Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #46: Looting System Update

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:10] I'm mod Matt he and I'm sitting with mud
[00:13] mohawk on the sofas to talk about the
[00:17] looting system so i understand mod
[00:20] mohawk that you had something to do with
[00:22] the leading system just just a little
[00:24] bit smidge I pretty much theft at all
[00:27] you dev dit uh huh right okay so what's
[00:29] your job because I don't believe our
[00:31] podcast audience will unless you've
[00:32] heard your voice before and I'm never
[00:34] done a podcast before our first time
[00:36] podcaster mhm so what's your job at
[00:39] jagex what do you do I am junior
[00:42] technical developer right okay I knew
[00:44] what we're working on the looting system
[00:46] yeah so why did we make some changes to
[00:49] the looting system basically the lumen
[00:52] system has been the same since the game
[00:54] started pretty much right we were
[00:56] thinking that it was it was quite
[00:58] old-fashioned and a bit clunky so we
[01:01] thought we'd try and modernize it a bit
[01:03] make it a bit easier so you don't have
[01:05] to click every individual objects
[01:06] instead you can loot everything you want
[01:08] oh right ok so how does it now work what
[01:11] changes have you made what improvements
[01:13] have we made ok so basically you have
[01:16] various options you can choose by the
[01:18] gameplay menu you can find a loo options
[01:21] button right this will show you things
[01:23] such as being able to turn the new
[01:25] system on and off yeah because it is
[01:27] entirely optional well I kept turning on
[01:29] AoE looting turning on custom looting
[01:32] which allows you to make certain
[01:34] customizations like looting over a
[01:37] certain monetary value order and types
[01:40] of items and things like that I think I
[01:42] think we'll get to some some questions
[01:44] about custom looting writer but yet ok
[01:46] and then all you do is go over and click
[01:49] an object on the ground and it will open
[01:52] a pretty little interface which will
[01:53] show you all of the items in the area or
[01:56] on your particular coordinate that you
[01:58] can take ok ok and you can talk of it to
[02:03] default on to default off yes right yet
[02:07] yep right ok and you can apparently
[02:10] toggle right click activation as well
[02:12] yes that was something that we added due
[02:15] to feedback from the beta right where I
[02:17] am players wanted it so that
[02:19] they didn't have to left-click they
[02:22] could right-click in case a NPC was
[02:24] standing on top of a loop pile right
[02:26] okay so they could right-click and that
[02:27] would also open the interface right okay
[02:30] so we've had loads of fever there's been
[02:33] loads of conversation about it on the
[02:34] forums some people have really loved it
[02:37] some people have been as sure about it
[02:40] yes so I've got pages and pages of
[02:43] questions and and things people might
[02:45] think of bugs or not bugs and so if it's
[02:49] okay with you will have a chat through
[02:50] those absolutely right okay so first
[02:54] things first one of the questions in VIP
[02:57] Tom's faq is there a specific amount of
[03:00] items or are there a specific amount of
[03:02] items perhaps that need to be present
[03:03] for it to work any more than one said
[03:07] what so it's gotta be more than one yes
[03:08] so if it's just one item yes yeah okay
[03:12] why can't we turn this off in
[03:14] dungeoneering because some people have
[03:16] been a bit trolley with it perhaps
[03:18] trolling their mates well like I said it
[03:21] is an option to turn off manually right
[03:24] but of course then you can't make sure
[03:26] that everybody else has got it turned
[03:27] off yeah because they're being a bit
[03:29] mean I'm gonna steal everything but it
[03:31] is it's definitely something that we are
[03:33] considering doing okay for these these
[03:36] situations yeah um but for the
[03:39] foreseeable future so it's on our list
[03:41] of potential feedback yes absolutely
[03:42] improvement okay I think you're gonna
[03:46] like this question because I think you
[03:48] definitely know the answer this one is
[03:49] it possible to make a loot all option um
[03:53] fully enough yes because it already
[03:56] exists hey yeah you just open interface
[03:59] and it's right there it says Luol takes
[04:01] everything from the interface right okay
[04:03] so it is possible for smokey little
[04:06] option is it already exists yes sir yeah
[04:08] brilliant there's been some questions
[04:10] about the Charmy imp as well and why's
[04:12] there no toggle option about looting
[04:14] charms it was raised quite early on that
[04:17] people thought that and the new routing
[04:18] system would devalue the charming him
[04:20] yep I do agree that it does to a certain
[04:23] extent however the charming imp takes
[04:25] things automatically for you you don't
[04:27] have to you don't have to manually do
[04:30] yourself yep
[04:31] and it doesn't have a specific range it
[04:35] drop you somewhere they will take it
[04:37] they will take it so so there are still
[04:39] some advantages to Charlie him yeah
[04:40] absolutely but I suppose charming kind
[04:43] of showed part of the way we wanted to
[04:46] go in the future with looting and that's
[04:47] what changes like this have happened an
[04:49] awkward question but the one that pays
[04:51] off why do I find to be huge in Queens
[04:53] rather than a convenience I've just
[04:56] found it to be a lot easier to be able
[04:58] to take stuff if you don't like it you
[05:00] can happily turn it off yeah the work we
[05:03] offended play styles of very different
[05:05] things are they different people play
[05:07] games in different ways and if it
[05:09] doesn't work for you that's why it's a
[05:10] straight way to go if it's not it's not
[05:12] forced option okay they're very
[05:14] suggestive things that some people think
[05:16] the bugs or might want to tweak so I'm
[05:18] just going to run through that list for
[05:19] you okay so you can answer some of our
[05:20] player questions callo el cual leader
[05:23] faces opened this was something we had
[05:26] to introduce because of how the AL King
[05:30] works right it would prioritize your
[05:32] your backpack over the loot inventory so
[05:35] you probably end up asking the wrong
[05:37] thing I might get a little bit upset
[05:38] about it okay so we so we disabled it if
[05:41] the loot memory was open right okay so
[05:42] there's a deliberate it's not so bug its
[05:45] feature yeah exactly I mean that case
[05:47] it's a documented feature oh sure yeah
[05:50] the polling time for Luke to sharpen the
[05:54] menu can be quite slow at least two
[05:56] three ticks all the time I see it on the
[05:58] ground before it shows up in the menu
[06:00] yeah this this is definitely intended
[06:03] okay it's because searching my seven by
[06:06] seven radius every single service cycle
[06:08] can be quite quite high load yeah and so
[06:11] it was a bit of a compromise we do it
[06:12] every so many service cycles which might
[06:15] make it appear like its lucky but it was
[06:18] done so that when it was put into life
[06:20] game it wouldn't get Russell surf yeah
[06:23] okay yep yeah and that's something we'll
[06:26] look out on the continuing basis is it i
[06:29] believe so if it turns out that we could
[06:31] handle a reduced get compromised yeah
[06:36] yeah okay you could drop an item and you
[06:40] can pick it up to activate AOE looting
[06:43] yes allowing to you too
[06:45] fully use the seven-step diameter and
[06:48] there was a player question as to where
[06:49] that was intended or not mine is
[06:51] intended okay yeah as far as I'm aware
[06:54] there is no discernible way of
[06:56] differentiating between something that
[06:59] you've dropped or something that was
[07:00] already there or something somebody
[07:01] else's drop okay so there's there's no
[07:04] way of saying okay so if you've just
[07:06] dropped something and clicked on it
[07:07] we're not going to activate the system
[07:09] so it's definitely intended okay okay so
[07:12] having a category unchecked will still
[07:15] be Lutie customer is greater than the
[07:17] value setting rather than being ignored
[07:19] yep they are supposed to work in
[07:21] conjunction with each other right okay
[07:22] they're meant to play up on each other
[07:25] yes dear okay so some suggested tweaks
[07:28] you can comment on how we feel about
[07:30] these at the moment categories and
[07:33] delete custom should have a three-way
[07:34] toggle always value never for instance I
[07:37] always want Miami to be picked up pick
[07:39] up arm of its above the value amount and
[07:41] never pick up food that is something
[07:43] feasible that we can implement yeah I
[07:46] think it sounds pretty okay so that's
[07:48] another layer on top of the existing
[07:50] yeah so yeah for every one of your your
[07:52] customized options you'd have different
[07:54] settings you put 70 okay it would be
[07:57] nice to be able to set a custom value
[07:59] for value rather than predefined values
[08:01] like the slider on the loop bean yeah
[08:03] that's also something that we are we're
[08:05] looking at right okay the loop main is
[08:07] quite bulky and they'd really like to
[08:09] peer to resize it without going to hurt
[08:11] editing is there a reason it's the way
[08:13] is at the moment yeah it is it acts how
[08:17] all interfaces of that type act right we
[08:21] have certain standards for top-level
[08:22] interfaces and blue interface adheres to
[08:25] the correct standards for what it is
[08:27] right it's not something you can tab or
[08:29] dark against other windows and that's
[08:32] that has to behave in certain way yes in
[08:35] order to be allowed to be in the bits of
[08:36] the interface it's in yeah right okay
[08:38] much like the clock when they we did the
[08:42] clock improvement luck that had to
[08:43] behave in a certain set of ways which
[08:45] people would have liked it to work
[08:46] slightly differently but because of
[08:48] where it has to sit in our interface it
[08:51] had to be that okay there should be a
[08:54] button on the looting menu to quickly
[08:55] pop up the custom looting options like a
[08:57] little gear icon
[08:58] yeah that's something we can do however
[09:00] if you if you see any interface and
[09:02] you've had the custom option selected
[09:04] and everything you'll probably have
[09:05] noticed this it's not a lot of space
[09:07] left so it's it that's a real estate
[09:09] issue really isn't it yeah there's not a
[09:11] lot of space on the interface to put
[09:13] another option yeah which of course as
[09:15] we add more and more things to
[09:18] interfaces they get more and more
[09:19] complicated more difficult to put
[09:20] everything we want on them yeah I don't
[09:22] know if you've seen the toggle
[09:23] interfaces recently is a lot of time we
[09:25] were on that there's not a much room for
[09:27] more toggles no no absolutely another
[09:31] suggestion would like the ability set
[09:32] hotkeys for Luke custom or simply how it
[09:35] to toggle on a click yeah this was this
[09:38] was mentioned throughout better as well
[09:40] okay just clicking and having everything
[09:42] looted automatically that isn't
[09:43] something that we're considering we
[09:45] consider it to be making it far far too
[09:47] easy okay however hot keys are or
[09:50] definitely like something we're
[09:51] considering I think it's quite high
[09:53] priority for us okay okay and then on to
[09:56] some things that some people think might
[09:58] be bugs ok so the loot window closes
[10:02] after every kill um children it closes
[10:06] when you move that writer cake so maybe
[10:10] maybe this obsession that okay the loot
[10:13] window does not open after you kill a
[10:15] monster you would have to go over and
[10:18] click to loot ryone first it doesn't
[10:20] automatically come up when when you can
[10:22] kill when wait doesn't like him when
[10:24] letís dropped it comes up when wreck a
[10:27] looting stops combat or to retaliate
[10:31] yeah this was this was something which
[10:33] we changed because of you but from the
[10:35] beta right because the interface closes
[10:38] when you move if you have several
[10:40] amputees around you and they're all
[10:42] hitting you and the audio retaliate will
[10:45] force you to run towards them right
[10:46] there for closing the loop interface
[10:49] making it nigh on impossible in some
[10:51] situations to actually loot anything
[10:52] yeah so you made it so when the loot
[10:54] interface was open we essentially
[10:57] deactivated or a retaliate okay yeah I
[11:00] make sense loot shows up after the long
[11:03] killer on him and not before if loot is
[11:07] dropped after the one killing him
[11:09] there's not much you can do about it
[11:10] that's how it's always worked yes
[11:12] if you then still see a delay it's
[11:14] because of the as I mentioned earlier
[11:17] there's so many service cycles we have
[11:19] to wait to to update the interface to to
[11:21] save on server load okay and last but
[11:25] not least the looting distance there are
[11:28] some people have been amazed by how big
[11:30] the lewdness is it but some people who
[11:33] is really outdoing Slayer it appears
[11:35] I've I complained that the looting
[11:37] distance is too little for some of the
[11:38] standard Slayer mobs they're doing yeah
[11:41] there's actually been a lot of
[11:42] contention a lot less people of said
[11:45] it's already too big for people saying
[11:46] it's not big enough again it's one of
[11:49] them one of them issues that until it
[11:51] went in to live we couldn't tell how
[11:53] much of a server load it was going to be
[11:55] to search so many coordinates yeah
[11:57] objects at the moment there's no
[11:59] intentions of increasing it we think
[12:00] it's quite a quite a nice quite generous
[12:02] but not overly generous yeah exactly
[12:04] still requires a little bit of running
[12:06] around and picking stuff up but yeah we
[12:09] think it's it's quite nice on the
[12:11] servers it's quite nice in pretty much
[12:12] all circumstances in the game so okay so
[12:15] so obviously there's the celosa feedback
[12:17] going on on the forums and we'd
[12:20] encourage players to go in post there
[12:22] they're in on reddit and here's your
[12:25] chance to get your Twitter handle in I
[12:27] Twitter handle Oh what is it it's jagex
[12:29] mohawk at jagex mohawk laughs yes so if
[12:33] you've got any feedback you can send it
[12:35] to mod Mohawk there yes and all the
[12:38] forms where various of the community
[12:39] team are running around as well as the
[12:41] ninja team and other developers yeah
[12:42] well thanks very much modern Mohawk
[12:44] climb again and Tom say goodbye to
[12:48] audience ok bye bye bye bye bye
[12:58] you