Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #48: Diversions, Distractions and Deaths

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:15] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:18] I'm mod mahi and this week we're going
[00:21] to be talking about the new ddddd ninja
[00:24] update yeah yeah all the DS this week
[00:27] and with me i have mod pi multiplied and
[00:31] mud hunter both members of the ninja
[00:34] team year yeah so we'll start with the
[00:38] first sets of DS dnd improvements so
[00:41] there's been a load of improvements gone
[00:43] in this week for Dean DS yeah ton what
[00:45] are they but Cantrell all of them off of
[00:48] it don't matter I think it was like
[00:50] seven or eight D and DS we did it show
[00:52] named the dd's intern and you can tell
[00:54] me some of the see if I can remember if
[00:56] you remember any deep roots book the
[01:01] charm improvement has been moved from
[01:04] Barack on my 423 the verra karma for the
[01:08] elite armor now has a teleport to book
[01:10] yeah is now on the dnd tracking way from
[01:14] set ding yeah point we champions
[01:18] challenge last big vision now repeat all
[01:22] of the champions fights is it once a
[01:25] week I believe as once a week we did it
[01:27] for actually repeated weekly yeah and
[01:29] we've also massively buffed the rewards
[01:31] yeah we've made a few tweaks to a few
[01:34] other champions just to make sure that
[01:35] they're complete appalled by basically
[01:37] everyone yeah we've changed the deposit
[01:39] box to a bank box so you can change
[01:40] basically your gear in between each of
[01:42] the fights yep it's been added to the
[01:44] dnd tracker yeah well a sturdy oh if you
[01:47] lose a fight you no longer lose your
[01:49] challenge you just use the scroll on it
[01:51] takes names legs honest or something i
[01:52] can always forget his name but you just
[01:55] that just unlocks the fight and then you
[01:56] get to keep on attacking baby trolls oh
[01:59] yeah baby charles can now eat the
[02:00] chinese girls is now and we renamed the
[02:03] trans girls to be specific so you can
[02:04] like have your baby troll named see that
[02:06] one isn't on the list you see there is
[02:08] no was it well they were originally all
[02:10] called champion scroll and we thought
[02:12] it'd be a bit boring if all of them are
[02:15] called the same thing when you fed it to
[02:16] the baby troll and total are the
[02:19] champions of champion style yeah if
[02:21] you've defeated all of the champions in
[02:22] the champions challenge then you get
[02:25] access to the tiles good touch ever like
[02:26] that time period
[02:27] or court cases we have removed the
[02:31] requirement to do the tutorial in order
[02:33] to get a court summons right I think
[02:35] when I was when I was making that a lot
[02:37] of people even even I'm read it people
[02:38] like that's why I haven't got any court
[02:40] summers I've been trying for ages so it
[02:42] really wasn't obvious that the XP lamps
[02:46] you get from an hour now include all
[02:48] combat or what I deemed to be combat
[02:50] rose gills yes so it includes something
[02:52] that I think it even includes herb-lore
[02:54] so you can get those roads prayer and
[02:56] summoning yeah but it also includes
[02:58] herb-lore learning i also did with the
[03:01] reward books from the combat academy
[03:03] okay cuz in my eyes basically unlocking
[03:05] overloads gives you a massive combat
[03:07] their support skills for comment on
[03:09] there yeah yeah mystery box the mystery
[03:12] box it's Lou has been improved so it
[03:15] will give you a bunch of skinning
[03:16] resources now yeah which will scale
[03:18] based on your total level actually we
[03:21] didn't put this in the news post but if
[03:22] you have sub 1000 sub 2000 and then two
[03:27] thousand plus yeah the mystery boxes
[03:29] will improve and scale to your level are
[03:31] much better brilliant and a mystery box
[03:33] is now always rewarded okay and title
[03:39] yes the detective for those that have
[03:42] completed all of the cool cases another
[03:44] classy title so evil tree oh that was a
[03:48] lot of things as well okay so we worked
[03:51] out the especially for the higher trees
[03:54] compared against vines the the rate of
[03:56] XP you got was actually worse than just
[03:59] staying at your training location yet so
[04:02] for that i think the believers the top
[04:04] three trees we've buffed the perch op XP
[04:07] right we've also done some things to
[04:10] allow you to chop down the tree more
[04:12] often as well so we this one's a bit
[04:14] complicated I don't think that the news
[04:16] place really explained it properly okay
[04:18] even confused QA for a bit when you've
[04:21] got four of the roots up the first root
[04:23] gets chopped down quicker and takes
[04:26] longer to come up right which allow it
[04:29] which basically allows you say you're
[04:30] soloing evil tree it allows you to spend
[04:33] more time chopping down the tree rather
[04:35] than getting annoyed by there's really
[04:36] annoying roots yeah okay we also allowed
[04:38] you to use your kindling to get fire me
[04:41] King XP yeah those are bounced around
[04:43] you log rates as well so it's really
[04:46] really tasty and it was really really
[04:47] fast you're like the XP rates of
[04:49] disgustingly fast but because of that we
[04:52] limited you to 200 max kindling yeah so
[04:55] that you can just save it up then all of
[04:56] a sudden just jump a ton of it burn
[04:58] through it yeah when I started looking
[05:01] at the hints that you got from when an
[05:03] evil tree was going to appear and
[05:05] compared it against shooting stars it's
[05:06] effectively its counterpart yo was
[05:09] seriously lacking so okay now you get
[05:12] told roughly when give or give or take
[05:15] about 10 minutes it's more specific
[05:17] there's more specific where about
[05:18] telling you where it is and the evil
[05:20] trigger this the spirit trees will also
[05:22] tell you where it thinks the next evil
[05:24] tree is going to appear but whilst it's
[05:26] thinking and whilst its spawning okay
[05:27] and leprechauns look banking oh yes the
[05:31] low banking now works without awful
[05:33] inventory so you don't have to fill your
[05:35] inventory and effectively waste some of
[05:37] your buff trying to get full inventory
[05:39] yeah basically you get the full use out
[05:42] of your bath right familiarization this
[05:46] one was more we already did a bunch of
[05:49] mini rising familiar ization tweaks yeah
[05:51] to help more people do it because that
[05:52] triple charms buff is awesome and I
[05:54] don't think enough people make use of it
[05:56] yeah it basically came down to the the
[05:59] problems we had to deal with with this
[06:00] one especially came down to scheduling
[06:02] people find it hard to schedule time for
[06:04] familiarization yeah so what we did was
[06:07] we made it it happens once every two
[06:10] hours give or take 10 minutes so it's
[06:12] still a little bit random but it used to
[06:14] roll a random slot in that two hour
[06:17] window yeah and now it happens at the
[06:19] beginning of that two hour window so it
[06:20] allows you to schedule the start of i'm
[06:23] going to do familiar races in here like
[06:25] i can go off and do something yeah
[06:27] another another problems that triple
[06:29] charm bath was great but it turned on
[06:31] the second you finish the day in the
[06:32] idea so what we did was we turned it
[06:34] into effectively a ticket you can tear
[06:37] and that ticket allows you to choose
[06:41] when you want to start the triple char
[06:42] buf yeah so you get to schedule things
[06:44] separately so it's not such a time
[06:46] investment you can make carry one at a
[06:48] time so you can't stay yeah yeah if you
[06:50] basically if you've got a ticket
[06:51] anywhere on you in your bank and your
[06:53] beast of burden wherever
[06:54] then they just won't let you into the
[06:56] dnd again okay fish fingers yeah so
[07:00] first thing we did was removed the fish
[07:03] fling a dude what's he called the
[07:05] fisherman basically the fisherman at the
[07:08] Barbarian outpost were moved in closer
[07:09] to the Barbarian fishing yep because it
[07:11] used to be outside bar basalt but yeah
[07:13] no one fishes at that fishing spots no
[07:15] removed him up yeah and then we look to
[07:17] basically ticket dumps his people had
[07:20] already got their top tackle box yeah
[07:22] and they're getting some nice XP but
[07:24] they're not really dumping their tickets
[07:25] anymore yeah so we added a bunch of nice
[07:29] rewards so we added a reset for your
[07:32] tackle box to teleport right we added a
[07:36] way to get more fish flingers tickets so
[07:38] if you just really really like fish
[07:39] flingers and you want to go in again you
[07:40] can buy a fish flingers ticket yeah and
[07:42] then we allowed a buff that effectively
[07:44] gives you more fish for 20 minutes so
[07:47] you catch an extra fish brilliant for 20
[07:50] minutes okay gobbling flash mobs ahh
[07:53] this one was really nicely do always
[07:56] love giving something to free-to-play I
[07:57] did it with a with runespan as well and
[08:00] then gets really really thankful they
[08:02] like they finally got an update so
[08:04] government flash mobs this is a problem
[08:07] is you know you've released low-level
[08:09] activity yeah for members but members
[08:12] are typically higher level so it didn't
[08:14] really work yet and all the other
[08:16] rewards were really low level so no one
[08:18] was really engaging with it so we did
[08:21] two things the first thing is we buffed
[08:23] it to basically effectively rune level
[08:25] there must have been buffed as well yeah
[08:27] so basically be around level 50 ish okay
[08:30] and then we thought well level 50
[08:33] members still I'm going to do it as well
[08:35] just give it to free-to-play because the
[08:36] top of free-to-play you've got that kind
[08:37] of level 50 ish level yeah and so
[08:40] they're still underneath dima flash mobs
[08:41] but free-to-play get access to it it's
[08:42] nice to get free to play something
[08:43] through this and then we were like well
[08:45] still no I'm just going to do because
[08:46] you know like you get this little
[08:48] rewards here but they're not that
[08:49] amazing so we added some rare drops to
[08:50] them right and we basically added best
[08:54] in slot from LA we added basically good
[08:58] gear or how a how a goblin would spell
[09:00] good which is guud guud yeah good good
[09:03] good yeah they're their level 55 level
[09:07] 55 it's
[09:08] and acts a little 55 acts level 55 chest
[09:12] piece yeah which is effectively power
[09:15] armor so you know free-to-play get some
[09:18] power armor and then a level 55 shield
[09:20] Gruden premier Phoenix layer the Phoenix
[09:26] now I'm not sure I can really rattle off
[09:27] all of the improvements we gave to that
[09:29] like know there is a big old list yeah I
[09:31] mean we do I have in my hand is it a
[09:33] playthrough and it is effectively really
[09:35] old and clunky like we're like this is
[09:37] RO business is rubbish and we looked at
[09:40] like the habit of mine when P how people
[09:42] played it and effectively the big
[09:44] problem was just like getting in there
[09:47] you know the reborn spur blocking and
[09:49] while it was a nice gameplay thing back
[09:52] in the day like it just feels really
[09:54] clunky nowadays it just fit just felt
[09:56] bad the quest version still block so
[09:59] that mechanic is still there in the
[10:00] question yeah however post quest people
[10:02] just want to rush through they want to
[10:03] kill the burb they want to chance at
[10:05] their Phoenix eggling yeah so we stopped
[10:07] them from blocking there are a few
[10:09] things as well with like animation
[10:11] delays so we we smoothed that out a
[10:13] little bit when we went into pre
[10:16] fighting you try and fletch these logs
[10:19] that you've been collecting whilst going
[10:20] through yeah and like it would just give
[10:23] you a mess ain't all you need to do this
[10:25] news is it's like it's like the old
[10:26] quest spot locations where so right you
[10:29] need to examine this now you need to
[10:30] search it now you need to loot it ain't
[10:32] it yeah like all these steps it's like
[10:34] no like we're just going to look in your
[10:35] inventory if you haven't already Fletch
[10:37] then we're going to automatically
[10:38] flexion for you cool oh and we also
[10:40] allowed surge barge escape to work in
[10:42] this you can literally just rush through
[10:44] these things cuz it's not difficult
[10:46] where we might as a post release thing
[10:48] buff the reborn so there's a bit more
[10:50] difficulty year make them scale to you
[10:52] so you can actually cut them so actually
[10:54] get hurt so the rebounds just aren't
[10:55] completely ignore but then we looked at
[10:57] the rewards and people basically only
[11:00] did this for thee for the Phoenix
[11:02] everything pan yep the to finish savings
[11:04] bets but that's not going to keep up
[11:06] with doing the dnd we looked at the XP
[11:08] rewards actually the XP rewards are
[11:10] quite nice yeah but they're quite nice
[11:11] if you do it every day and people like
[11:13] our daily dailies I've got so many daily
[11:15] they don't even play runescape anymore
[11:17] yeah so we wanted to give it a nice
[11:19] reward an actual rewards so
[11:21] we added effectively a high level
[11:24] Phoenix because i looked at the original
[11:25] phoenix and it was just broken and a bit
[11:28] rubbish really like as a high level pay
[11:31] you would never use this yeah yeah then
[11:33] you know even the summoning XP you got
[11:35] for making it was average at best so we
[11:38] looked at it and thought well we're it
[11:41] whereas there are holes like well we
[11:42] could deal with a with a fire-making
[11:44] buff yep and there's a phoenix a
[11:47] fire-making kind of work associate with
[11:49] the current fire-making familiars you
[11:50] hunt kind of have to this really clunky
[11:52] have to let use the log on the pyre
[11:53] fiend and then he burns you and gives
[11:56] you gives you a bit more XP but then the
[11:58] the activity rate would lower your XP
[12:01] rates are effectively there's no point
[12:02] in using email switches you've bonfires
[12:03] yeah so we allowed the phoenix to
[12:06] effectively give you a chance to burn
[12:08] two logs at once so it will passively
[12:10] increase your XP gain just by having the
[12:12] Phoenix out yep it's a really minor
[12:15] thing actually because bonfires like the
[12:17] role that it does based on your
[12:19] fire-making level is so low that
[12:21] actually like a passive fire making buff
[12:23] wasn't really useful we only really
[12:25] helps you if you're doing old-school
[12:26] lines of fires yeah but we added a
[12:28] passive far making boost anyway just
[12:30] because it's a nice thing bad yeah okay
[12:32] brilliant skeletal horror the skeletal
[12:36] hora this one that was a really nice
[12:38] thing to actually buff yeah and give
[12:40] rewards too because now I'm no one was
[12:42] doing it's obvious why no one was doing
[12:43] xterra wards were just absolute gump
[12:45] like they were terrible and you had to
[12:48] do the the bone wish list before this as
[12:51] well so you even had to do like a long
[12:52] mini quest beforehand yeah and this was
[12:55] before I knew aquarium we're doing this
[12:57] but effectively well how can we get
[12:59] people to do it well just give them a
[13:00] free elite once a week right found out
[13:03] like to like the week before DNT
[13:05] improvements we remember going into
[13:07] release candidate QA the the aquarium's
[13:11] doing it as well as our no but people
[13:13] seem to appreciate to a little yeah and
[13:15] we also buff to the XP it gives because
[13:18] the XP was so low it was just basically
[13:20] ignore abou yeah and so we scaled that
[13:23] based on your based on your levels been
[13:25] effectively okay and I hear there's a
[13:27] new title overall as well now yes we
[13:30] want it we wanted something to push
[13:32] people towards then the towards the
[13:34] Indies yeah
[13:34] effectively like we've done all of this
[13:36] work but a lot of people just don't
[13:38] bother reevaluating all the work in
[13:40] there though they'll take the news post
[13:41] at face value and they won't give it a
[13:43] go so we want something to push players
[13:45] towards that you just redoing all the
[13:47] dd's and reevaluate the ones that
[13:48] actually have low activity but were like
[13:50] we're set these these things actually
[13:51] really do reward things nicely yeah you
[13:54] guys check this out so as effectively
[13:56] giving more visibility two dandies but
[13:59] we added the distracted title which is
[14:01] deliberately made to be really
[14:03] distracting like we did it with
[14:05] gamebreaker like the title kind of
[14:07] synergize with what actually stood for
[14:09] yes and I wanted to add more of that I
[14:11] did added tease a rainbow version of the
[14:14] distracted but for technical reasons we
[14:16] couldn't really do it and like there was
[14:19] massive hype on Twitter and I thought
[14:20] well the work that you put in for
[14:22] getting the distracted yeah it doesn't
[14:24] really match the hope that the rainbow
[14:26] tail is giving you right so we decided
[14:29] not to do rainbow this time however we
[14:31] haven't ditched rainbow so just in these
[14:33] better circumstances and but yeah so now
[14:37] you've spoken a lot so now it's more
[14:39] time to sit yeah I think I think it
[14:40] should be i don't think i would speak
[14:42] quite nearly as much no I do tend to
[14:45] waffle sorry so desu rework it's out
[14:49] there yeah it's been a long time coming
[14:52] it started design towards the end of
[14:54] last year in a sort of it was my side
[14:57] project along the lines then at the
[14:59] start of this year we had the issues
[15:00] with increased DDoS attacks and all of
[15:02] that so it became top priority to just
[15:04] get it done and get it out to players as
[15:07] soon as possible in order to mitigate
[15:09] that and it's been on the better service
[15:12] for between a month and two months
[15:15] somewhere gathering feedback for all
[15:18] that time and acting on what we could be
[15:20] in tweet accordingly okay so hows it
[15:23] works now then yeah so now when you die
[15:25] you will spawn in deaths of this as long
[15:28] as you're losing items you can choose to
[15:31] leave his office without buying any
[15:34] items back from him and your gravestone
[15:36] will spawn is normal right it's timer
[15:38] has been reduced generally just to be
[15:40] more balanced and more difficult to get
[15:43] back to now that it doesn't lose your
[15:45] items when it disappears
[15:47] if you choose not to go after your
[15:49] gravestone def will be holding your
[15:51] items permanently so you can log out
[15:53] come back a few days later and you can
[15:56] still get your items back right he will
[15:58] charge a portion of the item's value for
[16:02] you to get each item back and you get
[16:05] all items back at once okay how does it
[16:07] fit degrading if you reclaim items from
[16:11] your gravestone they will still degrade
[16:13] on death yeah if you get degrading items
[16:15] from death then there will be no
[16:18] degrading as you've already paid the
[16:19] cost in retrieving them directly from
[16:22] him ok I would say when you choose not
[16:25] to reclaim from death immediately your
[16:27] gravestone spawns when you leave the
[16:30] office e you can still do the
[16:31] old-fashioned way yeah so yeah as soon
[16:33] as you leave the office that's when your
[16:35] grave is effectively added in the
[16:37] meantime other people can see your grave
[16:39] and that you've died there but they
[16:41] can't help you until you actually leave
[16:43] the office so they can still bless your
[16:45] grave but not until you've left right an
[16:49] existing which outs for items kept the
[16:51] still apply yeah yeah everything like
[16:53] item protections portents signs and
[16:57] everything that's been added over the
[16:58] years to help you with death whole works
[17:00] of Sam and everything in the wilderness
[17:02] is as normal nothing's changed there
[17:05] have sinned applies / safe minigames and
[17:08] safe areas where you don't actually die
[17:11] properly right okay among small tweaks
[17:14] they were also graves are now allowed in
[17:16] the court beasts lair yeah that was one
[17:19] of the pieces of feedback that we got
[17:22] when we initially post the design
[17:23] document that people just wanted it and
[17:26] whilst it made sense at the time as a
[17:29] higher-risk sort of return on that boss
[17:31] these sorts of days it's not really a
[17:35] risk that we want to have in forcing you
[17:37] to lose all of your items if you die
[17:39] yeah okay okay so that's a really good
[17:43] overview of the change so now now we've
[17:45] got a lot of questions for both of you
[17:46] from various players from the forums so
[17:51] just pick up the questions as you go and
[17:53] still which one skin or upset why has
[17:55] the lesser demon champion still up in
[17:57] update he's the newest demon graphics
[17:59] like players are going to find us
[18:01] it's just it's just like a fact that you
[18:04] have to deal with when you're making
[18:05] games you don't always have access to
[18:07] the people that you wish you had access
[18:08] to yeah and currently the ninja modular
[18:11] is working on raids right so we didn't
[18:13] really have access to him to basically
[18:15] just updated champion yeah we'll stick
[18:18] it on the ninja backlog right it does is
[18:20] something needs to be done so when we
[18:21] eventually do get him back from raids
[18:23] hopefully we can update the listing the
[18:24] champion okay any chance we will
[18:27] eventually it's in each other so this is
[18:28] a repeatedly asked question well yeah
[18:31] okay we have so many champions it's not
[18:34] currently on our list of things to do
[18:36] just just because getting champion
[18:38] Scrolls is quite a dedicated thing it
[18:41] doesn't really open up to a lots of
[18:42] players so when you're thinking about
[18:43] all I need to release this usually about
[18:46] how many players that will touch and
[18:47] like could we spend the time better
[18:49] doing an up another update that people
[18:52] wouldn't like more people would enjoy
[18:53] yeah however what I would say is if you
[18:57] really really really want it I think
[18:59] this month's rune labs criteria is for
[19:02] high level mobs yeah and what we could
[19:05] do so if you really really want it I
[19:07] suggest you know suggest it on room labs
[19:09] and gave it a lot of support yep get in
[19:12] that and then we can get it done why can
[19:14] you still buy back your items if
[19:16] choosing to attempt to go through your
[19:17] gravestone why digression still have a
[19:19] function at all yeah so you can choose
[19:22] to buy your items back immediately so
[19:24] you don't have to either run to your
[19:26] grave stone I'll wait for the timer to
[19:27] go out yet you effectively have the
[19:29] choice in which system you want to use
[19:32] the gravestones still existing we've had
[19:35] quite mixed feedback on this when we
[19:38] first put up the design documents we
[19:41] planned to remove gravestones entirely
[19:42] and the player feedback was of roaming
[19:45] Lee in support of keeping gravestones
[19:47] and allowing that functionality to stare
[19:49] ok so we demanded the design to account
[19:52] for that within the better the feedback
[19:55] was a bit mixed it makes more people
[19:58] wanted to get rid of the gravestones
[20:00] yeah so I'm still wanted to keep them
[20:02] but it was a lot more mixed okay so it
[20:05] was so more watch over time yeah it's
[20:07] something that will keep an eye on but
[20:09] it was reacting to player feedback in
[20:12] allowing both systems to
[20:14] interact together at the same time okay
[20:16] will we get tears 75 bolts to go with
[20:19] the upgrade crossbows once again it's a
[20:22] graphical reason why we won't yeah we're
[20:24] not going to mostly because you can pick
[20:26] up royal bolts really quickly and we'd
[20:28] need to graphically make these and Noah
[20:30] cheekily made them with the wild arrows
[20:32] but actually I I did the modeling for
[20:34] the wild arrows and if you look really
[20:36] closely in component of dark areas you
[20:38] might notice that there's recolored and
[20:39] retextured so nobody's gonna let you do
[20:41] that game you know no it was really to
[20:44] give me to do in the first place but
[20:45] what I would suggest anyone that one
[20:47] steer 75 bolts actually just pick up
[20:49] some raw bolts they're really cheap like
[20:52] insanely cheap to see the QbD just just
[20:55] keeps on like handing them out and
[20:57] they'll automatically down level two
[20:59] tier 75 when you use a 75 crossbow okay
[21:01] kill other species in a family get to
[21:04] drop champion challenges like the
[21:06] greater and black demons dropping the
[21:07] demon champion challenge um that
[21:10] specific example I probably wouldn't do
[21:12] right because if we do do an update do
[21:15] do and if we do an update then then you
[21:20] know it would kind of block us offering
[21:22] you a greater and black demon champion
[21:25] which I think people would be love to
[21:26] see ya and so that's politically if
[21:29] you've got like examples of one
[21:31] synergize better for instance we allowed
[21:33] the skeletal horror to drop the skeleton
[21:34] champions yeah so if you've got those
[21:36] kinds of suggestions then you know tweet
[21:38] hashtag ninja fix get it to drop
[21:40] transforms perhaps the best question I
[21:43] found Louie why can't chickens wield the
[21:48] Armidale crossbows why can't chickens
[21:52] will the armor deal crossbows because
[21:56] they lack opposable thumbs I'm afraid
[21:58] they can't really get to the trigger
[21:59] good point good point we'll reset tokens
[22:04] still working the revamp dandies yes yay
[22:06] if we refuse the offer of paying for
[22:10] stuff directly will gravestone still say
[22:12] we would guess it's worth mentioning
[22:13] which I didn't mention before if you aim
[22:15] to go to your gravestone and you don't
[22:18] reach it your items are still stored
[22:20] with death so you can go back and get
[22:22] them back before it ever go back the
[22:24] payment
[22:25] what specifically has changed about the
[22:27] lesser demon champion fight I'm not
[22:30] going to tell you that boilers no
[22:33] spoilers you guys have got to work out
[22:35] yourself I will say one thing you're not
[22:37] expected to punch him to death I knew
[22:41] you you can kill them much more
[22:43] efficiently you just got to work it out
[22:44] what about the people who've already
[22:46] completed all the court cases I believe
[22:49] I put this in correct me if I'm wrong
[22:50] but you just need to speak to the
[22:53] courthouse clerk and then he will update
[22:55] willingly yeah yeah basically I assume
[22:58] you're talking about the detective title
[23:00] we are yeah but yeah I believe you just
[23:04] speak to him and then he will unlock
[23:06] stuff the titles and will they be
[23:09] classified as having played the D&D for
[23:11] purposes of unlocking the distracting
[23:12] yeah yeah yeah yr dragonrider necklace
[23:15] and the assign means so expensive to
[23:17] recover from death they're part of items
[23:21] effectively like the career dagger the
[23:23] balmung sod and items like that which
[23:25] were effectively meant to be lost on
[23:28] death and then we claimed as a
[23:31] effectively an individual gold Inc in
[23:33] those items which are high power for
[23:36] their use yeah so they're meant to be
[23:38] high costs to account for that ok the
[23:40] previous system didn't really account
[23:42] for that well so it was really annoying
[23:44] having your item destroyed and then
[23:46] having to go run back to a million
[23:48] different NPCs and try and get them back
[23:49] so we quite often Herod on the side of
[23:53] convenience and just letting you get
[23:55] them back for free which kind of
[23:57] undermined that's the other ones a point
[23:59] there so now that we can actually use
[24:01] that mechanic properly and ensure that
[24:03] the fee is paid has initially intended
[24:06] we've implemented that mechanic back why
[24:10] isn't the death interface ordered by the
[24:12] cost to save the items it is the there's
[24:16] a bug in that that I'd fix where it
[24:19] didn't take into account Lee fixed value
[24:21] and it specifically came to the sorting
[24:23] okay due to today's new update players
[24:26] at level 70 range knowing her access to
[24:28] crossbows that use different types of
[24:30] bolts could you address this issue so we
[24:33] are tempted badly because it went out as
[24:35] a bug which we fixed by the way but
[24:36] originally we intended to basically open
[24:39] Carol's pistol crossbows right all bolts
[24:42] but when fixing the bug that's currently
[24:45] live I asked read it and Twitter you
[24:48] know what would you prefer that would
[24:49] you prefer allowing Carol's pistol
[24:51] crossbow to use enchanted bolts and open
[24:53] them up and then just allow the
[24:54] two-handed yep Carol's crossbow to use
[24:57] the repeating bolts or do you want me to
[25:00] just make them use the ripping bolts and
[25:02] I think on both places it was
[25:04] overwhelmingly no keep the niche of tier
[25:07] 70 using the repeating bolt yeah so if
[25:10] you do want to use and chanted bolts I'm
[25:12] afraid you can after either use a lower
[25:14] level crossbow or just get five levels
[25:16] in range yep free-to-play is finally a
[25:20] capable to enter desk office but not
[25:22] allowed to change the loop beams why
[25:25] cant free-to-play all to their loop
[25:27] beams yeah as far as I'm aware it's a
[25:29] members-only feature and it's not
[25:31] something that I'd change done death
[25:33] yeah vermin why don't we receive our
[25:37] particular items automatically so
[25:40] typically there's a lot of protected
[25:42] items that people don't want to keep
[25:43] either because they're degrading or
[25:45] other manners so if you went back to
[25:48] your gravestone you might want to
[25:49] protect three separate items to stop
[25:51] them degrading yeah so we can't
[25:52] particularly allow that choice without
[25:55] you automatically yeah okay chem fish
[25:58] fingers reward for double fish also
[26:00] double XP or we have the option between
[26:03] the two no we deliberately didn't do
[26:06] that it's a balancing issue and like
[26:09] fishing isn't exactly slow to level is
[26:11] it no so we wanted that to specifically
[26:13] be a buff so you're fishing rock tails
[26:15] like you just specific for a bath for
[26:17] people who want to actually collect to
[26:19] the fish yep all like sell them on and
[26:21] etc Electric are there any plans to give
[26:25] armadillo crossbows special attack not
[26:28] currently no no and last but not least
[26:30] will the grave timers be returned to pre
[26:34] d dost values they won't know we've
[26:37] reduced the time is just so that they're
[26:40] more difficult to get back to your
[26:42] graves yeah we've still kept the
[26:44] slightly increasing timers obviously a
[26:47] lot less than they used to be because
[26:49] the times smaller but the graves also
[26:52] would you
[26:52] the amount you need to peer to get your
[26:54] items back from deaf now as well so the
[26:57] higher tier graves still have higher
[26:58] usage okay okay well thanks guys it's
[27:02] great to have a couple of the ninjas on
[27:03] the sofa thanks for coming in and
[27:05] chatting about your update this week if
[27:07] you could say goodbye to the listeners
[27:08] goodbye from PI and get back from hunter
[27:10] and goodbye for me bye we see it
[27:31] you