Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #47: The Ninja Team

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:06] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:08] and we have with us today the ninja team
[00:11] almost of you so if we can have some
[00:13] introductions around the sofa please if
[00:16] we got with hostile space I'm ma dashes
[00:18] I'm a technical content developer i am
[00:21] mark i see i am a QA tester and mud pie
[00:24] i'm a game engine developer i am ma GOP
[00:26] and I am lead ninja I am I James and I'm
[00:29] a video live string specialist a lime
[00:31] mod Mihaly podcast monkey so who do we
[00:34] have who's not on the sofa but in the
[00:36] ninja team we've recently expanded the
[00:39] ninja team so in total we got for
[00:41] developers so in addition to more dashes
[00:45] we also have Montana has another
[00:47] technical developer and we also have one
[00:49] doctor as a Content developer we have a
[00:54] designer in mod Timbo he obviously does
[00:56] all the balancing stuff yeah that people
[00:58] know him for with you guys yep with his
[01:01] dice and it's arjun hat your bouncy
[01:03] hatman right get it all nice hat yeah
[01:06] you can't do bouncing that run about and
[01:08] yep okay is it a particular type of hat
[01:10] it's a very tall Cat in the Hat type at
[01:13] ah red and white stripe it doesn't
[01:15] matter for violence's it has to rhyme no
[01:20] but we should make him do that now yeah
[01:23] definitely that's an injury okay cuz he
[01:25] looks mean to fix we have a mother in
[01:28] mod aob who isn't actually kind of
[01:31] working with us at the moment he's
[01:33] helping out team one with raids and such
[01:36] but you're right coming back with us in
[01:38] the near future and then we have mod
[01:42] Monty yet your second the QA tester and
[01:43] then we have mod Simon who's another
[01:46] streaming specialist yep alongside me
[01:48] yep so there is no way we could have
[01:50] fitted the whole team on this sofa no no
[01:52] not without piling them on top of her I
[01:54] think you are doing here if we really
[01:58] very very heavily
[02:01] there could be in the roof right now but
[02:03] of course you wouldn't know yeah so so
[02:05] obviously we've changed the team around
[02:07] a bit mm-hmm so what why was the team
[02:09] changed around right while the new team
[02:11] set up so yeah we expanded the team the
[02:14] main reason being that ninja stuff he's
[02:16] been very popular over the last year or
[02:18] so that the ninja team has existed yeah
[02:20] so that's the ninja fixes that kind of
[02:22] go out weekly as well as some like ninja
[02:25] projects and such yeah and then in
[02:27] addition to that we're also discussing
[02:29] that whole quantity of a quality
[02:31] discussion of a mountain our projects we
[02:34] release so if we do choose to release
[02:38] less frequent updates or greater quality
[02:40] that puts a bit more emphasis on the
[02:43] ninja team to kind of provides that kind
[02:45] of still that Weekly contents or thing
[02:47] sit still provide that constant yeah
[02:49] insolence available we're women if we do
[02:52] go that route there would still be
[02:54] updates every week so you would still
[02:55] have your bug fixes your ninja fixes
[02:57] yeah and he apart what we're looking to
[03:00] do is kind of just you build on that a
[03:02] little bit further so that's why we've
[03:04] expanded team really okay so what what
[03:07] is the aim of the team so what's what
[03:10] what does the Nidge team actually do so
[03:13] once kind of like the the new kind of
[03:15] self was put together multiple gave a
[03:17] little presentation to us yeah um what
[03:20] he was trying to like and we all kind of
[03:21] agreed and we're happy with it so I main
[03:24] aims are the continued with the weekly
[03:27] fixes improvements go out there very
[03:29] successful then there's the ninja
[03:32] spotlight so the ninja team have done
[03:34] that before so example is the circus
[03:37] improvements yeah the guys are done so
[03:40] as to continue with these do them a bit
[03:42] more frequently so that's taking a bit
[03:46] of the game and for spending like a week
[03:48] of development on it improving it kind
[03:51] of a like a min max mindset you so
[03:52] you're really trying to get the most out
[03:53] of it within that week yeah I improve it
[03:56] the most you can and then yeah and then
[03:58] release that and so we if we kind of
[04:00] like do those fairly frequently you we
[04:03] the overall game you were kind of
[04:05] improving its all thing okay and then
[04:07] their ninja projects so kind of
[04:09] continuing with some of the projects
[04:11] that the guys have done over the past
[04:14] year
[04:14] they've done some really successful
[04:16] stuff such as the boss layer stuff they
[04:18] boss pets so we want to do continue
[04:21] doing projects or thing so there's stuff
[04:24] that's evil kind of like driven from the
[04:26] team the team wants to do them there's
[04:28] stuff that we take from players its
[04:31] users general kind like maintenance
[04:34] improvements to the game yeah larger
[04:36] projects there is kind of like the
[04:39] seasonal type stuff and stuff that
[04:43] supports like the CM team because
[04:44] obviously we had the dev com team before
[04:46] julion that sort of thing but we chose
[04:50] to collapse that team and put several
[04:53] other people into improving the ninja
[04:55] team yeto with that you the ninja team
[04:58] take on that those squats all things to
[05:00] help the ECM team and then you we should
[05:04] will be looking to like maybe take some
[05:06] smaller stuff from in labs as well we
[05:08] already take kind of like ninja fixes
[05:11] but there's you we might take some like
[05:13] so across small improvements here so
[05:15] expanding upon that okay so how does how
[05:20] does an inch team get ideas about what
[05:22] they're going to add to the game whether
[05:24] that whether they come from we get them
[05:26] from all over the place fairly early in
[05:28] the morning I'll take a look at the
[05:29] first page of page of Reddit does
[05:31] anything that's popular on there it
[05:32] looks like it's feasible offer it on our
[05:34] list of things to consider really does
[05:37] have a ninja tagged as yet that we not
[05:40] even always gets it there slip through
[05:42] the cracks yeah you guys already been
[05:45] good though because they've they've kind
[05:46] of encapsulated the suggestion flare in
[05:48] with the ninja flare so if you actually
[05:50] look for Flair ninja suggestions or this
[05:52] did is why which is good then Twitter of
[05:54] course another big one yeah yeah hashtag
[05:57] ninja fix yeah we're looking at now just
[05:59] I think I think all the ninjas are on
[06:01] Twitter as well pretty much yeah I think
[06:03] so yeah viola so yeah I think you can
[06:05] find a full list on the forums yes and
[06:07] injured yeah you know the wrong section
[06:09] you know they get in touch with us
[06:10] directly or yourself hashtag there's a
[06:12] there's a there's a where we can do but
[06:15] there's also a list if you go by
[06:17] RuneScape's twitter yep runescape got a
[06:21] list of all of the yep all of the teams
[06:23] yeah to make sure that we don't lose
[06:24] anybody yeah okay basically any pop
[06:27] a method of like talking discussing
[06:30] about the game we have our own forum
[06:32] just full of just a ninja fixes your
[06:34] improvement so you can post right as in
[06:36] there we also put teasers out there as
[06:38] well def blogs and that blob suit okay
[06:42] the first code is s a are so what kind
[06:50] of things should play suggest for you
[06:52] and is there a best way for them to
[06:54] frame their ideas best going to format
[06:57] for them to consider no don't don't be
[07:00] nasty those fixed is now is is it no no
[07:04] don't be nasty but be honest be honest
[07:06] yes yep at a picture that kind of helps
[07:09] on does is like a picture with it yeah
[07:11] especially if you like move this tree so
[07:13] where are you talking about their
[07:15] reminds that the ninja team need to do
[07:17] something quickly so if you're going to
[07:20] suggest like a like rework this skill
[07:23] and I'm afraid the ninja teams not
[07:24] really going to be picking that up yeah
[07:27] but it concentrate more on likes tweaks
[07:29] and fixes and places and areas that need
[07:32] improvement or anything that's really
[07:34] going to improve the quality of the game
[07:36] when you're playing it so if you come
[07:39] across some things like oh this takes
[07:41] seven klicks to perform one action
[07:43] that's really too too much too too much
[07:46] for what are they yep throw that our way
[07:48] we can look into fixing that and making
[07:50] it more efficient for you sign of a
[07:53] metal sighs some things not to suggest
[07:55] is we would get like frequent
[07:57] suggestions for updates that have just
[07:59] gone out yet and so we're not going to
[08:02] be looking at those like so even other
[08:03] teams just updated stomach yeah they put
[08:06] their project out we're not going to
[08:07] immediately like look at that and do
[08:10] stuff like if you've got feedback give
[08:12] the feedback to that TV back to that
[08:13] team so they can look at yeah there are
[08:15] they update each team spare dedicates a
[08:17] bit of time after they release a project
[08:19] to kind of you read what the community
[08:21] says about it and stuff and see if they
[08:23] need to make any improvements and such
[08:24] so they're the ones that will handle it
[08:26] so it won't be the ninja team
[08:28] caterpillars okay so how does how does
[08:32] an inch teamwork when they've got an
[08:34] idea how do you turn a little to an idea
[08:37] or suggestion into
[08:39] the development in game so everything we
[08:42] pick up from places we've mentioned
[08:44] before we throw it all into a big list
[08:46] and then on a Monday as a team we take a
[08:50] look through them put them in a priority
[08:52] order what's going to be biggest impact
[08:54] for people and pick out the best ideas
[08:58] basically that'll 7i guess reallys
[09:01] limited random mouth and roundabouts
[09:03] sometimes more sometimes less it depends
[09:05] on how much work is involved here fixes
[09:08] we've already selected yeah we'll decide
[09:10] on those make a commitment to do those
[09:12] create jobs in our internal system and
[09:15] then just push them through the usual
[09:16] channels and then goes out into the
[09:19] release I the other next week or the
[09:21] week after okay i'm mod sun and while
[09:24] James and they're part of the ninja team
[09:26] was it was a reason why they're now part
[09:28] of ninja community focus is a big part
[09:31] of the ninja team yep and now mark
[09:33] Abby's taking over ninja team as well
[09:34] he's our cm kind of put a bigger focus
[09:37] on the community aspect of it as well
[09:39] yeah and getting myself and mod silent
[09:42] involved because of our community after
[09:44] tweets focus on our background of the
[09:46] other talking to the players prior and
[09:48] others live students could do with a dev
[09:49] QA they contain all of ninja fix and in
[09:53] just suggesting questions and still
[09:54] suits about you pay its kind of natural
[09:56] pay I've said to you about the team to
[09:58] discuss things about it's not just the
[10:01] ninja fix side but also the some of the
[10:03] smaller projects and one of tweaks thing
[10:05] it's kind of a good to get together and
[10:06] get a few different ideas there as well
[10:08] yeah yeah i mean the the these guys you
[10:11] before i even knew i was going to be
[10:13] taking over the kind of product two in a
[10:15] row of the ninja team they stated that
[10:18] they were interested in being part of
[10:19] the ninja team yeah it's like yeah we
[10:21] can work with that we'll find out he was
[10:24] going to become the new leader of the
[10:25] teams or thing so yeah and for me like
[10:28] these guys are like super excited they
[10:30] got great game knowledge you know
[10:31] they've contributed a number of our kind
[10:33] like meetings where we discuss like the
[10:35] future of the game and such and yeah so
[10:37] they're great addition to have the team
[10:38] and you even done more than expected you
[10:42] or james has been getting involved in
[10:43] some fixes so I'm proud of that drive
[10:46] very cool after you of this simpler one
[10:47] which is quite good to be involved with
[10:49] a team as well but it's good to know as
[10:51] well
[10:52] the whole team has really good game
[10:54] knowledge which i think is yeah it's
[10:55] been nice for the ninja team we did have
[10:58] like the three highest players then way
[10:59] until someone got overtaken on the high
[11:02] schools as we that little Sally here at
[11:05] me that was on the I'm sorry yeah but
[11:10] with what we did have the top free iron
[11:12] man they didn't mean yes yes oh yeah we
[11:13] do have a few max players win the team
[11:16] and no one's particularly lower don't
[11:18] think maybe look at me love needs me
[11:24] coming up slowly for high ever when are
[11:27] we doing at nineteen hundreds yeah yes
[11:29] we do have a wealth of gain knowledge
[11:30] within the team and different kind of
[11:32] play styles and stuff as well so it's
[11:34] not all just like a heavily combat
[11:36] focused team awesome like that yeah okay
[11:40] the second code is 400 for well what
[11:47] projects are you working on at the
[11:48] moment then yeah well at the moment i'm
[11:51] currently working through quite a few
[11:53] bug fixes that we've got in our backlog
[11:55] but other than that i'll be taking a
[11:56] look at clan funnel so the joining of
[12:00] clans are creating of clans and anything
[12:03] else or around that sort of area really
[12:06] once I've got something down for what i
[12:09] think is feasible obviously there'll be
[12:11] a blog post and everything else to get
[12:13] feedback from all the players and then
[12:15] we'll move on from there to see what
[12:17] they've come up with and how we can
[12:18] intertwine it all together good yeah
[12:21] it's a difficult one like in encode is a
[12:24] very horrible timing is everything yeah
[12:29] Oh too complicated because you have to
[12:30] interact with so many different bits
[12:32] yeah it all leave us on top of each
[12:34] other yeah it's very easy coming up with
[12:37] a list of like yeah we want to do this
[12:38] but in reality like achieving the
[12:40] litigation process is going to be quite
[12:42] yeah there's some of those things it's
[12:44] like yes we can do them but we're going
[12:47] to end up spending like mumps working on
[12:48] it and it's a case of do we actually
[12:51] feel like there's value in spending that
[12:53] much time to do this one thing when we
[12:55] could you free our patches to do yes
[12:58] some other projects unit yep yeah it's
[13:01] better low-hanging fruit almost isn't
[13:04] yeah we've also got the death penalty
[13:06] rework which has been in beta for a few
[13:08] weeks now yeah that's looking close to
[13:11] release modern it as well attach a tree
[13:14] work as well as me that's right yellow
[13:15] ducks in development but hunters worked
[13:18] on both of those projects yeah so you
[13:21] chat is you that's it another early days
[13:24] similar to the clan funnel stuff so
[13:27] we're just you ease post is dev blog and
[13:29] stuff and he's looking at ideas and yet
[13:31] what not but he's also been working on
[13:34] that first I say first because more
[13:37] donna gets upset when I called it first
[13:38] in before but the the first of this new
[13:42] new leu team spotlights where we're
[13:46] proving artisans workshop right there's
[13:49] a good number of like improvements going
[13:50] into that which you and with the
[13:53] spotlights you you will it won't be too
[13:54] far for release as well so great that be
[13:57] in the near future and then hi yeah i'm
[14:01] currently adding two more slots the
[14:03] grand exchange so you're going to be
[14:05] able to have eight slots if you remember
[14:07] and three slots if you're free to play
[14:08] now mmm i'm also like like a good ninja
[14:13] i'm going i'm looking at all of these
[14:16] old interfaces currently in the grand
[14:18] exchange and slowly going nope not good
[14:20] enough and upgrading them whilst them
[14:22] there because why not cuz you in there
[14:24] and looking at it and yeah it's all
[14:26] quite all weeks well either kind of part
[14:29] of part of the grand exchange with you
[14:31] as in slots suppose you do it might as
[14:33] well take a look the interface while
[14:34] you're there well yeah I mean this week
[14:36] I've updated the history interface yes
[14:38] you have really messed on reddit and
[14:39] changed but i'm like i'd like to get
[14:42] like like old-school have i'd like to
[14:44] get the pictures on the search bar again
[14:46] on that search box because yeah it
[14:49] really helps when you've got like a
[14:51] million like red capes you know which
[14:53] red cape do i was like oh good it'd be
[14:56] nice to have the picture yeah we've also
[14:58] got improvements to dean DS as well yeah
[15:00] yeah that's that's kind of my mind cuz
[15:03] it's going on
[15:04] every year we've got em the DMD
[15:06] improvements project going out soon so
[15:08] we picked was a 10 it's around 10 we
[15:11] basically got a list from our game and
[15:14] tasman skies and we took the bottom 10
[15:18] and said riot let's make these much
[15:19] better all the ones that people aren't
[15:21] playing okay yeah that's great at it
[15:23] yeah and we've got a very large backlog
[15:28] at the moment of projects which isn't a
[15:30] bad thing because obviously we've always
[15:31] got stuff to work on so we do have a big
[15:35] bear club in it it seems that we're
[15:37] almost daily adding to it so I'm like
[15:41] next time I see if that was what kind of
[15:43] plans are you looking forward to the
[15:44] future yeah well things further down the
[15:46] line well yeah I mean we talked to it a
[15:48] bit ago about like kind of like our aims
[15:50] and such and want to continue with the
[15:53] fixes the spotlights and the projects we
[15:57] haven't really looked at any kind of
[15:58] ruin em stuff obviously we're still
[16:00] looking for fixes but we haven't looked
[16:02] am do you own any kind of like
[16:04] greenhouse project so that's maybe
[16:05] something in the future although we do
[16:07] have we have assigned ruin those
[16:10] projects two teams for the rest of the
[16:11] year so that would be any going into the
[16:13] new year but you do need a kind of like
[16:15] five six month head starlet so you got
[16:18] your time to develop what the blaze one
[16:19] but yeah we just got this pink backpack
[16:23] of stuff that's come from players it's
[16:25] come from internal yeah that we want
[16:27] work through I mean we kind of teased on
[16:29] the live stream that we did yesterday
[16:30] obviously that was tuesday yeah I'm for
[16:33] whenever this goes out and this goes out
[16:35] tomorrow so he came last yeah yeah yeah
[16:38] we did we did tease the mob pyres
[16:41] actually can be working on some pvp
[16:42] stuff in the very near future awesome
[16:44] which is very exciting about a lot of
[16:47] things in our backlog from the s hit
[16:50] list yep yes so that's that's looking at
[16:54] kind of like um kind the top sort of
[16:57] stuff they were like shields defenders
[16:59] God books it's a lot of farmers the
[17:03] players felt with devalued due to the
[17:05] combat rework basically here and we're
[17:08] going around and giving them lots of
[17:09] knishes back right and then giving them
[17:12] a lot more value of ugly welding project
[17:14] basically yeah so they kind of high up
[17:16] the last of
[17:17] tough to do brilliant okay so final
[17:20] question what ninja fix would each of
[17:23] you most like to make and what's the
[17:25] thing that really bugs you what small
[17:26] change would you like to make last
[17:29] thought i was playing without sounds
[17:30] workshop but that's currently going into
[17:31] spotlight so i'm quite happy own
[17:34] interface is a really good it's already
[17:35] going good other than that I'm i don't
[17:38] really know to be honest I I quite like
[17:40] I'm more of a behind-the-scenes man so
[17:43] I'd quite like to read what some of the
[17:45] thieving stuff but that's that's not
[17:48] necessarily be player facing it would be
[17:50] more a nice tidy up in the background so
[17:52] that we could easily add more things to
[17:54] thieving okay but they'll be something
[17:56] that hard once I've kept if I got the
[17:58] chance I'm not sure I keep adding things
[18:01] to our list remember any of their really
[18:05] spur-of-the-moment type things as I as I
[18:07] come across them especially playing an
[18:09] iron man I'm coming across things all
[18:11] eight years and years ago and it's like
[18:13] well we should really update that wall
[18:15] I'll make that when Iron Man went out
[18:17] like both me and mod hunter were adding
[18:19] like five ten things each to the list
[18:21] because the light is terrible this is
[18:22] terrible this is terrible but it's kind
[18:25] of hard to say like oh I really want to
[18:28] work on this ninja fix because if I
[18:29] really want to work on a ninja fix
[18:30] whilst i'm playing magically it will
[18:32] appear on our side it's like it's like
[18:36] i'm looking at that the g history and
[18:38] i'm like all this thing's not good
[18:40] enough so i will literally ninjer in
[18:42] yeah that's the great thing with a ninja
[18:45] team is that you because of our quick
[18:47] turn around and stuff you as long as
[18:49] it's small title thing you you do get to
[18:51] look at it pretty quickly so really
[18:53] where the emergency me in whereas other
[18:55] development teams have a longer
[18:57] development cycle so when the things
[19:00] they'd like to change they have to wait
[19:01] quite a long time for you guys you're
[19:03] already doing the ninja fixes you want
[19:04] to do yeah much sorry for the boring on
[19:09] my way I would have more James not yet
[19:12] is there anything you'd be the the lace
[19:14] and I added to the list personally was
[19:15] the extended grant exchange history so I
[19:18] think I was like a really good so yeah
[19:21] and that's already I think they were
[19:22] already good quality of my fixes yeah
[19:24] some obviously more prominent than
[19:25] others but that's the latest when i've
[19:27] added sir that's the latest 1i laughter
[19:29] right well brilliant fates for coming in
[19:32] and chatting to our podcast audience and
[19:36] bye-bye