Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #54: Mod Osborne Exposed

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] hello and welcome to this week's
[00:06] runescape podcast I'm mod Matt he and
[00:09] this week we are exposing mod Osbourne
[00:12] at some disgusting um it does we're
[00:15] disposing bets they've never been
[00:16] exposed before that's what we're going
[00:18] for push it out there so who are you mod
[00:20] Osbourne well I'm now lead designer this
[00:23] is this crazy new role that I found
[00:24] myself indeed right it's really exciting
[00:26] it's the opportunity to have a car broad
[00:29] oversight of everything that is done in
[00:31] runescape yeah includes even a treasure
[00:33] hunter story combat economy all of these
[00:36] things having proved a sighting
[00:37] knowledge of all of them as if the story
[00:38] wasn't enough of us were packing more
[00:40] into your journey head yeah and a giant
[00:44] phase and being responsible for it so at
[00:47] the moment where you know looking at
[00:49] things like 2015 2016 and all of the
[00:51] exciting updates the upcoming right okay
[00:54] and your role before was it was
[00:56] narrative designer now yeah it's a weird
[00:58] one this because I kind of retained
[01:00] narrative designer I know this is a
[01:02] quirky thing that people are trying to
[01:04] understand what I do now narrative
[01:07] design is still a part of it yes we're
[01:09] gonna test it out so if it works if I
[01:11] can keep hold of narrative design I'm
[01:12] still kind of influence it and still
[01:15] have as much input to it as I did before
[01:18] while taking on all of this extra stuff
[01:21] see if it can work so today we've we've
[01:24] asked players for some questions has
[01:26] there lots of our are some questions as
[01:27] well so that will help guide our
[01:29] discussion today I think that sounds
[01:31] good so sup are you still a narrative
[01:35] designer yes yes I am I imagine so there
[01:38] are some cracking story people there are
[01:40] fantastic sort of people it tag x yeah
[01:42] you've got your mod rollies you watch
[01:43] choose your mod Ravens who I will still
[01:46] be kind of like I'll be laying on a bit
[01:48] more yeah I think one of the things I'd
[01:50] like to talk about is how there'll be
[01:51] more responsibility for individual kind
[01:53] of the scrum teams yet to come up with
[01:56] content and to kind of pitch story apni
[01:59] so be a slight kind of reverse with
[02:00] there so there will be more owners on
[02:02] them to come up and stuff okay and also
[02:04] to draw on ideas for the community as
[02:05] well still lean on the move it more but
[02:08] I'm still narrative desert so yeah so so
[02:10] when your role was focused on out to
[02:12] design did you
[02:13] pitch story into those two years Inc
[02:15] thank you yeah I'm the 68 was obviously
[02:20] there are some people who have issue
[02:21] with the 6am of gods and things like
[02:22] that really appreciate to the side for
[02:24] the moment but the sixth age was my baby
[02:26] I guess you know I remember running up
[02:28] to mod mark and say how to kill gothics
[02:30] can pick up things because it had so
[02:33] many things that we could do if we did
[02:34] that and so I laid out the scenario
[02:37] verte of you know the things that we
[02:39] could do it in a sick age what that
[02:41] would mean to technology what I can
[02:42] write me into landscape three that was
[02:44] all very much kind of me initiating that
[02:46] yet I'll see Madonna hopped on board and
[02:48] kind of we did the world wakes and that
[02:50] triggered everything this is more of a
[02:53] kind of a guiding light I guess okay I'm
[02:55] just kind of talking about those things
[02:57] that we want to do in a given year maybe
[02:59] some principles of story maybe that then
[03:01] about the number of quests we could
[03:03] release a new year those are the things
[03:04] that I'm going to be more in charge or
[03:05] dealing with so how involved is mod mark
[03:09] because mod mark officers had design the
[03:11] influence but yeah I mean that was the
[03:12] question that was asked as soon as Sam I
[03:14] moved in to leave design I think one of
[03:16] the strange things is that people
[03:18] thought that the role I was moving into
[03:19] was my marks old role yeah actually
[03:21] that's not really the case mod mark was
[03:23] more of an overseer of multiple multiple
[03:26] things multiple products whom he was
[03:27] overseeing kind of elements of Chronicle
[03:29] for example yeah even before so the
[03:31] roller I've moved into isn't what marks
[03:33] this is undertaken a bit of what more
[03:34] mark used to do a lot of the kind of
[03:36] minutiae of the kind of keeping on top
[03:39] of individual projects having an
[03:41] oversight over or dreamscape yeah I've
[03:43] kind of just taken a dead flip it off
[03:45] but mod mark himself is still heavily
[03:47] involved he's my line manager right so
[03:49] you know I check in he makes sure that I
[03:51] didn't do anything wrong lays the
[03:54] smackdown if I do home he still got
[03:57] passion for certain projects yeah so
[03:59] raids he's probably involved in that
[04:01] more than I I am right I can he's he's
[04:04] got a real hand and everything he can't
[04:06] keep him away if it in some instances
[04:08] you'll still see me split reviews which
[04:10] is where the scrum teams kind of throw
[04:13] out all the stuff they've done in a
[04:14] given two weeks I say this is what we've
[04:16] made mark Marco will still be there
[04:18] going yep like that like that a lot cool
[04:20] you know the other thing so for as well
[04:23] asked about in relation to lead
[04:26] yeah what is your quest what do you want
[04:30] to change it drags design was um a good
[04:34] question I'm a big fan of as I said
[04:37] before kind of getting all of staff
[04:40] members on board with a real very clear
[04:42] direction so this is going to largely
[04:44] happen in 2016 I feel ya knowing full
[04:47] well where we're going what we want to
[04:48] do and having two big kind of bold aims
[04:51] some of those are like I'm a big fan of
[04:55] the cadence stuff we've been talking
[04:57] about yea big fan of moving to something
[04:59] where we have a large update in a given
[05:02] month I like that idea at the idea of
[05:04] that large update percolating through
[05:05] the rest that once you have a big Gator
[05:06] and thing yeah imagine you had a huge
[05:09] bossing here to like a rack saw in a
[05:11] given month and that and then we use the
[05:14] the assets from their boss accountant
[05:16] may make a small request that goes with
[05:17] it yeah so that you've got that kind of
[05:20] variety of quest plays what something to
[05:21] do boss her at PBM okay but you've got
[05:24] this kind of theme I understand what
[05:25] this month is about yeah I also um can
[05:28] share assets between them and by doing
[05:30] that okay we got large update but we can
[05:32] also get these kind of bottle quests or
[05:33] some other place out there as well yeah
[05:35] maybe do a D&D or a minigame using those
[05:36] same assets maybe we can get some ninja
[05:38] content of focuses on PBM as a holding
[05:41] that given month I just an example
[05:42] obviously yeah so it's about getting
[05:45] really impactful updates out to the
[05:48] players things that you know you good
[05:49] look at BTS and go this is something
[05:51] huge it's something I've really been
[05:52] looking forward to understanding what
[05:54] the players want but also getting more
[05:55] out there for your more bang for your
[05:57] buck again yeah buy more intelligently
[05:59] using the resources by sharing assets
[06:02] but also maybe even serializing content
[06:04] okay for we've been afraid to do things
[06:06] like vampire quest followed by a vampire
[06:08] quest yeah an immediate kind of where
[06:10] close proximity but this strange that
[06:12] the thing is if you do it in three years
[06:14] time all day long I'm not sure if the
[06:15] graphics look as good as we want them to
[06:17] be yeah we rework everything he said it
[06:19] becomes a lot bigger than it was before
[06:20] and you've also lost that kind of
[06:22] momentum you've got a feeling of Bam Bam
[06:24] Bam this story is finished yeah which
[06:27] leads to my other aim which is I really
[06:28] want to kind of okay give players what
[06:31] they want I want everything to be
[06:32] impactful you're gonna be Jess but also
[06:33] to finish things yeah I think there's
[06:35] that sense of we get tired of an idea
[06:39] and then put
[06:40] to the wayside saying yeah we'll come
[06:42] back to that in a moment but now we've
[06:43] got this new thing that we are
[06:44] interested in I think we could be quite
[06:45] skittish like that yeah I think that um
[06:48] gaming things done getting done properly
[06:50] and finishing them will also be
[06:52] something you see a lot more of in kind
[06:54] of cat the end of the year in 2016 okay
[06:56] so Aras hums said what can you do now
[07:00] that you couldn't do as a narrative
[07:03] designer narrative designer is really
[07:05] kind of somebody that you would lean on
[07:07] as a liaison so so mod Dean would come
[07:10] to me and say oh ok what stories would
[07:12] you kind of like to tell ya and so I'd
[07:14] lay out all the things i'd love to talk
[07:16] about and then what Dean would say right
[07:18] we're going to tell that story that
[07:19] story that's the right we're going to
[07:20] tell six of them in a given year yeah
[07:22] and we're also going to all of this
[07:23] other content it may be that he wanted
[07:26] to have three boss encounters in the
[07:27] given year that sort of thing so he was
[07:29] the Commissioner the Commissioner Gordon
[07:30] he was the one who said these the
[07:33] updates that coming up so I've got input
[07:35] now on that so there's a real sense of
[07:37] what we do is something that I can
[07:40] really have input on and I've got
[07:41] something to offer there and I don't
[07:43] want people to be worried that
[07:45] everything is going to be a quest well I
[07:47] think that's worth of kind of putting
[07:49] out there but that's in no way going to
[07:51] happen I mean I i do want to increase
[07:53] the frequency of quests yeah I want to
[07:56] add story content to non quest content
[07:58] ok but ultimately I'm very aware of the
[08:01] variety of players ok I've got my story
[08:03] background but I really there are some
[08:05] exciting things i want to do with
[08:06] skilling the with invention
[08:07] training combat I want to make sure that
[08:10] we've got less of a ceiling to combat as
[08:12] we do currently there's so many things I
[08:14] want to do that just not limited to
[08:15] story ok I think somebody's somos points
[08:18] something will pull out late yeah
[08:20] absolutely Christy but in the meantime
[08:22] what's your favorite movie good question
[08:27] omote I i if I'm ill or tired it's gotta
[08:30] be die hard right ok I'm it's just in
[08:32] their property same lines as the lines
[08:34] param yeah yeah they say them called
[08:36] packets time buddy funster exactly hum
[08:39] honge booby anyway it's not then it's
[08:43] probably blade runner right ok laid
[08:46] runner is my which I'm getting a bit
[08:48] more switched on
[08:50] is that cool today's or I'm not sure I'm
[08:53] going to go for the original I think
[08:54] really oh I am gonna go for the original
[08:56] I I I can understand the you know you
[08:59] wanting adds unicorns etc okay I'm a big
[09:03] fan of the original I'd I've got good
[09:04] memories of it I just let me do my kind
[09:07] of rutger hauer speech at any point I
[09:08] well reel it off so again the pockets
[09:10] are there for the next most important
[09:11] question is replicant or not ah I I
[09:15] reckon it I don't think he's using a
[09:17] replicant I don't think Ridley thought
[09:18] he was a replicant at the start I think
[09:20] he's kind of been teasing people and
[09:22] adding a little layers of mystery to
[09:23] protoid to make it feel like he's always
[09:25] been a replica right okay anyway but um
[09:27] I love the film and they are you fell of
[09:29] the story do I read a stream of like
[09:31] yeah and I'm a big Philip K. Dick man
[09:33] okay yeah yeah I'll expect that of you
[09:37] so what can we expect to the rest of
[09:40] 2015 2015 is is weird because it's and
[09:46] say is somebody else's baby but um if I
[09:48] came in and changed everything now to be
[09:49] everything they were already in
[09:53] production for a while things that are
[09:54] coming out with December I've started
[09:55] now something's that coming out in the
[09:57] next couple of months so deep into kind
[09:59] of even post-production some cases yeah
[10:01] I'm not upsetting that car too much but
[10:03] we've got some good stuff and we have
[10:05] been able to community with some things
[10:06] and for example one thing we haven't
[10:08] talked about before is valid or
[10:11] graphical rework everybody knows about
[10:12] it we wanted to do it want yeah sure
[10:14] that we still did kind of these tweaks
[10:16] and improvements to existing content
[10:18] I've been talking to the Guardians about
[10:20] doing something that makes it more of a
[10:21] like event okay make us some great
[10:24] ideas about kind of night twenties and
[10:26] things like that so you know kind of
[10:28] joke eh we really really appropriate
[10:29] stuff yeah exactly and maybe making this
[10:32] an annual event so I really like what's
[10:35] being done there and hopefully we can
[10:36] talk a bit more about that reinvest or
[10:37] or or later on but I'm it's all about
[10:40] kind of just gently kind of bolstering
[10:42] what is there and as I say it's really
[10:47] weird coming to somebody else's ideas or
[10:49] something else is kind of schedule about
[10:51] Yates and just kind of just kind of
[10:53] gently tweaking them because I'm really
[10:55] ugly 2016 where you start seeing the new
[10:57] God having a real influence okay
[11:01] so do we have any sneak previews for 2016
[11:04] runefest. I couldn't let that go past, I
[11:07] know you're trying to tease something
[11:09] out without me going oh I don't do a
[11:11] reveal too much 2016 is as I say is
[11:15] going to be these kind of big themes
[11:17] I've talked about kind of how I would
[11:19] like to get to a point where elite
[11:21] skills are coming out every year and
[11:24] it's gentle piece of skill content every
[11:27] year I'm a big fan of potentially taking
[11:30] an ending on our sick days good content
[11:34] right that's that's exciting to me and
[11:36] that's something we'll talk about in
[11:37] wing fest okay so I wouldn't worry that
[11:40] the only content we're going only story
[11:41] content we going to do it's got content
[11:42] in the next year yeah please don't feel
[11:44] that but and the idea of building some
[11:47] momentum and as I was saying about
[11:48] serializing kind of getting some
[11:50] velocity to it and finishing that big
[11:53] pillar okay so that we can look at
[11:55] bigger not bigger and better things but
[11:57] other things look for other things in
[11:58] charge focus good story looking at
[12:00] continuation quest like they can't work
[12:02] we can continue and then finish yeah
[12:04] these existing storylines and there's I
[12:07] think you will soon see a Content survey
[12:09] going out the survey was out to the
[12:11] players a certain number of players
[12:13] sample and we'll talk about some of the
[12:16] large updates that could form that kind
[12:18] of linchpin of each month yeah and it
[12:20] seemed gonna become public domain
[12:22] obviously people going to post this on
[12:23] reddit etc or what though yeah
[12:25] electrical updates could be and there
[12:27] are some really exciting ones in there I
[12:29] don't like kind of preempt preemptively
[12:32] the ones that people want kind of rate
[12:33] too because they were given the
[12:34] opportunity to write but I don't think
[12:36] there's any surprise that in there are
[12:37] things like God was dungeon too yeah I'm
[12:41] sailing a mystery content the idea of
[12:44] exploring a content but we know nothing
[12:46] about I think I'm moving saved by stage
[12:48] through that continent I like that a lot
[12:49] to you and these are things that were
[12:51] going to talk about an all become public
[12:52] domain soon but those are those excite
[12:54] me then kind of encouraged in certainly
[12:58] this is sometimes they encouraged me
[12:59] behaviors and new feelings that you've
[13:01] never had yes date before I read like
[13:03] sailing and the mystery content because
[13:04] we have already had an exploration for a
[13:06] while yeah they also potentially give
[13:09] the feeling of ownership I own this area
[13:11] yet I want and it's what I'm really
[13:14] excited
[13:14] about is rather than just throwing out
[13:16] something that's just gonna I can grind
[13:18] this for a set period of time maybe that
[13:20] kind of content maybe we could try and
[13:22] insight new be feelings sense of
[13:24] wondering yeah exactly maybe we can do
[13:26] that and God was dungeon t comes from a
[13:28] place that I don't think would have
[13:30] existed I think the players told us
[13:31] about this with dragons yeah like
[13:33] sometimes you can overthink something
[13:34] like we're coming out with me mobs and
[13:37] come out with me mechanics through them
[13:38] etc but sometimes people just want to
[13:40] extend what is already there you know I
[13:41] really like dragons I like the
[13:43] mechanical drugs just give us some more
[13:44] yeah I really like godwars dungeon just
[13:47] give me some more and there is room for
[13:48] that kind of that Avenue of thinking
[13:50] okay I'm and that's why God what's
[13:52] dungeon comes from okay what's your
[13:55] favorite word my favorite your favorite
[13:57] word you're a wordsmith apart from
[14:01] opening every sentence with yet and so
[14:03] so yeah I tried to move away from that
[14:06] on podcasts I catch so for me so tell me
[14:10] though I've also found for the worst
[14:12] word in the world which is jag excellent
[14:15] people hate this it's an awful papacy
[14:19] originally like a HR came to being said
[14:21] and have you got an idea of what how we
[14:23] could measure kind of success of people
[14:25] in a jagex on well obviously jag
[14:27] excellence and something appeared
[14:28] everywhere is in birthday cards thank
[14:30] you for being jag excellent and I was
[14:33] playing for this and hated for its
[14:34] that's my least favorite web my favorite
[14:36] is probably Jamboree I like Jamboree has
[14:39] a good British work okay and i use it
[14:42] far too often in terms of kind of
[14:44] promotions and things whenever people
[14:45] come to me and say what can we call this
[14:47] promotion I chill be generally be
[14:49] something Jamboree let's go i'm great in
[14:51] there yet discombobulated is good that
[14:56] were those ladies large bond on what
[14:58] phone aside sure to populate
[15:00] discombobulated is actually one of my
[15:02] favorites but my favorite is moist ah it
[15:05] sounds like the texture it's like the
[15:07] word bubble it really onomatopoeia yeah
[15:09] but what yeah apparently is another word
[15:11] for it i think their theses yeah yeah
[15:13] I'm but we just good Moyes order to the
[15:15] same rule yes frequently but yeah I
[15:18] quite like Jamboree it's Jamboree a
[15:19] borrowed word oh I don't know let's hook
[15:21] it up I bet it is yeah I'm not gonna
[15:23] looking up now but if I if I listeners
[15:26] would like to look at me
[15:27] please Dave the origin of jamboree just
[15:30] from I don't know why that popped in
[15:31] there then I should have prepared months
[15:32] of that okay right so yes I will will we
[15:40] get so will we get multi quest now you
[15:44] empower those well again inspector quest
[15:47] again to it in on power yeah I love like
[15:50] a kind of relationship there's not quite
[15:52] there I love the image of that but is
[15:54] like I've somehow got into this position
[15:56] and then I get drunk on it and just like
[15:59] you I imagine you on a throne with the
[16:00] scepter it going give me more quick it's
[16:04] very Brian blessing yes finally now I
[16:06] can do all these things I wanted so I I
[16:09] don't think that there will be a quest
[16:12] ever get every month in 2016 I think
[16:14] there will be a substantial increase in
[16:16] my progress I weird the notion of bottle
[16:19] questing or producing quests where the
[16:21] focus or onus is on character yes
[16:24] personal stories personal arcs and not
[16:29] necessarily on God sizes and scopes
[16:31] which inevitably comes with its own
[16:33] costs yeah and just letting the
[16:35] developer o net and really kind of come
[16:37] up with some interesting kind of new
[16:39] narrative structures all of these things
[16:41] are really quite interesting can begun
[16:43] on a smaller scale and I'll be
[16:43] encouraging that bit more okay whether
[16:45] or not that can be tied into the
[16:47] continuation quest is something that I'm
[16:49] looking at I would really like yeah yeah
[16:51] I know madres myself and yourself have
[16:53] all talked about there's kind of a mini
[16:55] quest book yes kind of we've had the
[16:57] experience songs recently on the first
[17:00] one was what we could do the six a
[17:01] second one what we could do with
[17:02] continuation third one what we could do
[17:04] about new and interesting narrative
[17:06] structures right under and the fourth
[17:09] one is something I've completely
[17:11] forgotten already it was a mysterious
[17:14] one that I know is abated by my but you
[17:16] see the things that we're focusing on
[17:17] yeah yeah innovation character personal
[17:20] touches okay okay that's right answer
[17:24] the question there I've forgotten the
[17:25] question already will we get multi
[17:28] quests the answer is morn we know now
[17:30] more and also more content like rates
[17:32] has done yeah like dragons has done that
[17:35] kind of infiltrate and percolating story
[17:37] through it ya know there's there are
[17:39] journals there are
[17:41] there's definite Lord reasoning for why
[17:43] things are there there are within range
[17:45] for example mass cab you've got these
[17:47] mini quests and personalities you can
[17:49] interact with the reading add layers
[17:51] through it and make it feel more
[17:52] immersive okay so so because you've
[17:55] mentioned it um what would have happened
[17:58] had tesco 1 i'm down man now i'm not
[18:02] sure if scrum wanna entirely happy would
[18:05] be talking about this but the we
[18:07] definitely had a plan for Tusker had she
[18:09] one encounter yeah i know there has been
[18:11] a lot of kind of spin-off conversations
[18:13] bout um where the tusker could have one
[18:14] leave that to the side by now but and we
[18:16] had a plan for of tasker landed on earth
[18:19] and lateral Gillen or sorry yeah um she
[18:21] would've died she would have been alive
[18:23] and the godless would not have been
[18:25] there so instead of being a hub for the
[18:28] godless yeah it would have been a hub
[18:29] for tusk his followers it would've been
[18:31] a very different piece of game content
[18:33] and was very interesting to me is that
[18:35] we actually had someone i was little bit
[18:37] sick page yep next year we'd actually
[18:39] kind of ring doff a quest that would
[18:41] have been different fundamentally
[18:43] different mean completely different yeah
[18:44] I mad godless one yeah we've had Tusker
[18:47] one so the main protagonist in this
[18:49] quest are different based on that okay
[18:51] so please be aware that obviously 2016
[18:55] is up in the air waiting for survey
[18:56] results for example player player input
[18:58] yeah but um I think as the first real
[19:01] indication the godless will play a big
[19:02] part in 2016 okay why can't praise farm
[19:07] the new raid bosses if you've been
[19:09] watching a lock yeah that's right so if
[19:12] you're watching the live stream on
[19:14] Tuesday yeah it was revealed that these
[19:18] bosses the raid bosses when acts subtly
[19:20] different from the bosses that you are
[19:22] used to I think in in runescape more
[19:24] than any other game you can rinse and
[19:25] repeat on your own PDM encounters you
[19:28] can go to if you can for I'll go and do
[19:30] it multiple times but obviously players
[19:31] go to QB d can do four or five and a go
[19:33] run back to the bank etc and wouldn't
[19:35] said as many times as they want with
[19:38] raids we're taking a different approach
[19:40] there was reasons for its the what we're
[19:42] doing is that once you have gained the
[19:45] humongous loot drop that you gain for
[19:47] and defeating each of the individual
[19:49] bosses in a right yeah you actually
[19:50] locked from getting any more loot for a
[19:52] period of two days
[19:54] now that's on the 24-hour like so that's
[19:55] on the midnight lockout I think okay the
[19:58] reason we have done that is the
[20:01] alternative was that we could have put
[20:03] some drops on these bosses and allow
[20:04] players to rinse em we could make mayor
[20:07] of lowballed that and players complained
[20:09] that it was low board if we high ball
[20:10] ditto if we are given really lucrative
[20:12] drops for doing it then we are
[20:14] effectively saying that this is the new
[20:15] best way of gaining GP in the game yes
[20:17] they get into 10 man teams yeah very
[20:21] very high level very kind of highly
[20:23] communicative you've got to talk to each
[20:25] other and this is the best way going to
[20:27] be more so than any other piece of
[20:28] content the number of dates doing that
[20:30] is huge yep I think that you could get
[20:33] into a situation where players are
[20:35] simply doing this content for that and
[20:37] we would have had to kind of pull down
[20:39] the kind of the high-level loop as well
[20:43] you wouldn't it wouldn't have felt as
[20:44] lucrative / fine yeah other mmos have
[20:47] taken this format for the same reason
[20:49] the notion of a dnd that it's something
[20:52] that you agree on you schedule with
[20:53] other players yeah and it also
[20:55] encourages variety I'm not doing that
[20:57] raid boss over and over again I'm
[20:59] fighting perhaps for our game and doing
[21:02] a bit of QB Dean and then my luck has
[21:04] kind of replenish my cool down is
[21:06] replenished for the braids and captain
[21:07] and we as a team go and do that yeah I'm
[21:09] maintaining the variety between solo mid
[21:11] team combat content and high-end 10 man
[21:14] yep combat content I think that balance
[21:17] is right we're going to monitor it but I
[21:20] do feel that was the right situations
[21:22] gone I can completely understand the
[21:23] counter arguments and I imagine we're
[21:24] going to get a lot of kind of
[21:25] conversation about it on launch yeah by
[21:27] those players who just used wet marine
[21:29] snow peas just listen aside from D and
[21:31] DS plays are kind of expect to go to a
[21:34] boss and care to fight four or five
[21:35] times in a row yeah so I do expect there
[21:37] to be some friction but i really hope
[21:38] over the long over long term this is
[21:40] actually beneficial for raids and combat
[21:42] as a whole you'll still be able to go in
[21:44] and fight it well if they weren't yeah
[21:46] that's absolutely worth mentioning if
[21:47] you want to practice and some people
[21:49] will want to you can do if you want to
[21:51] gain the feats of accomplishment if you
[21:53] want to unlock achievements sorry I'm
[21:56] the boss Reaper title for example from
[21:58] yet boss mode you will still be able to
[22:00] do all of these things it's just you
[22:02] will not be gaining common drops as it
[22:03] were you're not be able to access that I
[22:05] level
[22:06] table so please feel that you can help
[22:08] each other out and fight them but
[22:09] ultimately we are not giving common
[22:11] drops for fighting again okay an
[22:15] important question how do you deal with
[22:18] mod Ravens monstrous ego it's tough
[22:22] there are so many kind of supposedly
[22:25] alpha personalities in the team what
[22:27] Raven is is one of those is very
[22:28] difficult developer to work with what
[22:31] you have to effectively do is play to
[22:32] visit to play to the psychosis yes and
[22:35] you have to make them feel like they are
[22:37] kind of leaders champions of runescape
[22:40] oh they have a lot of power so when they
[22:42] kind of give you decrees and yeah I must
[22:45] put this into the game you take it you
[22:46] just be just file it away right and just
[22:49] kind of compliment them make sure their
[22:51] ego is is syd see I did it differently I
[22:54] just called him mini evil every time we
[22:56] tried to try to boss around to it yes me
[22:58] an attempt to prick his ego as much as
[23:02] possible dad said oh no no I surveyed
[23:04] the cast it yeah different approaches
[23:06] why I mentioned this because I put up a
[23:08] thread for questions for the spy cars
[23:11] and he just waited in and derailed it
[23:13] completely yes why talking about himself
[23:15] mostly so I Roy only got so many
[23:18] questions say thank you but right ok
[23:22] what's going to be your approach to
[23:24] player power and relapse now massive fan
[23:28] of PayPal I think the rain straight more
[23:30] than any other game is kind of not
[23:32] necessarily owned by the players but got
[23:34] such a loyal team that plays been with
[23:36] us for so long constantly got ideas
[23:39] constant got feedback through that kind
[23:40] of culture that has come up from the
[23:41] suggestions for a min read it and we
[23:44] have invariably listen to it we're
[23:46] closer to the community than so many
[23:47] other game yeah paired how is hugely
[23:50] important so I'm a big fan of design
[23:53] documents you know what we did with our
[23:55] city notion of transparency and doing
[23:56] that more and more with what we've got
[23:58] putting concept are out there asking for
[24:00] feedback we're going to see more of that
[24:01] I think it's worth mentioning here by
[24:03] the way the invention we're actually
[24:05] kind of getting the feeling of maybe
[24:06] putting it away from a player design
[24:07] document and more to kind of bev blog
[24:09] ish hf so please be aware of that if you
[24:11] are waiting for the design documents
[24:13] it's just that feeling of invention is
[24:14] more about the sitting down and interact
[24:16] with that it's quite it's not something
[24:19] that community
[24:19] particularly well indesign document yeah
[24:21] so we're just going to go over the
[24:23] individual we're still going to keep her
[24:24] a strong lever communicate like yeah
[24:27] absolutely and it just doesn't see the
[24:29] design doc as much because we put
[24:31] together some draft ones and it wasn't
[24:32] working for us regardless transparency
[24:34] is huge I'm a big fan of the polls I
[24:36] think some great things have come from
[24:37] the polls yeah that kind of binary of
[24:39] the kind of position in two huge updates
[24:41] against each other I'm still things we
[24:43] could improve I think we got to a point
[24:45] where we were determined to release them
[24:46] frequently yeah and then they kind of
[24:48] petered out with the subjects weren't as
[24:49] strong over the course of the year and
[24:52] it felt like they were diminishing a bit
[24:53] okay um rune labs I am a fan of I do
[24:57] feel that there are some issues with it
[25:00] a lot of those on our side when we
[25:01] initially launched it with a lot of
[25:02] features weren't there and moderation of
[25:05] it is is time-consuming but worth while
[25:08] we gonna find a way of balancing that
[25:10] yeah but I also and I also feel that
[25:12] it's impossible to look at when apps and
[25:15] not think that the number of ideas
[25:16] coming from it is lower than we thought
[25:17] yell hopeful obviously there lot of that
[25:20] is our fault but I really hoped for more
[25:22] ideas coming from it more up voting in
[25:24] particular the Mozart there are quite a
[25:26] few ideas voting hasn't really generated
[25:28] much kind of movement of those ideas not
[25:31] being a huge number of votes in the
[25:33] winning options that go at home a lot of
[25:37] that is because you don't see trending
[25:38] nowtrending is like in there for example
[25:41] and there is a big kind of you called it
[25:43] a rosebush a big bro's brush of ideas
[25:45] yeah it's hard to hard to prune so that
[25:48] is something I really want to look at
[25:49] ultimately what I think we're going to
[25:51] do is I'm going to be putting a survey
[25:53] out there okay asking a number of
[25:55] questions about really labs players
[25:57] thoughts on it in particular whether or
[26:00] not it's good to keep going with rune
[26:02] labs but just add more features whether
[26:04] or not rune labs isn't the right way of
[26:06] getting player input maybe poses more a
[26:07] better way of getting player input all
[26:09] of these different questions about rune
[26:11] labs and so we can maybe kind of molding
[26:13] something else I'm imagine that would
[26:14] then follow up with a pole i will make a
[26:16] kind of a hard decisive decision about
[26:18] what is going to happen with labs yeah
[26:20] because we're six months then
[26:22] effectively the next criteria that will
[26:24] come up will determine January's yes
[26:26] update it seems like a really good time
[26:28] to talk about it before it starts rune
[26:31] ab starts kind of
[26:33] impacting on what we decide to do for 26
[26:35] grew have that bold yes we're doing this
[26:37] for 2016 and we're to know what relapse
[26:39] how r una plays into that okay so why
[26:42] did we add such a tight set of criteria
[26:46] around the rune labs quest in December
[26:49] yeah and this first of all I wanted to
[26:51] apologize cuz the first thing I think
[26:53] that we did wrong with this new criteria
[26:54] the quest criteria was we didn't put it
[26:57] out early yeah I think that's that
[26:58] that's the biggest issue that we've
[26:59] learned from obviously there's not much
[27:00] we can do about that now no we should I
[27:03] think there a lot of players and I
[27:04] didn't anticipate how many applicants
[27:06] players there were who had their ideas
[27:08] ready yeah who just had they knew that
[27:10] quest request criteria was coming in out
[27:12] in December and they couldn't wait to
[27:14] get out there and then suddenly this
[27:16] criteria limited everything and they had
[27:18] to quickly rework everything and
[27:19] obviously there's this perception that
[27:20] an idea has to be out on the first date
[27:22] otherwise it will not be successful yeah
[27:24] whether or not that's true is a
[27:25] different matter but um there is a
[27:27] perception line and obviously applied to
[27:29] that the reason we did the criteria is
[27:31] in-house we didn't want to necessarily
[27:35] see ideas we had thought of before yeah
[27:38] it's it's a common in-house criticism is
[27:41] that and it's again that awful because
[27:44] we keep on mentioning them and they were
[27:45] obviously going to have more bikes they
[27:47] come from us is that we're seeing ideas
[27:49] that were generated by us and we really
[27:50] saw rune labs as come on guys just tell
[27:53] us things we haven't heard before yeah
[27:54] let's your wacky creative ideas your fan
[27:56] fiction your fantastic characters and we
[27:59] saw this is an avenue of getting new
[28:00] stuff out there but obviously there are
[28:02] other people who see this so it actually
[28:03] solving labs as a way of getting stuff
[28:06] they really wanted that have been on the
[28:07] back burner for a while yeah and
[28:09] prioritized yeah and again didn't
[28:11] anticipate levelled that was to be fair
[28:14] they looking at the questions that
[28:15] coming from it looking the quest ideas I
[28:17] really like it I think it's do you think
[28:19] it's a good format I think that you can
[28:21] still subtly change existing quest ideas
[28:25] like an ax men to workshop by for
[28:26] example you know we work it into a
[28:28] question format I still think that as
[28:29] possible or could have been possible
[28:31] with a little bit kind of maneuvering
[28:33] but yeah so I wanted to apologize about
[28:35] those things but I still think that
[28:37] we're going to get a great piece of
[28:38] content on it okay what's your favorite
[28:41] runescape update favorite runescape
[28:44] update cracker that was left field
[28:46] I am the most disorganized of runescape
[28:50] players i tend to log in wanting to play
[28:53] and then find that I am completely
[28:55] daunted by how much there is and don't
[28:57] do anything ok so my favorite updates
[28:59] the things that have changed the game
[29:01] for me so much is challenges in
[29:02] dungeoneering dungeoneering is just
[29:05] beautiful because I can go in there solo
[29:06] especially now now that it's more
[29:08] lucrative so young and just have
[29:09] everything all of my skilling in one
[29:11] place that I could just harvest it all
[29:12] move on to the boss and there you be
[29:14] smooth my beast mode all right ok me and
[29:16] mod market probably the only beast mode
[29:17] is I'm the most frustrating dungeon ear
[29:19] to be that much you make mod Timbo cried
[29:22] I do you'll find me in the opening room
[29:25] just lighting fires I will have my chain
[29:26] there but we got a key date I don't know
[29:30] I don't overlook key we're looking for
[29:32] wood as it were and then our challenges
[29:36] I think a brilliant and so when I do my
[29:39] check-ins in very buddy I go in like
[29:41] once every two days once every three
[29:42] days again it gives me that opening kind
[29:45] of what's related today go to my
[29:46] challenge system there's this thing I
[29:48] can go and do then and it's opened up so
[29:50] much content I didn't do before I've
[29:52] never never really done you know kind of
[29:54] bond and I'm beacons it's extra yeah and
[29:58] then suddenly it's just got me doing it
[29:59] and there's so much kind of hidden stuff
[30:01] that I'm suddenly doing and it's made me
[30:02] do quests that I've been you know I
[30:04] obviously had done them in way too but
[30:06] you know not my trip we got on my work
[30:08] account yeah multiple times request
[30:09] helps and design review yeah actually
[30:12] doing them as Anna as a cheap was great
[30:14] okay okay Aras hums asks do you feel
[30:19] even more more enthusiastic than ever
[30:21] you can probably tell from this part I
[30:23] haven't I love the opportunity to talk
[30:25] oh really you never guessed nobody's
[30:29] ever done a podcast just but just with
[30:31] me and on me before you see the ego
[30:33] coming through so I you could probably
[30:35] tell us still enthusiastic omit I it's
[30:40] more tiring I didn't expect to be in so
[30:43] many meetings so much work so many dish
[30:45] now is and to happen at the same time as
[30:47] baby so I have a daughter now who is who
[30:50] is taking up a lot of time and demanding
[30:52] my attention how dare she and de menthe
[30:54] you robbing you of sleep robbing me of
[30:56] sleep she and she threw up in my mouth
[30:58] yesterday
[31:00] and I just fed her and I was kind of
[31:03] bouncing her bouncing and then I put her
[31:04] above my head so she was directly above
[31:06] me and she projectile vomited into my
[31:08] mouth oh it's quite Capri I didn't
[31:10] expect that it right anyway anyway sorry
[31:13] moving on all of this is leading to the
[31:15] fact that and it's it's more tiring i
[31:18] find that I've got to recharge a little
[31:20] bit more I'm runescape statute away for
[31:21] charging yeah but um the enthusiasm is
[31:24] still there i'm still very excited
[31:26] mostly about like what we could do in
[31:28] 2016 and why is coming for 2015 right
[31:31] it's just the idea of just looking at a
[31:34] mock schedule we've got created we did
[31:36] this for an off-site just to show
[31:37] everybody and i'm gonna show this
[31:39] schedule i just got a round of applause
[31:40] everybody was so excited right okay and
[31:42] just looking at that and thinking of the
[31:44] potential for 2016 and some of the ideas
[31:46] that we have I just just mostly kind of
[31:49] goosebumps clamp the hairs on the back
[31:50] of many kids away I think we can tell
[31:52] home Theseus that you are by the amount
[31:54] of Phi slapping you just don't be
[31:55] remelted repeatedly some IM guys
[31:59] laughing well i kind of leads into mr.
[32:02] Lyon Tara's question and will you have
[32:05] more time to chat to play as leaders oh
[32:08] yeah and you probably won't be surprised
[32:11] to find that my free time I have I have
[32:13] less of it it's it's difficult to find
[32:17] the time to go into things that I really
[32:18] want to do like the forums Twitter
[32:20] reddit also just kind of chatting to
[32:23] those ppl coming 4 player tours all of
[32:27] these things going to have a little bit
[32:28] less at that time you're gonna focus it
[32:30] up in my I know what miss line Terry is
[32:32] focusing on because I put out a trimmed
[32:33] and comp thread right a little while ago
[32:35] that I haven't kind of checked in on
[32:37] that she has very much a kind of a
[32:39] machine she and it's very much kind of
[32:42] proponent of making sure bringing down
[32:44] those trim on top breaks right okay so
[32:46] that they are more accessible they
[32:49] aren't you know these kind of ridiculous
[32:50] far-fetched notions like that cause
[32:52] Percival's requirements are gently on
[32:55] that note very quickly i'm more of a fan
[32:57] of giving players more options or ways
[32:59] of getting those requirements rather
[33:01] than bring the requirements and
[33:02] requirements themselves down right okay
[33:04] the mini-game spotlight was really in
[33:05] that the innovative thinking yeah I'm
[33:08] hoping that's okay the problem is that
[33:10] obviously you got bipartisan argument
[33:12] you've got
[33:13] really extreme kind of healings on it
[33:15] those who say wait a minute easily
[33:17] complex that I've gained how dare you
[33:18] lower them and those who sang down
[33:20] outrageously high even though I've got
[33:21] them i think everybody else should have
[33:22] a chance yes oh I'm it's about how best
[33:24] what and kind bill has two groups and
[33:27] during the meeting gamespot like a way
[33:29] was on castle walls castles was
[33:30] incredibly popular yeah absolutely again
[33:33] yeah so it's still it's not so they've
[33:35] removed all impetus to go to class no I
[33:37] wasn't broken approach their mother load
[33:39] more is another good one where there was
[33:40] just another avenue of gaining yeah you
[33:42] getting towards those require ok so
[33:45] possibly the most important question
[33:47] we're going to ask today ok exactly how
[33:50] big is your face so if I have a
[33:53] one-to-one scale model of tough are
[33:57] usually right is your face the
[33:58] gravitational pull that is in fact
[34:00] caused her to crash into Gyllenhaal I
[34:03] really like new idea that she's
[34:04] slingshotting round my place to sing
[34:06] gravity yeah it makes perfect sense I
[34:09] think this is some kind of risk a
[34:10] conspiracy this is mod Jack's question I
[34:14] should appoint tail I think he wanted me
[34:15] to use science oh no no I apparently I
[34:18] had to use scale models examples so the
[34:21] moon which or me is is your face big in
[34:24] the moon or is in fact your face of the
[34:26] desk use this placement a star 0 deaths
[34:29] are and that's what's a moon it's a face
[34:31] oh yeah I can see that you displace more
[34:34] than I USS Enterprise oh this as in the
[34:37] aircraft carrier oh wow I catch as a
[34:39] massive displacement as I understand it
[34:41] that's left field okay um bigger than
[34:45] one of these things you're talking this
[34:47] is swing fry ok um face bigger than the
[34:50] Milky Way yeah let's go flat that's good
[34:54] my fake faces milky way I can make some
[34:57] means to be created an hour ya know I
[35:00] like it because it's been rainy or windy
[35:01] at the moment so I can see when it gets
[35:02] windy people kind of gather behind my
[35:04] fate as a windbreak but when it's maybe
[35:05] I just did is true and people gather
[35:07] underneath yeah it's this big
[35:08] two-dimensional satellite dish yeah ok
[35:12] um i'm gonna get complex are you gonna
[35:16] miss working with chris hell yeah i was
[35:19] watching the live stream on tuesday know
[35:21] it's sad because obviously that he
[35:23] didn't really do it as a goodbye I mean
[35:24] he's he's not the most emotional of
[35:26] tights
[35:27] nodnod crocell but it's um we've been
[35:30] working as long as each other and I've
[35:32] learned so much from our crisil so I'm
[35:34] really going to miss him because he's
[35:35] like the complete counterpoint he
[35:37] himself would probably admit that he's
[35:38] not as interested or well versed in
[35:41] storyline yeah so he's obviously kind of
[35:43] leaned on me a lot and I would fully
[35:45] admit that my combat knowledge needs
[35:47] improving I did design review cubing d
[35:50] which I'm still really proud of sorry
[35:53] design QbD but ultimately still far from
[35:56] what Chris hell yeah so how many lose a
[35:59] big gap for me and it's a big shame to
[36:01] lose him which mall the best of course
[36:03] yeah and leading on so cd-rs asked do
[36:07] you plan to leave jacket so cheeky
[36:10] cheeky or something yeah understandable
[36:12] and i think that there's this kind of
[36:15] strange very strange exception there's
[36:17] an obvious perception that and we've
[36:18] lost mundane or down on what chris l
[36:20] yeah maybe there's some kind of mass
[36:22] exodus not not by any means if that
[36:24] there are fewer people leaving at the
[36:25] moment it's just happened to be that
[36:26] some kind of big leading lights yeah
[36:30] have left this which is real shame
[36:31] because obviously work with Madonna on
[36:32] world wakes got got some fantastic
[36:34] memories branches of dart mayor as well
[36:36] and what Dean was my boss for so long
[36:38] yeah yeah work with a lot of them but no
[36:41] have absolutely no intention to move on
[36:43] why would I have been given the keys to
[36:45] the toy box as it were along with other
[36:48] things and got some really exciting
[36:49] things to do I've got a fantastic team
[36:51] who are so ridiculously creative and
[36:54] some of the updates in particular like
[36:56] there's sarin quest that looks amazing
[36:59] the vampire quest looks amazing so much
[37:02] content is coming up the the mobs poll
[37:04] that's just finished and what the team
[37:06] has decided to do with mobs yeah be
[37:08] expanding it out a little bit which is a
[37:10] little low peek behind the curtain there
[37:12] is really exciting and obviously they're
[37:14] 2016 so y1 earth would I go elsewhere
[37:17] okay so what's your favorite body part
[37:21] is this like favorite body part of other
[37:25] people or my own after that Oh question
[37:28] just says what's your favorite boy so
[37:31] surely that's yours to shun um oh I so
[37:34] my favorite body part my owner I'm gonna
[37:37] go fer not the face so high
[37:40] yeah I'm not so much a fan of the face
[37:41] I'm not my eyebrows a comical am I got
[37:44] eyebrows have a an ability to do is it
[37:47] some kind of chocolate wafer that kind
[37:48] of clothes back in on itself right okay
[37:50] they basically do that if I let it go
[37:53] they'll form this kind of spiral do you
[37:55] mean eyebrows or eyelashes my eyebrows
[37:57] so a rose spiral my eyebrows well so
[38:01] when I come back in themselves John so
[38:03] I'm sure this isn't a quest I i think is
[38:06] the beginning of one is that I think
[38:07] that there's new questionnaire I don't
[38:10] know why I'm mentioning this but I
[38:12] thought that was a little revealed
[38:13] anything but my favorite body parts
[38:14] probably much shoulders like on broad
[38:17] grilled chill oh yeah quite broad
[38:18] shouldered so he kind of you can put
[38:20] shirts on it doesn't look like you're
[38:21] fat when you really are which is quite
[38:22] nice quite useful yeah I've got broad
[38:24] shoulders but I'm still faster we find
[38:27] it well though I was having this ok ok
[38:31] so how ring was keen to know what your
[38:34] priorities were for quests in the coming
[38:36] year then how are you building our
[38:37] relatives rooms so I'm very acutely
[38:40] aware that not everybody wants God
[38:42] content on my Twitter feed it's like
[38:43] unanimously on our God content but also
[38:45] when you put ever without a pole you see
[38:48] that there is a sign of majority who
[38:50] like sick page content and God content
[38:52] yeah so I'm very aware that there are
[38:54] these two kind of Behrman groups about
[38:57] what quest should be I really feel that
[38:59] we can under that umbrella of finishing
[39:02] things yeah 4 2016 that theme we can do
[39:05] great things with bringing an end to the
[39:07] gods storyline but also kind of really
[39:09] focusing on continuation and letting the
[39:12] kind of core large updates of a given
[39:15] month kind of filter into the things of
[39:17] that sort I'm also kind of interested in
[39:20] getting that kind of feeling of momentum
[39:23] going that notion of the stories come
[39:26] out this month but I know in two months
[39:27] time I'm going to get the next one and
[39:29] two months time the next 12 months time
[39:30] the next one and then everything will
[39:32] finish so i know that it's kind of um
[39:33] boom boom and we're done at feeling
[39:35] serialization and i currently you know i
[39:37] need to stay in game and and and see
[39:40] what happens ok how involved are you
[39:44] gonna be in reinvest this year runefest
[39:46] is one of the big time seems to pass a
[39:49] couple of weeks yet but for good reason
[39:51] I'd love
[39:52] infest the things I've been involved in
[39:55] school trip activities so if you're
[39:57] coming along and you want to know what
[39:58] you'll be doing last year for example
[40:00] you were balancing on poles and kind of
[40:02] ducking under web so this is a ducking
[40:03] of the web so yeah yeah well I think we
[40:05] were overthrown cabbages and things out
[40:06] ups at last he always liked you before
[40:07] so encourages i think was Ian yeah
[40:09] perhaps same um yeah so all those kind
[40:12] of act nervous Austria yeah I think I
[40:14] was last year what I love about that is
[40:16] that notion of so looking at what came
[40:19] out this year and how we could thing
[40:20] those up as things that people could do
[40:22] yeah there's nothing better than that so
[40:23] we've been talking about like you know
[40:24] how hero's welcome had a lot of
[40:28] duplication of things well my favorite
[40:30] ideas is that you'd be given a photo of
[40:32] a room and then you actually go into the
[40:34] room and so you're looking from that
[40:36] kind of photo to the room trying to see
[40:38] it kind of a spot the difference yeah
[40:39] although very world yeah yeah yeah so
[40:43] just that's that kind of thing take your
[40:45] things you only have to go and play the
[40:47] beach to know that there's probably five
[40:48] or six things that we could get people
[40:50] doing yet based on the beach so skilled
[40:52] chef activities are exciting but also
[40:53] forming the schedule for the two session
[40:55] the two main stages it detected two
[40:57] stages one main stage one second stage
[41:00] I've been given one on quests I'm
[41:02] surprising be right but also talking
[41:04] about invention elite skills by that
[41:07] point will have their kind of items that
[41:09] you'll be making on show and things like
[41:10] that so that's exciting and there's also
[41:13] the possibility that mod marks fest in
[41:16] section where he's talking about all of
[41:17] big ideas that coming up iving like more
[41:19] kind of feature led so bringing on
[41:21] individual people right I might make a
[41:23] guest all right we did a little bit of
[41:24] that this year with the new client yeah
[41:27] yeah go right in 20-40 I say exactly
[41:29] here style be there I was going to us
[41:33] was i involved in I'm sure no doubt i'll
[41:35] be there to be talked to they'll be and
[41:38] find the Jay Marder at type events where
[41:39] you come and find us and all those
[41:41] particular questions and things like
[41:42] that I there may well be a quiz i'll
[41:45] probably end up on that but um it's
[41:47] going to be a great event it's in lovely
[41:49] reveals got some good stuff to play and
[41:52] it to be honest it's just really nice to
[41:54] meet the players again okay it's a good
[41:56] crowd your favorite game favorite game I
[42:00] always been a tie between monkey island
[42:03] two and
[42:05] toejam and earl i'd like to point out
[42:07] for listeners that was the wrong answer
[42:08] clearly modest woman say runescape and
[42:12] then some other way it's like it's like
[42:17] saying who's your favorite who's we
[42:20] fancy mouse you can't say your wife
[42:21] because so obvious and a given you know
[42:25] sabrine step is my wife is vibe okay in
[42:28] the in a given situation yea r in steps
[42:31] always always gonna be the best game
[42:32] that whatever Mike yalom to or potential
[42:35] no geminal is the quirky one that I
[42:37] tried to bring out to seem a little bit
[42:38] hipsterish okay it's it's a fantastic
[42:41] nice basically epitomizes the 90s bake
[42:44] but grew up it's all neon and um funky
[42:48] Delia and radical dude etc but it's a
[42:51] really nice rogue game I don't if you
[42:53] played rogue yes road games which is
[42:56] trudging around trying to find presence
[42:58] that are their loot in this world and
[42:59] it's great love it okay so our last
[43:01] question yeah is from a mascot Oh what
[43:06] is the airspeed velocity of an unladen a
[43:09] fiancée is that an a burner AB&C or a
[43:13] Gillan or maybe oh I believe that's Fort
[43:17] Point we fall in the chasm that is I
[43:19] feel really bad about that because
[43:21] somebody went on to say that exact
[43:23] answer just as I was right to you dumb
[43:25] podcast and so I've effectively stolen
[43:28] it or at least it seems Italy but yeah
[43:31] yeah there we go that's my answer to be
[43:33] more to type of reference who says not
[43:34] enough of them in runescape no no no no
[43:36] no well thanks for coming in today oh so
[43:39] much for let me text hurt you and
[43:40] interrupt you it's brilliant it's always
[43:42] a pleasure to have you down here and
[43:43] hope see you again on sofas in a
[43:45] background right bye