there as the community team
[05:08] absolutely will be a rune fest where
[05:10] we're going to be spending a load of
[05:13] time on the day make sure everyone's
[05:14] having loads of fun we'll be doing
[05:15] things like the night before party as
[05:17] well more details of that kind of coming
[05:19] through in dribs and drabs but if you're
[05:21] wondering when the date is it's the
[05:23] night before runefest that's a secret
[05:26] tip for you there the night before we
[05:27] invest will be on the night before
[05:28] reinvest all the secrets are coming out
[05:31] is if this is community exposed really
[05:33] really so yeah we'll be reinvest will be
[05:37] doing the activities on the days to get
[05:40] skilled chips there's loads of cool
[05:41] things going on and our job is to kind
[05:43] of make sure that everything is
[05:44] coordinated and that the players can get
[05:46] to it all and make sure they're having a
[05:47] great time we're not one hundred percent
[05:49] sure of the specifics and there are a
[05:51] few things I know but I'm dying only
[05:54] thing you can reveal to the players at
[05:56] home exclusive reveals hmm now I'm gonna
[05:59] keep my lips sealed ah you have to you
[06:02] have to keep an eye on the renfest
[06:03] website for more information is that a
[06:06] little hidden Oh be sure to check this
[06:09] out for yeah I think what we're going to
[06:11] try and do in the lead-up to to reinvest
[06:13] is write some blogs about what we're
[06:15] going to be doing so everyone there's
[06:18] just reading the website quite regularly
[06:20] oh I think they'll be in for a few
[06:22] secrets and and they'll get the inside
[06:26] scoop on on what's going on there you go
[06:28] guys you've heard it here first yeah
[06:29] that was a that was a spoiler not a very
[06:33] good one but hi there you go more
[06:35] spoilers yet to come I guess I hope so
[06:37] so we've taught was quite a lot about
[06:39] community let's talk a bit about you
[06:41] it's my favorite thing to talk about
[06:43] that it is so what were you doing before
[06:46] your current role how did you get there
[06:48] I started in the community team
[06:50] two years ago I was working with Maude
[06:52] Jane and that kind of group and
[06:54] initially we came in and we saw what the
[06:58] community team were doing in the past
[06:59] know some really really good foundations
[07:01] there we decided that what we try and do
[07:03] is take what they'd built so far and
[07:06] kind of iterate on that and hopefully
[07:07] make some revisions so for instance my
[07:09] first project was working with the
[07:12] player moderator of forum moderator
[07:13] teams what we decided to do was try and
[07:16] give him a bit more freedom they were
[07:18] really trustworthy group of people and
[07:20] they really care about the game and the
[07:22] players so what we wanted to do is kind
[07:24] of take away some of the really
[07:27] unnecessary like rules and regulations
[07:30] and just make it a lot a lot more free
[07:33] and malleable if you like I think that
[07:35] we've achieved that and they're still
[07:37] improvements that we can make and to
[07:39] make them lesser police force and more a
[07:41] force for community good and change I
[07:43] think that's a work in progress so
[07:47] what's your overall ideal take for the
[07:50] community how do you want the community
[07:51] to be in like three years from now
[07:53] because you've always said how much it's
[07:56] changed already since you first joined
[07:58] what's your future outlook for community
[08:01] back when I started playing I think the
[08:03] convenience he was really focused on
[08:05] just having a great time chatting to
[08:07] each other and just getting on and as
[08:10] time has progressed people have invested
[08:12] more time into their accounts and
[08:13] understandably they're more focused on
[08:15] like no XP way stuffing that's the kind
[08:18] of mentality that a lot of our players
[08:19] happened that's not all of them but a
[08:21] great number of our players have that
[08:23] kind of mentalities efficiency scape if
[08:25] you will for me I'd love to see us go
[08:28] back to having more of a fun time be
[08:30] equally I think it's really important
[08:32] that we cater to what players want now
[08:33] so I don't want the community to change
[08:35] a great deal yeah I think why it's
[08:37] really important from my perspective is
[08:39] that people are just enjoying themselves
[08:41] individually and I think as soon as you
[08:43] start having fun that ultimately spreads
[08:46] to other people I think we as a
[08:48] community team and as a company we do a
[08:50] really great job of talking to the kind
[08:53] of core let's say fifty thousand players
[08:55] that number just pulled out nowhere but
[08:58] let's say we taught this core group but
[09:00] we need to get better at is talking to
[09:02] the wider community and that's like
[09:03] people in clans or people who do in Game
[09:08] role playing or people are really
[09:09] interested in the games law and history
[09:11] I think they're the people we should be
[09:13] reaching out to more and ultimately I
[09:15] think the more people we can bring into
[09:16] our kind of inner circle if you will the
[09:18] more fun players will start having
[09:20] because there's more people to talk to
[09:22] you right the one thing I'm really keen
[09:25] to get people doing is talking in public
[09:26] chat again I think a lot of it tends to
[09:29] go on in friends chats and client chats
[09:31] just because it you don't have to be
[09:32] standing in the same group yeah but the
[09:34] it does kind of make the game feel a bit
[09:36] more empty I love my clan I love my
[09:38] friends chat but equally I'd love to be
[09:40] able to have a conversation in public
[09:42] chat and we'll just see something go as
[09:44] I walked past and then you see it and
[09:46] you're like oh I want to unless you're
[09:48] there so you don't you then wanna get
[09:50] involved right so i think that's that's
[09:52] the key for me really is that runescape
[09:54] feels like more alive not that it feels
[09:57] dead now because it certainly doesn't
[09:59] that you can see there's thousands and
[10:00] thousands of players there's so much
[10:02] going on I have a chat with our data
[10:06] science team and I was talking to them
[10:09] about how we find various phrases in
[10:11] chat so we can produce reports on like
[10:14] trends in chat and things like that and
[10:16] they were saying like millions of lines
[10:18] of chat every single day I sent via clan
[10:20] chat by friends chat in public chat and
[10:23] it just there is so much going on and
[10:26] it's about letting people including new
[10:28] players see that yeah I think that's
[10:29] something we need to work on because new
[10:31] players are into the game and if
[10:33] nobody's talking in public chat they
[10:34] might feel a bit lonely yeah absolutely
[10:36] it's just getting them together with
[10:38] existing players and get them to make
[10:41] friends absolutely I've been thinking
[10:43] about this adopt a noob scheme is early
[10:46] and I think we'll have to change your
[10:48] name but it's you almost need okay
[10:51] someone to take you on for their wing I
[10:52] remember back when I started playing a I
[10:55] think he was about like level 80 or 90
[10:57] or something so it's not really a
[10:58] particularly high level player yeah but
[11:00] he said to me okay if you can cut a
[11:02] thousand oak logs I'll give you a
[11:05] hundred K and I did it I spent hours
[11:08] doing and I thought I was an absolutely
[11:10] baller because i had a hundred k and
[11:12] that turns your text white because it's
[11:14] gone from the 99 999
[11:17] 100k and I was like I am so rich and
[11:21] yeah it's that and I think that's that
[11:23] kind of inspires you to play it gives
[11:25] you a bib boost yeah it doesn't you it's
[11:28] about kind of I think the grand exchange
[11:30] has helped a lot to make the game more
[11:32] efficient to make it easier but I think
[11:35] in some ways it's really nice to be able
[11:37] to kind of encourage someone else to
[11:39] play in in kind of turn them into your
[11:42] into your assistant if you will just pay
[11:45] a bit of cash and say go on going cut me
[11:47] some logs and then you get your 99
[11:49] firemaking and they get 100k it makes
[11:51] them feel really cool too yeah
[11:53] especially if they say I've got a
[11:55] stronger friend too you know ya ain't
[11:58] gonna be my wingman exactly so I think I
[12:01] think there's I think there's like
[12:02] there's ways that we can really get
[12:05] everyone involved in in making the
[12:06] community feel more alive so I think I
[12:09] think there's a lot of way to do so
[12:10] you've been playing since 2004 did you
[12:13] say you must have a lot of really fond
[12:17] in game memories can you share some with
[12:19] us and the player it's at home yeah i
[12:21] think so i think my the iconic memory
[12:24] for me is that guy trying to buy my
[12:26] thousand oak logs I think that was like
[12:28] a that's quite a big thing for me back
[12:30] in the day one of my fondest memories is
[12:32] spending I reckon eight hours logged in
[12:37] I think you get logged out used to get
[12:39] logged out after six hours to log back
[12:41] in yeah and I was going to get a dragon
[12:44] defender which took me actually ages and
[12:47] it was one of the most annoying grindy
[12:51] things ever but again it is about
[12:54] talking to people and by China way had
[12:56] to kill trolls at all Cyclops's yeah and
[13:00] it's not the plural of Cyclops like you
[13:03] have to kill loads of Cyclops maybe and
[13:06] answers on a postcard people and yet to
[13:10] get this dragon defender and it took me
[13:11] ages and that was like a I don't know
[13:13] why that was so key for me it was it was
[13:16] I think it was like that sigh of relief
[13:19] when I finally got the dragon defender
[13:20] at the end of the day after eight oh
[13:22] eight hours logging in and out and in
[13:25] and out I also this is an interesting
[13:28] fact I was once in katha be I
[13:30] standing minding my own business fishing
[13:32] yeah and then there's a general store
[13:36] just outside the bank I saw this guy run
[13:39] up to it and run away and as I wonder
[13:42] what he's just bought or sold so I went
[13:43] over to the general store and he had
[13:45] sold this guy's a total noob clearly
[13:48] because he had sold a trimmed rune plate
[13:51] to the general store so I could buy it
[13:54] for 70 k and it was worth absolutely
[13:57] tons in those days and so I it was an
[14:00] absolutely steal thank you very much to
[14:03] the mysterious player that sold that in
[14:04] katha p because you made my week
[14:06] genuinely made my week there you go I
[14:10] feel like that needs some sort of like
[14:12] drum roll in between the buildups I love
[14:15] a story I do love a story I love to
[14:17] reggae or people with tales of runescape
[14:20] old everyone has rescare memories I
[14:22] think the other one is like chasing
[14:23] around zezima like you pops it up on
[14:26] this log in and everyone's eye is in
[14:27] drain or village and everyone like runs
[14:29] to trade or village but didn't actually
[14:31] see him it was quite funny it was like
[14:33] yeah be exciting I think a lot of my
[14:35] recent memories actually come from
[14:37] watching a lot of YouTube videos as well
[14:39] I remember things like Reese gave God's
[14:43] exposed by the noob show that was
[14:45] absolutely amazing I think that made of
[14:47] return recently but you're happy when it
[14:48] made its return yeah I was I was
[14:51] genuinely really really happy with it
[14:53] and yeah I remember like watching videos
[14:56] and being able to talk to your friends
[14:57] in game about them that was quite cool I
[14:59] remember watching a lot of like elf mage
[15:02] PKA and stuff like that I think those
[15:04] guys are really instrumental to making
[15:06] our community what it is today right so
[15:08] lots of machinima lots of PK videos that
[15:11] was kind of the fundamentals of
[15:13] runescape to me it was just you can
[15:16] either be really creative with it and
[15:18] make up a story in and make a video and
[15:20] tens and maybe even hundreds of
[15:23] thousands of people have watched those
[15:24] or you can just go very clinical and
[15:28] like it feels very high stakes at some
[15:31] times when you're doing peaking and
[15:32] things on that so there's like those
[15:34] kind of two extremes and I think that
[15:35] kind of redefines runescape for me you
[15:38] can do what you want yeah you can't do
[15:39] what you want speaking of doing what you
[15:41] want let's move on that was a nice segue
[15:43] months ago
[15:44] done well done so loading back to you on
[15:48] the segue okay what one thing have you
[15:52] never done before that one day you wish
[15:54] you could so what's on your bucket list
[15:57] that's tricky that is tricky on my
[16:00] bucket list is to visit China I've never
[16:05] ever been to China done singapore I've
[16:08] done places like that and I actually
[16:10] love it and I think China is a
[16:11] completely different culture let me I'd
[16:14] love to do so what would you like to do
[16:15] in china white china it's a completely
[16:18] different culture and it's I think it's
[16:20] got a lot of history and it to me it
[16:24] feels kind of mysterious and I only read
[16:26] about it in the news and things of that
[16:28] and I'd love to see what it's actually
[16:30] like because I think they clearly have a
[16:32] very different way of doing things than
[16:34] we have over here and that fascinates me
[16:37] I think it would be very interesting
[16:39] actually I'd like to walk along the
[16:40] Great Wall as well it's a long long walk
[16:42] but still probably worth it take you
[16:44] awhile mmm what's your favorite movie
[16:47] Gladiator nice Russell Crowe mm-hmm he's
[16:51] such a badass he's great he kills the
[16:53] Emperor but he's already been stabbed
[16:55] yeah what a cool guy all through that I
[16:58] know sergeant such legend what are your
[17:01] favorite games clearly i love rien scape
[17:04] and playing since 2004 so it's a big
[17:06] part of my life but equally I think
[17:08] right now I'm playing a lot of grand
[17:10] theft auto 5 I am also playing stuff
[17:14] like civ5 stumble that what's your
[17:18] favorite in-game item by is a tricky
[17:20] question yep that's a real tricky
[17:22] question I quite like the just because I
[17:26] have fond memories of it green elegant
[17:28] outfit tirely legend I thought you were
[17:31] gonna say oak logs for a second no that
[17:33] was good that's great memories that
[17:35] brings about the feels but they're green
[17:37] elegant that that's what I I think that
[17:40] cost me like two mil i'll raise the
[17:42] money yeah it's a treasure trail reward
[17:44] reward and yeah I remember feeling like
[17:47] a total badass on a boy what's your
[17:49] favorite food my favorite food is
[17:51] probably 12 in the whole entire world
[17:55] you could make anything in the world
[17:56] yeah
[17:58] 12 but the I have one at three o'clock
[18:01] every single day twelve o'clock twelve
[18:04] o'clock it's three o'clock in the
[18:05] afternoon I absolutely love them they
[18:08] cost 70 pence from the vending machine
[18:10] and they are well worth it favorite word
[18:15] I don't have a favorite word reckless i
[18:18] think is a good one reckless that is a
[18:20] good one I like that word what's your
[18:22] favorite planet planet planet as in like
[18:25] it can't what you can't pick what it so
[18:28] now like an entity in space many any
[18:30] planet I guess it would be Mars because
[18:32] there's a chocolate aimed after it Oh
[18:35] Galaxy isn't a planet is it I just love
[18:37] how you're very choclate oriented yeah
[18:40] it's a thing as a recurring theme here
[18:42] this is community exposed it's just
[18:45] driven by chocolate to get on my
[18:46] balances good side get him chocolate
[18:48] mm-hmm 12 12 hour must let's move away
[18:52] from chocolate always we're going to be
[18:53] here all day what's your favorite animal
[18:55] in line with our support of WWF I have
[18:58] to say I'm a fan of all big cats please
[19:00] give generously but I think my favorite
[19:03] animal is quite specific but I like a
[19:08] brown kitten a very it's having they're
[19:11] really cute brown kittens have you got
[19:13] any animals I had a fish but I released
[19:17] it into the pond because you did it
[19:19] required cleaning and I didn't rehab
[19:20] time and I also had a hamster so you've
[19:24] never had a cat no oh you need to get a
[19:27] brown kissing yeah when they grow up
[19:29] into cats and then they're not my
[19:31] favorite animal anymore that's the
[19:33] problem because I can think of plenty of
[19:35] things I prefer over a brown cat but
[19:37] Brown kitten that's just the cutest okay
[19:40] there you go what's your favorite color
[19:43] green and what's your favorite City my
[19:48] favorite city I thought New York was
[19:51] really cool yep but my favorite city in
[19:55] the world i think is Rome okay tell us
[19:59] why when i visited rome i think it was
[20:01] really sunny on some days when i went
[20:04] and did the kind of touristy things so i
[20:06] went to the Coliseum and it was really
[20:08] hot and then I was in the
[20:10] the inner city and it was really cold
[20:12] and it felt massive and sprawling and it
[20:16] had elements of really modern and
[20:18] elements of ancient history that
[20:20] literally read about in the history
[20:22] books and learned about in school right
[20:24] so to me as that kind of juxtaposition
[20:26] that was really cool I don't get that in
[20:29] many cities like London is old yeah but
[20:31] not as old and it's it doesn't have that
[20:34] same identity it just feels this it kind
[20:36] of feels like a faceless city in a way
[20:38] but Rome is I think it's very so
[20:41] historic yeah I think it I think you can
[20:43] really tell that you're in Rome you can
[20:45] already tell that your own mm-hmm
[20:47] official quote more balanced Tony when
[20:49] you're in Rome you know you're in Rome
[20:51] balance 2015 brilliant all right that's
[20:56] the end of this week's podcast thank you
[20:58] all for tuning in I'm ma sky and I was
[21:00] showing by more balanced bye bye