RuneScape Podcast #52: A Raid on Raids

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:11] I'm mod Matty the podcast monkey and
[00:14] with me this week to talk about raids I
[00:15] have I'm Monday madhava tar and mock
[00:19] hotel and one of each of you do
[00:21] runescape yeah pretty much i'm gerry
[00:27] full of your roles while other content
[00:31] developer have been working on raids and
[00:33] before that the Tusk a lot event right
[00:35] I'm a Content developer I've been
[00:38] working on raids and before that the
[00:41] tusker older then maybe song before that
[00:43] I don't really remember heart of stone
[00:45] man Mike really I remember Michael yeah
[00:49] so long ago I remember of a goblin
[00:51] related shenanigans probably demon flash
[00:53] mobs yep oh yeah yeah that happened see
[00:57] how you actually been damned to talk to
[00:59] us on a sofa quite often mod deck he say
[01:01] so and who's who are you on the end then
[01:04] what do you do and mocha sell prints
[01:06] will content developer and I worked on
[01:08] the raids and dusk of stuff of these
[01:10] guys and lots of stuff in the past
[01:11] general embossing high level content
[01:14] herb-lore capes stuff we thus everyone
[01:18] West yeah we do the sick with nothing a
[01:21] lot of stuff too much to list right now
[01:22] here the Rays being the most recent so
[01:25] what is a raid so a raid is like a
[01:29] multiplayer boss fight encounter and
[01:31] what makes it different from normal boss
[01:33] fight 7 runescape is rather than being
[01:36] like one dungeon upon boss this is like
[01:38] mobile bosses with a bit more structure
[01:40] so rather than just rinse and repeat on
[01:42] the same boss the there are different
[01:44] mechanics and has a different flow like
[01:46] this this rate we're releasing has two
[01:49] bosses and there's like content before
[01:51] and after the bosses and right bit more
[01:53] precursor content it has a whole other
[01:55] amount of story and law things around
[01:58] the edges for everyone to explore but
[02:00] the actual raid itself is more
[02:01] structured it has more roles like
[02:04] tanking DPS need to be a bit smarter
[02:06] than your average bandish up and shove
[02:08] and hitting so fight ok alright very
[02:11] much no we've got um like what you're
[02:14] saying there's there's more than just
[02:15] the classic sort of tank and dps roles
[02:17] in it we've got some really interesting
[02:19] mechanics going on with
[02:20] bosses and stuff that are going to
[02:21] require sort of adaptive roles as the
[02:24] fight goes on I could be quite cool
[02:26] we're expecting to have organized groups
[02:28] of people going in yeah so it's going to
[02:31] be it's going to be a lot more organized
[02:32] can I have a higher emphasis on people
[02:35] know what they're doing than maybe we've
[02:38] done before so it so raids very much
[02:40] organized team plan yeah right okay okay
[02:44] so what does a plan need to raid all
[02:47] field the only thing you really need is
[02:50] to go in and have nine friends have some
[02:54] friends or even know friends and access
[02:56] to the grouping system but right in
[02:59] practice it probably be really useful to
[03:00] have at least level 80 gear have all the
[03:03] you know useful bossing things like
[03:06] access to overloads access to curses
[03:10] stuff like that you can set more excited
[03:11] raids are awesome sorry access to
[03:14] overloads and like ancient curses right
[03:18] and bossing things right right and
[03:22] seismics why not yeah level 80 stats
[03:25] level 8 you guys should be as I'm so you
[03:28] see a should be that should get you on
[03:29] the road to Radian if you've got a full
[03:32] group of level 80 s with 80 gear should
[03:34] be able to do it we've had successful
[03:36] kills in testing with groups like that I
[03:37] definitely harder but it's not
[03:39] impossible despite mod Romans best yeah
[03:41] yeah despite his best efforts to
[03:43] sabotage us 9mon survival hey everywhere
[03:48] okay so are there any question
[03:52] requirements or anything like that nope
[03:53] no quests no skills we won't say how you
[03:55] get there at the moment because that's
[03:56] to be determined still based on various
[03:59] outcomes but we need to do a sharp and
[04:01] going okay and you mentioned the
[04:02] grouping system so the grouping system
[04:05] is having a ninja spotlight at the
[04:07] moment it would be out i think believe
[04:09] shortly after raids like the usable like
[04:11] the front end of it is going to get a
[04:12] bigger re overall to make a bit more
[04:14] user friendly yet but the back end is
[04:16] very robust and whilst we understand
[04:19] that a lot of people use it or engage at
[04:20] the moment this content has been
[04:21] designed to be used with it so hopefully
[04:23] it feels a bit more focused on that ok
[04:26] and also the system is something if we
[04:29] had to develop encoded me it means were
[04:31] Maisie making a duplicate the Griffin
[04:32] system that wind up not being
[04:34] is good and not having some stuff like
[04:36] group chat and other support and easier
[04:38] ways to make the boss interact with a
[04:40] larger amount of people so it makes a
[04:42] lot of sense from a technical standpoint
[04:43] and it also means we can focus on the
[04:45] bottom and the content rather than the
[04:47] systems you don't see that don't really
[04:49] make a difference to the gameplay and
[04:51] I'm not to forget if you if you don't
[04:53] want to go into the queuing side of it
[04:54] you can just make a ragtag group invite
[04:56] people you see in front of you yeah and
[04:58] go straight in so it's one of those
[04:59] things that when you know how to use it
[05:01] it's not too bad we haven't had a
[05:02] problem with any any of us have a
[05:03] problem with it and hopefully with the
[05:04] ninja stuff coming up it'd be smoother
[05:06] for everyone as well ok so how difficult
[05:08] is arranged how difficult is you know it
[05:12] is it going to be four players going for
[05:13] their first time so if this is if this
[05:17] is going to be introduction to Boston
[05:18] you probably will actually want to start
[05:20] with God Wars this isn't going to be
[05:21] like entry-level bossing or anything
[05:23] like that yeah but if you are already
[05:26] experienced with necks or rocks or
[05:30] virago first boss probably going to be
[05:33] you know fine you're probably not going
[05:35] to have too many pitches once you learn
[05:38] it okay second boss just gonna kill you
[05:41] you go die it's a promise as a mug dead
[05:44] guarantee you are going to directx so so
[05:50] these bosses very much about learning
[05:51] the fight and knowing when to do what
[05:54] yeah incorporating to yeah but both the
[05:56] bosses have like escalation mechanics so
[05:59] it should get harder as it goes on and
[06:01] they're a bit reactive again like we
[06:03] talked on early about how you have to
[06:05] learn the mechanics are nowhere to be at
[06:06] the right sort of times if you're not
[06:08] doing it like there's not a love insta
[06:10] KO sort of things so we do not turn up
[06:12] honestly too heavily but a knowledge of
[06:14] the attacks is definitely a good thing
[06:16] it's all like the excitement of one we
[06:17] released any boss I've always seen in
[06:19] the past where people like the first day
[06:20] they share tactics is very community
[06:22] focus of everyone's trying to learn it
[06:24] together figure out exactly what the
[06:25] hell's going on and really look reporter
[06:28] to seeing what comes out of people
[06:30] streams when when it goes as can be oh
[06:32] yeah I think on a day off just to watch
[06:34] twitch it's gonna be really really good
[06:36] no you know
[06:38] no sir but mainly the CM team will have
[06:41] streamers on the big teles about CM so
[06:44] you can just sit and watch them in your
[06:46] lunch break everything again yeah okay
[06:48] so I have you put in place anything stop
[06:51] kind of farming of the bosses yes so you
[06:55] can only loot each raid boss once every
[06:58] two days right and in order to loot boss
[07:01] to you need to have already killed boss
[07:03] one in that sort of loop period if you
[07:06] kill boss one you make few attempts of
[07:09] pasta and you can't do it and you say
[07:11] you know what could leave this for a
[07:12] week because I have real life or
[07:14] something yep and I'm going to come back
[07:16] to it then it won't reset and make Yuri
[07:19] kill boss one unless you want it to
[07:21] you'll get right you'll get this girl
[07:23] yeah how much like yeah exactly it
[07:25] essentially saves your progress until
[07:27] you decide I'm ready to go back to boss
[07:29] one I want to fight that again I'll get
[07:31] those rewards again yeah you you can
[07:34] kill every boss or each bossing and get
[07:37] loot from every 48 hours but you you
[07:40] don't you're not enforced to reset every
[07:43] 40 hours if you don't want right ok so
[07:44] if you want to be working on progression
[07:46] to use on a reset every four years yeah
[07:49] right if you can't down boss to laid
[07:51] eggs said is pretty more beneficial to
[07:53] two days later reset it so you can
[07:55] definitely down box one again for a shot
[07:56] of loot and yeah carry on trying on
[07:58] boss ok again like so if you go on
[08:00] holiday you could try and pick up when
[08:01] you get back so I think it doesn't reset
[08:03] it's not forcefully set ok so rewards
[08:05] and drops what are the rewards looking
[08:08] like this we've got some pretty cool
[08:10] rewards with it being pvm combat content
[08:13] oriented quite a lot of it we've got
[08:15] some awesome high level gear we've got
[08:17] tr90 tank armor coming out there's two
[08:20] forms of bands so we've got the standard
[08:22] set which comes with a corset effect and
[08:25] we've got the superior set which comes
[08:27] with the same set effect but also an
[08:29] additional effect on top of that so it's
[08:31] going to be that the seriously
[08:33] prestigious stuff you're going to be
[08:34] able to slowly work towards getting the
[08:37] standard set of armor so everyone will
[08:39] eventually be able to get that if
[08:41] they're raiding regularly and the
[08:43] superior stuff is that these kind of rng
[08:46] drops from it so they may be there going
[08:48] to be rare drops from the bosses on top
[08:50] of that we've also got some a bit
[08:52] is that we're bringing out as well so
[08:54] they're they're going to be accessible
[08:55] through kind of our raid shop so you'll
[08:59] be getting raid currency as you're
[09:00] killing bosses and stuff and you'll be
[09:02] able to buy the new abilities through
[09:03] that so we've got four abilities my
[09:05] verbal ease I think it is oh if I yeah
[09:08] yeah it's a special one is it's just you
[09:11] know no no it's not just this especially
[09:13] one again is to announce that was yeah
[09:16] two abilities that closely linked to
[09:17] each other in their mechanics don't
[09:19] don't really want to spoil know exactly
[09:21] what they are but since since the stream
[09:24] that we did last night there's been a
[09:26] lot of people is kind of cut people 5050
[09:29] with the the two sets of armor both
[09:32] being untradeable right the abilities
[09:34] are going to be tradable so you can buy
[09:36] the ability books and you can learn the
[09:38] abilities from those but they are
[09:40] tradable as well so that's where you can
[09:42] you can make your money out of raids if
[09:43] you want to write okay okay very nice so
[09:47] is anything you can tell me about the
[09:48] new boss system they're awesome because
[09:50] because I know I hope though you saw
[09:53] briefly some AK hits being slammed
[09:55] around my wonderful he's not that our
[09:58] abul exists um he has he has pets and
[10:02] one of them is up at the start of the
[10:03] fight which you saw there and he does
[10:06] have a buff where the closer he is to
[10:08] his pets the more damage he does or and
[10:10] all the pets I think if I think it's
[10:12] both ways yes both things both so one of
[10:14] the mechanics like the underlying
[10:16] mechanics the fight is like just
[10:17] separate them so you have like he's away
[10:19] from his dogs yeah obviously I was
[10:21] showing off not really fighting system
[10:23] people could see a bit of it so the dog
[10:25] and him were right next to each other
[10:26] and they were buffing each other so yeah
[10:28] and slapping you about oh yeah oh yeah
[10:30] yeah and hitting you with some nice deep
[10:32] buffs as well to make everything even
[10:34] worse yeah there's a lot of stuff
[10:35] basically it's very it will look
[10:37] horrific at first glance but it's
[10:38] because you're going into a 10-man fight
[10:40] on your own yes with 10 people like we
[10:43] can obviously when we do it we can
[10:44] instantly spit them out quickly and it's
[10:46] under control within like you know a
[10:47] couple of seconds and then it's down to
[10:49] trying to survive for the fight yeah the
[10:52] the second boss is is really cool as
[10:53] well like we've shown concept for the
[10:56] second pass rush and 2nd Boston game but
[10:59] I expectable will be showing him over
[11:01] the next story yeah we'll be showing him
[11:03] soon put a little tease out the essay on
[11:05] people already know his name right okay
[11:07] yeah what will them yeah so what is
[11:12] mouse cab because I've heard that being
[11:14] thrown around a bit as well so mass cab
[11:17] is the plan at the rate of taking part
[11:19] on is the homeworld of a race called the
[11:21] gobies which I think we've introduced a
[11:23] lot of players to before now the little
[11:26] sort of aquatic looking race with stones
[11:30] on their backs and it's cool I like it
[11:33] that's good well we're great at highly
[11:35] and you do anything there would you just
[11:38] go there to kill bosses know so there's
[11:41] there's a lot of surface content on mass
[11:44] curve as well areas to explore and
[11:46] things to find and there's a lot of
[11:49] non-combat options there and there some
[11:52] of those give rewards right so as you do
[11:55] things with the gobies your loan
[11:57] reputation with them and they are not
[11:59] some things that are beneficial inside
[12:01] rates yeah and they also unlock some
[12:04] cosmetic stuff I'm right okay my
[12:06] favourite of which is a new player owned
[12:08] house location first the first offworld
[12:11] player owned house an exotic holiday
[12:14] Libya okay that you're go be shall
[12:17] either yeah i like i like to think of it
[12:20] as the first player on 10 camping trip
[12:25] away from home yeah i'm out here talking
[12:27] with go-biz quest as well yes so later
[12:31] in the year we have plans for a go
[12:33] bequest to come out they'll sort of
[12:35] continue some of the story that we're
[12:38] sort of seeding in this update it was
[12:40] initially planned to be coming out at
[12:42] the end of summer as like to finish off
[12:44] the summer promo but we had to delay it
[12:47] a little bit i think by a month or two
[12:50] just because we're putting so much time
[12:53] into this update we haven't had time to
[12:55] start on that one yet but I think we're
[12:58] putting some law stuff in this update
[13:02] which will hopefully you know get people
[13:05] a little bit excited for that and it's
[13:07] also gonna be flanked by a few law
[13:10] quests anyway yeah I think some we've
[13:13] got quite a big quite common law more
[13:15] heavy summer isn't it
[13:16] there's been talk of Tusker in relation
[13:19] to this world as well as of that well I
[13:21] think we did I think we can just set
[13:23] because I think because you said it will
[13:24] you yeah we mention it last night but
[13:26] yeah this is a planet that Tusker has
[13:28] been to before and one of the reasons
[13:29] the tasker event is quite low light is
[13:32] because her character is kind of fleshed
[13:34] out in the core principles and you don't
[13:36] really know a lot about our past and we
[13:38] wanted to I mean we knew obviously when
[13:40] we started these projects that the two
[13:41] were connected yeah but this update
[13:44] coming out is where we've put more of
[13:45] the law focus right so those people are
[13:48] looking for that hefty Laura a Tusker in
[13:49] there the world around will find it as a
[13:51] result of the world event when they when
[13:54] they visit planet Mars cab right okay
[13:56] and I understand the relic something to
[13:58] do with that as well yeah be lovely
[14:01] relics people be finding the song promo
[14:03] relics will give you a head start on
[14:05] gaining a reputation when it's you can
[14:08] go to Mass cab and if you catch them in
[14:11] already then you do not get head start
[14:13] oh also if you die in rates your
[14:17] character is permanently deleted so you
[14:19] already have five relics in your
[14:21] inventory so that's gonna be really
[14:22] awkward if you consumed all of those
[14:24] it's also gonna get really awkward in
[14:26] like two years time when I know more of
[14:28] those laughs but there were no more men
[14:29] every scouts are being criminally
[14:31] deleted yeah yeah you're not being
[14:34] entirely too what go in and find out are
[14:39] you willing to take away yeah on dates
[14:43] character yes okay so there are some
[14:47] obvious payers that will be affected by
[14:49] release of raids how does it affect Iron
[14:51] Man Iron Men won't be able to raid upon
[14:54] release right I'll be able to do the
[14:56] other content on the world but I think
[14:59] we're holding out on letting them do all
[15:02] group bossing yeah and for now there is
[15:06] a planned investigation of that they
[15:08] later down the line for all grip bossing
[15:10] not just raiding yeah yeah there's
[15:12] there's a plan to to sort of revisit the
[15:15] eligibility for iron vented to do kind
[15:18] of group boss content okay and then
[15:20] being eligible to do raids will come as
[15:22] part of that I couldn't possibly say
[15:25] when that's going to happen and I don't
[15:28] even know if it's going to be us is
[15:29] going to be looking at it so
[15:30] okay comp capes they can be affected by
[15:33] raid release the raw new music track yes
[15:35] yes so many music tracks and one of them
[15:38] is a midway through the fight of in
[15:40] Bostick so it's not just a hidden die to
[15:43] unlock it you will need to make it a
[15:44] considerable way through right to get
[15:46] those tracks back don't necessarily need
[15:48] to get the kill the FK clothes well oh
[15:52] yeah so you don't know enough don't need
[15:55] to get the kill yeah and final boss
[15:59] titles um oh yeah ron was talking about
[16:02] that yesterday and I think they're
[16:05] getting taken away do you get the
[16:06] hundred kills ya get it and 100 kills on
[16:08] raid bosses just like anything else yeah
[16:10] I'm like Dave mentioned earlier that the
[16:13] 48 hour lockout is is on loop so if you
[16:18] do want to keep going back in and
[16:20] killing the bosses again for getting
[16:22] your kills or just to learn the bosses
[16:26] and mechanically for mechanical reasons
[16:27] then then you can still do that you're
[16:29] not locked out from killing the boss
[16:30] again cool cool so a common question it
[16:35] seems can I solo rate you can try no
[16:42] yeah realistically you're gonna hit a
[16:45] wall immediately we are expecting groups
[16:48] of 10 players whereas I fully expect
[16:51] lower group sizes 2 to be doing very
[16:54] content in the future and you know want
[16:56] once people have learnt once our elite
[16:58] players have learnt mechanics and stuff
[17:00] they do get pretty good at this stuff
[17:01] yeah but because we are expecting large
[17:05] group sizes there are mechanics that are
[17:08] explicitly based selecting their to be
[17:11] multiple players so there's one specific
[17:13] piece of content in the raids that does
[17:15] require minimum of five players these
[17:18] just physically impossible without that
[17:20] so okay right okay that makes sense so
[17:24] last question what's your favorite
[17:26] feature of the raid village vastu vastu
[17:29] is awesome buzz I am still I so still
[17:35] sometimes look at that and like how does
[17:36] this how's this working in windows it
[17:39] just looks the way animates is just so
[17:42] great I love it it's doing so
[17:44] cool stuff it's it's not a yeah its ease
[17:47] fairly different from from a lot of the
[17:49] kind of bosses and stuff that we've had
[17:50] Marines get before and a lot of the
[17:51] other content I mean all of rate is is
[17:53] quite different but boss twos up to
[17:56] leave you bet we push the boat out with
[17:58] that a little bit what day is it must
[18:00] but boss to for you as well all so I'm a
[18:03] fan of the rate achieved that we've
[18:06] hidden in the update right we're just
[18:07] probably let it never Leia you know I'm
[18:10] gonna say they exist okay and some of
[18:12] them aren't fair some of them are really
[18:14] cool not gonna lie we should I asked you
[18:16] to do some pretty nasty things drop some
[18:18] spoilers man just tell them what warm or
[18:20] you're doing just before this podcast
[18:22] just before coming and what we just just
[18:24] 10 what I just fit i'm about to go up
[18:25] the stairs and test yeah okay so there
[18:27] is an achievement for emboss to getting
[18:31] it almost dead healing it back to full
[18:33] health and do starting again and that's
[18:37] before you even know how you have to
[18:38] kill vastly worse than it sounds sounds
[18:45] quite horrific claro yeah it's worth
[18:47] what is it I don't think we will be able
[18:50] to do that on our test accounts if we
[18:52] try it's one of those things that truly
[18:55] let I think you even put a note down see
[18:56] if we can get like a world for it first
[18:58] broadcast in for the group leader where
[19:00] I gets that done with his group or his
[19:02] or her boots I am socially pretty
[19:04] interesting see I forget that everything
[19:06] also to sufjan gets them yes there's
[19:08] going to be subdued some prestigious
[19:09] stuff there but yeah definitely stuff
[19:11] the content they may leak in chase yeah
[19:14] and there's a title to so you can show
[19:15] off how often that you killed yourselves
[19:19] and for no good reason and your favorite
[19:23] bit of it Chris ah I kind of like all
[19:26] the bits i've been involved with i think
[19:28] both of us is a good i think plus two is
[19:30] probably my favorite just because it's
[19:32] much more like all the stuff is really
[19:35] brand new and there's a lot of stuff
[19:37] we've got really adventurous with points
[19:39] of the design were like what about if we
[19:40] just do this and it like the boss fight
[19:43] just got even crazier so I think people
[19:45] should really enjoy that there's
[19:46] something else I can't really spoil
[19:47] because I made it yesterday there's not
[19:50] a really tragic that happens on the
[19:51] surface world right and when people see
[19:54] it I hope they like it nobody says they
[19:56] like me for it right
[19:58] but yeah it's an emotional dramatic
[20:00] experience but it's it's pretty one of
[20:02] my favorite parts there's one things we
[20:03] said we do right at the start and no one
[20:04] had the time to do it and I sat down and
[20:06] did it yesterday one short drive when
[20:09] we've been mentioning we've mentioned
[20:11] boss boss to quite happy here but that's
[20:13] that's not to downplay boss one life
[20:15] like the beastmaster is an awesome fight
[20:17] yes I feel like like the the kind of
[20:21] like precursors the boss fine stuff is
[20:23] really coalesce and cool stuff going on
[20:25] down like DD area the fireman's really
[20:28] really cool cool right thanks for coming
[20:31] in it's been great chatting and i hope
[20:33] to be raiding soon swim yeah