Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #49: Tuska Arrives!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] good morning and welcome to the latest
[00:12] runescape podcast I'm mod Matt he the
[00:15] podcast monkey and with me today I have
[00:17] one day what bag sup what's up yeah okay
[00:23] and so I'm on the podcast here today to
[00:25] talk about the new world eating diet
[00:27] right that's right yeah yeah yeah make
[00:30] yourself super thin yeah so a lot of
[00:32] people are very hesitant because they
[00:34] think there are a lot of carbs in a
[00:36] world right you know there's also a lot
[00:39] of you know greens great yes means yes
[00:44] right so you're saying tuskers on a diet
[00:47] yeah yeah this race it's also good for
[00:52] bulking as well probably this wasn't how
[00:54] I expected this podcast to start so tusk
[00:59] a world event then oh right yes okay
[01:02] sorry I'm doing the podcast for the
[01:05] other side after this and I get them
[01:07] mixed up all right tuska yes so what's
[01:13] happening there like being things
[01:16] hitting us yes gillan or so there's been
[01:19] strange happenings recently and strange
[01:21] things in the sky yep meteors giant
[01:24] giant hungry boars joint hungry balls
[01:28] yeah that's those are two like slightly
[01:30] weird things okay uh and this giant
[01:34] hungry boy is who is on no it's not a
[01:38] diet for no special nutritional needs
[01:43] okay that all that Jackie's gonna keep
[01:46] going with that stop eating world's now
[01:48] yeah eating will i'm good for you okay
[01:50] and like she spied that gillan was
[01:53] looking you know pretty nutritious right
[01:56] and when X on the dinner plate unless
[01:59] brave adventurers like ourselves go up
[02:04] there and you know just instructor on
[02:06] like maybe just have a play chicken and
[02:09] then just just be done with that don't
[02:11] need to go into the whole op tuskers
[02:13] eating of the world's before yeah many
[02:16] worlds yeah do we know I mean I don't
[02:19] think she likes to brag right okay
[02:21] because I don't think she's capable of
[02:22] speech
[02:23] okay um but yeah that she's she's she's
[02:27] eating yeah a number of words before
[02:31] okay I think the only one that we've
[02:33] named is she's visited the nuraghe eHome
[02:37] well but right okay she was quite a long
[02:40] time ago and she's a bit less powerful
[02:42] then okay I don't know she's giant and
[02:46] powerful and yeah floating through space
[02:47] tools as quickly yes okay and and to the
[02:51] other gods can't intervene such as
[02:53] downto that's our Center heroes yes okay
[02:57] so how do you go and stop her from
[03:01] eating our world as part of her
[03:03] nutritious diet so um there's there's
[03:07] been a school of magic that no one's
[03:09] really pay attention to until now okay
[03:11] as the school of astro-man see okay and
[03:13] that was it has definitely been in the
[03:15] wizard's tower for years and I was
[03:16] really paid any heed okay and and now
[03:20] this is his time yet spaces in this
[03:23] season right we're going there astra man
[03:27] c is the key yeah we're gonna get up
[03:29] there we're gonna how do we get up there
[03:32] you just got to teleport we've sent a
[03:35] lodestone up right you're low so network
[03:37] is surprisingly convenient ok so the
[03:40] Astra monster has got a lodestone up
[03:42] there yeah right okay and that's how we
[03:44] get up yes sorry we're gonna we're just
[03:47] where will I find the lodestone on will
[03:48] entertainment oh you will find it by
[03:51] just if you zoom out on your low so map
[03:53] yet which is another feature that's
[03:54] always been there and always paid
[03:55] attention to write and then your then
[03:59] you'll be like have a magical space
[04:02] adventure on your map yep and then zoom
[04:05] in on a Tusker okay I i I'm now
[04:07] terrified that we can have more
[04:09] lodestones on other backs of other
[04:11] things in space in the future that's
[04:12] like the one piece of feedback on it has
[04:15] just been why sonorous not on this map
[04:17] why can't I load centers are nice like
[04:18] no sure it surely Cyrus is on the other
[04:21] side of the world yes definitely now
[04:25] from tusca yeah in that in that primary
[04:28] short you get if you just panned to the
[04:30] other side you would say you sail
[04:31] together clear clear yeah
[04:34] okay so we get up to tusker bye-bye led
[04:39] said but why do we want to go on the
[04:40] back of a giant thing that's going to
[04:41] eat the world surely that's very
[04:43] dangerous might it not eat us it might
[04:46] the only problem is like it's it's
[04:48] harming something that far away like
[04:51] though we come up with some alternative
[04:54] strategies like a really really big
[04:56] catapult right at ground but it was just
[04:58] really hard to get it you know out the
[05:00] atmosphere yeah yeah it's so so really
[05:05] isn't right yeah and so really like the
[05:08] in a way the logical conclusion is to
[05:12] teleport into space and run around on
[05:14] the back of a giant beast and stab it so
[05:17] what are you suffocate there are many
[05:21] uses of astro-man see right okay and one
[05:24] of them is graying a lot of CI too small
[05:28] I have pockets I thought you were going
[05:30] to go with the theory that in fact
[05:32] tuskers so big she has her own
[05:34] atmosphere I can't I can't say things
[05:38] that like like that anymore because some
[05:40] people replace the word Tusker in the
[05:42] sentence with like yo yo mama and that's
[05:47] right yeah yeah yeah that's a problem
[05:49] with the first tusca stream when i was
[05:51] explaining task areas just the chat said
[05:53] the exact same thing back with your mama
[05:55] yeah and that's right ok ok so we're
[05:58] going to go up and fight us how do we
[05:59] how do we defeat tasca so representative
[06:04] each of the god yeah have had a new
[06:08] spear forged okay um what with four
[06:11] factions is not it's not everybody yeah
[06:13] yeah so well free free of the gods and
[06:17] the godless godless I'm gonna keep
[06:19] saying the for God factions because it's
[06:21] easiest yeah yeah yeah yeah but people
[06:23] keep going well absolutely three good
[06:25] fighters and the gutless yeah and this
[06:31] spear scan like channel the residual
[06:35] animal Monday of some of the world's
[06:36] that tusk is visited before and they're
[06:38] like chunks of them were care in orbit
[06:40] around her yeah so are helpful astrum
[06:44] answer wizard chambers yet is sending
[06:47] adventurers up
[06:48] those islands to charge their spears
[06:50] chose the spheres so that they can what
[06:52] do you do to charge the spears do you
[06:56] various wondrous activities right like
[06:59] you know looking after a plant you do a
[07:02] little bit of farming that's very wonder
[07:03] yes I'm chopping enshrines look I've
[07:06] been doing this just before I came in
[07:09] you know doing doing sterling tentacles
[07:14] there's digging graves yeah tormented
[07:18] Souls yep lightning climbing climbing
[07:21] climbing frames infrared a stone's throw
[07:24] nates tones yeah yeah yeah thanks to him
[07:29] yeah pretty much yeah oh but blinging
[07:33] out with lightning building out the
[07:34] lightning things yep doing lots of
[07:36] things tratto and around lightning yeah
[07:38] yeah yeah yeah in order to get
[07:41] everything charged up yup ready for your
[07:45] weapon yes and then what you gonna do
[07:47] with the weapon then you are going to be
[07:50] transported to tuskers tusk tusk scale
[07:56] her the side of her face yes now she's
[07:59] clearly very dangerous yeah only heroes
[08:01] should try yes any non hero would
[08:06] probably fall yeah a bit yeah who's it
[08:08] was me or what dag we'd fall off oh I
[08:11] mean I did start out the podcast by
[08:13] saying that we were heroic if you want
[08:15] to go oh yeah sure if I say hey I'd fall
[08:18] off I am the Easter sidekick so I'd fall
[08:20] off I reckon I could do it okay oh yeah
[08:25] and then you clever face and you you
[08:28] stabbed her in a weak point right okay
[08:30] when she has a couple of those from yeah
[08:32] there's a lot of battle scars across her
[08:34] yeah a wish your previously hurt yes she
[08:38] has you know a lot of previous tussles
[08:42] with other gods and I've left there of a
[08:44] few relics and I'm sure some of those
[08:47] who from the probably from before she
[08:48] became a god okay um yeah and you first
[08:53] salt in that wound and by salt I mean a
[08:55] giant spear and yet how often can you do
[08:58] this
[08:59] you can do it once per hour right and
[09:03] then and there's a handy countdown clock
[09:06] where you want her back isn't there to
[09:07] tally yes yes so you can only go in the
[09:11] first 20 minutes every hour just like
[09:14] make sure ever like to make it so that
[09:17] people just sort of naturally group up a
[09:18] bit yep what else can you do while
[09:24] you're waiting so why are waiting well
[09:27] that's a the guides and there are other
[09:29] things to do on our back yes uh well
[09:32] during times that you can't go up yeah
[09:35] you can fight parasites okay chip away
[09:40] at dusk his quills okay out on some of
[09:43] them you can balance and get nice
[09:47] agility experience okay and you pick up
[09:50] shards will you doing it as well yes and
[09:52] if you bring these back to wizard
[09:54] chambers he will happily reward you with
[09:57] the little taste of currency right to
[10:01] reach yard right okay but there's also a
[10:04] limit on that bids is fairly high you
[10:07] get a lot less currency for getting the
[10:11] shards then you do for actually going
[10:14] sailing tasker yeah because going to go
[10:17] in attack to school is the thing we will
[10:18] need yeah it's kind of more important
[10:20] yeah you know then this like I mean it's
[10:23] nice to like get a few souvenirs but you
[10:26] know really we want to we want to
[10:28] experience that we want to defeat tusca
[10:31] yeah except for that's where the push it
[10:32] okay so if I'm doing all these lovely
[10:35] things to get rid of tusca what what do
[10:38] i get for him what good is do I get cuz
[10:40] you know i like i like my goodies well i
[10:43] think the single biggest reward I can't
[10:46] stress this enough is that gillan or
[10:48] isn't destroyed and I think that's you
[10:53] know that's probably worth a little
[10:55] effort but probably probably worth like
[10:57] 1000 reward points maybe you sure yeah I
[11:01] think it's pretty I think it's pretty
[11:02] good I mean it's a good early pick from
[11:05] a rewards okay the other things you can
[11:07] get after that yeah crash diets yep
[11:12] yeah just like helpful instructional
[11:15] books i right and those books are na
[11:19] soci on offer more deck is not saying
[11:21] there are diet books available for your
[11:24] currency that we don't we don't know
[11:26] what the future holds it could be could
[11:28] be in the final week oh I mean I'd be
[11:34] willing to write it how to eat worlds
[11:38] yeah yeah yeah there's also there's also
[11:41] a new war priest armor set that increase
[11:45] gives you a chance to deal critical hits
[11:48] in combat there's also a looks cool I
[11:51] have like picture of it here and it does
[11:53] look awesome spike and there's you know
[11:58] it's spiky and lightning a sprightly and
[12:01] lightning ii very touch scree yes and
[12:04] there's also a new ability right that
[12:06] lets you deal ten thousand percent of
[12:10] your Slayer level as damage to your
[12:13] Slayer target right which was maybe the
[12:16] best tool tip I've ever seen it's a good
[12:19] tool tip and that the spear weapons are
[12:25] used to stab tuskers overrides brand new
[12:29] emote and loads of XP of course yeah as
[12:33] you do yeah and if you want you can get
[12:35] apps but yeah it's it's cooler to duty
[12:38] of ten thousand percent damage okay so
[12:42] can anybody take part in the world event
[12:44] yep everyone can take part including
[12:47] free to play because it's saving the
[12:49] world yes and even hardcore iron men can
[12:54] go up there and fill and feel safe
[12:57] because as heroes there they're safe
[13:01] okay they got they are wizards looking
[13:04] out for them they're going to protect
[13:05] you okay so you won't lose any of your
[13:09] hardcore lives and I men can also pick
[13:14] up all of the rewards and not be
[13:19] restricted it's been designed with
[13:20] hardcore iron man and iron man in in
[13:23] mind yeah so whilst the event is like
[13:26] collaborative yeah it's not like you can
[13:29] get boosted through it without doing any
[13:32] work yourself yeah which is the concern
[13:34] with some other things with Iron Men
[13:35] which is why some things like some group
[13:38] bosses on allowing I men in because you
[13:42] could vertically sit back um so with
[13:45] this we didn't see any reason not to let
[13:47] you get all of the rewards get all of
[13:50] the glory save all the world through min
[13:53] okay okay so you spend five minutes on
[13:58] each of the islands as part of the hoppy
[14:00] yes yes yeah then you do its twenty
[14:03] minutes for the DD yeah brilliant okay
[14:07] so there's been loads of feedback and
[14:09] you've done a uniform Q&A last night
[14:11] because obviously we're recording this
[14:13] on Thursday morning and you've got a
[14:17] reddit ask me almost everything is it or
[14:20] Q&A I think it's a ask me almost
[14:23] anything opening a reddit thread of some
[14:27] sort this ability red ok so there are
[14:30] loads of questions and feedback flying
[14:31] around yes yes so I'm gonna ask you a
[14:35] couple questions and then I'll ask you
[14:37] to tell me what other questions you've
[14:38] been asked ok so the Astro answers log
[14:41] yes who wrote it uh that was is still
[14:47] being written by my John yeah he sits
[14:50] just behind oh did you do not turn
[14:53] around no never never no he's t obsessed
[14:56] ok he's multi obsessed Ahmad cover it's
[14:59] bizarre yes a little bit yeah i probably
[15:00] wouldn't turn around Danny oh yeah he's
[15:05] been writing the astronauts his log yeah
[15:07] and he's been keeping it up-to-date with
[15:09] the current progress of the world event
[15:12] right and when that's finished that's
[15:14] actually going to go in a law book in
[15:16] game brilliant obviously when we
[15:19] finished at the end of the event won't
[15:20] cool earth normal rest of the sentence
[15:26] that's okay well I have no the question
[15:29] anyway I said that the question that's
[15:31] being asked most is about the cap yes
[15:36] because of course there's a cap on how
[15:38] many points you can earn
[15:39] effectively a day and so if yeah we've
[15:45] had quite a few questions about that and
[15:46] quite a few suggestions about what we
[15:48] should do to that with the next game
[15:52] update we are going to change how it
[15:55] works a little bit right you are still
[15:57] going to get you're still gonna have
[15:58] like a cap of a thousand yeah and then
[16:02] when you exceed that you will still
[16:05] continue to get points but at a much
[16:09] diminished rate rather the next few
[16:11] stabs we have decided exactly on the
[16:13] numbers yet for the next few stabs and
[16:17] then you will get even further
[16:19] diminished but we'll be able to like you
[16:21] there will be a rate at which you'll
[16:23] still get things so it will be a low
[16:24] rate yeah they won't drop to zero like
[16:27] it currently does ok so the diminishing
[16:29] returns essentially yeah so the more you
[16:31] do it the less you'll get per time yes
[16:35] but you're still be earning something
[16:36] still be able to earn some points
[16:38] brilliant ok ok well that will answer a
[16:41] lot of people's questions about that
[16:44] then yeah so what what other questions
[16:47] we had were the questions you had loads
[16:49] of times we've had a few questions about
[16:53] people asking why we haven't put more
[16:56] tuska law in game with the wall event
[16:59] right big reason for that is that it
[17:04] felt like it would be a bit strange like
[17:08] Tusker is a destroyer she doesn't have a
[17:12] lot of followers that's not a cause that
[17:13] many people get behind and the followers
[17:16] she do have of the arrow who do have
[17:19] nice carving every once in a while but
[17:21] they don't really they don't like walk
[17:23] around and evangelize like the the
[17:25] followers of previous world event yeah
[17:28] what we are going to do is like as I
[17:30] said there's the astronauts just lock
[17:31] that wall they add a little bit to the
[17:36] human side of the event yeah and we at
[17:40] the end of the event assuming illinois's
[17:43] not destroyed so please don't screw that
[17:45] one up guys it will we promise that we
[17:50] will give you an opportunity to learn a
[17:52] little bit
[17:53] oh where she's been before from like
[17:55] some evidence you'll have a chance to
[17:58] examine when you're not you know you're
[18:00] not fighting her yeah floating around in
[18:03] space so yeah we haven't you can have to
[18:08] work for it this time but you'll get
[18:10] some I promise what's the things that
[18:16] keeps coming up is people asking about
[18:17] my armadyl is white now in the horus bar
[18:22] Oh in the progress bar yeah okay it's
[18:26] the only particular reason Randolph
[18:28] girls that's a fair question what's the
[18:33] energy thing on tuskers back I've seen
[18:36] being asked quite a bit the energy thing
[18:39] oh right at the top yeah um well is that
[18:43] something we've not answered yet in the
[18:46] forum thread some people were theorizing
[18:51] as to what that was okay and would it be
[18:55] advisable for you to go and read those
[18:57] theories yeah they had some they
[18:59] definitely had some interesting fairies
[19:01] okay but we're not revealing it well I
[19:04] mean I I read those fairies and I was
[19:08] intrigued okay um no we'll see I don't
[19:13] know what's there okay we'll see maybe
[19:18] saying will happen well why hasn't tuska
[19:21] come to Gillen or earlier so um the
[19:26] edict shield that gothics created it's
[19:32] basically hid it from her right it
[19:35] wasn't a target of interest because
[19:37] there was nothing there for her she
[19:40] can't like come and destroy this world
[19:44] because it's protected yeah I'm really
[19:47] like you sort of think of I think of her
[19:49] as like a shock going after like at the
[19:52] the scent of blood for the water and
[19:54] like Gossage was just masking Dylan or
[19:58] scent essentially yeah and now he's dead
[20:00] and it's gone she's like
[20:04] who picked up picked up the scent of
[20:05] blood going to go after that that smells
[20:07] tasty yeah gonna go eat that seal Gillen
[20:10] autoseal as we all know okay okay if it
[20:13] was a penguin no common misconception
[20:16] okay um sales much more delicious to
[20:21] feel like yeah okay yeah and that's why
[20:26] she hasn't coming down that because
[20:28] they're really for a very long time hey
[20:31] ya didn't know about it okay but now
[20:34] never the defense is damn she could see
[20:36] it yeah blood in the water yeah okay
[20:39] okay so what other feedback the
[20:43] obviously the events been running a week
[20:45] what other feedback if you had and you
[20:48] know other any changes we're making
[20:50] obviously we've discussed the cap but in
[20:52] broader terms so there anything anything
[20:54] else we're looking at yeah we've got a
[20:57] few convenience tweaks coming out with
[21:02] the next game update okay okay make it
[21:06] excuse me we're going to make it a bit
[21:09] easier for you to make that the area you
[21:12] click to go into the event a bit easier
[21:14] we're going to make a few little tweaks
[21:16] to the grouping system to make a bit
[21:18] more convenient okay and toes of the
[21:26] main face okay okay so who's gonna win
[21:30] that's the most important question oh I
[21:33] don't know I didn't get it well I didn't
[21:36] get to determine that in advance is the
[21:38] problem so real problem of the world
[21:41] event is looking a lot like it's really
[21:44] between the godless and tusca yes there
[21:47] I think the rest of the faction see and
[21:50] need to sammys damn right so exam is
[21:54] coming second quite a bit below to at
[21:55] the moment I'm surprised actually that
[21:57] our hike was doing better than I think
[22:01] he's doing consistently bad in saradomin
[22:03] at least which previous events would
[22:05] make me yeah yeah I was quite surprised
[22:09] so what when I was quite surprised by
[22:10] how many j mods of fighting for the
[22:13] godless yeah um and two I i I've been
[22:18] working hard on my tube for Sammy and
[22:20] again remember it but we're doing was
[22:22] better how did happen I mean I have to
[22:26] assume that the heist quest really made
[22:31] him a lot more popular dis honor among
[22:33] thieves there we go maybe or maybe
[22:34] during the festival event lots of the
[22:36] armadillo suppose so hooded Sarah
[22:38] possibly so I get the impression that
[22:41] the people who are supporting those
[22:45] arrows are going with the godless this
[22:48] time certainly seems to judging whether
[22:50] we actually in the office yet yeah he
[22:52] seemed pleased they seem to be the the
[22:54] other category yeah right okay well
[23:01] thanks for coming in today is there any
[23:04] last message you'd like to give to the
[23:05] avid wielder Venters yep um please i
[23:12] want to have to destroy down although
[23:14] maybe dad save us save Gillen or save us
[23:19] from ourselves please alright thanks
[23:22] very much and if you don't say good bye
[23:24] good bye bye