Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #40: 200th Quest

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] welcome to the 200th quest podcast new
[00:12] rock is the capital of an alternate
[00:13] reality where heroes are in short supply
[00:16] and a tyrannical villain preside over a
[00:18] nation of undead so in today's podcast
[00:21] we're going to explore this strange new
[00:22] city with what you and motorola so damn
[00:27] it Jim of disaster what's it about well
[00:31] you go to an alternate reality where Zim
[00:34] Rugal is in control of it where the
[00:37] adventurer never existed we're heroes
[00:39] have been wiped out the villains of the
[00:41] other world have taken control and you
[00:43] need to sort these things out then you
[00:45] need to complete the quests that were
[00:47] never started explore the sandbox and
[00:49] environment complete challenges and
[00:51] achievements and hope you have a lot of
[00:53] fun with difference so which quests have
[00:57] we included from the catalog that are in
[00:59] vogue so you require a previous Quist as
[01:03] their appointment for all the quests
[01:05] except for the introduction quest that
[01:07] gets you there right there's a shield of
[01:10] error of quest a shadow of the storm
[01:12] quest a defender of rock quest antico
[01:14] severe of quests that is a conclusion
[01:16] that requires all the others and Damons
[01:18] laughs well that's a bit of an odd one
[01:20] is that the demon slayer quest requires
[01:22] head of the storm because it uses
[01:24] elements from the sequel right okay okay
[01:27] are there any any helpful skills to have
[01:30] when you're going in there you should be
[01:33] fine the films you've computer those
[01:34] quests that'll set the bar for what what
[01:37] appropriate skills are it would be
[01:39] beneficial to be able to kill things
[01:42] skill and craft have is an aunty
[01:44] thieving full achievements yeah yeah
[01:47] there are some of the achievements have
[01:48] higher levels well mostly just the elite
[01:52] equivalent achievements I came the
[01:54] nineties and higher higher 80s I suppose
[01:58] right okay so obviously this is the
[02:01] 200th quest so this is quite unusual
[02:03] it's a very different quest isn't it
[02:05] featuring lots of kind of almost replays
[02:08] of historic quest how did we come about
[02:11] designing their 200 the quest like this
[02:13] so the intention was to create a quest
[02:16] that was celebrating 200 requests so we
[02:18] ever had something with
[02:19] a nostalgic feel that looks back on an
[02:23] old school style of of questing
[02:25] right-center as to indulge the history
[02:29] of the environment that it's focused on
[02:32] so yeah we went with rock because we put
[02:35] our poll out to players and that was the
[02:37] one that shows and also internally back
[02:39] to be my next question alright see was
[02:40] how he chose rocks are they were yet no
[02:43] so that was also our favorite though out
[02:46] of the available choices of rockers one
[02:49] of our older cities it has some of our
[02:50] most classic quests in there and yeah it
[02:52] was a really good place to look look
[02:55] back on and also that there's a story
[02:57] there between the hero hero eruv and the
[03:00] necromancers emeryville the defeated
[03:02] them yet like the hard story that wraps
[03:05] up the storyline of rock and we wanted
[03:07] to explore that further cool were there
[03:10] any quests that we really wanted to
[03:12] include that we didn't it would have
[03:14] been really nice if we could have done
[03:15] in a Souls bein in this reality would
[03:18] have been really fun to do but on the
[03:19] other hand I really love a Souls bein
[03:21] rework so it is better to leave that for
[03:23] later right okay I'm sure we'll get to
[03:25] those later we did get some elements in
[03:27] there as well I mean we were Gertrude's
[03:30] cat came quite highly I think in a poll
[03:32] of the quests that players wanted to see
[03:34] ya well it was just one we kind of
[03:37] didn't feel we had time for and we
[03:39] instead ended up using that time to
[03:41] implement the achievement set right ok
[03:43] but then as part of the achievements
[03:45] that we managed to include a bunch of a
[03:47] little more nods to other quests like
[03:49] Romeo and Juliet yes and go trees cat
[03:51] and there's a little bit Souls been
[03:53] mixed in there too the little touches to
[03:56] remember them okay and what kind of
[03:59] rewards and post quest content is the
[04:01] turns of quest feature yeah they were
[04:03] order a bit of a delicate one ultimate
[04:04] they haven't been particularly well
[04:06] received but that's primarily because we
[04:08] focused on cosmetics because of the roku
[04:10] playable nature of the to hunt yeah we
[04:13] wouldn't want you to feel like you were
[04:15] forced to play it over and over several
[04:18] times in order to get all the rewards
[04:19] the rewards are for the most part
[04:21] optional yeah and now if you're of
[04:23] course a comp caper and you want to do
[04:25] the achievements you're gonna have to do
[04:26] it if it a few times for that yeah but
[04:28] for the majority it's meant to allow you
[04:30] to replay as much as you wish but the
[04:33] also some very tasty wanted and they're
[04:34] like the dark light upgrade I think that
[04:36] makes a significant improvement to that
[04:37] weapon yeah we were very well at least
[04:41] we try to be very careful with the
[04:44] number of silver pennies that we give on
[04:46] a playthrough and kind of the
[04:48] categorization of the rewards based on
[04:50] different player types so there are the
[04:52] cosmetics there yet but if you're more
[04:55] into like a good usable reward that's
[05:00] what the dark light is for all of the
[05:02] shortcuts if you're a player who wants
[05:04] to replay and then the lamp for the XP
[05:06] players yeah yeah and so silver pennies
[05:09] which you've just mentioned there the
[05:11] currency you earn is that right for the
[05:13] road shop yeah each time you complete
[05:15] dimension of disaster you'll be able to
[05:18] speak to gypsy heiress and open her
[05:19] reward shop well on your first
[05:21] playthrough you'll get ten solar pennies
[05:23] and on each subsequent day through you
[05:24] get five salt pennies right okay okay
[05:27] and I'm so there's there's there's a
[05:29] very big prize available with your
[05:32] silver pennies is that right they're not
[05:35] exactly we put an additional item a
[05:37] mystery gift a Mista Playa days when I
[05:40] was afraid yeah and a significant amount
[05:41] of the the local currency of new frock
[05:43] that's it to our diely encourage players
[05:45] to get together with with the clan pool
[05:48] their resources and try to work towards
[05:50] being the first one to open this thing
[05:51] up and this actually am yes exactly what
[05:53] was it yeah yeah yeah yeah so I as I
[05:56] understand somebody has already revealed
[05:57] it I don't think we'll say on podcast
[05:59] what's in there for those that haven't
[06:00] yet but it is certainly around all the
[06:03] forms and I'll read it as to what is
[06:05] inside the mystery box I think it looks
[06:07] really cool myself the lake monster I
[06:10] believe them you've been working on some
[06:13] stuff in response to play a feedback yes
[06:15] definitely this last week I've been
[06:17] focusing on doing post-release feedback
[06:19] for the earth quest right a large amount
[06:21] of content we anticipated that there'd
[06:23] be a lot of things that we would need to
[06:24] tweak afterwards so I'm preparing those
[06:27] and trying to get them out to you as
[06:28] quickly as possible right some of them
[06:30] will have to wait until next week's
[06:32] release because certain types of changes
[06:34] can can be hot fixed and some tapscott
[06:36] yeah but for example is there's the
[06:39] issue with the rock gods their drop
[06:41] tables the awesomeness that people want
[06:43] the most orbit to rare at the moments
[06:44] right red racing event
[06:46] weeks to that yeah definitely okay a lot
[06:48] of feedback players are sent through to
[06:50] me and that I've been reading on the
[06:51] forums so that was one of the more
[06:53] priority ones people wanted balls of
[06:55] wool so they could string amulets that
[06:57] that's on there as well right dark I've
[06:59] made some changes to well not changes
[07:01] made some fixes to dark right to ensure
[07:04] that the upgrade is working as intended
[07:06] right okay it might need another pass
[07:09] but we'll get this ugly out first okay
[07:11] anywhere that lies yet yeah let's see
[07:14] what else there's an orb of oculus
[07:16] people want to be able to tend to take
[07:18] selfies and so forth yeah you'll be able
[07:19] to get that from Aubrey Hill the ones be
[07:22] able to use a star for fire to repair
[07:24] the but tiny zemer eagle pet right is
[07:27] going to be tiny Jimo right originally
[07:31] we wanted to kind of keep them separate
[07:34] because one was in in universe yeah in
[07:37] new ver arc and very definitely a
[07:39] character and then when he's out of New
[07:41] varrock in the real universe effectively
[07:44] we wanted him to be zimmer eagle yeah
[07:46] but he's been so well-received that it
[07:50] fine let's just add tiny Zemo okay and
[07:52] we're also plans to add in some more
[07:55] rewards to the reward shop there's been
[07:57] a lot of desire for a offhand doclet not
[08:00] one that has mechanical benefits but
[08:02] just as a cosmetic so that yeah dual
[08:03] wield dog like as well as some
[08:07] additional shortcuts that helps you
[08:09] progress through the quest and by
[08:11] putting silk and call on to shops which
[08:15] will be also an unlock right brilliant
[08:18] that's great let's thanks I've got lots
[08:21] and lots of questions from people for
[08:22] you okay hundreds of questions in fact
[08:26] which we're not going to get through all
[08:27] off by any stretch the imagination um
[08:30] there are a whole bunch of questions and
[08:33] you can hear me shuffling paper as I go
[08:34] through them all there's a whole bunch
[08:36] of questions about alternate realities
[08:38] time travel what the cities would be
[08:40] like in the other dimension questions
[08:43] like that what how would you answer
[08:45] those kinds of questions primarily we
[08:47] prefer to see if we could answer those
[08:49] questions in future content if we do any
[08:51] more of these types of quests we're not
[08:53] planning to that the stage is really a
[08:55] matter of whether there is a player
[08:56] desire for them I was required to make a
[08:59] the quest that was self contained with
[09:01] no expectation that we would do any more
[09:02] of these in the future but we could if
[09:04] the desire was there and there's so much
[09:06] you can do with alternate realities and
[09:08] diverge and called causality that it to
[09:11] be amazingly fun thing to play with
[09:13] elsewhere but we may do more of this in
[09:16] the future rather we answered those
[09:18] questions through the narrative of the
[09:20] game rather than locking us to
[09:22] particular answers now which may
[09:23] constrain storytelling in the future
[09:24] yeah because obviously if you were to
[09:26] say here while this is what it's like a
[09:28] bear 40 or tahvalli or wherever that's
[09:32] going to lock in for the content and you
[09:34] want that creative yeah availability
[09:37] right now it's a clean slate as well
[09:39] effectively yeah in a way so I mean if
[09:41] we do get to explore it we want to be
[09:43] able to explore it rather than just Stu
[09:46] and I determining answers right now it
[09:48] might be that other developers would
[09:50] have other ideas and we want to wait
[09:52] until the time is ripe the kind of lock
[09:54] things down in that regard but also for
[09:56] me it's just the idea of there being
[09:59] alternate universes yeah would we
[10:02] necessarily want to go back to the same
[10:04] alternate universe maybe there are
[10:05] different ones that would be more
[10:07] interesting to explore and just concept
[10:09] of the multiverse rather than just this
[10:11] one alternate universes that we've seen
[10:14] a glimpse of yet the concepts early
[10:16] supports them right okay excellent
[10:18] answer so hazel asks should information
[10:23] from this question the information from
[10:25] this Chris provided be considered canon
[10:28] or is it all just for fun it's an
[10:30] interesting question we did do an awful
[10:32] lot of exaggeration for comedic effect
[10:35] you know what Zimmer eagle is pretty
[10:37] heavily Flander eyes and made rather
[10:40] ridiculous but then it can either other
[10:41] ridiculous character to start with so
[10:43] the extension of who he is really it's
[10:45] an extreme yeah yeah and in some
[10:47] respects this quest was rather cathartic
[10:50] was an opportunity for us to go a bit
[10:54] crazier with references and
[10:56] ridiculousness then while we normally
[10:58] have to be a little more restrained and
[10:59] limit how much of that we could do yeah
[11:01] it's also a closed loop effectively I
[11:04] mean whether it doesn't really read back
[11:08] into the existing universe is just very
[11:11] self-contained
[11:12] you resolve all the issues the Ukrainian
[11:14] closes and then you we open in you just
[11:17] in this endless loop effectively yeah so
[11:20] I don't think it needs to be canonical
[11:23] but conversely it's not necessarily not
[11:26] canonical its canonical for the location
[11:28] it is but that doesn't assuming things
[11:30] you find out in it are canonical for you
[11:33] are you for McGill enorme nyan yes I was
[11:35] like it's internally consistent i think
[11:37] is probably I like that certain we kill
[11:41] asks now that we have tiny measure apt
[11:43] actually intractable in game our
[11:46] military mazerat cannon more kind
[11:49] questions oh it's a tough one ear then
[11:51] again tiny zimmer you'll certainly
[11:52] canonical in the confines of his reality
[11:55] yes I mean we think particularly with
[11:58] the achievements that you added with had
[12:00] the opportunity there to really give
[12:01] this character a life and a story within
[12:05] that context in a way that's the other
[12:08] ones I think of kind of more tangential
[12:10] to the content that they're attached to
[12:11] that's yeah that's a fair point I'd say
[12:16] that any kind of mocking pet I mean like
[12:19] you've got the Barrows bubbleheads on I
[12:21] don't think strictly they should be
[12:24] saved as canonical yes but there are
[12:27] kind of walking priorities themselves
[12:29] yeah yeah but it's nice to I think give
[12:33] them their own storyline I suppose
[12:35] effectively okay let's separate just try
[12:38] and put it in a little bubble level to
[12:40] one side okay everything says is the
[12:43] alternate dimension that DoD takes place
[12:46] in scape room or another dimension
[12:49] altogether it's completely unrelated to
[12:51] escape ruin so escape Arun was the this
[12:54] reality inverted in every respect while
[12:56] the dimension of disaster hbu cornea is
[12:59] more of a one divergent points in
[13:03] reality a world where the adventure it
[13:06] wasn't there to complete these quests
[13:07] and how that turned out deities universe
[13:11] is one where we've gone down to
[13:12] different trouser leg of time yes as
[13:14] opposed to fundamentally change is nice
[13:17] referencing to Pratt it there well he
[13:21] has passed sadly yeah
[13:23] Oh everything also says this quest was
[13:27] amazing have I said this enough no you
[13:29] haven't right so everything please say
[13:32] it more please de domino one asks who of
[13:37] you guys came up with all those jokes
[13:39] the greater majority of the writing
[13:42] credit I have to give to Dave Osborne
[13:44] right if I can even say that I his
[13:46] name's out there it's too late yes I was
[13:48] quite time constraint on this quest and
[13:50] I needed to focus as much time as that
[13:52] is possible on mechanically implementing
[13:54] it so models born stepped up and I
[13:56] believe it was his writing debut in the
[13:59] game turns things actually were released
[14:01] I think he's had bits and pieces in the
[14:03] game in the past but I think this is the
[14:04] first coherent chunk of content right so
[14:09] it's his fault if there's anything was
[14:12] bad you can blame him there might be
[14:14] some bits that a good that you and I
[14:15] could take credit right it seems have
[14:18] been very well received though they had
[14:20] I'm very glad he took on that not only
[14:22] because i wouldnt have been able to
[14:23] complete the project without him that's
[14:24] young also my approach i think would
[14:27] have been a lot more serious i probably
[14:29] would have played up the totalitarian
[14:31] state elements more and made it more
[14:34] miserable well i think we really needed
[14:36] something there was more upbeat and
[14:37] celebratory for crystallization this
[14:39] this is really strange and contrary to
[14:41] how I saw it because I mean the design
[14:43] was is pretty much all shoes yeah and I
[14:48] mean I responsible of her demon slayer
[14:51] and the achievements that was kind of
[14:52] yet why I did and I was riffing off of
[14:54] what I thought use target was like yours
[14:58] and also seeing some of the earlier
[15:00] dialogue the models born heard wrote and
[15:03] I was trying to ref off that too yeah so
[15:05] maybe we made it a little bit more
[15:07] political than the perhaps you were
[15:09] initially no I actually love the
[15:11] direction which was taken out I think it
[15:12] needed to have that but there's also
[15:14] this underlying backstory of Sora and
[15:17] tragedy and the realization that we
[15:19] certainly rift on that yeah that you
[15:23] terrible things but before people
[15:25] appeared at this party yeah there's en
[15:27] really dark things in there too yeah but
[15:29] there is a great tradition in British
[15:32] comedy of riffing on those dark things
[15:34] yeah
[15:35] paying on those even even to things like
[15:37] Bridget in the movie Brazil on playing
[15:39] on totalitarian States yeah two largest
[15:41] n it was a very docks since a few more
[15:42] to field was very appropriate to the
[15:45] content and it sad that we did it yeah
[15:47] and why should I put some Brazil
[15:49] reference is it merely a comment
[15:53] inspired by your work there he go oh so
[15:57] new says why step right instead of step
[16:02] left this is extremely important okay
[16:05] all right it is actually it was it was a
[16:07] something of a discussion and back and
[16:09] forth we spent hours and hours at Mount
[16:11] joking I don't have that kind of time it
[16:14] was I think she suggested that hey let's
[16:17] put a time warp in here and I
[16:19] implemented it as a step to the left but
[16:23] the song lyric is a jump to the left and
[16:26] a step to the right yet and so there was
[16:28] a whole lot of back and forth about
[16:30] let's make it a step to the right I
[16:32] think it was yeah I've been but also
[16:34] your you can't jump you don't have a
[16:36] jump quiero in runescape that's right
[16:38] because we made all the other references
[16:40] to the hips and the wiggling and stuff
[16:42] like that you'd be able to do I didn't
[16:45] realize you'd done this it was just a
[16:46] dialogue before but you may do a lot of
[16:48] choices where you can talk about the
[16:50] rest of the lyrics it was yeah okay that
[16:52] was crazy but it doesn't actually matter
[16:54] if it is left to write the script is
[16:57] very much have you moved since talking
[16:59] to this NPC yes right I'll do then yeah
[17:02] its case with all the spirits and it and
[17:04] that the thing that I love that you did
[17:05] with them is that they're completely
[17:07] tired of the scenario that that you're
[17:10] doin they just want to move move on to
[17:11] the afterlife they did done with us yeah
[17:13] they take these toffs that they already
[17:15] know us all so mundane and ridiculous
[17:18] and was it Reducto a server diem yeah
[17:22] thank you and that was mostly riffing on
[17:26] the number of times that we rework Demon
[17:29] Slayer in the past that's why we need to
[17:31] come up with something that kind of
[17:32] doesn't just recreate old ground again
[17:35] so everyone's a bit meta in my quest
[17:37] there there will a bit bored of this
[17:39] it's like this let's not do this again
[17:40] and I think teams has been very well
[17:43] received i think is the one that people
[17:44] usually go to first because it's the
[17:46] closest to the entrance and
[17:48] I think that a lot of appreciation we've
[17:49] had for the humours come from that quest
[17:51] so thank you so sir yes Lee which i
[17:55] assume is seriously can we get signature
[17:59] hero mounted heads or stuffed wise old
[18:02] man heads or stuffed bob as overrides
[18:04] within our poh no are you sure I want
[18:09] them to go kill them yeah there's no
[18:11] something we're planning to do I mean if
[18:13] we ever did and we're not you'd have to
[18:16] con do it yourself you'd have to have a
[18:18] taxidermy skill up to 99 you have to go
[18:20] collect let's give me a whole new skill
[18:22] now match alongside sailing is gonna be
[18:26] texted I forget can we cut that bet how
[18:31] long did it take to add in the cat tasks
[18:33] not very long at all I think probably an
[18:39] afternoon at best maybe two hours or so
[18:41] right okay yeah it was really
[18:44] commendable how quickly you turned it
[18:45] around early on when we were assessing
[18:47] how much time we would have to can
[18:49] commit to we really wanted to include a
[18:52] gorgeous care quest and we really want
[18:53] to include achievements but when we did
[18:55] our time cost me just realized we
[18:57] couldn't reasonably get can get these
[18:58] these done towards at least we describe
[19:02] them with the hoped we might add them in
[19:03] later on if we had time yeah towards the
[19:05] end we had enough time for doing either
[19:07] another quest or doing achievements and
[19:10] then you went with the best solution was
[19:12] to work element the best elements of the
[19:13] coaches cat quest into the Jeep yeah i
[19:15] think it was definitely the right call i
[19:17] mean we could have spent a lot of time
[19:19] we were talking about things like
[19:20] opening access to the sewers and having
[19:23] like a multi-headed Hydra cat right as a
[19:26] boss and things like you had quite a
[19:27] quite elaborate yeah it was good it
[19:29] going a bit you know it would have been
[19:31] fun sure but there's a lot more value in
[19:34] having done the achievement setting
[19:35] getting people exploring all of the
[19:37] surface that didn't really get covered
[19:39] with the quests and trying to point
[19:41] players towards and hopefully humorous
[19:44] elements that they might otherwise miss
[19:45] ya I think achievements added so much
[19:48] longevity in game played to the
[19:50] environment and and the treasure chests
[19:53] as well and creating more their sandbox
[19:55] feel of exploring and the world and
[19:57] looking at all the nooks and crannies
[19:58] yes I did these things and we boiled
[19:59] down the kind of ideas that we'd had
[20:01] the best of the ideas that we had into
[20:03] the achievements I think the majority of
[20:06] the time was actually spent on the
[20:08] animation of fluffs being resurrected so
[20:12] that's probably it what were your
[20:16] favorite jokes to add in wow there's so
[20:19] many references and jokes yeah it is
[20:21] really hot I was really impressed by
[20:23] what the environment guards did they had
[20:24] a little bit of extra time that the
[20:26] dolls and they went for Pete Lee crazy
[20:27] as much as much as we like wrote jokes
[20:29] and models bomber jokes i think they
[20:31] randomly that as well as in the
[20:33] environment yeah just piled on I mean
[20:35] there are still elements that I hadn't
[20:37] even noticed it's only yesterday that I
[20:39] saw King rolled in the hanging cage with
[20:42] his little crown oh yeah and his a on
[20:44] Zig advisor in another cage just off to
[20:47] the side didn't even know they were
[20:49] there yeah I'm in May the reliquary room
[20:51] with all them because it was a very
[20:52] quick thing for them to make because
[20:53] they were just taking the existing
[20:55] assets from from the game and just just
[20:56] imposing them so like getting a stat
[20:59] above the cat and they're all how the
[21:01] reliquary is great yeah yeah and the
[21:02] Raptors does armor and think things like
[21:04] that to tell all these visual references
[21:07] isn't there to to support what we're
[21:08] doing in dialogue was really good okay
[21:10] and I just just one of the script two
[21:13] things it was again this crime poor I
[21:16] mean we just fugly achievement in there
[21:18] and it was like I'll use this crime
[21:20] balls to look at things yeah and we had
[21:22] the idea of putting in some things you
[21:24] could eavesdrop on and spy on people yet
[21:26] and again I was that was Dave doing that
[21:30] wasn't it yep so hadn't seen any of it
[21:32] and then that's where the the glorious
[21:34] pudding is my destiny comes from I love
[21:36] that that's right so brilliant well I
[21:39] was really pleased to hear all the
[21:41] references to lon happen the scrying
[21:42] pool because obviously they won the
[21:44] quest crank up last year and this was
[21:46] one that prizes to featuring the turn to
[21:48] the quest so I love the way you worked
[21:50] them through in multiple yeah we didn't
[21:52] want to just make it something that was
[21:53] a mild reference and dialogue something
[21:55] like want to try and build bring it all
[21:57] also into the critical path but also
[21:59] something that there was there's really
[22:01] there that you couldn't interact with
[22:02] and it made a film ocular substantial
[22:04] part of the world but also some good fit
[22:05] yeah have yet to achieve that I think so
[22:07] yeah if you can add in more work area
[22:11] quest later what
[22:12] you pick well we've already said a
[22:14] soul's been that would certainly be my
[22:15] favorite yeah that'll be the first one
[22:17] to do but Surak the character of
[22:19] seroquel get you to include in some way
[22:21] maybe we would my rear is it a girl
[22:24] treats cat I don't know I think we've
[22:25] kind of trodden over that ground a
[22:27] building don't you including the
[22:29] achievement you've probably come it off
[22:30] with um I don't know what I was waiting
[22:32] cleared to be honest yeah I think for
[22:34] the most part we achieved the the quest
[22:37] cohesion that we wanted the primary
[22:39] thing was essential that we had that
[22:41] some Arab story lon run running through
[22:42] it and giving a combination and closure
[22:45] fullfil that that character he has a a
[22:47] tangential closure in rich or the mesh
[22:49] read but that thought was nice to put a
[22:52] more front and center and this one ball
[22:54] to play as him in a sort of fanfiction
[22:56] anyway at the end I think maybe it would
[22:58] have been nice to I mean kind of as a
[23:00] police guy thing would have been to do
[23:02] something with museum that would have
[23:04] been quite interesting yeah there was
[23:05] actually one of the things that was was
[23:07] on the nice to have list was to add in
[23:10] another kind of kudos set of Xian
[23:12] challenges they'd fill up all of the
[23:14] exhibit cases with with items that you
[23:17] found all right as you completed it's a
[23:19] bit of a sorry Museum where the shield
[23:21] and a sword replica and then you steal
[23:23] the shield yeah it's as clear as I later
[23:25] bear ok will mods to ever get over Meg
[23:29] giving him all those room crafting XP
[23:31] lamps no but be a blood stew prefer
[23:35] fishing that wouldn't help because that
[23:38] was my second 99 so it's just just as
[23:40] just a bad if not worse but I've got
[23:42] some degree of closure from putting
[23:44] Megan a pillar in people opportunity to
[23:47] throw Rotten Tomatoes at her I got more
[23:49] of a sense of satisfaction from paulina
[23:51] must confess and I think a lot of play
[23:53] players did too it probably didn't help
[23:55] the mod doctor and I have kind of skewed
[23:58] what lamps had given out to shoot on his
[24:01] main account yeah really doesn't help
[24:05] okay Maxie us how many kittens were
[24:07] harmed in the making of this quest not
[24:10] enough non non non were harmed at all if
[24:13] I'm you help with my help yeah in fact
[24:15] you even bring some back oh yeah well
[24:18] I'd say we r plus 1 we're in the
[24:21] positive board cats um there's an all
[24:23] sort of human tragedy and sore
[24:25] in death but yeah we've off sitted with
[24:27] animals yeah I mean Gertrude's life is a
[24:29] mess but at least he's got some cats now
[24:32] pandan asks what happens to the original
[24:35] idea of Dell with having a carnival or
[24:37] circus within the city that's a really
[24:39] good question so what happened at
[24:42] runefest was at that stage the term
[24:45] earth quest was nothing more than a
[24:47] concept a pitch that what Mark was was
[24:51] covering so they requested some concept
[24:54] arts to try and get across the the theme
[24:56] in the tone that and he was was going
[24:58] going for with it but at that stage no
[25:00] pre-production had be done wet and
[25:01] finalized universe store real what we're
[25:03] going to do so that was a direction we
[25:05] could have gone in but we decided to
[25:07] have and take a different route okay
[25:08] okay so we've got loads more questions
[25:12] and but I think we'll probably leave
[25:13] those to the forums and to the FAQ so we
[25:16] get the garba you'll be going up over
[25:17] the next few days three but I have one
[25:19] last question Apple Bloom asked how do
[25:22] the dev stay so handsome when developing
[25:25] such amazing quests it's an excellent
[25:29] question yeah go for it I don't think
[25:33] I've been odd so I'm just saying it's an
[25:34] excellent question all right honey I
[25:36] think we're probably lucky this is a
[25:38] podcast yeah yeah dude I'm looking at
[25:43] the side from the game this is
[25:45] definitely a pod car hey unfair maybe
[25:50] not right so to the forms for the FAQ
[25:54] and there's a Q&A that will have been
[25:57] done by the time our listeners listen to
[26:00] this which I believe you're both
[26:02] involved in indeed yep and so it's a
[26:05] goodbye to our listeners yeah goodbye
[26:07] Sharia hope you enjoyed it on the
[26:08] question bar I