Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #42: Mod Simon Talks RuneScapeTV

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:06] which is going to be about runescape TV
[00:08] so I have with me today Montana and I'm
[00:11] mod Mackey the podcast monkey and we're
[00:14] just going to get straight into it so
[00:15] what is runescape TV okay so runescape
[00:18] TV it's it's our weekly live stream for
[00:21] inscape or I guess what cops are they
[00:23] will cover in skate 3 we aim to produce
[00:26] it once a week to really basically give
[00:28] players the best insight into the world
[00:30] of not just runescape by jagex as well
[00:32] and provide as much detail that they
[00:34] want as we can obviously sometimes we
[00:36] have to keep our voices a little
[00:38] bit but we can try and give it a show
[00:41] everything you know but a few teasers
[00:42] here and there is it obviously was
[00:44] really useful ok so streaming is still
[00:47] fairly new to jagex has it changed the
[00:50] lead-up to runescape TV right well
[00:52] runescape TV has kind of been a
[00:54] culmination of my time at jackets I mean
[00:57] myself and my colleague mod James who
[00:59] would be here today before she's on
[01:01] holiday I say unfortunately he's in
[01:03] Florida so he's probably Florida yes
[01:05] living it up there yeah a little bit and
[01:06] but so we've been here for just over 10
[01:08] months and you basically arrived with
[01:11] the room that were in now obviously
[01:13] people want to hear listen to a podcast
[01:14] can't see it but we're in the streaming
[01:15] room and it was an empty space it was a
[01:18] soundproof room and basically jackets
[01:21] didn't really have a functional
[01:23] streaming space and so in the lead-up to
[01:26] runescape TV we created a studio in
[01:28] which now we we host these weekly live
[01:30] streams which has led to a massive
[01:31] improvement in production quality of the
[01:33] streams that we produce he as well as
[01:35] just the scope for future streams that
[01:36] we can do is now really really high
[01:38] we've also tried to improve the content
[01:40] and I hope that the listeners that have
[01:41] seen streams have seen that to come to
[01:43] fruition there have been a few changes
[01:45] in the type of stuff that we've streamed
[01:46] I mean for a runescape we used to focus
[01:48] heavily on featured streamers which was
[01:50] when we effectively gave other streamers
[01:53] of members of the community the keys to
[01:55] sort the door of the the runescape
[01:57] accountant that go and stream on the
[01:59] runescape account which gave them a
[02:00] little bit more publicity which was
[02:01] really good and we're always passionate
[02:03] about to help streamers get their
[02:05] channels bill up right but it really
[02:07] wasn't seen the traction that we hoped
[02:08] for and we wanted any time that the
[02:11] runescape channel was streaming for it
[02:12] to be something really flagship
[02:13] and that every player would want to
[02:15] watch so we've kind of cut that back and
[02:17] now producing just a regular stream each
[02:21] week to try and really really help
[02:22] promote the content that the awesome
[02:24] guys here make and so far it's been
[02:26] working them it's been going really well
[02:27] right sure where we're talking about the
[02:29] stream we mean I suppose we can do a
[02:31] quick audio tour we're obviously sat on
[02:33] the sofas yes which you might see on the
[02:35] street on the street very streams we do
[02:36] and behind this is a big curveball with
[02:39] a bank of tvs that we used to show as
[02:42] images yeah yeah and we have a green
[02:45] screen that rolls across the top of it
[02:47] yeah sometimes you'll see streams we're
[02:48] not seeing this usual TV backdrop and it
[02:50] might just be a graphic and it's not the
[02:52] fact that we've gone and got a printer a
[02:54] printing company to go and make a huge
[02:56] canvas for us is actually just using a
[02:58] green screen and using what's called a
[03:00] chroma key to take out that green
[03:02] replace it with an image yeah which can
[03:04] like post very very interesting shots I
[03:06] mean if anyone was lucky enough to tune
[03:09] into a stream we did not so long ago
[03:10] with a team called the nameless which is
[03:12] led by mod crocell but we talked about
[03:15] the tusker world event and we were
[03:16] provided with an awesome backdrop which
[03:19] is effectively a video recording of the
[03:22] skybox you'll be presented with when you
[03:24] finally get to take on the tusker world
[03:26] event and it has various rocks and
[03:28] formations flying through it as an
[03:31] animated backdrop and we have that going
[03:33] behind the stream so occasionally every
[03:35] 15 seconds or so a rock would just
[03:36] appear from behind the couch and fly up
[03:38] through the air and it just it poses
[03:41] interesting opportunities for what we
[03:42] can do on the stream yeah and we got a
[03:45] big heavy soundproof door in here yes
[03:47] with a massive handle you have to crank
[03:49] basically where it gives quite the irony
[03:51] that it's a soundproof room yet the door
[03:53] is far from sound proof in itself whilst
[03:56] it blocks the sound opening it is
[03:58] closing it is quite noisy so if you ever
[04:01] hear a random screech on the on the
[04:04] stream or on the podcast the or on the
[04:06] podcast is it's probably someone opening
[04:08] or closing that door which is
[04:10] unfortunate maybe we should get some
[04:11] wd-40 on a case I think and then we've
[04:14] got a wall pictures with a sofa where
[04:16] people sit well they're waiting to come
[04:17] on yeah it's definitely a
[04:18] multifunctional space and we we try and
[04:21] accommodate everyone in this room so the
[04:23] video team obviously they produce the
[04:25] author possum partner scenes videos
[04:27] and various other videos throughout the
[04:28] month and I want them and they create
[04:30] their what they call their month the
[04:32] head yeah what your players will see as
[04:34] of course it was there like this month's
[04:37] updates coming in january or march or
[04:39] whatever it may be and they do that in
[04:41] front of a wall of awesome concept art
[04:43] that either on by the the runescape
[04:45] concept and then we have a bank of
[04:46] little bank of cameras that stare at us
[04:49] when we're on the live streams yes no
[04:51] they're always quite intense we upgrade
[04:53] the camera's not so long ago along with
[04:55] this this room sort of refurbishment we
[04:57] really really wanted to take stream into
[04:59] the next level and i mean i don't really
[05:01] want to get into too much of the
[05:02] technicality of it but we used to stream
[05:05] effectively in standard definition i'm
[05:07] sure a lot of people of the listeners
[05:08] will know tvs over the past sort of 5-10
[05:11] years of restart upgrade into high
[05:13] definition and it's a bit confusing when
[05:15] you have HD ready and full HD with the
[05:18] difference is the resolution we used to
[05:20] produce a 720p and with the purchase of
[05:23] the new cameras were able not only to
[05:25] produce at 1080p which is a full HD we
[05:28] now actually have scope to upgrade a
[05:30] full 4k Ultra HD so well for anyone
[05:33] that's really really desperate to see
[05:36] every fine detail on modern Matthews
[05:38] face they might be able to sometime soon
[05:40] you really don't want it and then we
[05:43] have our gaming machines where we
[05:45] present the material absolutely so with
[05:48] runescape TV it's not all just about a
[05:50] chat on the sofa as much as that's
[05:52] obviously a key drawn we always wanted
[05:54] to keep it sort of fresh and
[05:55] entertaining what guys really come to
[05:57] see is some of the content showcases
[05:59] that we can provide and by having a
[06:02] couple of gaming machines here we enable
[06:04] a couple of mods to jump on drawing that
[06:06] stream and go into things like the test
[06:08] world's or maybe the beta and show off
[06:11] some content that is about to hit the
[06:13] game and really give you that in-depth
[06:15] teaser of everything coming up and last
[06:17] but not least we have the production
[06:18] desk where we have mod bond sitting
[06:20] listening to us as we chatting yes the
[06:22] proton desk is quite an interesting one
[06:24] I remember when we were trying to sort
[06:26] of spec this thing out discussing with
[06:29] our head of procurement the guy that
[06:31] buys everything and talking with the
[06:32] head of IT they were skeptical as to why
[06:35] we needed so many screens and pieces of
[06:38] tech and it is quite extravagant but
[06:40] it really does enable us to produce
[06:42] amazing things I mean the real scope of
[06:45] what we can do has never really been
[06:46] seen but the closest we've come if
[06:48] anyone was fortunate up to see the clan
[06:50] cup yet final that we hosted at HQ last
[06:53] year that was in things the first moment
[06:55] but I still remember rightly that really
[06:58] showed off what we can do we actually
[06:59] have an amazing gaming LAN area now in
[07:02] the the age limit jagex which has 60
[07:05] gaming computers in there for everyone
[07:06] to go on and play not just for staff
[07:08] horse it during lunch breaks or makeup
[07:09] events players can come into you've seen
[07:12] it in things like game blast and we have
[07:14] a stage in there which really gives that
[07:16] eSports field if you can have a five
[07:18] versus five to one on there which is
[07:19] perfect for things like the the clan
[07:22] wars that we here used for the client
[07:23] cup and we were able to capture every
[07:25] single one of those persons screens
[07:27] which is really above the scope of
[07:29] anything we could have produced before
[07:30] we used to be helped we were limited to
[07:32] capturing one camera and one pc screen
[07:35] yeah which is obviously very restrictive
[07:38] you should have to show one thing at a
[07:39] time but now we can we can actually
[07:41] capture almost infinite screens at once
[07:43] so we obviously capture the ten state
[07:45] machines we can capture all the screens
[07:47] in here and we can seamlessly flip
[07:49] between all of them so we can show you
[07:50] guys the best content as it happens so
[07:53] so that's a little aldea to yes tour of
[07:55] the video streaming room so from
[07:58] runescape TV who's involved in IE so
[08:01] convenient as i mentioned this myself
[08:03] and mod james that head up the
[08:05] department yeah so we're employed as
[08:07] video streaming specialists and we sort
[08:09] of use our expertise to help source and
[08:12] the equipment for this room and put it
[08:14] together and and then we effectively
[08:17] head of the production making sure that
[08:19] everything works and then make sure all
[08:20] that the people that help which is in
[08:22] fact actually yourself and other members
[08:25] of the the dev quantum con que miedo
[08:27] become one yes that they're extremely
[08:30] useful and be able to provide assistance
[08:32] with the production when we built it it
[08:34] was kind of intended to be like able to
[08:37] work with just two people on production
[08:39] it is functional however if anyone has
[08:42] ever seen a broadcast studio something
[08:44] maybe not on the scale of things like
[08:45] the BBC but proper broadcast studios
[08:48] you'll see that they don't just have a
[08:49] two-man production name it is a fully
[08:51] assembled unit and so
[08:54] does require a few more staff to keep
[08:56] all the cogs and wheels turning their
[08:58] okay so when and where is runescape TV
[09:01] on right so runescape TV if you're not
[09:04] aware and you folks tuning in it happens
[09:06] currently every tuesday at four to five
[09:08] pm well that's four to five pm the
[09:12] minute is british summer time he has
[09:13] changed to greenwich mean time which is
[09:15] gmt but if you reference it against game
[09:19] time currently when you're playing
[09:21] obviously that should be 3 p.m. till 4pm
[09:24] you want to go to twitch TV /r inscape
[09:27] so twitches the live streaming platform
[09:29] that we use we use that because it's the
[09:32] gamers platform we can stream on youtube
[09:34] but youtuber offers a whole host of
[09:36] streams where as twitches dedicated to
[09:38] just gaming and obviously runescape that
[09:41] is core is pure gaming them we may have
[09:43] chat shows we may have various other
[09:45] things but realistically all focuses
[09:47] around runescape and so we wanted to
[09:48] keep it at the home of where all of your
[09:50] favorite runescape community streamers
[09:52] are which are all on twitch ok so it's
[09:54] live streamed what if I miss it what if
[09:57] I don't see it on the live stream of
[09:59] course the cursed with a live broadcast
[10:00] of the fact that you can miss it
[10:02] unfortunately but there are several
[10:04] things in place to make sure that that
[10:06] experience isn't room for yellow twitch
[10:08] itself actually uploads what's called a
[10:10] VOD which for anyone that doesn't know
[10:12] that acronym is video on demand so once
[10:14] the live stream is finished it may take
[10:15] a few minutes for it to process it all
[10:17] up and cut it into a video but you'll be
[10:19] able to watch it back as if it were
[10:21] alive obviously you won't have things
[10:22] like the chap although if anyone's handy
[10:24] with chrome you there are our various
[10:26] extensions you can use to actually get
[10:27] the chat back and see the chat as you're
[10:30] watching the video after you can't
[10:31] partake in the chat but sometimes it's
[10:33] quite entertaining to see what the
[10:34] reactions were various reactions were
[10:36] yeah course so if you do miss it you can
[10:39] always watch it on Twitch however I
[10:40] would actually recommend heading over to
[10:42] youtube because shortly after the stream
[10:45] ends we export that video over to
[10:46] youtube on the runescape YouTube channel
[10:48] of course so forward slash
[10:50] runescape and you'll be able to find on
[10:53] there there's actually quite recently
[10:55] performed a runescape TV playlist so
[10:58] every week they'll automatically enter
[11:00] into that playlist and you where to find
[11:02] them they're brilliant ok so what kind
[11:04] of things get included it on runescape
[11:06] TV then what kind of thing
[11:07] I see so at its core really it's a
[11:10] Content showcase that's really what we
[11:12] want to deliver that was myself and
[11:14] Maude James's intent we know that
[11:16] players are desperate to see what's
[11:18] going to be hitting their game soon and
[11:20] so what we really want to do is break
[11:22] down sort of walls of transparency and
[11:25] make sure that we can play as can see
[11:27] right into Jayate see exactly what's
[11:29] going on and know when they're going to
[11:31] get their content so as soon as we can
[11:33] obviously sometimes we can't show things
[11:35] too early but as soon as we can we'll
[11:37] show you off the latest content about to
[11:38] hit the game and we'll get some of the
[11:41] the QA testers the developers and some
[11:44] of the designers behind that content and
[11:45] even the graphics artists recently as
[11:47] well which has been great to talk about
[11:49] the content they've created for you to
[11:51] go and enjoy so why why did we start
[11:54] reading it to you why are we doing this
[11:56] as I mentioned really it's just to try
[11:59] and break down those those walls that
[12:01] we've had before where jagex has been
[12:03] notoriously quite private about a lot of
[12:05] the things that it's made and especially
[12:06] through runescape over the past few
[12:09] years we've really started to break down
[12:11] those walls it used to be the case that
[12:13] you'd never really find out about future
[12:14] content as I'm dying and sometimes you
[12:17] would log in or you'd go on the homepage
[12:18] for example you might find oh there's a
[12:20] new skill and those kind of things
[12:22] they're not going to happen at em dead
[12:24] that yeah that's not the kind of thing
[12:26] we like to try young people anymore yeah
[12:28] we like to keep a few things up our
[12:29] sleeve but of course the real big stuff
[12:32] that really influences you guys with
[12:34] things like power to the players or
[12:35] player power as it's now called yeah
[12:38] with those things coming in we obviously
[12:40] want to be able to give you guys as much
[12:42] influence in your game as possible and
[12:44] being able to see that content before it
[12:46] comes out and offer feedback on it at
[12:48] that stage is where it's really valuable
[12:50] and that's the crucial thing about live
[12:51] streams you may see something two months
[12:53] before it comes out and you may think on
[12:54] what Simon why are you doing this
[12:55] because I can't actually play it for two
[12:57] months but that's the stage at which you
[12:59] can offer your feedback to say I don't
[13:01] like this because or I think that's
[13:03] awesome but I'd love to see this as well
[13:05] yeah and it's then on the developers and
[13:09] the designers to come around and really
[13:11] tear that feedback and that's something
[13:13] that they are really doing now with
[13:15] quite a passion that they're all really
[13:17] dedicated to making sure that every
[13:19] piece of content they produce is
[13:20] something that you go
[13:21] want to play what are your plans and
[13:23] hopes for the future of our internet TV
[13:24] okay well rinse it TV has been really
[13:27] successful so far I'm glad to be able to
[13:29] say that and we've seen a steady growing
[13:31] audience throughout that and we're
[13:32] hoping obviously that continues and and
[13:35] weekly we hope you can all return and
[13:36] and watch a great show and moving
[13:40] forward it's simply just to keep those
[13:42] aspirations alive of making it as
[13:44] transparent as possible showing you as
[13:46] much content as we can yet really given
[13:49] you deep insight into into how things
[13:51] are made why things are made and
[13:53] basically getting you involved in the in
[13:54] the creation process of that rune labs
[13:57] is a fantastic way that we're already
[13:58] doing that this year but with the live
[14:01] streams it gives you an opportunity to
[14:02] offer feedback when something's already
[14:04] in production not just suggest an idea
[14:05] but really just add those little out of
[14:07] the process yeah add the little niceties
[14:09] that would really help players enjoy
[14:11] things like quality of life and various
[14:14] suggestions like that okay outside of
[14:16] runescape TV with this great Street
[14:18] Airstream room facility what other
[14:20] streams confuse expect to see them okay
[14:23] so I mean the most regular you probably
[14:25] going to see things like the CM events
[14:28] our community management team they often
[14:30] run events in game and sometimes they
[14:32] like to live stream these yeah obviously
[14:33] increase the profile of them and so they
[14:36] happen probably on a bi-weekly basis but
[14:38] do stay tuned for those you'll see them
[14:40] around sometimes they'll actually follow
[14:41] on directly after a runescape TV so so
[14:43] it's the perfect time to go and watch
[14:45] those but also the less frequent events
[14:48] you might see obviously big runescape
[14:50] events I mean the first one that jumps
[14:51] to mind for anyone is runefest yeah
[14:53] you're always going to be able to see
[14:54] the game live streamed now it's marching
[14:56] and they come from this studio because
[14:58] we're always on location yet that is
[15:01] obviously a flagship stream that over
[15:03] the past few years players have loved to
[15:04] be able to see we mentioned the client
[15:07] Cup earlier that was a phenomenal stream
[15:09] last year and I'm sure that will look to
[15:10] try and replicate anything we can from
[15:13] that yeah being able to broadcast
[15:14] effectively a live competition which is
[15:17] something very new to runescape so we
[15:19] hope to be able to see there again this
[15:21] year also various other events if anyone
[15:24] was lucky enough to see the the drop
[15:26] live stream that yeah yeah yeahs January
[15:29] of this year so that was a piece of
[15:30] content that you can as you go and play
[15:33] it's it's a restricted
[15:34] access a piece of content it can only be
[15:37] started by Jay mods and it's a quiz in
[15:40] games if you did miss it i'm sure you'll
[15:41] be able to find various videos and the
[15:44] live stream is in fact of of the drop
[15:45] happening land but it's an exciting time
[15:47] where we stream to players and got
[15:50] players involved in game whilst the
[15:52] stream was going on it's an interactive
[15:53] experience and whilst we we did the drop
[15:56] and it was very successful we love to
[15:58] try and expand that now into into future
[16:00] ideas for future ideas here obviously
[16:02] you can still see the drop though with
[16:03] the the CMT as i mentioned being able to
[16:06] go and deploy it wherever they fancy and
[16:08] test your runescape trivia okay so last
[16:11] couple questions what's been the
[16:14] funniest thing to happen on runescape TV
[16:16] so far it's really hard one to answer
[16:17] that I guess it's perceptive to the
[16:19] viewer but for me I guess I could only
[16:23] really deem it funny now but looking
[16:24] back at it it has to be pretty much
[16:27] where I do it might sound like I'm over
[16:30] he's a dream but I've almost nearly died
[16:31] on production I think there was a time
[16:33] back in December where we had a really
[16:36] great Q&A with mod mark which mod James
[16:38] hosted yeah but that left just me on
[16:41] production so it's just the three of us
[16:42] in the room and the problem was I was
[16:45] actually very us done to get very ill at
[16:47] this time I'm not usually someone that
[16:48] gets ill so I usually try and trudge
[16:50] through it but I remember the room was
[16:53] pretty icy cold we had the air con on
[16:55] see there was no reason to be hot but I
[16:57] was sitting at the production desk
[16:58] mixing the audio and making sure that
[17:01] all the cameras were fine and I was
[17:04] dripping in sweat and mud mark and more
[17:07] James they did reference it quite a few
[17:09] times just a long man flu are you okay
[17:12] are you about to die you look white as
[17:15] various occasions it's always good it's
[17:17] funny too I know often the viewers don't
[17:19] fully get the context of when people are
[17:22] spoke to off camera yeah here but as
[17:24] much as at the time I most certainly
[17:26] didn't find it funny looking back at it
[17:27] looking back in it if the lb was quite
[17:29] hilarious to see me yeah but just
[17:31] dripping with sweat and I scored really
[17:33] that's quite weird I'm over you what's
[17:35] been your favorite moment of Riemsdyk TV
[17:37] so far um it's very that sweet spot
[17:39] Phylly yeah I mean this is a bit of a
[17:41] weird one and I guess really it's it's
[17:43] player involvement really had me going
[17:46] right and
[17:47] for runescape to be specifically not
[17:50] just I mean the drop that we did that
[17:51] was so successful and that's one of my
[17:53] favorite streams have done no doubt but
[17:55] for runescape TV it was one of the first
[17:57] episodes that we did and sort of our
[17:59] trial run at the end of last year if
[18:00] anyone saw them and it was with the
[18:02] nameless who actually weren't named well
[18:04] at that time not that the nameless is
[18:05] really a name but that's development
[18:08] team one for anyone Santa where it's led
[18:10] by mod crocell and he had his team on
[18:11] and they were talking through various
[18:13] bits of content things like the the new
[18:15] virago phase 10 things like that yeah
[18:18] but whilst that really got the audience
[18:20] going excited them the one thing that I
[18:22] didn't expect was the bit which the chat
[18:25] just lost they lost it they went crazy
[18:27] and they absolutely loved what they were
[18:29] seeing was the smallest of things it was
[18:31] it was actually Fred came in and he had
[18:34] a piece of concept art it was a
[18:36] side-by-side contact out of showing what
[18:39] plan avatars used to look like all right
[18:41] yeah and then what they look like now
[18:42] yeah and so that was just a small change
[18:45] that you did it didn't take him too long
[18:46] so it's one of these like there's kind
[18:48] of a ninja style fixes yes he's not a
[18:49] member of the ninja team and it really
[18:52] sticks in my mind because just by
[18:54] showing that concept art I've never seen
[18:55] the chat react so positively like so
[18:58] overwhelmingly towards a piece of
[19:00] content I mean I'm a runescape Blair and
[19:03] I knew alfre straying claret ours were
[19:05] with their ridiculous click radisys
[19:07] their aliases and I appreciate the
[19:09] frustrations of players but just seeing
[19:11] seeing that being made smaller and the
[19:14] chat just absolutely seems ok we are
[19:16] showing showing mad love to friend the
[19:18] team it was yeah I was just really
[19:20] satisfying that's the kind of thing that
[19:22] I really wanted to deliver with
[19:23] runescape TV super well for those that
[19:26] missed it despite the fact we mentioned
[19:28] it several times where can you find and
[19:30] when can you find really a TV so twitch
[19:34] TV pool / runescape that is the platform
[19:36] for all things runescape yet now if you
[19:39] are an old school family as well all the
[19:41] the obstacle streams are on there too
[19:42] yeah but runescape TP specifically is a
[19:45] Tuesday 4 to 5 p.m. tuesday 425 yes the
[19:49] British time so the minute British time
[19:52] but do be aware that does change but
[19:54] we'll obviously notify you that with
[19:56] that as soon as we can and watch out for
[19:57] in game broadcasts that will notify you
[19:59] when these shows go
[20:01] brilliant well I look forward to seeing
[20:02] you on it thank you very much speech
[20:04] again soon bye
[20:23] you