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Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #53: Hero's Spoilers

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Automatic transcriptionEdit

[00:07] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:09] I'm mod sky and I'm here stay with mod
[00:13] Wilson and today we're going to be
[00:14] talking about the hero's welcome quest
[00:16] mod Wilson would you like to introduce
[00:18] yourself yes hello I'm mod Wilson I'm a
[00:21] senior content developer and the
[00:23] developer of the hero's welcome quest
[00:26] perfect so we're really excited about
[00:29] this quest newest one out this week
[00:31] could you tell me a bit about the course
[00:33] what happens in the quest well we're
[00:35] going to need the spoiler alert siren
[00:37] for a moment during the quest you meet
[00:41] up with v you help welcome him back to
[00:44] the world through his people from Enox
[00:47] and the Moon clan and you solve a
[00:48] dispute between them then V arrives and
[00:51] things kind of go wrong with his arrival
[00:54] and his powers and at this point the
[00:57] Dragon King turn up and he is killed by
[01:00] them and you go on a roaring rampage of
[01:03] revenge to deal with them and the
[01:06] problems that have been caused by the
[01:07] method they use to kill they tell me
[01:09] about the requirements for the quest in
[01:12] order to do the question to have
[01:13] completed the Loon diplomacy quest
[01:16] there's also requirements in smithing
[01:19] mining divination and Slayer and there's
[01:23] also barbarian training can you give me
[01:25] a bit more information about barbarian
[01:27] training requirement for the quest well
[01:30] you need to go down to the ancient
[01:32] caverns which is something that you
[01:34] unlock whilst doing the barbarian
[01:36] trailing we initially decide to start it
[01:39] with you just go down there if you're at
[01:42] the right stage in the training to be
[01:43] able to get access to the cavern we
[01:45] decide to move it up to a full unlock of
[01:47] the whole skills simply because it made
[01:49] a lot more sense for the high-level
[01:51] requirements of the quest perfect
[01:54] spoiler alert so a lot of players are
[01:58] slightly upset about the early demise of
[02:01] fees character can we talk a bit more
[02:03] about this decision why you've decided
[02:06] to kill him well if people can remember
[02:09] back to the podcast about how we do
[02:11] quest and I we
[02:12] the restaurant occasionally we get
[02:15] handed down from on high a decision
[02:16] about say Frances we need a quest
[02:18] there's in unlocks bacon or we need to
[02:21] quest that unlocks the elf City in this
[02:24] case it was decided we were going to be
[02:26] doing a dragon kin related quest there
[02:28] are a number of pictures as to which
[02:30] ones we were going to do I can't
[02:31] obviously go into the ones that didn't
[02:33] win because we're going to be using that
[02:34] later but the one that ended up going
[02:37] ahead was it was getting involved dragon
[02:40] kin and V was going to die during that
[02:42] quest so I knew that this was going to
[02:44] be controversial from the start so I was
[02:46] having a word with the various people
[02:48] who were pitching this and you know we
[02:50] came up with decision after decision
[02:52] there were a lot of options that we came
[02:55] up with them we've discarded like you
[02:56] would go on a huge long quest with v and
[02:58] he would die at the very end and there
[03:00] would be a follow-on quest we got went
[03:01] up against dragonkin right the way to
[03:03] the opposite end of you'd start the
[03:05] quest by V staggers out for portal and
[03:07] keels over dead we decided that this was
[03:10] kind of like the best balance because if
[03:12] he dies at the end and yes you've got to
[03:14] know him a lot better you've had your
[03:16] time with him your little adventures and
[03:17] the rest of it but it's going to feel a
[03:20] lot worse when he just dies because he
[03:22] had to die as part of the the quest for
[03:24] law requirements later on down the road
[03:27] and if you don't get to know him again
[03:29] there's kind of that potential wasted
[03:31] there we also wanted the player to have
[03:33] a lot more agency in getting revenge if
[03:35] there was a follow-on quest and you
[03:37] would have to wait until we've written
[03:37] it before you even get to go out and
[03:39] kill the drankin responsible so we feel
[03:42] we got the best balance and given the
[03:45] response on the forums yeah a lot of
[03:47] people are complaining but they're
[03:48] complaining because they didn't get to
[03:50] spend time with v who they liked that
[03:52] you know that they enjoyed this
[03:53] character they enjoyed his
[03:54] characterization so I think we hit kind
[03:57] of the right balance there which was
[03:59] like I say what we're aiming for because
[04:02] at the end of the quest you cray a a
[04:05] misery for v why was that decision made
[04:09] to create this a misery we knew that
[04:12] players would be upset about death of e
[04:15] we also wanted to include an emissary
[04:17] however he died throughout the quest we
[04:20] want there to be an emissary because
[04:21] people do like being able to show their
[04:24] alignment to the different gods
[04:26] was he with him being dead it's a good
[04:28] chance that that won't be like a
[04:31] maintenance til show their allegiance to
[04:34] V and his ideals that way and for the
[04:37] players at home that don't know who are
[04:40] the Dragon King can you give us a bit
[04:41] more information about them because they
[04:44] are the main culprits for these demise
[04:46] so what more can you tell us about them
[04:49] the drankin are a race of creatures who
[04:52] have been bound to the stand of jazz by
[04:54] jazz at this stage what they were before
[04:57] has all been kind of washed away by the
[04:59] curse of the stone and false users
[05:02] spoiler alert again this covers like a
[05:06] number of requests that players might
[05:09] not have done you basically learned that
[05:11] the gods drain energy out of the stone
[05:13] of jazz in order to gain their amazing
[05:15] powers and to send to godhood in some
[05:18] cases when they do that this hurts the
[05:21] dragonkin and also empowers them so they
[05:25] are like watch dogs they are like
[05:27] alarmed system and they are really angry
[05:30] and want to kill the false users because
[05:33] they cause them continuous agonizing
[05:35] pain and there's sort of two factions
[05:38] between them the synechocystis who are
[05:40] just driven by rage and anger and want
[05:43] to kill the false users as quickly as
[05:45] possible and then there's the dactyl who
[05:47] want to kill all the false accusers but
[05:49] in a more so intellectual they want to
[05:51] find out how can they do this and in
[05:54] fact can negate the curse through some
[05:56] other means that would then allow them
[05:58] to kill the false users without
[06:00] suffering from its effect so the whole
[06:03] quest builds up to this massive boss
[06:05] fight at the end there's been a lot of
[06:08] feedback on the forums on how important
[06:11] movement is in the fight do you have any
[06:13] comments to the feedback from the forums
[06:15] I've seen a bunch of these threads and
[06:17] effectively both sides are kind of right
[06:20] in it yes a lot of our old bosses are
[06:23] you stand there and you wail on them
[06:25] until one or the other dies and we do
[06:28] want to get away from this we are doing
[06:30] our best to get away from this obviously
[06:32] it's a little bit tricky with our engine
[06:34] would you take time to stuff like
[06:35] investigate making sure that it feels
[06:37] right and I'm quite happy with the later
[06:39] it's tender
[06:40] in the end I mean serve like we've got
[06:42] things in like it's charging mechanics
[06:43] we've got you running around as much as
[06:46] possible we've got it running around as
[06:47] much as possible and you know it makes
[06:49] for an exhilarating and quite exciting
[06:52] experience and most players seem to
[06:53] agree there's been some feedback on the
[06:56] forums about post quest dialogue why
[06:58] haven't we included any for this quest
[07:01] the quest is very low heavy in it's just
[07:05] quest dialogue and we start to run out
[07:07] of space and time for including this
[07:10] which is which is one consideration
[07:11] we've started out with like a bunch of
[07:13] ideas as to where we would put the extra
[07:15] dialogue on Cyrus on this guy on verra
[07:19] menak and Moon clan characters and all
[07:21] the these kind of places and we suddenly
[07:23] realized that in order to properly do it
[07:25] justice it would balloon out across like
[07:28] half of the world so we ended up as of
[07:31] like trimming it down to this person and
[07:33] that person and then in the end when we
[07:35] just weighed in with all of the stuff
[07:37] that we had it was just too much to to
[07:39] be able to add that extra stuff in at
[07:41] the end and we've covered basically a
[07:43] lot of law within the quest and there's
[07:46] a there's a some post westlaw drops that
[07:50] the journals from the adamant dragons in
[07:54] the lair and there's a lot of stuff on V
[07:57] when you talk to him and it's a lot of
[07:59] stuff just on all the characters
[08:00] throughout the whole thing we've got as
[08:02] much law in there as we as we as we
[08:04] could pack in France cray finally
[08:06] everybody loves rewards from quests tell
[08:09] me about the rewards that players can
[08:11] expect to receive well for this quest
[08:14] there's the experience in the skills
[08:16] that you use as usual with most quests
[08:19] there's also access to a number of areas
[08:22] that you go to throughout the quest
[08:24] spoiler alert specifically you get to
[08:29] access some adamant dragons which are
[08:31] left in the drunken lair in the ancient
[08:33] caverns you also go back to the
[08:35] abomination cave and refight the
[08:37] abomination for some drops a John talked
[08:40] about in a second and you can also mind
[08:41] some bein all there the abomination
[08:43] itself when you fight it you can get the
[08:46] dragon javelin and off and dragon
[08:48] javelin and it's got a level 75 capers
[08:51] in
[08:52] extremely rare drop which I've seen a
[08:54] few people on the forum so they've sold
[08:56] for several million so far on the Apple
[08:59] never got into game so far so there's
[09:01] there's all of that and you will also
[09:05] unlock the ability to produce more rooms
[09:07] I think it's five percent more rooms
[09:09] when you ruin craft them he girl of
[09:12] those runes mm-hmm so that's it for this
[09:16] week thanks mod Wilson for joining me
[09:36] you