RuneScape Podcast #55: A Trip To Mazcab!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:08] I'm mod Matt he and this week we are
[00:10] leading the liberation of mouse cab and
[00:12] with me I have more Deng mod avatar who
[00:16] are going to take us to Mars cab yes so
[00:19] what is mass cap mask app is brand new
[00:22] world full of wonders and mysteries
[00:25] magic and go be there isn't actually
[00:28] much magic that other life isn't there
[00:30] than that Roger that man it's what our
[00:32] magic portals there well yeah but
[00:34] there's a magical forest there was a
[00:36] magical forest industry it's quite a lot
[00:38] of magic yeah but it's not like there's
[00:40] not like a wizard chillin you know no
[00:42] they don't they don't have the same
[00:44] magic that that we used to in Gyllenhaal
[00:46] that's right it's anyway there's cool
[00:48] stuff it's great okay so how do I get my
[00:50] last cab so as you you might remember
[00:54] that we had a world event last month
[00:56] with with tusca joke flying yeah yo for
[00:59] you space for god thing yeah she is
[01:02] crashed into the planet now yet cleaved
[01:05] a large gouged gougeon in in the earth
[01:09] near the desert I come and the portal on
[01:12] her back has opened up and you can now
[01:17] go through there in two moz cab so the
[01:20] lodestone isn't active on her back
[01:22] anymore right but is there a reason that
[01:24] loads there isn't anymore I know some of
[01:27] our law hands would be yeah serious as
[01:30] to why the lodestone had stopped working
[01:32] the short answer is because there's
[01:34] another one nearby right I'm and it was
[01:37] easier to just leave that one there any
[01:40] in not having the task a lodestone
[01:42] active wouldn't decrease the value of
[01:45] that I mean the lodestone the lodestone
[01:47] that desert lodestone is a quest reward
[01:50] which is the Bandit camp yes if you run
[01:53] the lesser yang Yang desert treasure
[01:57] reward we didn't really want to make
[01:59] make that reward any less yeah is this
[02:02] and you've got the nice diving animes
[02:04] yes Oh into her back so so awesome also
[02:08] if you don't want to go through the
[02:10] desert or you don't have your banner
[02:11] kaplowed so yeah
[02:13] bandit camp lodestone unlocked there's
[02:16] an astro man set in lumbridge you go
[02:19] down to the dock area yeah if you get
[02:21] out of the straight to the docks where
[02:24] the the Fremen ick guy is right on the
[02:27] docks was a chamber should be there in
[02:30] hill teleport you over to Tasker so it's
[02:32] eats a pretty quick trip from the the
[02:34] Lumbridge lodestone lumpish lodestone
[02:36] straight down yeah nice and quick and
[02:39] then you can chat so chambers and he'll
[02:41] send you over to send road to tasker and
[02:43] then he's just a case of walking up
[02:45] tuskers back to the top and there's the
[02:48] there's the world window so on tusk is
[02:51] back is there still anything you can do
[02:53] because obviously when she was flying
[02:54] through space you could stab her in the
[02:56] face you could run around doing all
[03:00] kinds of exciting things and chopping
[03:01] the spines of her back yeah so the
[03:04] spines and stuff have gone now Rhys
[03:06] there's no actual stuff going on on her
[03:09] back but the event itself the meteor or
[03:13] that asteroid event is still there you
[03:16] can jump over to the little asteroid
[03:17] that's next to her yeah and there
[03:18] they'll all all the asteroids we
[03:20] summoned out of the ocean and you can
[03:22] you can still do the event and you can
[03:23] burn tentacles and yep that's all still
[03:26] there we've also got one new activity on
[03:27] tuskers back which is watching crows
[03:30] throw up and then fly off again right
[03:33] okay and there's also watching the
[03:36] godless arguing each other oh yes yes
[03:40] because they won it they did and now
[03:44] they're there in an awkward situation
[03:46] and virago in space he did he did
[03:50] punched Tusker in the face yeah that's
[03:54] that's pretty good but yeah he went up
[03:56] there and he ko'd tasker and yes she
[04:01] wasn't too happy about it well no no she
[04:03] crushed to kill another person is now
[04:06] just a floating hulk pretty much so
[04:10] there's a portal on her back yes there's
[04:13] there's a poor the world window which
[04:15] which over the course of the the world
[04:17] event slowly opened up to I've seen
[04:19] players should have seen glimpses of
[04:22] what was through the other side and now
[04:23] you can see you can see
[04:26] by various go be statues and stuff
[04:27] through there which is maaz cab so you
[04:29] can go through the world window now and
[04:31] it will bring you out at the top of a
[04:33] cliff in in ma's cab right you'll get
[04:37] you get a little introduction from one
[04:39] of the gobies there's little go be
[04:40] welcoming people to mass cab as they
[04:42] come through the gobies very cute yeah
[04:45] who's just fontaine for the Gobi whose
[04:47] whose idea was go bees go bee gobies was
[04:50] was the result of our concept artist on
[04:55] raids Russa when when we were when we
[04:58] were discussing raids quite early on we
[05:00] were we were saying on we we want a race
[05:03] of cute things yeah wasn't even that
[05:07] helped the cute thing just have happened
[05:09] yeah that doesn't we had like these
[05:11] themes like we won a world that is like
[05:14] quite Mayan Aztec inspired yeah what
[05:18] sort of things might live in that
[05:20] environment in USA me quite I remember
[05:23] you think you were the one who was like
[05:24] I kind of like something that's kind of
[05:26] aquatic inspired yeah and he did love
[05:28] his shoes based on that yeah we
[05:30] mentioned that we want a race that was
[05:33] but by the time players got there was
[05:36] kind of helpless and and they were kind
[05:39] of desperately trying to survive in
[05:41] their own world he has it had been it's
[05:43] been overrun by air route and tuskers
[05:45] tuskers destruction of parts of the
[05:47] planet and stuff and so so yeah gobies
[05:50] gobies with a the response to that that
[05:52] brief I've seen quite a few tears shed
[05:55] yeah but some of the stuff happens with
[05:57] the girls poor little gobies they live
[05:59] tragic existences oh so you go down the
[06:03] ramp yep with off from the cliff yep so
[06:06] you go you go down down to the bottom of
[06:09] the ramp that you come in at and the
[06:12] entrance to raids is right in front of
[06:14] you so I'm straight ahead you carry
[06:16] straight on that's the Death Zone
[06:18] there's where is where the murder
[06:20] happens right there's like the grinder
[06:22] in which we put players and meet arms
[06:24] out the other side where 80,000 players
[06:26] have currently been killed by
[06:28] Beastmaster desert that's a lot of death
[06:31] and then you can turn left or right if
[06:34] you want to live how he does Ike's have
[06:36] been killed for those 80 thousand
[06:37] players and
[06:38] i flash the notary faster yeah lower
[06:40] than 80,000 I think we're releasing some
[06:42] stats later today yeah I heard the
[06:45] actual exact number on the Zags killed I
[06:48] think we do know the number of e
[06:49] akamaru's that would kill the day one
[06:51] yep so I know that 40 players got a
[06:55] successful y akamaru kill on day one
[06:58] right o which considering you're going
[07:00] in in groups of 10 gains that that's for
[07:03] kill yes of possibly three kills because
[07:08] it could have been another group doing
[07:11] it so it's it's a maximum of four right
[07:14] at least one yeah yeah and quite a lot
[07:17] of death of them yes lots and lots of
[07:19] player deaths but mad scam isn't just
[07:21] about raids is it no so if you go to you
[07:25] I'm doing a hand thing in the air to
[07:28] figure out what direction east is moored
[07:30] egg is in fact waving fingers it out
[07:32] trying to a header which directive I
[07:34] have to like do like a like a finger in
[07:36] my hand do I go like never eat when we
[07:39] ace like a wizard if you go if you go
[07:41] eat wood right don't go shredded a weak
[07:44] word go right way to eat would you are I
[07:49] will find Canada which is a COPI village
[07:53] that has been having well I was going to
[07:57] say Eric travel recently but probably be
[07:59] more accurate to say Eric trouble always
[08:02] yes I'm still having some problems yeah
[08:05] you can see like a lot of the tents are
[08:07] run down and damaged st. not in a good
[08:11] way yeah and you know they're having
[08:14] been having problems the elder there
[08:16] will you know tell a bit about their
[08:19] history and so what you know they're a
[08:22] bit about their interactions just the
[08:24] air route which you know are positive
[08:26] and there's a taskmaster they're cool
[08:29] drinks who will you know ask players you
[08:33] know he just a couple of favors give you
[08:35] a few rewards in return if you will help
[08:38] us out with say kind of hungry cuz you
[08:41] help us with that one kind of low air
[08:44] around the corner shelves that one
[08:46] that's our thing yeah so they've got
[08:49] basically some we've got a little like
[08:52] mini quest system built in there so you
[08:54] can you can go up to trim so you can ask
[08:56] him for various tasks and they will give
[08:58] you some sort of random random selection
[09:01] of quests to do and you'll get few
[09:04] rewards you get some Kobe rep for doing
[09:07] that and the rep to go beer apple a new
[09:09] various rewards as you go on there but
[09:12] it eats eats content that is definitely
[09:14] doable by people that aren't Raiders I
[09:18] think it's important important to know
[09:20] that that Mars cab and kind of the raids
[09:22] update as a whole offers a lot of
[09:25] content isn't just raiding even though
[09:29] even your skill I could probably go and
[09:30] and also isn't isn't just specifically
[09:33] pvm and high-level pvm yeah of content
[09:38] yeah a lot lots of stuff going on okay
[09:40] so as well as helping the gobies in this
[09:44] village what else can I do on the
[09:46] surface of Mars cab there I understand
[09:48] there's some Easter eggs as well that
[09:49] will probably be talking about later yes
[09:51] so yeah let's leave let's leave research
[09:53] for now yes there's also the there are
[09:56] law fragments to find there like a stone
[10:00] tablets five is it does yes five sounds
[10:04] right folks five numbers being thrown
[10:06] there are several right there are more
[10:09] than two this there's a sick one no one
[10:12] to that's not true I know I'm gonna do
[10:14] I'm not gonna do that again where I
[10:16] claim that there's more so than there is
[10:17] oh yes right you're bad reminds me
[10:19] actually mild date so last time you sell
[10:21] this sofa you claimed that in order to
[10:25] not get your account permanently deleted
[10:27] when you died at one of the raid bosses
[10:29] you needed to have five relics in your
[10:32] backpack so like really lay on in
[10:35] development we decided to go back on
[10:38] that decision and make it if you had
[10:40] five relics in your backpack or if you
[10:42] had two buckets of sand then you would
[10:44] be fine right um anyone going in without
[10:48] relics or sand is still subject to
[10:51] disaster to permanent delete yeah we
[10:54] decided to relax that requirement I'm
[10:57] never quite sure when sake you see it's
[10:59] okay it's probably best you doing and
[11:03] there was another question I had for you
[11:05] well then dun dun yes so you claimed you
[11:08] were going to take the day off to watch
[11:09] twit release with meat although mod
[11:13] Chriselle was quite objectionable to
[11:14] that comment actually I ends up and
[11:19] taking the day on to watch twitch I
[11:21] think pretty much all day everyone in
[11:24] the team had at least signal streams
[11:26] open by most of the day I think the
[11:28] lowest point in the day I had a twitch
[11:31] windows open simultaneously right yes if
[11:34] you were raiding on release day I saw
[11:37] you yeah dang mrs. not we were watching
[11:40] there was there was certainly a lot of
[11:43] raid watching going Twitter you know
[11:45] stream watching going on in the office
[11:46] and they were cheers and some booze
[11:48] really I was a lot of excitement when
[11:50] the first Beastmaster kill happened
[11:53] because that was right there are only
[11:55] two people left are very very close I
[11:58] wasn't sure they're gonna get and then
[11:59] the first people like there's a group
[12:03] that got very close on ya kimaru we have
[12:06] thought they've gone very close and then
[12:08] like are 50,000 health left we've got
[12:10] this we could do this and it's like wait
[12:12] what's going on why there four of them
[12:14] yep Mirage phase kicks in is like oh
[12:17] what's going on oh this was training
[12:20] mode for the real boss no risk it so I
[12:25] think we'll go back to the raid spit in
[12:26] the rito but just wanted to clarify
[12:28] those questions from last podcast but
[12:31] they wait so yeah laughing stuffing
[12:33] Magikarp at laws law things relics yes
[12:36] take it take it you know to a statue and
[12:39] it'll tell you cool thanks and rugby
[12:41] reputation yeah I mean there's a forest
[12:43] that's as you mentioned earlier it's
[12:46] magical yeah magical nemi forest that
[12:49] randomly generates itself every time a
[12:52] new new set of players go in so every
[12:56] every world will have a different forest
[12:58] every day there will be a different
[13:00] forest on each world run so that the
[13:04] stuffing in the forest is mostly the
[13:06] same ultimately but it's it's are just
[13:08] our kind of random maze generation stuff
[13:11] that we've gotten theirs there's the
[13:13] equivalent of keys and doors in there
[13:15] and each each room that's unlocked has
[13:17] got little little goodies the other side
[13:20] of it some XP XP and stuff okay yet so
[13:24] lots of little hidden exciting thing
[13:26] yeah it's probably worth going in every
[13:29] day giving it a check out and see how we
[13:31] can find that is very very rarely and
[13:35] MPC that spawns and the first person who
[13:38] clicks on it it's an exciting new pet
[13:40] yep there's only one of those spawned
[13:43] this it's on average about one a week /
[13:48] wall that's not a long no yeah we
[13:51] actually saw someone with it last night
[13:53] yeah we do screamo signing those dream
[13:55] yes yes i won there's one person it had
[13:58] it I don't think I've seen many more
[13:59] noble with it because it's a little pep
[14:03] of one of the Beastmasters dogs it's
[14:06] it's a is a prestigious pet nice san
[14:10] fran if you see a close yes def if you
[14:12] see if you see one of the Beastmasters
[14:14] dogs bumbling around the forest then
[14:17] jump on it as quickly as possible
[14:19] because otherwise someone else will
[14:21] right or even worse what this point yeah
[14:24] we will despawn and that would be yeah
[14:26] oh yes that would be hit a shame really
[14:28] that should also broadcast yeah you lost
[14:33] your dad's to get respect yeah and then
[14:36] when you make it through the forest and
[14:38] the other side you come out on top which
[14:40] is the other go be settlement it's a
[14:43] city it's definitely ascetic always been
[14:46] capital city of mass cab always simple
[14:50] is definitely important place to the
[14:51] gobies they're there they're not quite
[14:54] as grand as as other races no believe
[14:58] they live simple idea yeah they enjoy
[15:01] their simple lives which is why they
[15:03] were mightily upset when tusko in the
[15:06] air route turned up yeah they they did
[15:09] terrible things to their simple lives
[15:11] they didn't have it you know hundreds of
[15:14] world guardian it's like no yellow no no
[15:17] they don't they don't they don't have
[15:19] have loads of Gods flying around going
[15:22] crazy stuff all the time they live quite
[15:25] simple and straightforward existences
[15:27] before
[15:28] before tuska got involved so I hear talk
[15:31] of safe PvP yeah yes it's one of the
[15:35] other activities on mascara can opt into
[15:38] by visiting either hot or canada Rosso
[15:41] twice a day The Courier event runs where
[15:48] you people will be tasked with taking
[15:50] supplies from Canada there's only a
[15:52] limited amount of thing I think there's
[15:54] about 100 think that I think there's 100
[16:00] it might be 50 so the suppliers knees
[16:02] between from kantar to adopt picking up
[16:05] the supply ops you into pvp you can also
[16:08] opt into pvp if you're elsewhere on the
[16:10] world and you've spoken to either quirky
[16:13] or queer see who are the two go the
[16:16] elders who handle it in each village and
[16:19] yeah you have to basically run all the
[16:22] way across the world dodging all the
[16:24] other players because if you die you
[16:25] your items are safe except for the
[16:28] supplies that you're carrying so right
[16:30] to drop the suppliant your you won't
[16:32] drop any other items you're holding
[16:34] nothing else will degrade it won't waste
[16:37] charges on any of your stuff but yeah
[16:41] the supplies for the event will be
[16:43] dropped the other player will pick it up
[16:45] and they'll probably get decayed as well
[16:47] or something and eventually after
[16:50] everyone is finished killing each other
[16:52] you can hand them in an autop and you
[16:56] get choice between a couple of types of
[16:58] XP yeah the the XP that's awarded is is
[17:01] randomized at the beginning of each each
[17:04] event and I can't remember off the top
[17:06] my head were the HP is but it was like
[17:08] wood cutting or farming bahaha yeah or
[17:11] her loll father yeah there's this
[17:14] culturally relevant yeah there's there's
[17:17] a few things um but yeah it's yeah it's
[17:20] very similar to war bands basically here
[17:22] okay any obvious anyone is yeah he's go
[17:24] be banned gobo reasons yellow van oh go
[17:27] pants are like go bands I'll go this has
[17:29] to be like Ray Bans to me though I'm
[17:30] picturing some sort of go bees and
[17:33] shades yeah today's pop really to write
[17:36] a chance shands shades so don't know why
[17:40] am I going
[17:41] telling that I'm a miles off now I'm
[17:43] sorry I think we're probably used
[17:46] through it right dead yeah so we've
[17:50] mentioned Gobi Rep yes so what kinds of
[17:55] things can you buy with the Gobi rep or
[17:56] math cab so it's not actually bought you
[18:00] don't purchase anything with it you get
[18:02] to a point and you unlock a new reward
[18:04] that doesn't reset you 20 all right
[18:07] things you just keep working up cool so
[18:10] you don't have to feel the need to save
[18:12] up for the thing you really want and not
[18:14] get the other stuff yet everything in an
[18:16] order so some of the things you can get
[18:18] our the ability to have the ranges of
[18:23] mass cab show you around improve your
[18:25] ability to travel around a bit in that
[18:27] area because there aren't many teleports
[18:31] or shortcuts yeah it's just leaving room
[18:33] for that in future he has some simple
[18:35] quick travel stuff effectively yeah
[18:36] there's the ability to get a blur and
[18:39] house the first offworld player and
[18:41] house location which I find really
[18:43] exciting i'm so happy when we did that
[18:45] cool it was what it was a throwaway
[18:47] thing that we we just mentioned women
[18:50] like oh yeah what kind of rewards could
[18:51] we give with with mascara we're doing
[18:53] this new planets are over here to have
[18:54] like a play around house locations like
[18:56] yeah yeah okay that that that sounds
[18:58] like you'll be cool and then when we got
[19:00] around to put in the rewards it was like
[19:01] we should totally do this offworld
[19:03] player and house thing it'd be awesome
[19:04] yeah and it's a 10 this also was first
[19:07] player in 10 what a different worlds
[19:10] first player in town yeah it's a
[19:11] different world yeah and there's a goby
[19:14] pet it was kilo fella and is
[19:18] accidentally really sassy Jim meter like
[19:21] I wrote I wrote him in at the end as I
[19:23] always actually you kind of he dishes
[19:25] out hey put some people on blast this is
[19:29] uh huh let's try a real phrase you look
[19:35] you don't look like you believe me and
[19:41] okay yeah and there's a new title and I
[19:45] think I think we also won't say when the
[19:48] go request comes out in the future that
[19:50] will probably be expanding the rewards
[19:52] on that there might be even more to earn
[19:54] that you can be getting a head start on
[19:56] but yet right yeah it's tiles tell that
[19:59] not teleports fast travel yeah Poh which
[20:03] does include a teleport because you can
[20:04] chip in teleport a blue tabs try to chip
[20:08] a house tablets be able to play
[20:09] obviously and oh the very very top
[20:13] unlock from that is the ability to
[20:17] reroll a raid drop so if I if I kill if
[20:23] I carry a Camaro it's like all I got
[20:26] were these boring millions of gold worth
[20:29] of Onyx bolts I can risk that reroll it
[20:32] and I know I can get yourself five rune
[20:36] play bodies instead yeah whether you
[20:41] might get lucky and get like an ability
[20:42] book or like a you know the new play
[20:45] bodies yeah like that I knew the new
[20:46] gear but yeah if you hit reraised
[20:48] probably just gonna give you five are in
[20:50] play bodies yeah or like 10 Aryans or
[20:53] two buckets of sand ya know this sounds
[20:55] important I tried to set you really
[20:58] expensive now send is legitimately the
[21:03] fastest-rising learning on the GE
[21:06] fantastic so mass cap at the moment we
[21:11] just can see a small portion of the
[21:12] world is that give a change over time oh
[21:15] yeah definitely yeah definitely going to
[21:18] introduce more the so the area that we
[21:21] currently see is probably going to
[21:22] become slightly more dense and we're
[21:24] probably going to show more of the well
[21:25] then we're going to sort of expand it
[21:27] with the go request later in the year
[21:29] yeah and with future boss updates
[21:33] obviously not all boss updates from now
[21:35] on are going to be raid updates but raid
[21:37] updates will probably expand for the map
[21:39] and show a bit more and like I think we
[21:42] kind of want to say that in a way there
[21:44] are sort of two different like update
[21:48] lines yeah we're going to do there's
[21:49] going to be the go request and that sort
[21:53] of story that weird
[21:54] watching in one kind of update yep and
[21:57] there's going to be the the pvm content
[22:00] that will advance a different sort of
[22:04] story yeah at the same time yeah I mean
[22:07] ma'am a scab came with raids but they
[22:10] but it's not right yeah they're two very
[22:13] distinct pieces of content we've
[22:15] definitely got raids as its own thing
[22:16] yeah I'm a scab is its own thing and
[22:19] what we've done with mass cab so far is
[22:21] is it really is the foundation of Moscow
[22:26] like we want to take miles cabin make
[22:29] masks a bigger give it more stuff no I
[22:31] have you know it establishes law it's
[22:33] really exciting that we've got you know
[22:36] effectively a blank slate of new world
[22:38] new race new environment like knew
[22:40] everything and we literally have you
[22:44] know the opportunity to go wherever we
[22:46] want with this we haven't got to worry
[22:48] about you know a lot of the influences
[22:52] from killin or like that mask app has no
[22:54] gods it's got like it really is its own
[22:56] thing too for us to do it's only one
[22:59] click them yeah it doesn't mean it's
[23:01] like completely disconnected from Gilla
[23:04] not at all I'm like we can also show
[23:06] like what it is like for them to see our
[23:09] world was like for some of the factions
[23:12] from our world to see their world and we
[23:14] give history on like Tusker is a god
[23:19] that has appeared on both worlds and we
[23:20] can show yeah if they have it on and now
[23:24] that now that kind of humans from Gilla
[23:27] norris or going over there's there's
[23:29] really interesting things we could do
[23:30] with possibly having you know small
[23:32] groups of humans going over and setting
[23:35] up their own settlements or maybe
[23:36] teaching gobies gillan or ways of doing
[23:40] things and vice versa having gobies
[23:42] coming over maybe having some be
[23:44] settlements on killin or somewhere i
[23:45] mean go become available that's a
[23:47] question food I don't see why not find
[23:51] out our future yeah maybe maybe not who
[23:53] knows okay okay well obviously raids was
[23:58] part of the releases wait yes so how do
[24:02] you think it went yeah and we've seen
[24:05] lots player feedback they're obviously
[24:06] loads of teams raiding yeah
[24:08] yeah most people try to get teams
[24:10] together to raid and to ya get get
[24:13] involved in that bit of the game how do
[24:14] you think it went on release I think I'm
[24:17] quite pleased Pakistan where it went
[24:19] really well the response has been
[24:21] incredibly positive obviously there are
[24:24] a lot of people who are having trouble
[24:26] with the second box is still because it
[24:29] is like it is difficult and if you're
[24:31] trying to get your complicate back it's
[24:34] not going to be sewing the you're going
[24:36] to be able to do immediately but I feel
[24:37] like this time two weeks from now people
[24:40] will have the type that yeah down enough
[24:42] that if you are like if you're the kind
[24:45] of person who to get your concave needed
[24:47] help to do virago there will be like
[24:50] there will be groups yeah we'll help you
[24:51] do yakamora situation enough a situation
[24:55] will arise again with raids like Dom
[24:56] where we're already seeing sub 10 groups
[25:00] doing the first boss um I fully expect
[25:04] there to be sub 10 groups doing yeah
[25:06] kimaru in the next couple of weeks I
[25:08] want once they've got all of their their
[25:10] tactics down and they've got their set
[25:12] group down and it's going to be it will
[25:15] become more accessible naturally will
[25:17] become more accessible and I'm excited
[25:19] to see the race to who unlocks off the
[25:23] raid feats first because that's yes done
[25:26] yes there there are some insane feats I
[25:30] reckon people will be able to go in and
[25:32] like get comp cape with help master then
[25:37] people will be able to unlock all of
[25:38] these things Oh most definitely so last
[25:42] question what was your favorite moment
[25:44] of the release then I know the whole the
[25:47] whole thing like watching watching the
[25:49] streams and stuff was recalled like the
[25:51] the world first kill on Beastmaster he
[25:55] owes was awesome and then kind of
[25:57] watching people slowly learn the
[25:59] mechanics of the bosses as they're going
[26:02] through and each time they're going in
[26:04] getting that one step further that one
[26:05] step further and then being faced with a
[26:08] new mechanic is like Oh what are we
[26:10] doing what are we doing and seeing
[26:12] seeing their kind of tactics evolved
[26:14] over over sort of like 10 hours or so
[26:17] until they get those those kills is
[26:22] really satisfying to to see to see
[26:24] people kind of going in and learn in
[26:26] them yeah I also quite enjoyed watching
[26:28] the like right when it released a few of
[26:32] the streamers whose intended to go in
[26:34] just do boss kills stray away like you
[26:36] know what let's have a look around and
[26:38] then they were going the forest and you
[26:39] would just see like a burst of like yeah
[26:42] 50 people all going into the same time
[26:45] and spread it out in different
[26:46] directions again oh there's a thing over
[26:48] here so on someone get an axe or
[26:50] something like there's your chest like
[26:54] just like the first moments of discovery
[26:56] and the first people finding like the
[26:58] law fragments and trying to map those
[27:01] down and like there's a really cool
[27:04] reddit thread they like seeing there
[27:07] someone went through and hop between
[27:09] every world listing or the names of the
[27:13] Gobi server in each village because it's
[27:15] different from world the world lovely oh
[27:18] yes if you're looking for this specific
[27:20] go being into the world 23 cuz in our is
[27:24] in the top right corner oh that's pretty
[27:25] cool maybe their arms going to all that
[27:27] maybe maybe we should have a checklist
[27:29] for which gobies you've spoken to well
[27:34] yes obviously it's gonna be me a job in
[27:36] diary you gotta go be friend list if
[27:40] they're a fun Finn achievement done now
[27:43] you've made yeah I think it makes sense
[27:47] currently I don't think we've quite got
[27:51] enough stuff there to flesh out a full
[27:53] diary but it's definitely the sort of
[27:55] thing that makes sense as we go forward
[27:57] and we expand mass cabin we get more
[27:59] stuff here and on there I think it's
[28:01] very likely that we'll see you want yeah
[28:03] if if if you know people want it ask us
[28:07] in 2016 that's really okay well thanks
[28:13] for coming in and I guess it's time to
[28:15] go from explore my scapula yes hopefully
[28:17] yeah um yeah go over to Mize cab explore
[28:20] find things are we going to explore now
[28:23] we're gonna keep recording no no I think
[28:26] I said you should say to our listeners
[28:28] okay right sorry I thought we wanted to
[28:31] do some like live forest exploration no
[28:33] no we're not
[28:34] throwing the forest on the pond guys get
[28:37] me the torch I know the web let me get
[28:40] some web Foley in here let's go down
[28:43] three stars see you all in masks abs bye
[28:46] bye guys
[28:54] Oh