Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #45: RoadScape Roadtrip 2015

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] hello and welcome to this week's
[00:10] runescape podcast where I have with me
[00:13] the amazing mod mole tear greetings
[00:16] gentlebeings and today and myself Padma
[00:19] hey I'm mod Walter I go talk about the
[00:21] runescape road trip 2015 yes it's not
[00:25] called mad May it's not called magma and
[00:28] if we refer to it as mad may we're wrong
[00:29] and we lose a point i think we use a
[00:31] point each type clearly yeah so as
[00:35] obviously as listening to this it should
[00:37] be the first of may and the road trip
[00:39] should have kicked off it's convenient
[00:40] it is isn't it so what's gonna be
[00:43] happening what are they going to see
[00:44] well people who did the road trip last
[00:47] year should be quite familiar with the
[00:49] format of it right it worked well we
[00:51] felt last time with a couple of caveats
[00:53] that no doubt will come to you later on
[00:55] so we thought we'd we'd run it again
[00:57] this year fix the things that the people
[01:00] fed back to us and sort of update the
[01:03] rewards let you get new Chinese and
[01:05] better tasks okay so for those people
[01:08] who don't who didn't tape out last year
[01:10] what's involve the format of the road
[01:13] trip is that you talk to the challenge
[01:16] mistress Farah who lived in birth up or
[01:19] you can talk to the unimpressionist if
[01:21] you prefer and they will give you a
[01:22] journal write in that Journal there is a
[01:25] list of tasks and you may complete one
[01:27] of those tasks every day for a small
[01:30] chunk of experience right and complete
[01:33] enough tasks and we give you additional
[01:35] rewards we give you rarely love rewards
[01:37] yeah well you will give you some shiny
[01:39] things there's a piece of a mysterious
[01:41] compass you get quarters of that every
[01:45] quarter of the way through right left
[01:46] which you can then assemble into your
[01:48] ultimate prize so how many tasks are
[01:51] there they're 20 tasks 20 cal 20 tasks
[01:54] you can complete one a day yourself
[01:55] right obviously if you have to take a
[01:58] few days off during a month then you can
[01:59] get away with that ok and we also have
[02:01] the the same sort of mechanic returning
[02:04] from last year in which if you happen
[02:06] upon oj mod while you're you can shout
[02:08] stabbing a map you can tell Stan Stan
[02:11] please stand please mod but since we
[02:13] changed it up a bit they can't give you
[02:14] a stamp oh we've changed it to be chips
[02:17] chips, chips yes it's they can give it and
[02:20] they can give you a chit
[02:21] right and that chit can be used to sign
[02:23] off another task of your choice can we
[02:25] care how I say that yes please do yeah
[02:28] they can you can receive one one chip
[02:31] per day yeah and that can be used to
[02:34] bypass the task that you you don't fancy
[02:36] doing yourself maybe it's maybe you
[02:38] don't want to go into the wilderness
[02:39] forum for any reason come hell or high
[02:41] water and that can be a good way to get
[02:43] past that sort of time okay okay there
[02:46] was a slight problem last year with some
[02:48] people not being able to make some of
[02:49] the sessions for Jay mods yes obviously
[02:52] since we're on game time UTC yep that
[02:56] limits the hours where we have people in
[02:58] the office to run these sessions for yes
[03:00] for the giving out of chipped yes we do
[03:03] have model e yep in the American male
[03:07] side this week buddy he is but one man
[03:09] it's great he's very good at what he
[03:13] can't be in all time zones at once so
[03:15] we've we've added Jay mod clones listen
[03:18] the same fellows clonus name oh yes we
[03:21] could clone you from world event 1
[03:22] onwards we do it like to yes so they are
[03:25] the same fellas we've broken them out of
[03:26] mothballs for for the sake of the road
[03:28] trip okay and essentially hours of the
[03:31] day that we can't be there you might be
[03:33] able to find yourself at a Jay mod clone
[03:35] hanging out at the lumbridge crater
[03:36] he'll be able to help you out be able to
[03:38] give a that we can't and that'll be
[03:41] on a regular schedule that you be able
[03:43] to work out or and that will be I think
[03:45] they'll be announced quite regularly in
[03:48] Game grove right HL brilliant ok so what
[03:53] kinds of tasks if we included we've
[03:56] tried to keep the better ones from from
[03:58] last time around right the ones that
[03:59] people sort of quite liked let go and go
[04:02] and have a deal with someone it's
[04:05] something that you might not ordinarily
[04:06] do but it's a chance to go and try
[04:07] something else out that you that you
[04:09] wouldn't normally yeah we've tried to
[04:11] replace some of the more sort of menial
[04:15] tasks we had a few last time like go and
[04:18] stand on one leg at the top of lumbridge
[04:20] castle for a minute yes something I
[04:22] can't remember the exact phrasing of it
[04:24] but consensus was in the feedback that
[04:26] there wasn't really much point yeah to
[04:29] it so all of the tasks that we've got
[04:31] now are things that you might find
[04:33] yourself ordinarily
[04:34] doing in regular gameplay depending on
[04:36] what sort of player you are obviously if
[04:37] you don't have a deal then you wouldn't
[04:39] ever find yourself dealing but someone
[04:41] else would yeah so there are tasks to go
[04:45] and craft some things there are tasks to
[04:46] go and play various minigames there are
[04:49] tasks to go and get ranked in the
[04:52] wilderness or wreck someone else if
[04:54] you're good and not scrub like me just a
[04:58] variety of things from all walks of life
[05:00] we've divided them up into four
[05:02] categories for skilling and minigames
[05:05] and the more social side of things and
[05:08] one that's miscellaneous but still
[05:11] related to in-game behaviors okay and
[05:14] those those are forming the basis of the
[05:15] categories that I mentioned earlier that
[05:17] they give you your your threshold
[05:19] rewards your parts of compass and your
[05:21] mysterious explorers or well I was about
[05:24] to get that hello so once I've completed
[05:27] all these tasks what do I get well
[05:30] goodies are on offer every tasks worth a
[05:33] small experience lamp right just because
[05:35] yep it it's a modest chunk of experience
[05:38] but it's it should be worth the time
[05:40] every category of tasks that you finish
[05:43] if you do all five of the social tasks
[05:45] for example is worth a quarter of this
[05:47] compass right vile complete mentioning
[05:50] later and an explorer's Ora Mae
[05:53] explorers aura you can use once a day
[05:54] and it will direct you to a cabin a
[05:57] private cave nearby right which you can
[06:00] decide for yourself when you get there
[06:02] whether it's a combat cave or a skilling
[06:04] cave right if it's a combat cave then
[06:07] it'll be full of monsters of an
[06:09] appropriate combat level for your
[06:10] slaughter ok if it's a skilling cave
[06:13] will be full of resource pots like herb
[06:16] patches and skill jumpers and trees
[06:19] right a few spots and the like I think
[06:22] you have a length of time in that cave
[06:24] thats related to how many of these
[06:26] categories of task you have completed ok
[06:29] so the first one you only get five
[06:30] minutes in it yeah which is enough to to
[06:33] rinse the relatively generous drops that
[06:37] we've put in ok for for a period of time
[06:39] but as you complete further categories
[06:42] then it expands to 10 minutes 20 minutes
[06:44] finally half an hour
[06:45] you can spend in this cave that well
[06:48] we've we've balanced the the drop rates
[06:50] of everything to be competitive in terms
[06:52] of the things that you'll find in there
[06:55] for your level brilliant and therefore
[06:58] the money or experience that you might
[06:59] expect then of course the compass once
[07:02] you've completed all four categories you
[07:04] get all bits of your compass you put it
[07:06] together you can be' with the the needle
[07:10] and the framework and all of that sort
[07:12] of thing and it will lead you on a merry
[07:14] chase to where you can dig up your
[07:16] ultimate reward right your ultimate
[07:19] roared is a bigger chunk of experience
[07:21] than the small experience lamps Leah get
[07:23] for the the regulars and a an exclusive
[07:27] pet Oh an exclusive pet that we've seen
[07:31] some clamor for it we've seen players
[07:33] saying that they would very much like it
[07:34] and it seemed sort of fitting somehow
[07:37] because it's if you remember the old
[07:40] gnome quest right the eyes of glory in
[07:42] particular yeah there was a small cute
[07:45] creature in it they called fluffy in our
[07:48] files yes Buffy but I think it's known
[07:51] as the cute creature yet in game and
[07:53] we're giving you your very own one of
[07:55] those ah and it's definitely entirely
[07:59] innocent and not a horrendous mind
[08:01] controlling parasite at all of course
[08:03] not man and obviously as well if you if
[08:08] you didn't make it to last year's event
[08:10] and therefore didn't get the hiker
[08:11] outfit and the party hat fire-making
[08:15] about right and you can unlock that this
[08:17] year by all those as well as hit by
[08:19] completing the event yep okay so also
[08:22] last year we have bonus weekend so those
[08:23] making a reappearance yes we we've sort
[08:26] of been tuning those over the course to
[08:28] the last year and a half as they rhyme
[08:30] up yeah they started off a bit
[08:32] scattershot where we tuned some some
[08:36] things off over the course of a weekend
[08:37] and and we did it based on rune day so
[08:40] it went from midnight to midnight yet
[08:42] again thing to do and so over the course
[08:45] of the last couple of times we've broken
[08:47] them out we've taken out the ones that
[08:49] people just went mad and then go to yet
[08:52] because obviously we've got our game
[08:53] intelligence team gathering the figures
[08:55] for that and they can tell us well no
[08:57] other things are being engaged with ya
[08:59] can tell us no one actually bothered
[09:00] going to that one so you might as well
[09:02] strip it out and put in something that
[09:03] people will yet will prefer because so
[09:06] we think we've got a good mix now in
[09:09] fact we think we got the list just about
[09:12] right the last time when it was the last
[09:13] winter weekends and yambar so we will be
[09:17] turning those back on again for for the
[09:19] the weekends in May awesome and we'll be
[09:23] turning on the ports thirty percent buff
[09:26] as well for the latter half of May those
[09:29] two weeks yeah as is sort of traditional
[09:32] by this point brilliant okay so was
[09:35] there any feedback that we received from
[09:37] last year that we've we've tried to
[09:39] include this year you've mentioned a
[09:40] couple a little bit yeah so so like I
[09:42] said it first the some of the tasks
[09:44] people were saying well what's the point
[09:46] of that and so we've we've stripped
[09:48] those out and replace them with
[09:49] something that's that's closer to what
[09:51] people might be playing for anyway and
[09:53] there were some comments about the the
[09:55] interface last year because that was
[09:57] very heavily icon driven last time wit
[09:59] there they were using pages yeah of the
[10:02] various tasks but that's actually sort
[10:04] of abstract if you don't know what the
[10:07] task is then a picture of someone
[10:09] smiling face isn't necessarily going to
[10:11] either figure the community help ease
[10:13] wears it Leah should be so we've
[10:14] reverted to a text based interface which
[10:16] obviously it's slightly further back
[10:18] towards our roots like maybe the old
[10:21] task list was just a text list it was
[10:24] here and I know that some players even
[10:26] to this day prefer that approach yeah so
[10:30] hopefully this this interface should be
[10:33] a bit easier to track okay we've removed
[10:35] the requirement to select a task and
[10:38] turn it on in your journal and then
[10:41] closed within that session and then
[10:43] close the book and then go and do the
[10:44] task it'll simply go well this is the
[10:47] first thing you've done this day that's
[10:49] eligible to complete a task so take that
[10:51] to ask off yeah which it's sort of a
[10:54] trade-off in a way because it does mean
[10:55] that you could accidentally complete a
[10:57] task that you didn't mean to write on
[10:59] the other hand it's not like there's
[11:00] more tasks in the month for new can
[11:01] complete do so you're not losing out in
[11:03] the long run just might want to be a bit
[11:06] careful before you go and rec someone in
[11:08] the wilderness if you don't mean to take
[11:10] off that you that asked for
[11:11] that day yeah okay but overall it should
[11:15] be should be much improved and likewise
[11:18] the the changes that i mentioned to jay
[11:20] mod sessions where they're not stamping
[11:23] anymore they're giving you a chit yep it
[11:25] means that we're last year you had to
[11:27] say select this task to letter j mode
[11:30] help me do it yes and then close your
[11:32] book and then go and stand next to the j
[11:34] modern spam and Templars Templars and
[11:36] don't move until it was stuck and signed
[11:38] off you simply go give me a chip please
[11:41] mr. J mod when you find them or if this
[11:44] jay mohr clone you just go and click on
[11:45] them yes there they're actually MPC's
[11:48] they're not really Jane wads at all
[11:50] we've disguised them Shh don't anybody
[11:55] that does mean that you can left-click
[11:56] them and they'll give you a chit ray you
[11:59] can claim one day like I said and you
[12:01] can just apply that to any task that you
[12:03] have in your journal there'll be a
[12:05] button that will say skip this task yeah
[12:07] and if you have a chit then you can
[12:09] spend it on that breathing spend as many
[12:11] as you want and day but you can only
[12:12] collect one per day okay brilliant and I
[12:15] think yeah I think that was the that's
[12:18] pretty much the core of the systemic
[12:20] changes that we made cool so it looks
[12:22] like mais can be really exciting month
[12:24] what was your favorite at task you've
[12:28] included astounding well I think since I
[12:30] keep on going on about it the fact that
[12:31] you've got to go into the wilderness and
[12:34] either kill someone or die to someone it
[12:36] doesn't matter whether you win or lose
[12:37] just just get in there and do something
[12:38] in the wilderness yay just sort of his
[12:41] next case going wilderness take some
[12:43] time ago yields people just to run over
[12:45] the wall and yeah we go yeah brilliant
[12:48] okay well it does sound like a really
[12:51] good mayor head and I hope you will see
[12:53] lots of players at j mordor chit
[12:56] sessions yes certainly i'll be jumping
[12:58] in game regardless of whether I've got a
[13:01] session planned from time to time just
[13:02] get for everyone passed through yet
[13:05] well thank you mod will tear thank you
[13:08] and hopefully speak to you again see
[13:09] excellent bye good bye for now
[13:22] you