Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #44: Content vs Technical DeathMatch!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:10] I'm mod Matt he and today on the
[00:12] runescape sofas we have moderating and
[00:14] washes who are here to have a deathmatch
[00:17] one way to put it please your steaks at
[00:21] dawn or more seriously we have more than
[00:24] one type of developer as standard on our
[00:26] teams for runescape we have technical
[00:29] developers and content developers which
[00:32] one of you is which I'm a Content
[00:35] developer which I guess that makes me
[00:37] the technical develop during this
[00:42] podcast you might notice a little
[00:43] rivalry page the reference to a death
[00:48] match if we manage to leave with one
[00:50] with one developer planting a cushion in
[00:53] other ones face Oh be unsurprised Oh
[00:56] Raymond not yet so okay i'll start with
[01:01] my ravenous he's closest what is a
[01:03] Content developer so a concert developer
[01:06] is the developer that makes the content
[01:08] of the game so we build the minigames
[01:09] you build the quest the stories or the
[01:11] cool stuff it's it's a combination to
[01:15] design and scripting role right because
[01:18] you come up with the ideas you work out
[01:20] the game mechanics you plug them in hope
[01:23] it doesn't break spoiler break squad up
[01:25] first time you do it then it's fine then
[01:29] I go since the game and it's completely
[01:31] fine all the time never break never
[01:34] breaks you never have to put thinkin be
[01:36] 0 and watches in Rio that's all work
[01:40] these intended with the players that
[01:42] were dying in the fact PP are just the
[01:44] players that we think should die so it's
[01:48] fine right okay you page me so you back
[01:52] yep okay my work so mod ashes what is a
[01:58] technical developing I do something very
[02:01] similar to mod Raven part from I don't
[02:03] do any of the design aspects of things
[02:06] so i will take the more technically
[02:09] challenged jobs for instance like the
[02:12] authenticator
[02:13] right that's more of a technical project
[02:15] there's no necessarily design behind it
[02:17] but in the end we will add someone like
[02:20] me or anyone else a bit of my caliber
[02:23] we'll take it brilliant game and pretty
[02:25] much do exactly the same things and we
[02:26] don't break anything either at all but
[02:33] there is there is design behind it isn't
[02:35] there because yeah and to the interfaces
[02:38] and things like that yes but only the
[02:40] design you do is different to how a
[02:42] content designer yeah so I won't have
[02:45] any form of narrative or any law sort of
[02:49] stuff that kind of thing but we will
[02:51] still sit down and go okay well I need
[02:54] an interface I need to do XYZ and
[02:56] everything else so that that sort of
[02:59] thing is still part of of a Content role
[03:02] but i will take anything more
[03:04] challenging from sort of an engine side
[03:07] of facilities it goes under the hood yes
[03:09] rather deal with so for systems and all
[03:11] that sort of stuff okay and what
[03:14] different skill sets which you would
[03:17] each if you have that means one of you
[03:19] is technical role in a Content developer
[03:20] we share a lot of skill sets really when
[03:25] you boil down to it but I think it's
[03:26] mostly boils down to content developer
[03:29] has more imagination well like the
[03:33] imagination I don't necessarily have
[03:35] more imagination he's just like they
[03:38] like to use the imagination bit more
[03:39] they're more creative bit more of a kind
[03:42] of like no posting a flaring thing right
[03:45] hey Donna whereas I think they are
[03:48] logical yeah take a very logical
[03:51] approach to things yeah we'll sit down
[03:53] and try and work things out to be more
[03:55] order based and say the stuff needs to
[03:58] happen in this in a certain way okay so
[04:02] what kind of projects would a technical
[04:05] developer work on compared to a Content
[04:07] developer so for instance the
[04:08] authenticator was me that I mentioned
[04:10] earlier anything that sort of spec so
[04:15] another one would have been the seasonal
[04:17] high schools yeah that's a that was a
[04:19] very technical role the new loot system
[04:21] that's currently in beta that's that's
[04:25] another technical
[04:26] the right stuff but anything to that
[04:28] sort of caliber that you see coming into
[04:30] game that doesn't necessarily have any
[04:33] form of sort of narrative way yeah is
[04:36] more of a technical right thank you all
[04:39] ok so both of you could do bits of each
[04:42] other's role but it's kind of how you
[04:44] approach it that's the difference
[04:45] between you yeah I think it's also just
[04:47] playing to people's strengths as well ok
[04:50] like a tech dev as their name implies is
[04:53] tends to be better at the sort of more
[04:56] focused nitty-gritty coding a bit right
[04:58] whereas content developers are more able
[05:02] to do the sort of questi type of
[05:04] narrative and all so I sit just behind
[05:06] you what Raven and clearly those kind of
[05:09] technical under the hood detail a bit
[05:11] though the you call the boring
[05:12] bits yes yes yes they are the bits i
[05:14] called the boring bit as if it's where i
[05:16] go oh god why I don't ask you do i do
[05:19] sometimes but no no no I'm old ashes who
[05:24] sits next to you would would pick up
[05:26] those bits and yes yes but instead when
[05:29] asked who writes and dialogue goes multi
[05:35] what a drew for me I do no good I don't
[05:39] know what this character can say okay
[05:44] how how did each of you end up in in the
[05:48] type of role we'd known as a technical
[05:50] develop or content developer well I well
[05:54] I started off and place ball and then
[05:55] moved up into this but I applied
[05:58] specifically for content writer dev I
[06:00] think you played I I tried to do content
[06:03] but they realized as while I was doing
[06:06] my content trial I was a lot more
[06:08] logical based right so they saw that
[06:11] part of me was highly skilled compared
[06:14] to my ability to write a design for
[06:18] something that was potentially gonna
[06:20] happen again okay so it's almost science
[06:22] versus art kind of pretty much yeah
[06:25] logic vs yeah something else lot of it
[06:32] is flim flam's a wednesday wish she will
[06:37] she make it up where she
[06:38] you make it up a wizard did it with you
[06:40] which is why more Raven likes me for the
[06:42] developer because he gets to make stuff
[06:44] up and always it always does everything
[06:46] and with Lewis does everything yes ok so
[06:50] when it comes down to your skill sets
[06:52] are very similar yeah we can both pretty
[06:55] much do anything in the code base Ram
[06:57] between either of us we all have we both
[07:00] have that knowledge anyone in either
[07:02] content or tech dev has all that
[07:03] knowledge I think it's just a preferred
[07:05] of which way you kind of which where you
[07:07] approach the approach stuff no way to do
[07:10] projects that you would be wanting to do
[07:12] or be willing to do ok yeah so what
[07:16] you're telling me is this is less a
[07:17] death match sadly sorry yeah we expected
[07:24] like this does it do because they'll do
[07:27] that if you want we can try this what
[07:29] happens there are two God swords in this
[07:31] room whack each other with them but I
[07:34] don't might try say it's very well in
[07:36] podcast I don't know it son of you being
[07:38] beaten by my actions which let's face it
[07:42] is likely result I'll teach it's fine
[07:44] but there are only two swords in the
[07:46] room and you can't work for the door on
[07:48] this rig if you win this round ok so
[07:54] it's been your favourite piece of
[07:56] content to work on my lashes which me a
[07:59] Content grub and every society actual
[08:02] college shaves the content stuff that
[08:04] you've told shod you working I don't
[08:07] really know too because I've kind of
[08:09] from being in the ninja team I've seen
[08:10] quite a lot of content and stuff going
[08:12] out before I moved but yeah this is so
[08:17] much stuff that I've kind of touched
[08:19] upon that I can't think okay well with
[08:22] what I've had some odd Raven which piece
[08:26] of what you would consider technical
[08:28] content that you've been involved in I
[08:31] don't know if I have any lower classes
[08:34] favorite they're ones I beg you remember
[08:37] quite the same way i did some redesign
[08:41] of the old loyalty saw that I was quite
[08:45] proud of I mean it's not stuff that
[08:46] anyone would ever see but it was under
[08:49] the hood under the hood stuff to that's
[08:50] part of the difference with technical
[08:52] stuff isn't it you can always stuff
[08:54] that's blatantly visible now players
[08:56] it's stuff that connects yeah all the
[08:58] ritz underneath and let's let you do all
[09:00] your stories in quests what Raven yeah
[09:03] because without without technical
[09:05] development you'd be stuffed now I just
[09:08] held it there for a late time it she
[09:11] ugly I don't know it was just be a
[09:13] wizard does it hey we're doing I would
[09:15] make an empathy wizard who is down there
[09:17] and just say hey guys I did it and if it
[09:20] like work fine all Heath you know elder
[09:23] gold quest solved right there and then a
[09:25] wizard is always it did it and you think
[09:28] how the whole community would like them
[09:30] oh yeah absolutely it is fine I'm sure
[09:33] our law law firms will will be great
[09:35] fans of it please don't hurt me guys so
[09:38] every petals are dawn in this room who
[09:40] pisses a door from the community there
[09:45] is me in the background will be waving
[09:46] you on so it has become my realization
[09:50] you are in fact standing on the
[09:52] shoulders of more batches and you will
[09:55] achieve nothing without him given some
[09:58] of the co at the moment that's probably
[09:59] fair broke enough things that more
[10:03] lashes has looked at because we do code
[10:05] reviews we just work on our demon I was
[10:07] very good sort of music and ashes
[10:09] reviews of my code hasn't run away
[10:11] crying which is a good sign as a crazy
[10:13] one maybe maybe don't do this it's like
[10:16] oh please don't need that back but
[10:19] whatever so yes you do code reviews for
[10:23] each other yeah is that something we
[10:26] normally do cross discipline here or
[10:27] it's not normally cross discipline it
[10:30] arc acids mean code reviews are done by
[10:32] whoever can really do the code very
[10:34] tightly from the teams but it's often
[10:36] useful if you've got a tective to get
[10:38] them to review your character so because
[10:41] they've got that technical mind yeah we
[10:42] can look at it also I suppose it kind of
[10:44] works in Reverse cuz a Gandhian dev can
[10:47] look it and go I see you've got the code
[10:48] right but this bit what
[10:50] mmm we do our own editing now as well so
[10:53] it kind of helps with that especially
[10:54] with me in sentences since is not your
[10:58] strong point I logi dialogue is not my
[11:01] strong point at all right okay okay
[11:07] right well thank you for coming in today
[11:09] even if it didn't turn out to be a
[11:11] slaughterman teenager as much as we
[11:14] hoped that i should point out moderating
[11:16] before we came down to record this was
[11:17] saying about how awesome he was and how
[11:20] content dev is everything yeah but he
[11:23] said technically true apart from its on
[11:26] the pillar of we need the tag let's do
[11:32] the stuff will its content that's gonna
[11:33] too busy being with writing again you're
[11:36] right I interface right well thank you
[11:39] for coming down and thank you for the
[11:41] insight all right bye-bye
[12:05] you