Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #36: The Aquarium!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:05] I'm mod Matt Healy podcast monkey and
[00:08] I'm here to talk about the aquarium with
[00:11] mod doctor what's your role model I'm
[00:15] the content developer who's working on
[00:17] implementing all the features for the
[00:19] aquarium and which team you Parv I am
[00:21] part of the Guardians the Guardians
[00:23] famously led by models born yes so we
[00:27] have a play around house aquarium coming
[00:29] yes it consists of two rooms the
[00:33] standard room which are all familiar
[00:35] with where you put build your hot spots
[00:37] right up your skill yeah and then the
[00:39] actual aquarium which you're able to
[00:40] walk around see all the fish you've
[00:42] collected and even some scenery you can
[00:45] put down there brilliant ok so this was
[00:49] player polled is that right that's
[00:51] correct he went out with a few other
[00:53] ideas this was actually one of the ones
[00:56] we didn't expect to win and took us a
[00:58] bit by surprise we expected farming to
[01:01] be on top right ok but players voted
[01:04] this and we are actually really happy to
[01:06] work on this well player owned player
[01:08] and house has always been a popular
[01:09] feature and I know lots of people would
[01:12] like to rework so I suppose this allowed
[01:14] people to get some changes in to
[01:16] construction that way yes we thought
[01:18] we'd try something different the actual
[01:20] aquarium while the design was being made
[01:23] for this I prototyped a way to do
[01:27] construction a little bit differently
[01:28] right which we've done just for the
[01:30] below room the actual aquarium itself
[01:33] does not extend to the recipe ok so how
[01:36] does that work the players can pick
[01:39] objects they want to drop down freely
[01:41] within the area right ate them some are
[01:45] limited by number so you have one two or
[01:48] three of them and obviously there is a
[01:50] limit how many you put down that because
[01:52] it's just not enough room for you put
[01:53] down yeah yeah 20 massive statues for
[01:56] example so I don't have any room to move
[01:59] no ok so it's a bit bit of a freer form
[02:03] of constructions and yes that's where
[02:05] we're used to in our play around houses
[02:06] yes you can me you have a lot more
[02:09] choice with both where and which way
[02:12] round objects are
[02:13] right okay okay I'm and I understand to
[02:16] it being an aquarium it features some
[02:18] fish there are plenty of fish in there
[02:20] and now lobsters and now lobsters
[02:23] lobsters as well is that by common
[02:24] request or it was one of the last things
[02:28] to be added I'm not entirely sure if it
[02:30] came from a player suggestion or whether
[02:32] it's something we wanted something that
[02:33] wasn't quite a fish right okay but
[02:36] lobsters lobsters we all like a bit of
[02:39] lobster in your runescape what fish have
[02:41] you included we've got monkfish rot
[02:46] tails k fish salmon tuna rainbow fish
[02:52] and the barbarian ones the leaping trout
[02:55] salmon and rice surgeon and of course we
[02:58] can't miss the shark off I know it's not
[03:01] my first or favorite is the larva eel
[03:03] because I think it looks absolutely
[03:04] fantastic brilliant okay and I hear
[03:07] something about prawn balls what are
[03:09] prawn balls there are many many things
[03:12] to do this update which are prong x yeah
[03:16] I did notice the chrome cracker which I
[03:18] was also got wrong and cracker prawn
[03:21] balls prom brokers from Penny's prom
[03:24] pounds frantastic yes yes ok so what a
[03:30] prawn balls the prawn balls are a way
[03:35] for you to be rewarded for doing fishing
[03:37] you gain these certain intervals while
[03:41] fishing right only after you've built
[03:44] your aquarium so once you put your crane
[03:45] you can start doing this ok and you'll
[03:47] gain this little prom ball you can open
[03:49] and you'll be rewarded with something
[03:51] from a drop table ok and it doesn't
[03:53] matter where you fish in the world as
[03:55] long as you're fishing for something
[03:56] that is capable of being putting your
[03:59] aquarium right ok ok if you're fishing
[04:01] for something that doesn't know any
[04:02] aquarium doesn't count towards right
[04:04] okay so it's the super suit to off that
[04:06] list of fish we mentioned earlier you
[04:08] need to be fishing for those any get
[04:09] pong balls and when you open them you
[04:12] get something from a drop table you say
[04:13] yes there's a variety different things
[04:16] some of them you can only get once
[04:17] because they are one-time rewards right
[04:19] and then the other ones you can keep
[04:22] getting such as you can get the prom
[04:24] pennies and prob pounds
[04:26] rush increase your chance to get the
[04:28] fish eggs needed to put into your
[04:30] aquarium right okay so you need fish
[04:32] eggs to put into your query unless there
[04:34] is a new item for each one right golden
[04:39] fish eggs right okay and you'll be
[04:41] rewarded these for fishing that type of
[04:43] fish oh you can only get the golden
[04:44] trout right now getting trout cool and
[04:48] when would you go take you put it in
[04:50] your craving then that fish is in your
[04:51] tank yep it'll swim around and all your
[04:53] friends can go down to crowd and they'll
[04:55] also see your trout or your shark or
[04:58] your lava reels all in there as well and
[05:01] I hear you can go in your tank yes yeah
[05:04] everyone all your friends can go down
[05:06] there and you have a little party in
[05:08] your aquarium and there's diver suits
[05:10] yes right well no one can breathe
[05:13] underwater but was wondering y NS oh yes
[05:16] as the house owner you will have the
[05:19] dimension you can stretch on the surface
[05:21] everyone else be using the basic
[05:22] standard one so you can stand out as
[05:24] special because it's your aquarium but
[05:27] all your friends can still visit they
[05:29] can see how you've arranged your
[05:30] aquarium what you've got down there
[05:32] maybe you've got the virago statue that
[05:34] no one else has got yet and you can show
[05:36] that off cool okay are there any other
[05:39] features the particular thing about we
[05:42] have the prestiging feature raja allows
[05:44] you to basically reset your aquarium you
[05:47] get rid of everything you basically pull
[05:49] the plug out or go strain it away that
[05:51] goes away the advantage of this is one
[05:54] you get to play through the content
[05:55] again right but also we give you some
[05:58] extra items to put in your aquarium to
[06:00] make it look different so people know
[06:02] you've prestigious you go down there and
[06:04] instead of a normal plug we give you a
[06:05] site like a fancier plug right I think
[06:10] we've got the stone of jazz is like
[06:12] wedging in the hole target a reserve and
[06:15] then you after that you can proceed your
[06:17] second time and get another plug right
[06:19] okay so it's like resetting out I'm
[06:21] doing again on a kind of next level
[06:24] again I'm doing again on the next level
[06:25] so you can have the biggest shiniest
[06:27] aquarium ever correct right okay
[06:31] brilliant so a design document went out
[06:33] on our website about two weeks ago now I
[06:37] think yes and the feedback we
[06:39] really good about it as I understand it
[06:42] and from what I've seen but I'm there
[06:43] were a number of changes we wanted to
[06:45] make emulator based on that feedback yes
[06:48] opposed would seem to be happy with what
[06:50] we came up with and yep we're surprised
[06:52] with how much we're doing their expected
[06:54] a room with a tank in it yes yeah yeah
[06:57] it's definitely not like it's definitely
[06:59] a weave lot more than that we've gone at
[07:01] least three steps further than that
[07:03] we've got new elements of construction
[07:05] we've got the basically two rooms in one
[07:08] we've given them a lot more than some
[07:10] people were expecting other than just a
[07:12] goldfish bowl in the middle of a room
[07:14] yes yeah which to me wouldn't say
[07:16] aquarium that says goldfish bowl if
[07:19] you're if you're building a room in your
[07:21] house and it's an aquarium it should be
[07:22] in aquarium it sounds like you know
[07:24] we're really doing that yes ok so what
[07:27] changes we made in response to the
[07:29] feedback one of the big concerns was
[07:32] from people who are high level
[07:34] construction who have already hit the
[07:37] room limit right it's a complicated
[07:40] issue yeah but we have managed to extend
[07:43] the number of rooms possible right okay
[07:46] and that's really important we have
[07:48] given everyone an extra room across the
[07:50] board so you're starting house rather
[07:52] than being at 20 rooms starts at 21
[07:55] right and it's now 20 and now goes 21 22
[07:59] 23 24 okay up to 33 rooms so anyone who
[08:02] already has maximum rooms when the
[08:05] aquarium is released yet they will
[08:06] automatically have renew a new room to
[08:09] place in there the only limit is it's
[08:12] got to be on the ground floor so if
[08:13] you've already made your ground floor
[08:15] you may have to remove illyrians remover
[08:17] to place your aquarium down there it
[08:20] don't you know a complete construction
[08:22] rework is impossible within the scope of
[08:24] the aquarium clearly know what it is not
[08:27] yeah and and doing much more than I
[08:30] imagined would require practically how
[08:32] we work for the skill when we look to
[08:36] increase the number of room sizes we
[08:37] rework the system in such a way that if
[08:39] we wanted to in future add more rooms we
[08:42] could in theory increase the Mac sizing
[08:44] more but since we're only having one new
[08:47] room we gave you one free room yeah yeah
[08:49] makes sense so I understand that there
[08:52] are some other changes were made by
[08:53] the shark tooth necklace now helps you
[08:56] healing effects of great white shark
[08:59] yeah we are in some new shark-related
[09:01] food right so we are retro actively
[09:05] adding the ability for that necklace to
[09:08] buff that food as well right okay okay
[09:10] so yeah joining up dots basically yeah
[09:13] that's nice and diving suits can be
[09:16] available as cosmetic / right they said
[09:19] yes this is one of the prawn perks
[09:22] another prawn prawn related jokes yes as
[09:28] you might be a cell listeners more
[09:29] doctor is not a big fan of pens I think
[09:31] models born is the pun master along with
[09:35] pretty much all the other content debs
[09:37] yes they live their buns yes and it
[09:43] originally we were saying one elite clue
[09:46] scroll a month and that's changed I
[09:48] believe that's correct we've changed
[09:50] that to be once a week now so once a
[09:53] week you go down there freely clue clue
[09:55] scroll for you right brilliant okay and
[09:59] then we made a number charaf occations
[10:01] as well which you're all up on the
[10:02] forums as I understand it there's a
[10:05] really competitive post which is pages
[10:08] and pages if you print it out of
[10:10] clarifications as models born goes
[10:13] through and explains why we're doing
[10:15] certain things certain ways but there
[10:16] was some feedback that we also have that
[10:18] owns that when when we can't implement
[10:21] at all so the no bait perks and people
[10:24] were concerned about that at the end of
[10:27] the day we are allowing you to free open
[10:29] inventory slot so if you want to do the
[10:32] fishing for no bait may you want that
[10:33] particular fish maybe you're going for
[10:35] the golden eggs for it but you don't be
[10:37] walking around carrying all the bait you
[10:40] can pick that perk up and you can now
[10:42] fish at those spots yeah with an extra
[10:45] inventory slot and you'd have to worry
[10:47] about running out of bait at any point
[10:49] so there were also a number of people
[10:52] who are calling for through the
[10:53] greenhouse instead of the aquarium the
[10:56] polls said the aquarium one so that's
[10:59] what we went with ya much to our
[11:01] surprise you said it said before we
[11:03] honestly thought the greenhouse was
[11:04] going to
[11:06] win by miles but it turned out people
[11:10] were funds the aquarium and some people
[11:12] take sharks aren't appropriate for
[11:14] aquariums there is a few issues with the
[11:20] choice of fish in your aquarium for
[11:23] example you have both salt and
[11:25] freshwater fish in the same aquarium and
[11:28] anyone who knows anything about fishes
[11:30] you you can't do that our reasoning for
[11:34] this is a wizard did it oh it's this
[11:36] actually it's a magical aquarium it is a
[11:38] magic aquarium a wizard the wizard did
[11:41] it yeah absolutely well thanks very much
[11:45] more doctor community in talking to us
[11:46] not a problem and so if people have any
[11:48] more feedback will read up about it
[11:50] where should they go we have as you said
[11:52] many posts on the forums regarding what
[11:54] we're changing not changing in the
[11:56] reasons behind that many pages on that
[12:00] you can also tweet myself at jackets
[12:03] doctor or you can post on the those
[12:06] stretch themselves and someone from the
[12:09] constant team is reading those and we'll
[12:11] keep an eye on them brilliant thanks
[12:13] very much not a problem and a great chat
[12:15] t by oh I