Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #41: All about Quests

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] hello everybody welcome to another
[00:09] podcast I'm metal spawn and they've
[00:12] given me charge of this podcast cuz my
[00:14] bat he's he not hear the fools this
[00:16] one's about quests and we've got some of
[00:19] the biggest Questers in the room to talk
[00:21] to you including mod kelpie hello yes
[00:24] not so much to the biggest Questor I
[00:27] think you're useful I mean you do the
[00:29] scheduling off yes for an answer I can
[00:31] answer some of the more yes scheduling
[00:33] type questions today super duper and
[00:35] we've also got some genuine quest makers
[00:37] modeling yeah I've been pretending I
[00:40] know how to make quests and yeah winging
[00:42] it mods do Cena content developer I
[00:45] recently dropped dimensional disaster
[00:48] done quite a few other quests I love
[00:50] quests in general have a quest cape it
[00:52] was up to me I'd work on nothing but
[00:53] quests but unfortunately it's not to me
[00:55] I'd give you a job based on with
[00:56] liberalism and always look into that
[00:59] alright so yeah the the pitch for the
[01:02] podcast is and the quest of all is ended
[01:04] we were looking back at 200 quest so why
[01:06] not look at the next 200 quests let's be
[01:08] ambitious 200 more 204 come on let's
[01:11] roll them out and just I kind of put the
[01:14] question up on Twitter and pick you out
[01:17] on the forums there's asking people to
[01:19] deliver the most brutal artists to
[01:21] answer questions about quests and see if
[01:23] we could answer them satisfactorily so
[01:25] you know that's if we can do it and be
[01:27] bold okay so I'm going to kick it off
[01:29] alright we've run stat who asked ok 2012
[01:33] sword 12 quests summer voice-acted why
[01:36] has the number gone down so drastically
[01:38] just a big quest frequency question well
[01:41] I think part of it and the hello guy you
[01:44] guys will be able to explain bit more
[01:45] into probably but is the just the
[01:47] general length we do put into quest
[01:49] these days the amount of work that do go
[01:51] into them they do take several months to
[01:53] develop yeah and as we've been talking
[01:56] about with mud pits blog on content
[01:59] frequency we try to release on the
[02:01] weekly basis and when you have these
[02:03] quests that taking several months to
[02:05] develop you can only develop so many a
[02:08] time yeah and so the year that just kind
[02:10] of reduced the scope also you when we do
[02:12] kind of tend to release like shore
[02:14] quests you we do tend to get a lot of
[02:17] feedback on them being too short and
[02:18] such
[02:19] a kind of expectance them to be quite
[02:21] large and long yeah we kind of set this
[02:23] up ourselves almost we've moved towards
[02:24] my big event quests like your world
[02:26] wakes you up later for God's 200 quest
[02:29] they happen recently regularly we're
[02:30] putting a lot of effort into them that
[02:31] my bombastic the big rewards some of
[02:33] them are voiced things like that so we
[02:36] putting more effort in that we
[02:37] previously did and there's almost an
[02:38] expectation that question be like that
[02:40] you could argue but there is you know we
[02:42] don't necessarily have to do that yeah
[02:44] that some small request would be
[02:46] appreciate and I think that's something
[02:47] we're we're discussing is that yeah i
[02:50] mean this year we've already released
[02:52] several large quest yeah there's at
[02:54] least number two currently in the world
[02:56] ever a reasonably big the other two
[02:58] quests that we're definitely doing this
[03:00] year are a little bit smaller so it'd be
[03:02] interesting to see how well those go
[03:04] down yeah i'm particularly because and I
[03:07] more pips his blog has raised the
[03:08] question of if we did have small number
[03:11] i have a once per month IE a big big
[03:13] size update with smaller updates
[03:15] punctuating that how would quests fit
[03:17] into that we've been kind of reopening
[03:19] the topic of things like bottle quests
[03:21] like what it would have been like if we
[03:23] went to a developer and say okay with a
[03:25] small amount of resource but you just
[03:27] had complete control over that quest
[03:28] what would you produce clockwork syringe
[03:30] i remember it was done relatively
[03:32] quickly with a more limited graphical
[03:34] budget but i still think that's a really
[03:35] strong quack yes I definitely think
[03:37] there's stuff that we can do I think
[03:39] this whole update frequency thing I
[03:41] certainly don't think you were going to
[03:42] get less quests whoever or not we get
[03:45] more but it's not so much just this
[03:47] update frequency is about what we do
[03:50] well yeah such it's made us rethink how
[03:51] we cry Questor wielding if the you know
[03:54] it depending where the blog goes what
[03:56] the pair responsive to it is yes but
[03:58] yeah definitely think that make us we
[04:00] think I would be quite something what
[04:01] would you do with that would you be able
[04:02] to create quest for the lower graphical
[04:04] budget and certainly in fact I think
[04:06] that one of the things with dimension of
[04:07] disaster was that initially it needed a
[04:10] lot of content vermin time but not so
[04:11] much graphics time because we had a team
[04:13] dedicated doing it we found that the
[04:15] environment artists finished early and
[04:17] they started doing a lot of visual gag
[04:20] references and yeah I think I taken
[04:22] machinery and and and make making storer
[04:25] comedy that Solomon in a bottle yeah
[04:26] that kind of thing
[04:29] we didn't initially planned to
[04:30] completely rebuild the palace for
[04:32] example we're gonna see if we could
[04:33] maybe try and set to settle for it and
[04:35] reuse the environment a lot more so I
[04:37] think that we could do a lot more
[04:39] projects that are content driven and we
[04:42] use the wealth of assets we already have
[04:44] Sam and just like well scoring dictate
[04:45] it like you could the quality of the
[04:47] story big centerpiece could you do that
[04:49] not only of having been in some of the
[04:51] most I like to do my crazy extravagant
[04:55] bombastic quests and you know leave a
[04:56] mark but yeah definitely the first thing
[04:59] I think of when I'm designing is what
[05:03] stuff can can be reused what sort of
[05:05] mileage can we get out of what we've
[05:06] already got and because I mean there's
[05:09] there's a lot of times when it like like
[05:12] you say we've had extra environment time
[05:14] or like extra graphics time on some in
[05:16] some aspect way sort of just you know
[05:19] added things in because we we have the
[05:21] time but getting everyone to spend like
[05:24] an even amount of time on a quest and
[05:26] making sure that the work is even for
[05:28] everyone it's a really difficult
[05:29] challenge and to bring it back to the
[05:32] original question voice acting that's
[05:34] just like you basically just have to add
[05:36] an extra time chunk onto the end of a
[05:38] project because you have it you have to
[05:40] have all the dialogue in place already
[05:42] and then you have to make that into a
[05:44] script you have to take it like down to
[05:46] London or wherever the voice actors are
[05:49] direct it get it back get it in game is
[05:52] fun I don't like it it's wonderful I
[05:54] absolutely loved it but it's just you
[05:56] know stay yeah it's just a design
[05:58] forward just make sure to perfect every
[05:59] year earlier yeah it's all right you
[06:01] have to remember like the business side
[06:03] of things as well that it does cost as
[06:04] well all those voice actors and such
[06:06] yeah absolutely okay alright so moving
[06:09] on to the next clip for gold question
[06:11] he'll ring we should have more
[06:13] flexibility in allowing series curators
[06:15] to work on that own quest for example
[06:17] we've got more to Anna who and Helen
[06:19] says should be working on vampires what
[06:21] Raven should be you know guaranteed to
[06:22] work on rite of passage why isn't this
[06:24] happening oh it's a tough time yeah we
[06:27] were split into our teams so people know
[06:31] about them because yeah I'm Guardian you
[06:33] know in the Guardians the nooks your
[06:35] name of the team team won the nameless
[06:37] really cool ourselves the nameless I
[06:40] current in one still and then we have
[06:42] like the ninjas wishes I'll see more
[06:44] downloads of and yes it's difficult
[06:48] because we try to make the teams were
[06:51] possible like self-dependent you they
[06:53] can work on stuff and i'll see with anna
[06:56] being in the ninja team then he was used
[06:59] focus on ninja stuff but she has had a
[07:02] big involvement in yeah the vampire
[07:05] quest like the design stage yeah and
[07:07] stuff and i think that he's perfectly
[07:09] happy with it you know don't like
[07:10] she'sshe's chuffed to bits she really is
[07:13] she loves it to bed so really impressed
[07:15] with madre leaves kind of design she
[07:17] wants to get involved with doing some of
[07:18] the boss mechanics get involved with
[07:21] writing vanish schoolers dialogue she
[07:24] has said that she couldn't have done it
[07:25] better itself so you know there's there
[07:27] is that yes I couldn't completely
[07:29] understand like people love Mon Adam
[07:31] people love more Titan before mm-hmm
[07:32] bored and wanted more Titan to be
[07:34] writing branches Dante but branches da
[07:36] man came out well yes ultimately like
[07:38] what Madonna is really good at leading
[07:41] the ninja team and if you took away from
[07:43] the ninja team then you know there be
[07:45] impacts elsewhere it really helps that
[07:47] we're our own team we can own that
[07:48] project the Guardians can take the
[07:50] vampires and we can have responsibility
[07:52] for it and make sure it's perfect I've
[07:54] been drafting in from various places
[07:55] which just kind of unbalances the whole
[07:57] production and I mean I like yeah
[07:59] definitely don't think the project will
[08:01] suffer from not having yeah I know
[08:03] developing every single aspect I'll get
[08:05] my cell quest quest series span years
[08:08] and to have someone you know in the same
[08:11] position to be able to develop every
[08:13] single quest in a series it's just so
[08:15] unlikely to happen yes so I mean and
[08:18] this hits home a little bit for me as
[08:20] well because if not I see it happened a
[08:23] rite of passage wins I might be the one
[08:26] developing that yeah which obviously is
[08:28] mod Ravens sort of brain child and I
[08:31] everyone's like he has to be the one
[08:34] developer yes like especially him I
[08:36] think he's got daggers at the ready yeah
[08:39] I'm gonna have to sort of fight him for
[08:41] it and I'm like I'm sure he'd have a
[08:44] massive amount of involvement meet with
[08:46] anyway so it's not like that I look yeah
[08:48] I'm which you probably kind of reference
[08:50] I really kind of
[08:51] appreciate it I mean it yourself but
[08:53] yeah it would I don't want to be like
[08:56] you know just take the design doc encode
[08:58] it but at the same time you know it's
[09:01] he's put a lot of thought into it and
[09:03] people love it all the little tidbits of
[09:05] information he's been giving out so far
[09:06] so you know would get involved as much
[09:08] as possible yeah absolutely would you
[09:10] let anybody do a debt to chivalry to
[09:12] it's a difficult one I mean ideally I
[09:14] would like to do it myself but um
[09:16] certainly if it was done by somebody
[09:18] else I know that I have the opportunity
[09:20] to get involved in the design stage and
[09:22] try to shape it as much as possible and
[09:24] you have from oversight during
[09:26] development yes what's great is that we
[09:28] like a lot of the people who make the
[09:30] quests who have been developers on quest
[09:32] we also trust each other to make good
[09:34] quests so I know that if you know Stu
[09:36] was to take over the next one in the
[09:38] line of museum def design when thieves
[09:40] I'll be confidently and I said there's
[09:42] huge amount of respect between order
[09:43] beer something I mean you can't forget
[09:45] like I'm the vampire quest at Montana is
[09:47] design review on it we made a design
[09:50] review on it so that she's integrated
[09:52] into that and hey like what Osbourne he
[09:54] did both he do branches a dollar as well
[09:56] you know why not you know that's the
[09:58] computer guarantee of quality seal upon
[09:59] seal approval the Osborne Salem from
[10:02] aerie game I like talking about myself
[10:04] in the third person that makes me feel
[10:05] important anyway hums as asked will we
[10:09] ever see long super high level quests
[10:11] like while gothic sleeps in the future I
[10:14] think it's certainly possibly yeah
[10:15] possibly I think it's certain possibly
[10:18] there's no particular reason why it
[10:21] can't happen but to you all see you it's
[10:23] not the case of you make the we make a
[10:26] quest super long for the sake of it and
[10:28] thank you its case of like you do we
[10:30] really feel like the narrative needs it
[10:33] and yeah it's people don't know how long
[10:35] that actually took to develop it's the
[10:37] biggest one I've never done wasn't like
[10:38] a year and yes months or something it
[10:40] wasn't it wasn't that long it was
[10:42] certainly a it had at one point to be
[10:45] developers on it when as the rich with
[10:48] the matter at they were both eight
[10:50] months I think they want to develop on
[10:51] something looking like that which when
[10:53] we normally do at the average energy of
[10:54] the quest Croatian is what four months
[10:56] yeah so he's kind of doubled the length
[10:58] of a traditional quest it's heard a lil
[11:02] be exaggerated there
[11:03] yeah I've heard some some yeah long time
[11:06] stopped well yeah exactly i mean i think
[11:09] some people might say when it started
[11:11] this when they initially started talking
[11:12] about inception and then and then
[11:14] nothing happens work for four months and
[11:16] then someone actually starts developing
[11:17] it yeah because they've now got the time
[11:19] for you but then also you we didn't work
[11:21] in the the teams and you didn't have the
[11:23] support of other developers and such as
[11:25] us one developer / project really wasn't
[11:27] it yeah exactly song was one of the
[11:29] first one we drafted in help is that
[11:31] quite resting when you break down the
[11:32] question because I'm we have had quests
[11:34] as long as well gothic sleeps in
[11:36] particularly dimension of disaster I
[11:38] people have been playing up three hours
[11:39] or six hours in the actual area and
[11:42] trying to figure out what people really
[11:44] liked about magnetic sleeps and I don't
[11:46] think it's purely length I think it's
[11:48] that kind of building is it so a number
[11:50] of quests led up to it feels like a
[11:52] culmination it's really deep
[11:53] storytelling as in you know you have to
[11:55] know everything that happen previously
[11:56] as a lot of characters got that kind of
[11:59] game of thrones aspects of like an
[12:01] ensemble cast and I think there's a lot
[12:03] of this that people are talking about
[12:04] when they're asking about wanting wall
[12:05] graphics leaps again and that's that's
[12:07] what I'm trying to get a grasp on and I
[12:09] think that as these storylines build up
[12:11] the dragon can the older gods and
[12:13] strategize I think they can lead to that
[12:15] yeah we're building towards it yeah
[12:17] exactly that's what it was at the time
[12:18] as well what what it introduced to the
[12:20] game like nothing on that level have
[12:23] been seen before yeah and then the
[12:25] rewards are introduced as well and
[12:27] things like that it was just this whole
[12:28] thing that blew people's mind you
[12:30] dropped fate of the Gods into the game
[12:32] six or seven years ago like that was I
[12:34] think it might have had a similar effect
[12:35] but yeah I've been constantly grasping
[12:38] at what while gothic sleeps brought more
[12:40] people right brother and trying to
[12:42] reclaim a bit of it sometimes the
[12:43] old-school questing as well it's
[12:45] something that we come play with my
[12:47] dimension of disaster display of
[12:48] old-school questing yeah and more of
[12:50] focus on an exploration you can sleep
[12:51] traversing across the world really act
[12:53] like a hero the amount of about a large
[12:55] significant epic adventure yeah
[12:56] absolutely all right another good
[13:00] question from armed in how do you
[13:01] determine which topics become all kind
[13:04] of room labs quests which topics are
[13:06] jagex quest it's quite hard question to
[13:09] yeah I mean I think it's kind of similar
[13:12] to have anything on roon labs where
[13:15] we've talked about stuff before
[13:16] if we've actually got a plan to do
[13:19] something in the near future or doesn't
[13:23] necessarily have to be the very near
[13:24] future but we definitely gotta plan we
[13:26] know exactly what we want to do with it
[13:28] then we won't let that be kind of done
[13:30] through announced because we know what
[13:32] we want to do yeah whilst stuff that
[13:34] we've kind of discussed like rites of
[13:35] passage and then never really done and
[13:38] we don't have a plan to like do this
[13:40] ourselves particularly in the like mix
[13:42] euro so yeah where were you it then
[13:45] becomes but then happy to accept that on
[13:47] Bruno's it's kind of you never throw
[13:49] away like ideas but you they do we do
[13:52] have a lot of them and you there is like
[13:54] a big list of stuff that we would like
[13:56] to release insulin so stuff that kind of
[13:57] like falls down that list we're happy to
[14:00] take on room that's because it kind of
[14:01] bumped up or the same request really
[14:04] yeah I kind of see them as two different
[14:06] overlapping pools so sick bay jesse is
[14:08] kind of forming more than jagex quest we
[14:11] know the kind of story beats that we
[14:12] want to hit with a older post dragon kin
[14:14] and stone of jazz so it's a case that
[14:18] really largely those jagex question
[14:20] we're trying to own those so there's
[14:21] still an element of surprise and it's
[14:23] the element of control but we know what
[14:25] we're doing with that story but they're
[14:27] also a number of other quests which
[14:28] overlap with room labs and these are
[14:30] quests like you know like continuations
[14:31] elements workshop five pirate pirates
[14:34] fighting assage and their own finale
[14:36] desert quests all of these things they
[14:38] are on our backlog we know about them
[14:40] the RunAs has the opportunity of kind of
[14:42] leapfrogging those of us the topper to
[14:44] get the front of the queue kind of thing
[14:46] i think that's a good way of doing that
[14:47] I mean it does create the problem that
[14:49] some people have highlighted which is
[14:50] that rune labs occasionally feels like
[14:53] lots of players just picking jagex ideas
[14:55] rather than their own we want to
[14:56] maintain a balance between I yeah I mean
[14:58] I think is cool I mean like you seeing
[15:00] these ideas that you we've discussed
[15:02] before and players still being excited
[15:05] for them and stuff I'm going yeah like
[15:06] we should do that no that's cool the
[15:08] same time I was really awesome like
[15:10] seeing like brand new ideas that we have
[15:12] that enough to see more of those yes any
[15:14] like relapse if there was with a quest
[15:17] catch grid for example sing like
[15:18] genuinely kind of player created yes
[15:21] that will be there will be this year
[15:23] there will be when the criterias of
[15:25] plumbing cry tears will be for a quest
[15:27] on the smaller side not
[15:29] sure what it's probably gonna be a small
[15:32] medium right back West would be incised
[15:34] yeah right big question that sort and
[15:36] obviously there isn't the length to do
[15:38] like a rights of passage type quest
[15:40] within that criteria so be interesting
[15:42] what comes up yeah I mean which you how
[15:44] would you feel working on a rune labs
[15:45] quest would you feel like you couldn't
[15:47] own it or it wasn't yours or what do you
[15:49] see as opportunity it's not that
[15:51] dissimilar from the core m's we might
[15:52] have 48 quest that's in chosen in house
[15:55] that'll already have constraints set
[15:58] that defined that the focus of it yeah
[16:00] um is it just matter where they came
[16:01] from player whether it came from our
[16:03] managers really yeah yeah so it's very
[16:04] similar is that an idea on rule abs but
[16:07] it could be really well fleshed out and
[16:09] we might have to like dial back on it a
[16:11] bit because if someone lays out an
[16:13] entire quest with the ending and
[16:15] everything on their own something and
[16:16] that gets voted and wins we obviously
[16:17] can do the question exactly the ending
[16:20] and everything like that because people
[16:22] would just know exactly what's coming so
[16:24] there has to be some sort of element of
[16:25] control on our part but obviously we
[16:28] want to keep as much for the original
[16:29] vision like what we've been doing at the
[16:31] moment I mean much to you and I have
[16:34] been talking on skype with players about
[16:36] you know there's some points that we
[16:38] can't actually include can we come to a
[16:40] compromise and just kind of discussing
[16:42] it with them I really like that I think
[16:44] that's well as well so probably I would
[16:46] imagine follow a similar pattern yeah I
[16:48] just really a groove a leader that when
[16:50] reading through like quest ideas and
[16:52] real labs that they are kept open ended
[16:54] you do let mods steer them a bit more
[16:56] and then particularly on like the
[16:58] endings and stuff you don't like
[16:59] spoilers and something very first rune
[17:02] labs idea suggested was a an axial quest
[17:06] and just kind of left it very much open
[17:08] gave like the general theme yet and
[17:09] stuff and you know that sounds pretty
[17:11] cool and you guys can do a lot with that
[17:13] and still keep like the the person who
[17:16] submitted it guessing there's what times
[17:18] ever I mean from a practical perspective
[17:19] if a relapse ideas bit more a bit
[17:22] shorter what people are gonna read it as
[17:24] well I mean I have to hate to say it
[17:25] yeah like brevity does help and get rat
[17:28] getting more votes yeah broad pictures
[17:30] more useful to our Center to the reader
[17:32] then you're having a aid detailed design
[17:34] established the head of time all right
[17:37] um so continuation quests have had gaps
[17:39] of many years between them but 6h quests
[17:42] are at least every few
[17:43] how can we justify that that's from Lord
[17:45] Rukh Khan I'm happy to leap in on this
[17:47] one of you a good so the number the
[17:51] sheer number of stories that are still
[17:53] open from older pieces of content I mean
[17:56] I remember Lord you can't actually
[17:57] pitching this in the question quite a
[17:59] while ago you even mentioned druid
[18:01] quests which you know it was it was a
[18:03] storyline it would kind of have
[18:04] forgotten about almost you know there
[18:06] are so many unfinished story lines out
[18:08] there are in tension with the 68 was
[18:11] actually as a reaction against that
[18:13] feeling of just kind of relaxed every
[18:15] kind of few years and elfquest would pop
[18:17] out ov idea that you'd have some
[18:19] storylines that you could actually see
[18:21] rise and have in a short period of time
[18:23] you know I can't you know to a year of
[18:24] maybe God quests you know once a year of
[18:27] Dragon King quest you could feel a
[18:28] storyline it's progressing the
[18:30] counterpoint to that is our why don't we
[18:32] just finish all of the continuation
[18:33] quests that would have taken i mean this
[18:36] property you could probably argue there
[18:37] are 20 or 30 storylines that we could
[18:39] have continued or ended some of which
[18:41] need two or three to finish that story
[18:42] line so my feeling was get some variety
[18:45] get have some sick place quest which
[18:47] rapid frequency continue to finish off
[18:50] the continuation quest still do them do
[18:52] these elemental workshop fives do these
[18:54] kind of elf quests and things like that
[18:56] but just says have a mix of them yeah i
[18:58] mean also you were a kind of
[19:01] continuation quest they are all kind of
[19:03] like reaching the end of that question
[19:05] yeah and the expectation again like
[19:08] because I'm yeah before was you know
[19:11] they kind of be like Grand Master type
[19:13] quests and you they do have a lot of
[19:15] length to them and which can bob uecker
[19:17] and and as we said like you can only do
[19:20] so many large things at a time and and
[19:22] also you want through our you you want
[19:23] to have like a mix of levels of type
[19:25] quest you add some that you pretty much
[19:27] anyone can jump in and play and then you
[19:29] want some for high-level players and
[19:31] sure or experience Questers so you don't
[19:34] want to fill up a whole year of
[19:35] Grandmaster new conclusions works really
[19:38] we just sit over the release get you're
[19:39] trying to get that variety right dhoni
[19:41] nak so of like we looked this year and
[19:43] we knew that we wanted it some people
[19:46] have accused this for example of just
[19:47] doing sick days grace all the time God
[19:49] quest all the time and some people want
[19:50] to have the older stuff but very much we
[19:52] kind of got we're looking at that more
[19:54] we've got the 200 quest to be an
[19:56] spell check reference to all of those
[19:58] older quest we have the elf finale
[20:00] recently vampires is also this year I
[20:02] think every year we're going to try to
[20:03] get that balance and renounce is really
[20:06] helping in the sense that is pointing
[20:08] out what quests are actually more
[20:09] important to the player base and we
[20:11] thought my puffing elemental workshop
[20:13] has really surprised me how popular it
[20:15] is and I think that's really risen up my
[20:17] kind of mental hierarchy of quests as it
[20:21] were yeah um I'm just next question I
[20:25] guess I was gonna say expect for the
[20:27] last question but you just get to that
[20:29] point damn it's alright um so there's
[20:35] general confusion about the fifth age
[20:37] and six age for example you can skip
[20:39] story to play world wakes there are
[20:41] characters in game who know about the
[20:42] stone of jazz well there are characters
[20:44] who don't because we kind of in that
[20:45] weird in-between place a fifth and sixth
[20:47] age so is a question about are we
[20:49] planning anything to combat this this
[20:51] Ronstadt oh really no there's I mean we
[20:55] did do the initial thing of you
[20:57] obviously making all that when you start
[20:58] a quest it tells you whether it's buffet
[21:00] jour not yeah but beyond that no it was
[21:04] it was a decision we made when we were
[21:05] kind of doing the whole rs3 thing wasn't
[21:08] it I said we wanted to kind of
[21:10] accelerate the mingols you it's not
[21:12] moving into the six age and you we
[21:14] didn't want to look everyone out yeah of
[21:17] the six age we wanted to make it
[21:18] accessible to all yeah the way things
[21:19] were done before with having quest
[21:22] requirements meant that you know we were
[21:25] getting to a point where we release any
[21:27] quests of interest you had to go through
[21:30] a ton of quests to get to them and then
[21:32] all the new content that's coming out
[21:34] the new quests are coming out new
[21:35] players can't play and we get into a
[21:37] point where getting people into our game
[21:40] they've only got old content to go and
[21:42] access and they can't they can't get
[21:44] into the new stuff you're like the sixth
[21:46] age was sort of like a you know a way of
[21:49] letting people jump into the storylines
[21:51] that I have yeah so like I saw someone
[21:55] used the analogy like we've got this big
[21:58] giant tree of full of law and when
[22:01] players come into the game all the new
[22:02] players they've got no way of getting up
[22:04] into the tree so like the sixth age was
[22:06] like giving them a roadblock it would
[22:07] just get
[22:07] small branches translation let's spread
[22:09] this analogy let's keep it going I don't
[22:12] know how far we can mail I go oh yeah
[22:16] I'm that doesn't mean we're not aware of
[22:18] like some players are really worried
[22:20] about new players coming to the game and
[22:22] not understanding the story it feels
[22:24] conflicted as a fifth agent a six-page
[22:26] kind of route through the game content
[22:29] so I am still aware of that my feeling
[22:32] is that rather than kind of branding
[22:35] things as fifth age and saying those
[22:37] were in the past I think probably the
[22:39] better approach was to branding to sixth
[22:41] page and just say look you are going to
[22:43] be entering into a storyline that is
[22:44] happening kind of you know the newest
[22:47] version of the story the most latest
[22:49] version is there's something that's like
[22:50] in the forefront of our minds whilst
[22:52] we're developing stuff as well we know
[22:54] full well that some players won't have
[22:56] done quests like so with this honor
[23:00] among thieves using example some players
[23:02] haven't done nomos Requiem so we know
[23:04] that but you know we really want to
[23:06] reintroduce this cool character back
[23:08] into the game that we can use and
[23:09] everyone wanted him back in the game so
[23:11] it's like we make sure that for new
[23:14] players that haven't done that will like
[23:15] maybe check their variables and give
[23:17] them an introduction or something them
[23:18] so we know if they haven't met him we'll
[23:21] sort of introduce her ears and we try
[23:23] and make it so that all players who've
[23:26] done that other stuff don't have to like
[23:28] jump through a lot of hoops they don't
[23:29] you know they already know about him you
[23:32] know and we can then help the new
[23:33] players along the way yeah absolutely
[23:35] all right so then we move on to the next
[23:38] class question so any clues to what the
[23:40] guy did 200 first quest will be so
[23:42] morally can you reveal anything more you
[23:45] know I actually can't know because mod
[23:49] mod Wilson is my name is Bob Wilson
[23:52] right is the his leading the development
[23:55] on it he's very keen to keep things
[23:58] under wraps yeah this has not read my
[24:00] place to sort of i like the idea that we
[24:03] kind of it doing who shot mr. burns kind
[24:04] of thing like can you guess who this got
[24:07] it yeah because said there is some kind
[24:08] of familiar eric familiarity now about
[24:11] this god yeah so we want people guessing
[24:13] we're going to play around with that
[24:14] with a lot of the lead up to it there's
[24:17] so much rock
[24:19] in this quest it's unbelievably a very
[24:21] kind of teasing and then there's going
[24:23] to be like on the twists and changes
[24:24] yeah I'll try to think of like any
[24:27] little tidbits I can give at this point
[24:29] yes just like boys still it's still
[24:31] interesting to know this quest is an
[24:32] exercise in twist hmm like previously
[24:35] like you know world wakes was when we
[24:37] were announcing this as a gothic stoon
[24:38] quest yep we kind of changed it up a
[24:43] little bit you know this is all part of
[24:44] us playing with the marketing it's like
[24:46] missing zoom deaf as well it was like
[24:48] about death and pick the ring and start
[24:51] whatever no sudden it's like BAM all the
[24:52] gods are there we do some this is nice
[24:55] to be able to sort of not lay it all out
[24:57] on a plate for people before they get
[24:59] there and keep some of their under wraps
[25:00] so that you know you know what you're
[25:02] getting into but you don't quite know
[25:04] where it's going and it's a variety
[25:05] thing again sometimes it's another thing
[25:07] we look at when we've got the release
[25:08] schedule of this is a quest a lot of
[25:10] people know everything about you know
[25:12] vampires you know you're going it's
[25:13] caustic on you know you're saying Lord
[25:15] joke on you know it's going to be a
[25:17] combination of American story line it's
[25:19] quite nice to have those quest because I
[25:20] actually know what we're not going to
[25:21] talk about that yeah yeah we're not
[25:23] going to be known to do much about that
[25:24] or and I think that's really nice to get
[25:25] that balance or death of chivalry I
[25:27] tried to hold back the hype on that one
[25:29] because people were expecting it to just
[25:30] be a rework of black guys fortress yes I
[25:32] trying to not introduce any there's the
[25:33] story elements if we could help it in
[25:35] the VTS so that it was a nice surprise
[25:36] and feel like a bigger story than people
[25:38] expected when you've got I got it you've
[25:40] got it it's quite hard not to talk about
[25:42] everything a lot the time particularly
[25:44] for some of this I can't help you when
[25:46] we're so excited about her yeah there's
[25:48] about a month's making it and we're like
[25:49] at my cell everything live stream so you
[25:51] just kind of notebook about us it's like
[25:53] right now we're just biting my lip about
[25:55] this it's questo on so you want to keep
[25:58] that I know we're in this kind of
[25:59] climate of doing live streams and
[26:00] podcaster things like that but some
[26:02] secrecy is good is there any chance of
[26:04] continuing the theme or the world the
[26:07] dimension of disaster well there's
[26:10] certainly a lot that we could do with
[26:11] that notion I mean and we've got
[26:13] unlimited potential and from a
[26:15] development standpoint being able to
[26:17] have a environment separate from the
[26:19] rest of the world where you can reuse
[26:21] old assets and our ideas and not have it
[26:23] affects the law of the rest of the game
[26:25] is very liberating and we can very
[26:27] rapidly create things that are unique
[26:30] and different
[26:32] but I was asked to ensure that this
[26:35] didn't expect any kind of sequel to
[26:37] wouldn't do anymore with it so maybe if
[26:39] there's a high rune labs demand maybe we
[26:40] might do more of it but at the moment we
[26:42] don't have plans yeah I'm so yeah I
[26:44] definitely agree with you it's that kind
[26:45] of I remember mod mark coming over and
[26:47] saying didn't want it to be sure like
[26:50] getting to seek war and to be very kind
[26:51] of encapsulated he didn't they plan to
[26:53] use that well be ever again yes I just
[26:54] have fun but I really do see this is the
[26:58] power of rune labs it's not on our list
[26:59] but if there really is that kind of
[27:02] momentum behind on room labs then I've
[27:04] got of course we'd look it out I don't
[27:05] think it's a story that would say
[27:06] definitely no we're not going to do that
[27:07] at all like you know if a relapse idea
[27:10] said bring back gothics you know he's
[27:11] really alive all along kind of thing I
[27:13] don't think we do that I think a sequel
[27:16] to this we would definitely consider
[27:17] yeah yeah why not put on the back look
[27:21] and what's the truth about quest
[27:23] replaying will it ever be impossible so
[27:25] this question noises so often not
[27:27] impossible I mean we're already
[27:29] introduced it with some other recent
[27:31] quests because quests in the past
[27:33] haven't been made that way there is a
[27:34] fair amount of work you have to do to go
[27:37] back and change them and such and though
[27:38] some of you been looking into and
[27:40] throwing more yeah a lot much details
[27:42] about yeah I myself and mod days are
[27:45] both having to look into an art app if
[27:47] seeing if we can use the school reset
[27:49] infrastructure that's been built to see
[27:52] if we can decouple our highest level
[27:55] quests from from that and see if we can
[27:56] maybe introduce those as separate resets
[27:58] without doing the skull reset so I think
[28:00] that those system the quests the players
[28:02] most want to reset I think this probably
[28:04] only a few people would really want to
[28:06] necessarily go back and replay the ones
[28:07] that are most significant and law and
[28:09] conveniently those use the ones at the
[28:11] end of the tree where there's going to
[28:12] be less dependencies on yeah and later
[28:14] content with it's more viable and then
[28:17] beyond that we look at making content
[28:20] replayable where we add new quests but I
[28:24] don't know if this necessarily been
[28:25] enough up take on things like broken
[28:27] home and dimensions as losses replay for
[28:28] it to be worth what is it tough one
[28:30] because how the flip side of that those
[28:31] quests aren't the kind of typical ideal
[28:34] I'm examples of a quest that should be
[28:36] playing there's not too much branching
[28:38] in there in terms of twice yeah and I
[28:41] think there's a lot of kind of pup
[28:42] players haven't haven't played well
[28:44] galaxies
[28:45] which would magic for a long period of
[28:47] time and I really just want to interact
[28:48] with again without setting up a new
[28:50] character because they're high level
[28:51] quests so to grow over a while to get to
[28:53] I would imagine I would really like to
[28:55] do a kind of a batch of three or four
[28:58] you know maybe toss if it's the God some
[28:59] world wakes maybe it's a kind of thing
[29:00] is ideal for a pole yeah exactly see
[29:03] what the players it want to replay yeah
[29:05] and maybe we can do it exactly people
[29:07] vote with their feet kind of if they go
[29:09] there and if they play it then that
[29:10] would just generate more interest in
[29:12] doing more batches maybe we do the whole
[29:13] of a storyline the vampire story line
[29:15] for example you have no chatter or the
[29:17] goblin quests I've really liked father
[29:19] out there's obviously a you could go
[29:22] even further I really like the notion of
[29:24] questa plus you know then I would play
[29:26] through this we played quest that there
[29:28] would be directors commentary or
[29:30] there'll be a heart made version of the
[29:31] boss or they'll be alternate dialogue in
[29:34] the same way that you get under bridge
[29:35] versions of the sagas that sort of thing
[29:37] so it's just the case of how much it
[29:39] costs to do a boy how much it's
[29:41] appreciated whether or not it's worth
[29:42] doing on certain quests all of them that
[29:44] sort of thing yeah I think we're excited
[29:46] to be it's more likely now than ever
[29:47] before I think you agree with with like
[29:50] the experiments we've like it's good
[29:51] having both of us say with the ones who
[29:53] like made some questions yeah okay yeah
[29:57] so we've like had our forays into the
[29:59] replayable quest zone and I mean it's
[30:03] only possible and yeah it's just whether
[30:08] the development time required would be
[30:11] like enough players would be interested
[30:14] in it to make that worthwhile so yes yes
[30:15] sir we keep getting asked it yeah
[30:17] exactly there must be a reason why
[30:18] that's happening a cool all right why
[30:21] haven't we released any quest with level
[30:23] 99 requirements ask hums we kind of like
[30:26] see people who like quest you have
[30:29] Questers and such they're not the same
[30:30] sort players as likes killers and combat
[30:33] experts and such yeah and so you
[30:36] blocking quests with like higher
[30:38] requirements does mean that some people
[30:41] have to engage with content that it
[30:42] might not particularly want to engage
[30:44] with yeah but having said that I think
[30:46] as as time goes by requests or
[30:49] requirements will get higher and higher
[30:50] yeah and it might get to the point where
[30:53] you do require 99 squirrel I don't think
[30:55] that's quite a way I think you're right
[30:57] I think it's really nice that
[30:59] provided a ramp-up skill levels like
[31:02] whenever there's been a new skill
[31:04] requirement as high is generally only
[31:05] been a few levels higher than the
[31:07] previous high mhm and so that's just
[31:09] kind of teasing people enter training to
[31:11] particular quest players into leveling
[31:13] up through quests to suddenly drop down
[31:15] 99 when it's in about 20 levels above
[31:18] the next highest as that's a huge gap a
[31:20] huge chasm to overcome and I prefer to
[31:24] this kind of tease up there it's hope we
[31:26] were discussing before like we've got so
[31:28] we got all these new quests for the
[31:30] sixth age and we're building them up
[31:31] yeah and it's going to get to a point
[31:34] eventually where we've just releasing
[31:36] new quest oval got high requirements
[31:38] again so we need to be careful we don't
[31:41] do that like before we end up with a
[31:42] load of quests that people can't access
[31:44] so yeah that's that's the sort of ramp
[31:47] up we're going forward with nowadays bit
[31:49] more savvy to the fact that you know
[31:51] will we introduce the novice ones as
[31:53] well yeah in the way we're doing a lot
[31:55] of Grand Master Quest Master Quest and
[31:57] whenever they come around and I
[31:58] generally there's a push from me or mod
[32:01] mark to have one of those requirements
[32:03] being the highest in slides at well you
[32:05] know the bestest the lace for Slayer the
[32:07] highs for agility there they are and
[32:09] kind of naturally teasing upwards so it
[32:11] is going to hit that at some point just
[32:13] don't expect it to happen frequently I
[32:15] guess so we have that massive
[32:17] culmination quest which is 99 an old
[32:19] skills but return on investment is a
[32:25] frequent concern you know that we need
[32:26] to ensure that particular with quests
[32:28] with projects that i was little aaj they
[32:30] are that there's enough of an audience
[32:31] to justify the amount of time we spend
[32:33] on them so for example with dimension of
[32:35] disaster rigidly my early designs i was
[32:37] hoping for it to be a direct sequel to
[32:39] risk before disaster yeah but with
[32:40] requiring so many quests that there was
[32:43] a much smaller proportion of one player
[32:45] base would actually be able to play
[32:46] their quiz so I was asked to make it a
[32:48] lot more accessible you could just go in
[32:49] there ruff ruff from the start with no
[32:51] requirements and then gradually ramp up
[32:52] with some of the higher yeah as you
[32:53] still end on a master kinda thing yeah
[32:55] absolutely alright last question it's
[32:58] kind of a two-parter I guess so which
[33:00] quests are we interested in working on
[33:02] in the future and are there any quests
[33:05] that have fallen out of favor then this
[33:06] is more kind of a stir jagex I guess
[33:09] because previously we've said things
[33:11] like you know floor 61 we really want to
[33:12] do
[33:12] that desert quest we really want to do
[33:14] that has there been any changing out of
[33:15] there any we really want to do any
[33:17] better for now I guess you got your your
[33:19] pillars you're 60 yeah I just exam you
[33:22] you've kind of talk to me about pilot
[33:24] earlier unlike what we want to do don't
[33:27] really know that anything's fine and if
[33:28] it's been sung that it's largely the
[33:30] same by think there has been some
[33:31] rejigging mentioned elemental workshop
[33:33] it's a relapse for me has helped to
[33:34] highlight some things that are higher
[33:37] priority than I thought right passages
[33:39] the obvious one elemental workshop five
[33:40] is another I think God's Argus is really
[33:43] interested me how often we see that in
[33:45] like the first couple of pages with room
[33:46] labs yeah there's some interesting
[33:49] stories that we could be told there but
[33:51] yet there are also some ideas that I
[33:53] think of 461 for example is one that I'd
[33:57] be really interested to know if players
[33:59] are as interested as I originally
[34:01] thought they were mm-hmm obviously it
[34:03] lost the poll I haven't seen much on the
[34:05] forums about it I know that dis honor
[34:07] among thieves talked a lot about the
[34:09] similar topics some people to feel like
[34:11] the stories already been told for 461
[34:13] and it's also obviously very exclusive
[34:15] so I wonder if ice dropped in KY
[34:17] perception about whether or not people
[34:18] really want it as much so that's kind of
[34:20] fallen down my hierarchy I'd love to be
[34:22] told otherwise but I think there's still
[34:25] just to reassure all the players as yeah
[34:28] there's still a lot of story to be told
[34:29] there yeah but when it lost in the in
[34:33] the poll what was it up against remember
[34:36] what I was up against 461 vampires
[34:38] vampires yeah and yeah when it lost it
[34:41] was like well okay that could be a while
[34:43] off now so we'll reveal some of the
[34:45] secrets in some among thieves but i
[34:48] think i think the polls definitely help
[34:51] to sort of reject things like you were
[34:53] saying in our minds there's also a lot
[34:56] of quests that I think players don't
[34:58] even do even know that we're thinking
[35:00] about as well yeah like obviously use
[35:02] develop as like saw something going on
[35:03] in their heads like I would love to do
[35:05] an underworld quest and you don't think
[35:07] anyone really has given that much
[35:10] thought but yeah that's that's for me
[35:12] that's like yeah I would love to work
[35:13] yeahhh strumming straight up a mess
[35:14] skipper sick glory we've already talked
[35:16] about the kind of the passage to the
[35:17] underwater decimals as we're definitely
[35:19] I mean that's crazy cool cause it would
[35:21] be and you've got quests on your kind of
[35:24] back burner that you'd love to work on
[35:25] having watched
[35:26] yeah for example I not together a design
[35:28] for a intermediary quest just reusing
[35:32] the Black Knights fortress environment
[35:34] before we commit to the resources for
[35:37] for doing the teeth of chivalric West
[35:38] just to type some loose ends there and
[35:39] just decide who's rooting of the
[35:41] fortress and think yeah just kind of a
[35:42] nice quest wasn't it not like you know
[35:44] I'm sir iron ore sorry Damien or Lord
[35:47] Paris it was kind of a anoints quest
[35:49] yeah I think that'd be a good example of
[35:50] the kind of bottle quests that are
[35:52] content focused but not requiring very
[35:54] much in the way of other resources that
[35:56] potentially didn't and of course you've
[35:57] got your surrounding sent or yeah Sarah
[35:59] diving a mess that you'd love to do as
[36:00] well I really one stood to do is Black
[36:03] Knights fortress one I keeping always
[36:05] using that as an example when I'm
[36:06] talking to you about service and such
[36:08] yeah absolutely I more doctor would
[36:11] really love to do elemental well sure
[36:12] but I think we could do that ass in
[36:13] rebuttal quest way not everything has to
[36:15] be showboating momentous you know God's
[36:18] dying all over the place it can be done
[36:21] although we knew other can't do love a
[36:24] good dying God I've got some quests
[36:28] ideas as well but ocana song keeps on
[36:31] shining down but they involve bees or
[36:33] bee ranks that no no boomerangs inquest
[36:36] but I got any plane bees excellent
[36:41] excellent yeah yeah I really some of the
[36:45] quest I've been pitched over the time I
[36:47] still still like the hangover style
[36:51] quest and I week flooring it little
[36:53] helper has done it a little bit but the
[36:54] whole memento kind of working your way
[36:56] backwards through a kind of memories and
[36:57] stuff like that it's really nice yeah
[36:59] we've all got a pet projects go on get
[37:02] one of them out odd kelpie which one of
[37:04] your stories of bees what would your
[37:06] Beach quest be about bees you do
[37:09] divination and become sentiment faisal
[37:12] it has only now gogo fixes memories and
[37:15] they seek out the world guardian to help
[37:17] steer them so do these things I think
[37:19] they're gothics no no they just aware of
[37:22] graphics and well Guardian sir gotcha i
[37:24] was reading some sci-fi book and it had
[37:26] like these aliens that have been but
[37:29] another alien race had just given them
[37:31] unlike made them sentiment but they were
[37:33] kind of just like lost and so I was
[37:36] hopeful didn't really explain them
[37:37] enough for my like
[37:38] any carrier mobile quest I was like this
[37:41] would be cool to explore haha there we
[37:43] go so if that came on relapse yeah sorry
[37:47] kinda jacked isn't it sent to you yeah
[37:49] yes send him a car I didn't want to
[37:52] correct answer we did cut half correct
[37:54] but it's fine yeah well go for a tiger
[37:56] on I can't you speak proper English are
[38:03] you referring to your sentient comment
[38:05] yes I am and many other ones I get taken
[38:09] in the car I was on stream yesterday in
[38:11] my car a few tweets core mispronouncing
[38:14] several words in particular stuff to do
[38:18] reply to passage and all the boys modes
[38:21] yeah I mean I can't blame you with the
[38:26] AMA dial no yeah i just i just wrote
[38:30] down like some notes and i had like the
[38:31] planet name and I was just like I have
[38:33] my lectures just try and get like bhaag
[38:35] to talk about that one and then yeah
[38:37] then eat but I was still wrong anyway
[38:40] correct to them yes yeah Bob so there
[38:44] you've heard it first so this podcast
[38:46] was all about the next 200 quest it
[38:48] turns out they were sleep about bees I
[38:50] think of X Sentinel don't think it
[38:56] sounds like a beautiful future yeah be
[38:58] ashamed that appeared over in them to
[39:00] win it yeah we'd come with stacker here
[39:02] there we go alright well thank you very
[39:04] much for joining me on the couch thank
[39:06] you guys he's been lovely talk to you
[39:08] about the next 200 question I hope you
[39:10] enjoyed listening to it and we'll see
[39:12] you next week with another podcast bike
[39:14] but
[39:23] you