Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #37: Boss Practice Mode!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:14] hi and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:16] I'm madhumati and we're here to talk
[00:19] today about boss practice mode with I'm
[00:21] Matt Harrison now moga Rochelle so just
[00:24] for those unfamiliar with you which
[00:26] should be very few of our listeners but
[00:27] just in case who are you what do you do
[00:29] here at Joe get working runescape QA and
[00:32] retention one oh yeah i'm marcus oh and
[00:36] I've made plenty of stuff in the past
[00:37] mainly bosses I'm known for and stuff
[00:40] like dungeoneering Slayer and too much
[00:42] stuff to go on but now via boss they
[00:44] seem to be my my curse then always end
[00:46] up being made so just retention one have
[00:49] a cool in inverted commas name is
[00:52] awesome attention to has the Guardian
[00:54] and the air your estas no we're still
[00:56] working on it what we come up with so
[00:57] far we had the nails at one point but
[00:59] then another angry on them yeah because
[01:01] hasn't mod Dean threatened to name your
[01:03] team for you if you don't yeah it's only
[01:06] comes up pretty much everything
[01:08] Christopher working on one I think we're
[01:10] sort of thinking about our projects
[01:12] right now we're Team Tosca for a bit and
[01:14] then scrum one and only and the nameless
[01:16] but other than I answers on the back of
[01:19] a postcard for that little or maybe to
[01:20] your Twitter's yeah yeah definitely so
[01:22] you are yeah check it on your cell here
[01:25] yeah right jagex Harrison yep brilliant
[01:28] so it send your recommendations for the
[01:30] team names within reason yes with a
[01:33] recent rude rude ones need not apply
[01:35] well carr/getty that we picked so boss
[01:40] practice mode what is it it's a mode
[01:43] right where you can practice bosses
[01:45] really bright okay are you sure it's so
[01:48] so it's what will it says on the tears
[01:50] yes okay to have that work right so
[01:53] basically we standardized all of the
[01:56] bosses in the game so they can all fire
[01:59] from the same system so it's nice and
[02:00] consistent near the one boss you go to
[02:02] another boss they all have the same sort
[02:04] of introduction so you know what you're
[02:05] getting and the new bit is the practice
[02:08] mode so we've got a little tick box and
[02:10] you click basically I wanna practice
[02:11] this boss yeah which means it goes into
[02:13] the
[02:13] boss encounter but it's a custom sort of
[02:15] scenario where death doesn't have a
[02:17] penalty so obviously you've got the the
[02:19] inconvenience of dying goes away
[02:20] essentially you can just go straight
[02:21] back in and have another go you do lose
[02:23] any supplies have used and like any
[02:26] minor armor degradation yep but like as
[02:28] far as like losing your items go
[02:29] completely and running back to you grave
[02:31] and you know restocking your bubble that
[02:33] stuff is gone with practice mode you can
[02:35] just go straight back in if you want so
[02:37] it's a pvm version of the Safe Work
[02:40] world safe PvP almost lose your supplies
[02:43] but none of your gear yeah exactly so if
[02:45] you can if you lose a few charcoal Leo
[02:47] real rock tail then you die you've
[02:49] probably nothing venturi to have another
[02:50] go and see if I can get before you
[02:51] actually need to restock and it's also
[02:53] free worth mentioning so how are those
[02:57] practice mode instance is different
[02:59] they're not different in any way it's
[03:01] just when you kill the boss you won't
[03:02] get any XP or drops you just get the
[03:04] satisfaction of knowing that you can do
[03:06] it yeah so so it's designed to practice
[03:09] on yes there's a pretty really like it
[03:11] says on the rinse the epi you can even
[03:13] practice in groups as well like so if
[03:14] Harris were made to practice instance I
[03:16] can join me as we can practice together
[03:17] if we've never fought the Boston like
[03:19] like Harry says when they die we can
[03:20] celebrate with our no XP and no drops
[03:23] and then maybe take on the real thing so
[03:25] no XP no drops to kick the kills count
[03:29] towards Slayer or soul we press I'm and
[03:31] I we had to take all that out as well
[03:32] yeah however Thoth counts yeah one of
[03:34] the good QA things how are you and when
[03:36] you took me forever to work out while I
[03:39] was killing Doug mouth kings and kept
[03:40] gain XP right I know I've and I was
[03:43] using a save of my own account and i had
[03:44] a dag enough task so it was getting slow
[03:46] I that is dead weight so Chris is broken
[03:49] it's not working i'm getting XP them
[03:50] like no it's definitely gonna be working
[03:51] then I was like chicks layer and you're
[03:53] like no way and then the sleigh was
[03:55] going on with like yeah all right we got
[03:56] to slow XP off as well all the tasks i
[03:58] canna pad yeah very good concert I'm
[04:00] sure it was planned QA right oh yeah
[04:02] yeah those for the test metric yeah yeah
[04:05] and hard mode fights can you tempt them
[04:10] in practice mode you can't attempt in
[04:12] practice mode and be pretty
[04:13] straightforward to allow that to be
[04:15] honest right but we thought at least
[04:17] going in we won't because of the whole
[04:20] like is mentioned people that aren't
[04:22] even touching these bosses like if you
[04:24] dare not even attempted like a rag doll
[04:27] nice bad example it didn't ever have
[04:28] Melissa sacred or over our guy yeah so
[04:31] you've never done it you won't have a go
[04:32] it's like you're learning to do virago
[04:34] if you can kill virago maybe you're
[04:36] strong enough to you we wanted to harm
[04:39] may be more risky going in however if
[04:41] it's like universally wanted it's not
[04:43] st. web we're not opposed yet we could
[04:46] allow it it's just er what mainly think
[04:47] about the people who don't even boss at
[04:48] all and they want to get in so hard
[04:50] modes a bit of her so what I'll realest
[04:52] on for introducing practice mode is to
[04:54] allow those people that have have a
[04:56] berry almost of fear perhaps you know
[04:58] yeah I mean trepidation certainly yeah
[05:00] definitely I mean skips got a pretty
[05:02] harsh death penalty as far as games go
[05:04] nowadays yeah and like the whole you
[05:05] know if you if you're not a like a
[05:08] strong combatant lling it's not your
[05:09] strong suit it might be one of these
[05:10] it's you know some people just aren't
[05:12] comfortable that environment and if they
[05:13] can't think exactly and you go with a
[05:15] group of you know Harry's friends and
[05:17] they're only gonna accept the best of
[05:18] the best which is whether they let them
[05:20] in that's why you know you get the
[05:22] practice way to learn to get in these
[05:23] groups rather than being blanked in the
[05:25] first place you can say oh I know how to
[05:26] do it yeah and then hopefully they take
[05:28] here okay okay because there's also a
[05:32] decent face as well so you can go on the
[05:35] beasts in the faces if you click the
[05:36] quest icon that's the further in tab or
[05:38] when you actually get to the boss you
[05:40] can click the little image and they'll
[05:41] open up that tab for you right I know
[05:43] there's a lump on there now so you can
[05:44] click on that and they will display a
[05:46] load of tactics that we've listed with
[05:48] little icon next to it so you click that
[05:49] as well and then the NPC your anime
[05:51] based on attack you clicked and they'll
[05:53] show you'd like what to expect so you
[05:55] could read through all those before the
[05:57] fight and then when you go and you know
[05:58] what to expect so it gives you a better
[06:00] idea of what kind of kind of thing
[06:01] you'll be facing yeah that's like the
[06:03] super safe let your dare you don't even
[06:05] want to go to God was to click on the
[06:06] door so you sit in the comfort of a bank
[06:08] and see what use animations are going to
[06:10] look like what while you're skilling and
[06:13] chillin yeah maybe reading up on ya cool
[06:17] so it's a perfect place to get your
[06:19] practice in and to learn how the bosses
[06:21] work is under a number other boss
[06:24] instance improvements that were included
[06:26] as part the same scheme yes project so
[06:28] like I touched on at the start it used
[06:30] to before this update and the system was
[06:32] there not was not as great as they say
[06:34] myself but he had to click box after box
[06:37] it's like you wanna make a new boss how
[06:38] many people do you want was their combat
[06:40] they were after
[06:40] do you need a pimp or food protection is
[06:43] it friends only so then you bombard of a
[06:45] question after question after question
[06:46] then finally you got into the bus yeah
[06:48] even though that there's only six boxes
[06:50] just like just let me in you know I have
[06:51] clicked on the entrance I want to go
[06:52] ahead yeah and so that the major change
[06:54] was making this a nice interface which
[06:55] again is across all of the bosses that
[06:57] use this system so i click on the
[06:59] entrance to virago I'm like I want to
[07:01] make my own session in the face popped
[07:03] up the lovely big picture the boss so
[07:05] your new player accidentally stumbled
[07:06] across this cave is like all probably
[07:07] want to go in there yeah yeah but then
[07:09] you got the button that harry said you
[07:11] can click on it to go for more
[07:12] information or you can use in the
[07:14] instant interface just to be like you
[07:15] know 120 people Mike on my level friends
[07:18] only go in and then that those things
[07:20] also saves if I go to a different boss
[07:22] it automatically uses those things if
[07:24] they're still applicable so it's just um
[07:25] just a really streamlining of the whole
[07:27] thing am I hear there's a magical rejoin
[07:30] button as well oh yeah they were my read
[07:32] rainbow so if you make an instance now I
[07:34] think it's people have asked for it
[07:36] quite a while yeah yeah so if you had an
[07:39] instance previously in that same boss
[07:40] type you can just click rejoin and it
[07:42] will go back into that or a launch new
[07:43] instance for you and i give you the
[07:45] remaining time that you had left so
[07:46] you'd have to make a new instance and
[07:47] spend loads money so that's pretty
[07:49] convenient yeah very good flickorax will
[07:51] fires that teleport out instance
[07:52] collapses they just go back hip rejoin
[07:54] they've got more than 10 minutes left on
[07:56] their old on get some back in and for
[07:59] those more experienced players
[08:00] understand there's some rewards if they
[08:01] help new players oh god you want to try
[08:04] and explain that nicely so the guy in
[08:06] the near the combat dummies in lumbridge
[08:08] if you talk to him he he'll show you
[08:10] some roars I he's willing to offer right
[08:12] if you help train some low-level people
[08:13] okay account too so if a lower level
[08:17] player has less than 10 kills in the
[08:19] boss and are you taking with you to go
[08:20] fight it will work until past 10 kills
[08:23] where you get a new point and you can
[08:25] build up new points and unlock was like
[08:27] a most bored head unlock a title which I
[08:31] forget the name of the master the master
[08:33] tile and you can get cool our pet food
[08:35] Cornelius which is elves scrum favorite
[08:39] be a so that that system so just to make
[08:41] sure it's clear ism that's like the idea
[08:44] that you know how to do practice mate
[08:45] you've killed your list general grawr
[08:47] dogs you're hardcore and now you want to
[08:49] go with a group and they still not
[08:50] letting you in but this is because
[08:52] they're like people get quite elitist
[08:53] I this is like a nice system that
[08:55] hopefully helps you've never been to
[08:57] Ecuador before so your kill count is
[08:59] actually 0 but I mean Harry do all that
[09:01] all day every day and if we bring you a
[09:04] DA exactly if we bring you it's like an
[09:06] idea that you come into the boss you get
[09:08] to sit in a live environment with the
[09:09] group's it's still a bit safe and then
[09:11] when when the boss gets killed if you're
[09:13] one of the people that helped contribute
[09:14] towards that kill yeah everyone with
[09:16] over 10 kills like me and Harry in that
[09:18] example would get a new point you
[09:20] wouldn't get one but you get a kill and
[09:21] then eventually you get 10 and you'd
[09:23] stop being a pro not new and then the
[09:25] idea is these points you know they have
[09:27] threshold unlocks and that's on all
[09:28] bosses so like if everyone the entire
[09:30] world has 10 kills on grid or you go
[09:32] caught beast or cows element or that
[09:34] something okay that's brilliant yeah so
[09:36] we encouragement to get new pairs and
[09:38] it's not force it's just yeah yeah yeah
[09:41] yeah if new players with you you'll get
[09:43] a little reward open now so which bosses
[09:45] are included in the practice mode then
[09:47] we have actually a rally sever back and
[09:49] forth tiffin get more right go there
[09:51] sover are gays Iraq saw God walls oh
[09:55] that's cheating cuz he'll fall okay
[09:58] kalphite queen kalphite king exile
[10:01] kalphite queen oh yeah we know man i
[10:04] know we're missing some what was posted
[10:06] to make rise of the six next how you're
[10:09] on it I think that's it yeah but
[10:11] promising them basically everything ok
[10:14] Billy well done Oh down of kings and I
[10:16] got Kings as well that was added called
[10:17] beasts was added I think basically every
[10:19] boss that isn't currently in the safe
[10:21] environment of me didn't do it on the
[10:22] kiln or dad because they're already
[10:24] instances yeah and when you die it's
[10:25] already safe and it's sort of a mini
[10:26] game anyway kyuubi be 0 cuba de
[10:29] resistance but we brought it over to the
[10:31] system even know what you want only one
[10:33] thing as a lifetime I think that's it
[10:36] yeah the other one Legionnaires were
[10:38] discussed but they have a slayer thing
[10:39] which we've decided to park for now okay
[10:41] and the other ones we didn't put on book
[10:44] is there then in Oriya yes at the Corp
[10:47] Corp the carousel event always wander in
[10:50] the wilderness he's not in a boss room
[10:52] so it's not like you know you walk
[10:54] closer as I told you want to make an
[10:55] instance in the wilderness yeah so I
[10:57] mean in the future there might be some
[11:00] sort of support we have them in another
[11:01] place you know maybe you can fire a
[11:02] practice mode only instance for him but
[11:04] for now we're just trying to keep
[11:06] so how we give a treat new bosses when
[11:09] new bosses come in a great question I
[11:11] think our current plan we're definitely
[11:13] not going to put them on practice mode I
[11:15] believe and we're definitely not gonna
[11:16] release tactics for about two weeks to a
[11:19] month it's not locked down but the idea
[11:22] is they won't be on the system to
[11:23] instance if if applicable yet but
[11:25] there'll be no they're what we know
[11:27] practicing so the people that throw
[11:29] themselves at I think that's part of the
[11:30] enjoyment bosses we don't attain that
[11:32] way yeah on day one we'll go in and
[11:34] they're like you know like every
[11:36] scratches and i think is sick or in the
[11:38] first kill one yeah yeah let players do
[11:40] the exploratory bit and the example out
[11:42] and then and then we can stop yeah from
[11:45] what we've gathered players love doing
[11:46] that like they love being the first to
[11:47] try and figure out what exactly is going
[11:49] on in this boss fight forum threads like
[11:51] remember when around swords out that
[11:53] bouncing acidic wave at the end and
[11:55] there's so many myths around that like a
[11:56] good week or two and it was like are you
[11:58] a run around and stand and do abilities
[12:01] well wave and shaking hands or whether
[12:02] yeah that there's it could be anything
[12:04] and that's that's kind of the fun of it
[12:06] is when they lock it down how to
[12:07] actually take it on the net your experts
[12:08] of pro now and sharing it so it's very
[12:10] good community aspect of bottom yeah
[12:12] you've got a dancer Jake while giving
[12:14] your mate you'll yeah exactly exactly
[12:16] improper your arms off all pleasure
[12:17] before okay so there's been some
[12:21] questions come back so why are we making
[12:25] practice safe obviously some players
[12:27] think that dividing the strategies and
[12:29] tactics are in central part of the game
[12:30] why we included in a practice mode it
[12:34] was kind of request to quite a lot i
[12:36] guess a lot of people just had this
[12:38] strong barrier where they're not going
[12:39] anywhere near that boss because what if
[12:42] something happens where I can't go back
[12:43] to my grave or I don't know what I'm
[12:45] doing at all and I panic you know that
[12:47] kind of thing so yeah I love you would
[12:49] just had that fear yeah I suppose it
[12:52] opens up but boss of bosses outside
[12:56] price mode eventually for those players
[12:57] who just wouldn't otherwise have gone
[12:59] there only that isn't that is the
[13:01] underlying point yeah it's just a hole
[13:02] just helping people to get into it I can
[13:04] see how people might have viewed this as
[13:07] like oh it's easy mode sort of update
[13:08] but realistically we're not letting them
[13:10] into the real fight right now they're
[13:12] not really getting any rewards from it
[13:13] so to speak yeah it's just experience
[13:15] and for the most part most people might
[13:17] think it is like helping those each made
[13:19] up but the
[13:19] the fact is for what we've gathered from
[13:21] play feedback from years I mean a guy
[13:22] spoke to me really in depth this is the
[13:24] first room fester I remember it's just
[13:26] like they just need that leg up to get
[13:27] into bosses that they're not a lot least
[13:29] that comfortable that risk and then they
[13:31] need that leg up and for everyone else
[13:33] they don't care don't take the button go
[13:34] to the normal instance you know so we're
[13:37] not taking anything away from the real
[13:38] fight it wasn't really a massive change
[13:40] even make this stuff work for practice
[13:41] mode and other than Q areas and while if
[13:44] we revealed special attacks in the
[13:46] decent effects and there's been some
[13:49] discussion of the fact that you know
[13:50] we've detailed some oh it's interesting
[13:52] and personally I try not to go into a
[13:54] massive amount of detail on there and
[13:56] people have critiqued that and put form
[13:57] fed up of every little number that is
[13:59] wrong or whatever yeah yes yo get that
[14:02] visual listen detailed on their spelling
[14:04] and grammar as well as yeah well yeah
[14:06] well I wrote all in like half a day in
[14:08] one sitting it was a lot of text and
[14:10] yeah it was yeah I wasn't expecting to
[14:13] be that much into it but I guess so and
[14:15] we're really fixing that for the next
[14:16] update i think as well you guys are
[14:17] worried that we should go some pieces
[14:19] yeah but i think it seemed that seems up
[14:21] reasons just like practice mode isn't
[14:23] meant to be about learning the bosses if
[14:26] it's day one and trying to figure out
[14:27] what the attacks are I think there's
[14:28] more of a you want to practice you want
[14:30] to know what you're facing that's the
[14:31] whole idea of like it's not about facing
[14:33] the unknown it's about facing them known
[14:35] so if you read about the attacks when
[14:36] you see them in situ and practice made
[14:38] you like oh that's yo cocoon and I have
[14:40] an idea what to do cuz i read on the
[14:41] interface yeah and that point you did
[14:43] and thought you know the idea is it's
[14:45] just a preparation and again the
[14:47] information is there if you need it like
[14:48] and that information is outside of the
[14:49] game anyway yeah exactly wiki's or
[14:52] various guides on the fan sites and
[14:54] they've always been in more in more
[14:56] depth I tried to avoid putting specific
[14:58] damage values like yeah it like it will
[15:00] hit you with Mellie it will hit you
[15:01] after 10 seconds you don't want to be
[15:03] near at that sort of thing but like
[15:04] we're trying to keep it sort of it's not
[15:07] trying to avoid spoilers just try and be
[15:08] like very clear sort of like this is
[15:10] what you can expect and then when you
[15:12] see it you owe as well as expecting yeah
[15:13] um if you want like the breakdown of
[15:15] numbers and ultimate tactics we're not
[15:17] telling you how to fight the boss we're
[15:18] telling what you want the boss can do to
[15:19] you and if you get a guides taking me
[15:22] like you know stand here rotate here do
[15:24] the jig that's or thing so there's
[15:26] always more detail as well so there's
[15:28] been some questions about spawn rates as
[15:30] well and things like the curse elemental
[15:32] that some small rates quite slow yeah i
[15:35] guess the Casimir wasn't really touch
[15:36] whether something it was he know people
[15:38] have said like chess elemental king
[15:40] black dragon ism and stuff like that
[15:41] yeah you can control the speed in the
[15:44] new instances there is the fastest
[15:46] option yeah we enabled it for if I'm
[15:48] look for the most more about those dang
[15:49] looking the other little you know
[15:50] diagnostics on fastest isn't crazy you
[15:54] can just about keep up but yeah I guess
[15:56] I'm like chaos animal you quick up
[15:59] because that's what people do yeah I
[16:01] successful problem we can always
[16:02] increase the bait baseball but it's not
[16:04] a big problem this case by case with mmm
[16:06] so new points how can i check my need
[16:08] points there's a person and I wish I
[16:11] don't remember his name Harlan or
[16:13] something I was gonna say Harley Orlin
[16:15] he's are the dummies in lumbridge where
[16:17] the combat Academy is yeah he's got a
[16:19] right click option you can talk to him
[16:20] he's got some interesting texts and he's
[16:22] got lovely interface which I'll show you
[16:23] a lovely progress bar at crispin yeah
[16:25] it's literally just for everyone well
[16:28] that will tell you how many points
[16:30] you've got you how many points ago I
[16:31] never go down here yeah you don't spend
[16:34] them it's not like a currency it's just
[16:35] like it's like a threshold so light it
[16:36] was the ones like 50 points is like 550
[16:39] points for the mortarboard to 50 VFD 503
[16:42] fifth year for the last title 500 for
[16:45] the owl yes it's more like a threshold
[16:46] when you've got 50 you'll get a message
[16:47] at one lock you didn't need to go back
[16:49] to him now because you can understand
[16:51] i'll skip obviously if you want to see
[16:52] where you currently are them by all
[16:53] means visiting and on hard mode do we
[16:57] gain more points for over the new points
[17:00] at the moment and no it's it's
[17:02] completely the same regardless it's just
[17:04] it's a universal system we could do more
[17:08] for hard mode but the idea is you know
[17:10] it's were mainly focusing on the normal
[17:12] is to get those people from practice
[17:13] mode to normal mode the exact no jumping
[17:15] straight to her but I mean we could look
[17:17] at it I guess if there's enough demand
[17:19] it seems a quite a niche back obviously
[17:22] there's lots of feedback informs us
[17:23] people want to feed back to you where's
[17:25] best and they're already doing the right
[17:27] place Bowman's like our Twitter's from
[17:28] earlier but um yeah this forum fed said
[17:30] you know what the one ramens looking at
[17:32] Kyle he usually lower edge poster for
[17:35] I'm afraid that we'll find it because a
[17:37] lot of kyle is going through them and
[17:40] fixing typos grammars my fails his fails
[17:42] you read at the four
[17:43] Stan we have um yeah they were all over
[17:47] saw stuff and they're probably quite a
[17:48] large updated that sort of typos make me
[17:51] feel a little anything we need to make
[17:53] yeah should we saw it really well it's
[17:55] been really well received and thanks for
[17:57] coming along today anyways bye