Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #51: Here Be Dragons

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:05] welcome to this week's podcast I'm mod
[00:09] Matt he and with me today i have mod
[00:11] stew to talk about rune and addy dragons
[00:13] the latest addition to our game indeed
[00:16] so Stu tell me about really aunty
[00:19] dragons straight into it well this came
[00:22] about from my rune labs Paul right it
[00:24] was something that players have been
[00:26] wanting for many many years adding
[00:28] additional tiers of metal dragons so we
[00:31] produce tellement dragons and we
[00:32] produced ruined dragons and put them in
[00:33] the game and there you are ray so we're
[00:37] put where we'll players find the rune
[00:39] and addy dragons so the atom and dragons
[00:41] are in the brim Haven dungeon in karanji
[00:44] right there's a staircase there with a
[00:47] dragon can symbol on it which previously
[00:48] was inaccessible and it will lead to a
[00:51] dungeon beneath the broom heaven dungeon
[00:54] there's also the Rue dragons which are
[00:57] accessible through the WorldGate to a
[00:59] different part of keith's he called Mont
[01:01] firework and you will require ritual
[01:04] demerit and fate of the gods to access
[01:06] that area okay are there any other
[01:09] requirements for combating the fearsome
[01:11] RDM winged dragons you will need
[01:14] dragonbane ammunition in order to break
[01:16] through the ruined dragons armor right
[01:18] and super anti fire Persians are
[01:20] recommended right yes because I hear
[01:22] they hit quite hard sometimes sometimes
[01:25] so we'll probably deal with an element
[01:27] of that first of all then so obviously
[01:30] there can always be some interesting
[01:33] effects on the day so I understand there
[01:34] were some things that we're making some
[01:36] changes for this week so unfortunately
[01:38] we had an issue on release where the
[01:41] rune dragons if they were attacked down
[01:44] to the third berserk phase and then were
[01:47] left to regenerate life points out of
[01:50] combat yeah they would remain berserk
[01:52] than be fully healed right infecting a
[01:55] great deal of additional damage on
[01:57] anybody who they happen to attack and
[01:58] because we're in dragons are aggressive
[01:59] that meant anybody who came near which
[02:01] was rather bad we hotfix that very
[02:04] shortly afterwards so that's been
[02:06] resolved now that preserve damage is now
[02:08] capped to the appropriate phase we will
[02:11] be resolving the regeneration of its
[02:13] life points in Monday's update right
[02:16] you're going to make a forum post yes so
[02:19] there's that been doing quite a few post
[02:20] release fixes as well these last couple
[02:23] of days tweaks in nudges yes indeed so
[02:26] that few things like that because of
[02:28] they were very popular on release which
[02:29] is great people were having trouble
[02:31] taking them because the first person who
[02:33] does the attack will be getting the drop
[02:35] in the errant mechanics will be making
[02:37] it so that whoever does the most damage
[02:38] will be getting the drop so be
[02:40] functioning rod like a boss monster I'm
[02:42] so that will alleviate that issue will
[02:44] be adding in some additional ruined
[02:46] dragons also to managing the additional
[02:48] overcrowding will be increasing the
[02:51] Slayer and combat XP to be slightly
[02:53] above glaciers we want to keep the
[02:55] wealth generation the most beneficial
[02:57] part of the ruined dragons but they'll
[02:59] at least have a baseline XP that's
[03:00] pretty good yeah because there's a
[03:03] balancing between the amount of XP
[03:04] they're generating the amount of cash to
[03:05] generate yeah and obviously we need to
[03:07] keep that balance right yeah I'm
[03:09] currently the XP is calculated up
[03:11] appropriately for the level but because
[03:13] of the hemming and some additional
[03:14] mechanics it's worth auto boost the XP
[03:16] up a little bit ok ok so we've collected
[03:19] a whole bunch questions from ready and
[03:21] from the forums which I'm now going to
[03:23] flick through so you'll probably hear
[03:24] paper shuffling your back and forth if
[03:26] you're listening to the podcast and see
[03:29] what mods to use answers are so one of
[03:32] our one of the first questions I have is
[03:34] actually from Tom's got one but there's
[03:35] been a few other people who are very
[03:37] similar questions about new Slayer
[03:39] monsters are we going to consider in the
[03:41] future instancing them for the first few
[03:42] weeks to reduce overcrowding and let
[03:46] everybody get a go at them in the first
[03:47] couple of days the overcrowding issues
[03:49] tend to only really occur on on the
[03:51] first day or two of after release people
[03:54] are very interested to try it out
[03:55] initially but particularly with these
[03:57] dragons it tailed off quite soon
[03:59] afterwards despite the issues we had of
[04:01] dragons like Barry one hitting people
[04:03] even with that issue resolved is plenty
[04:06] of dragons to go around it hasn't yeah
[04:08] so we don't think that's going to be a
[04:11] regular concern the issue with instances
[04:14] that further complicates the content and
[04:15] that means that there are more bugs that
[04:17] could come out of it right and it's not
[04:19] something we would do a standard
[04:21] practice and you'd have to roll back out
[04:23] the instancing ICM where exactly it it's
[04:25] more things to remove later which can
[04:27] also create problems so it's better to
[04:29] be low risk
[04:30] can avoid it right okay so pvm pika says
[04:35] we stole them from a certain famous TV
[04:38] cut in series or game or that's the
[04:42] first I've heard about it the only thing
[04:44] we stole was the mesh from celestial
[04:46] dragons in reskinned at four edmonton
[04:48] room it was all done in-house right okay
[04:51] get dragged into dragons you're going to
[04:54] get some reoccurrences is yin dee da
[04:56] yeah and we've never heard this joke
[04:58] before never ever but now we've had a d
[05:01] dragons and rune dragons seriously asks
[05:05] is the next step dragon dragons well mod
[05:08] mark did say was a possibility in the
[05:10] future it's not something we're planning
[05:11] to do at the moment currently the
[05:14] smithing tears go up to ruin which is
[05:15] great so we've now filled out the the
[05:18] metal dragons appropriate to the metal
[05:19] bars maybe if we add say orichalcum and
[05:23] bar smithing in the future there's room
[05:24] for another tier of metal dragons but we
[05:27] don't have any plans to do bearers
[05:29] dragons or god wars dragons or pop
[05:32] dragons or whatever I think it's
[05:35] happened I'm happy just leaving at Arun
[05:37] but we'll see what we have to do in the
[05:39] future ok ok Mick music fan asks has
[05:43] there ever been a discussion about
[05:44] placing large updates in abita before
[05:48] releasing them to the game so we don't
[05:50] get those surprise elements and you get
[05:51] more feedback from planes it's certainly
[05:53] very beneficial to get that early
[05:55] feedback the first time that I was able
[05:56] to demonstrate the element Andrew
[05:58] dragons to players was in the week
[06:01] leading up to release when we showed it
[06:02] off in a twitch Q&A and I got lots of
[06:06] feedback from four players honestly a
[06:08] lot of things that I hadn't thought of
[06:09] myself because pvm is not really my
[06:11] forte yet so it would be nice to release
[06:14] the stuff earlier two players the
[06:15] drawback though with adding a beta phase
[06:17] to our projects that that means that the
[06:20] individual project will take longer to
[06:22] release and that would mean that it may
[06:25] potentially impact how frequently we can
[06:28] get updates out to you yeah because if
[06:30] development for something is say three
[06:32] months work and you put ad in a beta
[06:33] phase with two weeks beta and then
[06:35] feedback and testing that might push it
[06:37] out by 25 bill 33 or more percent again
[06:41] yep and that's more time that you're not
[06:43] getting to play
[06:44] content yeah yeah we tend to be to test
[06:48] mechanical pieces rather than content
[06:51] anyway yeah things that are more
[06:52] sweeping changes to the game like
[06:54] fundamental combat mechanics for example
[06:56] yeah yeah yeah which makes sense to be a
[06:59] test because it underpins so much more
[07:01] of the content yeah maybe we can
[07:03] demonstrate the content to you I'm
[07:05] earlier in development it does mean that
[07:06] it might be a bit more roping you'd be
[07:08] seeing more placeholder components but
[07:10] we build and get their feedback from you
[07:11] earlier which is good okay so why so
[07:15] fishy asked why don't we get boots from
[07:17] stone of jazz's residual energy as a law
[07:20] question clearly to right up your street
[07:22] yep so the stone of jess was there for a
[07:25] period of time but it was taken from
[07:27] kitsy a long long time ago and so
[07:30] there's some residual trace energy from
[07:32] the stone of Jess there but not
[07:34] sufficient to empower the player and in
[07:36] the same way that instead of Jess who's
[07:38] to do during does honor among thieves or
[07:40] than the glass or kevins right okay so
[07:42] it it's faded much more here even though
[07:44] yeah fair enough I why aren't the outfit
[07:48] and the ring tradable so also from why
[07:51] so 50 so the kid see alfred was
[07:53] something that models born asked me to
[07:55] add and as a prestigious item that and
[07:57] it's cosmetic the players would have the
[07:59] aspiration to get so if they the sort of
[08:02] player who kills these dragons a lot
[08:04] they can gradually accumulate the pieces
[08:05] of the outfits yum and be able to show
[08:07] off that dedication to killing off fleet
[08:09] dragons by necessity that prestigious
[08:12] nature means that the items shouldn't be
[08:14] tradable so that that's all your own
[08:17] work you've put into getting this Alfred
[08:19] and and similarly with the ring we
[08:21] wanted to make it something that was
[08:22] dropped from delete dragons and was
[08:25] quite rare right okay I'm not going to
[08:28] ask you about drop rates and spawn rates
[08:30] because I know you've answered some of
[08:31] those on stream on the forums and we
[08:33] obviously there's a lot of questions
[08:36] about drop rates and small rates that we
[08:37] just won't go into so there are a couple
[08:40] of couple of other questions we had that
[08:42] obviously you covered off quite early in
[08:44] the podcast but I just reiterated just
[08:46] to make sure that people call them so
[08:48] not Slayer asks about obviously the
[08:51] enraged feature rich so our answer on
[08:54] that was that has been resolved
[08:57] and you should be able to safely fight
[08:58] these dragons again there's a feature of
[09:01] it where the Dragons will still
[09:03] regenerate their life points out of
[09:04] combats that couldn't be resolved in the
[09:06] hotfix but will be fixing that aspect in
[09:09] our next release okay and Vaughn core
[09:12] asks could we implement single combat
[09:15] and marine dragons to avoid the issue
[09:17] with tagging ones and the drops going to
[09:20] the person who's done the tagging so
[09:22] we're solving that issue by making these
[09:26] new pcs function like boss monsters
[09:28] where they will drop their items to
[09:29] whoever deals the most damage we want to
[09:31] still give you the option of being able
[09:33] to fight these with your friends and in
[09:35] a cooperative way rather than preventing
[09:38] anybody else from attacking the dragon
[09:40] once you've tagged at some of the
[09:41] glaciers okay um there were some
[09:43] questions about the Slayer XP as well
[09:45] and the amount of Slayer XP generate yes
[09:49] at the moments the Slayer XP is a bit on
[09:52] the low side it's generated
[09:54] appropriately for the combat stats of
[09:57] the NPC but we need to boost that up a
[09:59] little bit to account for the extra
[10:01] mechanics that has so we're still going
[10:04] to keep it at a fairly low level given
[10:06] that is a very high wolf gain from these
[10:08] npcs so it'll be slightly above glaze
[10:10] sauce in terms of XP but it will be
[10:11] boosted so if we're removing tagging
[10:13] does that mean you won't be able to use
[10:15] tuskers wrap on them we will be making
[10:18] an exception so that you can use Tesco's
[10:19] wrath on these slay monsters super super
[10:23] okay so my last question for you it's
[10:26] short but sweet podcast what was the
[10:28] difference with making this content as a
[10:31] piece of room labs content and a normal
[10:34] piece of content internally well when
[10:36] we're making content there are a lot of
[10:38] people involved in the process who will
[10:40] give design feedback and raise concerns
[10:44] and they'll establish and core aims and
[10:47] so forth so having a another person in
[10:50] that pre-production process really
[10:52] didn't make that much of a difference
[10:53] and I had a Skype call with that debt
[10:56] player once we had our initial draft of
[11:00] our design put together to and go
[11:02] through it with them check if he had any
[11:03] concerns in this case it was a very
[11:05] smooth process and the design we had
[11:07] exceeded his expectations so that was
[11:09] great the only other thing
[11:11] was that I was asked to name drop the
[11:13] player in some way right why we have
[11:15] this dragonkin called 4k but that's
[11:18] really the only impacted it had right
[11:20] okay so my last question is so who is it
[11:22] we have to thank for the Dragons yes so
[11:25] we have dragon for sale you to thank for
[11:27] this that was the player who submitted
[11:29] the rune labs proposal obviously many
[11:31] many players have wanted element in Row
[11:33] dragons in the past but this is what
[11:34] gave it the catalyst to go into
[11:36] development brilliant what thanks for
[11:39] coming in today to do your am bye-bye
[11:53] I