Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #35: Dishonour Among Thieves

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:07] hello and welcome to the newest of the
[00:09] runescape podcast this time we're going
[00:11] to be talking about dis honor among
[00:13] thieves and I'll be your host mode
[00:15] osbourne because mod Matt he is ill
[00:18] gonna touch of the throat eNOS oh hey
[00:22] don't know salamz hey I just like to
[00:25] start dis honor among thieves I've
[00:26] gathered together a group of brigands
[00:28] and I start with waddly content
[00:32] developer on dis honor among thieves I'm
[00:34] mod Cassie all right I'm a QA tester and
[00:37] general shifty guy I am mod Tim and I'm
[00:41] lead developer and product owner for the
[00:44] Dukes superb okay so just a quick note
[00:48] I'm going to be spicing it up a little
[00:50] bit this is what they did what happens
[00:51] when you leave me in charge of things I
[00:52] were coming up to question i'm sure this
[00:54] was 199 was that that was so your
[00:57] challenge should you choose to accept it
[00:59] is to fit the names of quest seamlessly
[01:02] into this podcast all two hundred and i
[01:07] will not let you leave until you tunnel
[01:08] to motivational possum now in a long day
[01:11] so I've got a little scoreboard here
[01:13] just to kind of just a little fun aside
[01:14] they got to be seamless I'm not having
[01:16] you just kind of name checking are we
[01:18] doing this as once more favor vehicle
[01:20] you know I'll accept that holly has
[01:22] school one that's been taken off a ball
[01:24] yeah all right it's a the plan of the
[01:26] podcast is talk over it's all wrong with
[01:28] fees which just came out MMA shins
[01:30] exciting times yes I start off why
[01:33] should I play dishonor on my feet if I
[01:35] haven't started it yet there's a great
[01:37] deal of reasons I think there's all
[01:38] sorts of it's quite a long and beefy
[01:40] quest there's a lot that goes into it
[01:42] there's a lot of fair amount of law in
[01:45] there there's a good few combat
[01:47] challenges there's a few puzzle
[01:48] challenges in there as well richburg
[01:50] it's a bit of a mixed bag year and we
[01:53] certainly tried to get quite a variety
[01:54] of different kind of gameplay styles and
[01:56] different things to experience within
[01:57] the quest pretty tasty set of rewards as
[02:00] well yeah so go and tease me with one
[02:03] you know with it could just easily say
[02:05] XP goodnight that would be the easy Reno
[02:07] you know me too man we've got for
[02:10] example there is a thieving cape and
[02:13] a cape with a variety of different
[02:14] benefits on it for intermediate level
[02:16] players as is the level of the quest and
[02:19] are there any other requirements for it
[02:22] as intermediate isn't as in it's kind of
[02:24] like balanced and pitched at that level
[02:26] right and in terms of requirements it
[02:28] doesn't have any requirements beyond of
[02:29] course completing the quest the rewards
[02:31] are gonna be best view of your an
[02:32] intermediate level but what we did to
[02:34] make them still to try and make them
[02:36] still appealing to high level players is
[02:37] make them unlock as cosmetic overrides
[02:40] as well so Jerry Escape is really cool
[02:43] but if you're not intermediate level
[02:44] player might not be as useful but you
[02:45] can still use it because I succeeded I
[02:47] just want the benefits and you're really
[02:50] high level you'll also see those on the
[02:52] completion escape yeah gotcha I might be
[02:54] stealing some of these ideas for all oh
[02:57] cool and how is the question cuz I'm
[03:00] always interesting this one we're like
[03:01] from a you've had that first design
[03:02] document and I don't think players get
[03:05] to see how much things change over the
[03:06] course of it I'm sure they'd love
[03:08] looking the last what the first design
[03:10] document was like how different it was
[03:12] so there's a lot of the team gathering
[03:15] mechanics and sort of backstories to
[03:19] those quite different yeah in which no
[03:21] no mag one was incredibly different it
[03:23] was left quite yeah quite open I think
[03:26] you'd actually is with especially with
[03:28] what carries like nomads and like hazard
[03:30] and stuff I think we like flesh them out
[03:32] made them a lot more interesting and
[03:33] involved a lot more yeah of their
[03:35] backstory and law we did cut down on
[03:38] sort of mechanics and stuff because the
[03:39] initial design document was like super
[03:41] ambitious it was a malicious at every
[03:44] project that's yeah you know and
[03:45] ambitious as it is yeah but yeah we had
[03:48] to cut down a little bit on those
[03:49] sections by can't I can't think it was a
[03:52] government I think we changed like the
[03:53] ordering ordering of things slightly yes
[03:56] so after the initial design document are
[03:58] we put together like a diagram like a
[04:00] flowchart it's kind of like way up the
[04:03] different parts so you kind of got like
[04:05] the narrative elements like dialogue and
[04:07] then you've got sort of puzzle elements
[04:08] and then you've got like combat elements
[04:10] putting it very you know basically into
[04:12] those three areas and you kind of want
[04:14] to have like a nice spread you don't
[04:17] wanna have like all the dialogue at the
[04:18] beginning of the quest and then all of
[04:20] the actual women gameplay mechanics at
[04:22] the end and we were quite worried or we
[04:25] were conscious i should say from the big
[04:26] that we would need to have quite a lot
[04:28] of dialogue at the start and all you
[04:30] have to set the scene and to introduce
[04:31] the in recruit the various different
[04:33] characters so it doesn't summer there
[04:35] was anything ridiculous about but I
[04:36] don't write zamorak into battle or any
[04:39] hello major Cisco three this holding on
[04:44] to the horror imagine I'm but there were
[04:47] no rewards that were changed or there
[04:49] are options for other awards perhaps
[04:51] sunday you because you brainstormed at
[04:53] one point I marry meeting women sing
[04:55] returnable tend to do that quite often
[04:56] with every project we just throws all of
[04:59] the ideas and we literally doing their
[05:00] best ones that splatter or with all the
[05:03] ideas that come overhead and I'll see
[05:04] what sticks basically and yeah there was
[05:07] tons of ideas for like awesome stuff but
[05:09] yeah OC once we settled on a jerry's
[05:13] came upgraded mascots or stuff sweet
[05:15] okay and what's the reaction been to the
[05:17] questions at me oh let me realize I
[05:19] think yeah yes man has been positive um
[05:23] lately sort of engagement the question
[05:25] to be quite good we've quite pleased for
[05:26] the amount of time that is taking people
[05:28] to play through it we all the maps it on
[05:29] the side yes CI a-- that's perhaps that
[05:32] interest me perhaps more than anybody
[05:33] else yeah but yeah like we always want
[05:36] to produce a quest where there's a a
[05:38] decent amount of playtime in it yeah I'm
[05:40] and getting the dis time to get the
[05:42] details back to see how long has taking
[05:44] people to get through the quest yeah
[05:45] that's been quite interesting I mean
[05:46] I've had to look at this on the feedback
[05:48] there's been some people who really
[05:49] liked certain aspects some people who
[05:51] found them a bit frustrating and like
[05:53] everybody likes a different part of it
[05:54] they kind of take what they want from it
[05:56] yeah absolutely that's why we tried to
[05:58] get lots of different play styles and I
[05:59] think yeah I think a law hands have
[06:02] really been swept away nice oh wait
[06:05] their chairs ice I've missed any other I
[06:07] think you need to hold up a hand when
[06:09] you're doing one awesome the up for
[06:14] example I mean there's been lots of love
[06:15] for that boss encounter and I was
[06:17] wondering how you made a good boss my
[06:18] own personal well that's what I kind of
[06:21] consider to be my life that's my
[06:23] favorite thing to develop bosses I just
[06:26] I like a sort of sixteenth of all in one
[06:28] like experience of like developing that
[06:31] but also like the mechanics and stuff I
[06:33] really enjoy and that that was something
[06:34] I wanted to do for the quest and then as
[06:37] far as making a good boss goes it's just
[06:39] sort of
[06:40] get finding a set of mechanics at work
[06:42] nicely together and then I think the
[06:44] environment plays a big part in it as
[06:46] well and just getting all that right and
[06:48] then I think I did maybe did the boss
[06:50] first and then I like really early and
[06:53] most thing we get seat back off
[06:55] prototyping it kind of because yeah like
[06:57] complex yeah so i'm going to buy photos
[06:59] it and then I wanted people to play it
[07:01] as soon as possible because just playing
[07:03] and getting feedback and iterating is
[07:04] like it's important or anything go on a
[07:06] boss is really important as well do you
[07:08] find stuff sucking things out as well um
[07:11] there were actually mechanics that I
[07:13] checked out and changing like what
[07:16] health percentage the phase changes and
[07:18] stuff like that but what's interesting
[07:20] that some people might not know is that
[07:22] some of those some of the stuff in there
[07:24] came out of the Builder boss at room
[07:26] first yeah so when when the boss changes
[07:29] phase pulls you in and then roundhouse
[07:33] kicks you to the floor and just explodes
[07:35] into a demon and that that was literally
[07:37] that came straight out of room first
[07:38] when we spent the entire babe we're
[07:40] hoping a boss sir yeah oh yeah it was
[07:42] cool to be able to get that in game
[07:43] player and / that's written this and
[07:46] another thing people seem to comment on
[07:47] is the degree of choice and I said
[07:50] that's I'm in narrative designer know
[07:51] how difficult it is to get choice right
[07:53] I'm do you think you've achieved that I
[07:56] mean what the vin plavi by think so
[07:57] we've got this branching endings at the
[07:59] end and we're really making history with
[08:01] that look couple of interesting choices
[08:08] at the end which are going to have an
[08:10] effect on future content I think and
[08:12] I've already had players asking me how
[08:15] can we have some more Nomad stuff soon
[08:17] where well I hope so I hope we have to
[08:20] wait six or seven years ago yeah it's
[08:22] great having backing out the way so long
[08:23] often though Mize Requiem yep but that
[08:26] doesn't count I mean there were no rules
[08:31] other people had that stray out I said
[08:34] no no check in and dropping you just did
[08:35] it I'm tempted to just strike out your
[08:37] one
[08:41] alright let's get back to our roots
[08:42] because what we've got is I was terrible
[08:45] oh there are a couple of comments about
[08:48] the nomads I would sorry actually
[08:50] spoilers should we go spawn attack turn
[08:52] off now I would expect anyone who's
[08:54] listening to this to expect yeah exactly
[08:57] this is better kind of look back to
[08:58] share the families involved exactly an
[09:01] extent but the be kind of the ending of
[09:03] nomads and there is better choice within
[09:05] that that I won't be reflected in future
[09:07] quest but will it be that's basic might
[09:09] even turn to me for this one yeah pretty
[09:12] much anything what were you yeah
[09:15] absolutely sailing that decision at the
[09:16] end kind of makes it very happy yeah but
[09:19] this is the thing I mean players are so
[09:20] aware of what happened with his eel the
[09:22] hill had to get back seat in future
[09:24] quest because for some he was dead
[09:26] something was alive so it's a case of we
[09:29] are accommodating the cost of a you know
[09:32] a wildly changed NPC based on online a
[09:34] choice and that is going into in
[09:37] particular that kind of end quest
[09:39] sanitized story line will obviously end
[09:41] we're allowing for that to be kind of
[09:43] riddled with kind of differences and
[09:45] divergence based on Joy's gonna be heard
[09:47] it's gonna be hard whoever stood about
[09:50] that yeah it's gonna be you isn't there
[09:54] okay cool you included Jared now jareds
[10:00] Marines got a novel oh yeah without all
[10:01] three novels all three indeed DJ right
[10:03] was there an additional difficulty in
[10:06] doing that are you a degree I think like
[10:09] making sure that we were familiar with
[10:11] the novel so I think at least three of
[10:13] us under think other people in the team
[10:14] as well were familiar with them already
[10:16] you know at least having read perhaps
[10:18] like the first book yeah at the very
[10:19] least but I think quite viewers have
[10:23] read them a distance in the past and you
[10:25] always want to stay peruse them sorry I
[10:27] like just imagining that telescope yeah
[10:32] i'm gonna read it normally I can make it
[10:34] even more difficult and the fiber we've
[10:37] like got he's the first character that
[10:40] was you know just a runescape novels
[10:43] character and that we've like brought to
[10:45] life in the game which made some kind of
[10:46] one of a kind and yeah so it was it was
[10:51] difficult to sort of like know his
[10:53] backstory and stuff having
[10:54] like I hadn't read all the books so to
[10:56] get to grips with that and then make
[10:58] sure that that's explains to players who
[11:00] haven't met him before but we're not
[11:03] just like reiterating boring stuff
[11:05] people those people haven't been in
[11:06] contact with in oh I'm giving myself
[11:10] pointer I don't think you have an
[11:11] exclamation mark them up yeah it you
[11:16] know take away the one like they're sick
[11:19] I think this game might be ruining the
[11:22] whole book just engineering situations
[11:26] but yeah that's a completely tangential
[11:29] I'm not very sure he was wanted oh I
[11:31] like that a lot okay at least give me
[11:33] one my top x 14 coins Phil is on to
[11:37] ollies onto to this on one dave is on
[11:39] minus one there we go alright so there
[11:44] has been critical feedback it's not all
[11:46] been positive and there have been some
[11:47] people who picked up on individual
[11:48] things i think that the greatest feel of
[11:52] that is properly on the stealth puzzle
[11:53] when the vault door that maybe it is
[11:55] kind of difficult maybe occasionally
[11:57] counterintuitive or infuriating do you
[12:00] have any thoughts on that it's
[12:02] definitely something that we've we're
[12:04] looking at at the moment and we're very
[12:06] much aware of it it's also something
[12:07] that we were looked at a fair amount
[12:08] during development and so like think
[12:11] talking about the vault door puzzle
[12:13] specifically it is something where we
[12:16] there were a variety of usability tweaks
[12:19] that we made during developed to try and
[12:20] make it easier and we were very much
[12:23] aware that we needed to kind of strike
[12:25] that balance right we did have people
[12:27] play it around the office but the
[12:28] response was quite varied there was
[12:31] quite a lot of people that said hey this
[12:32] is really easy intrusive and some people
[12:34] that's why exactly yes people to said it
[12:36] was difficult and that was kind of
[12:37] mimicked in the Indigo you know I
[12:38] serious afforable are brushing out of my
[12:41] car like I can't do it d difficult make
[12:44] these help me there was it was that's a
[12:47] really difficult puzzle to solve as well
[12:48] like because we don't want to just
[12:50] totally nerf these things and make them
[12:52] super easy because then we get equally
[12:55] bad feedback that it was too easy but
[12:58] the fact that that puzzle is sort of we
[13:01] wanted to do something that drew on all
[13:02] these different element like powers of
[13:04] each character pull them together in
[13:06] sort of a hype hype
[13:07] situation and then it's kind of very
[13:10] difficult thing sort of execute like
[13:12] yeah it's quite a contrived puzzle to
[13:14] have you know something that just uses
[13:16] all these specific abilities yeah and
[13:19] then like you know once it was in place
[13:20] trying to just like get enough feedback
[13:22] and iterate on it it was just it was
[13:24] just a very difficult puzzle to get
[13:25] right in the US it's often not very
[13:28] helpful to call out a puzzle easy or
[13:30] difficult when you aim for a puzzle with
[13:32] these kind of sections your aim to be
[13:34] like a media players but I understand
[13:35] what it is immediately what they have to
[13:37] do and then be fair though they never
[13:40] they never feel it's the problem of the
[13:41] gang making his fair was something that
[13:43] we were constantly concentrating on
[13:45] there was something i was always
[13:46] bringing up saying as long as it feels
[13:47] fair when you fail then it's not
[13:49] frustrating but i think that was that
[13:51] was probably something we struggled to
[13:53] get right was definitely always making a
[13:55] fair and also the other point you made
[13:57] that is that that puzzle was never going
[14:00] to be easy to understand just on face
[14:03] value i think it gets there i think of
[14:05] me the immediacy of the puzzle I think
[14:07] it gets Ryan meaning guys possibly
[14:08] pulled up on the fairness I think aim to
[14:11] try and go for about people trying one
[14:14] or two times before they credit which I
[14:17] think largely we've managed yeah I do
[14:20] you have allocated time to look at it or
[14:22] I do you think there will be any changes
[14:24] and I think I'd like to think that there
[14:26] will be something yeah as Allah says we
[14:28] want to be really careful that we don't
[14:29] know if it and yeah we don't want to
[14:31] make it like ridiculously easy and the
[14:34] only thing I wanted to kind of say was
[14:35] that I put another part of i think that
[14:37] the challenge of that puzzle was that it
[14:40] was explaining things in a visual manner
[14:42] we ended up using a fair amount text in
[14:45] order to explain how to how the
[14:47] mechanics were working yeah and that's
[14:48] never the most ideal way of explaining
[14:50] how mechanic works it should ideally you
[14:52] should just kind like you say see on
[14:53] face value see the visuals shouldn't has
[14:55] to like kind of read through
[14:56] instructions to understand how a puzzle
[14:59] works because reading isn't generally
[15:00] quite as fun as doing so you know maybe
[15:03] that's some element we might need to
[15:04] look at is how we can demonstrate what's
[15:06] required of the player and a more visual
[15:08] manner as opposed to sending a text
[15:10] based one I'm connected to all of this
[15:11] is some have pointed out that this is an
[15:13] intermediate quest maybe the difficulty
[15:15] feels higher than intermedia which are
[15:16] thoughts on help from difficulty
[15:18] classifications come into it yeah when
[15:20] you're develop
[15:21] something and you've coded every bit of
[15:22] it and you just you know all the ins and
[15:24] outs and it's difficult to you play it
[15:26] and it just seems really easy because
[15:29] you just know exactly how to do it and
[15:30] then you can get other people that play
[15:32] it and they find it easy as well but it
[15:33] definitely depends on the person because
[15:35] some other people will just find it
[15:37] really difficult so I think to to sort
[15:39] of classify a quest based on the puzzles
[15:42] is maybe not necessarily a good idea
[15:46] like I think normally when we classify
[15:47] the difficulty of a quest we do it along
[15:49] combat requirements and things like that
[15:50] as well puzzle combat skill and quest
[15:53] requirements generally in-house how it's
[15:54] done yeah and puzzles are very difficult
[15:57] things sort of quantify the difficulty
[15:58] of I think yeah yeah it's really royal
[16:00] trouble I mean it's a recipe for
[16:02] disaster ever really is I think it's a
[16:04] problem we've always have and we
[16:05] probably always will have with balancing
[16:09] one of the really early examples I can
[16:11] think of is the sliding puzzle in monkey
[16:13] madness yeah which turned up in clue
[16:15] scrolls later yeah and effectively if
[16:18] you couldn't do it there was a buyer
[16:19] option which I don't think was the best
[16:21] way to go he just had a say a mental up
[16:22] shop three to me and I'm you know go
[16:25] quiver see I love that buzz I think you
[16:27] see different people have different
[16:29] opinions all right um will we be able to
[16:32] replay the cutscene yes whether i doing
[16:38] my own time honestly I will we've been
[16:40] this we were discussing it because
[16:42] there's various post quest things people
[16:44] have asked for yeah so I sort of picture
[16:47] so the guys like we should put in some
[16:48] post quest dialogue and we should put in
[16:50] some like the ability to repay the
[16:53] cutscene post quest dialogues a lot more
[16:54] difficult because you have to have not
[16:56] not only the dev time to write it put it
[16:59] in yeah just have the editing time the
[17:01] translation time barking time we
[17:03] watching the cutscenes at least some of
[17:05] them is really quick to do and easy and
[17:08] it's been done other quests so it's a
[17:10] certain way oh sure he's only some
[17:13] discomfort as I am I agree i smiling
[17:16] because like all he pitched it
[17:17] rightfully so and my responses let's
[17:19] worry about the puzzle first I'm in this
[17:22] as a slightly funny rating when you're
[17:24] worried about that and people come back
[17:25] to you with things they've already
[17:26] pitched everybody wants we're horrible
[17:29] just give me the time to okay
[17:31] compromise now Lester payment a few
[17:35] people were worried that they would have
[17:37] to side with zamorak in the quest and
[17:40] just by the nature of its amortized do
[17:43] you feel you've given players enough
[17:44] options to not sorry this was always a
[17:48] problem at the start we wanted people to
[17:50] play the quest and not just instantly
[17:52] turn up and go oh I don't wanna play
[17:54] this on racks oh no it's inherently a
[17:56] problem with the quest that means is
[17:57] sorry having with my original picture
[17:59] the samurai coins so yeah even at the
[18:02] very start we have an option to just
[18:04] flat-out lied to Moya and say now yeah
[18:08] I'm definitely gonna help ya honest and
[18:10] so that kind of helps but I think
[18:12] initially just getting people to even go
[18:16] and talk to her in the first place is a
[18:18] proper turf I think like it is difficult
[18:21] because it's zamorak ties off the start
[18:24] and just getting people who don't like
[18:26] samurai involved in that even no matter
[18:29] how much you say you know you can
[18:31] sabotage this at the beginning there's
[18:33] always going to be some people who are
[18:35] like I don't even want to go go along
[18:37] with them a little bit because yeah I
[18:38] mean you can't have two completely
[18:40] different paths where one is go and tell
[18:43] your God that yeah you have a two-stage
[18:45] request for you say no and then you get
[18:46] so bored but like I mean as the quest
[18:49] goes on i think those i've seen some
[18:51] people tweet me saying you know I was as
[18:54] erosion but I really felt for zamorak
[18:57] like in that cutscene and four in three
[18:59] and stuff so it has swung some people I
[19:01] think you'd have to have a heart of
[19:03] stone to not be able to sympathize with
[19:07] in a little bit slam dunk you guys have
[19:14] made I mean I know you two have made a
[19:16] number of quests within your scrum
[19:17] you've had a broken home in my total 90
[19:20] forward all that mighty fall before that
[19:22] what's been the different has there been
[19:23] a difference in making this quest or you
[19:25] can do fine you're getting better
[19:26] that's it and things like that it's
[19:30] difficult because each quest is as is
[19:32] really quite unique in yeah you know
[19:34] like this was very very different to
[19:36] broken home for example broken home was
[19:37] massively different to like a lot of
[19:39] other quests like in this development
[19:41] that we've discussed it a lot because we
[19:43] do
[19:44] developed this in a different way to
[19:46] broken home I think because this is like
[19:48] a linear quest we're sort of like we
[19:52] chose to develop chunks of it along the
[19:54] way and like prioritize different chunks
[19:56] but broken home was sort of like it's
[19:59] all in the house it's all incomes asylum
[20:02] technet yeah and then it's like it's all
[20:04] this it's all encompassed by this like
[20:06] saving loading system like peeking
[20:08] through doors and stuff so it's kind of
[20:09] like we built the systems around broken
[20:12] home and then sort of built the quest
[20:14] into the mansion and leave the path so
[20:17] they were completely different
[20:18] developing the two so this was it while
[20:21] we were certainly worried about time as
[20:22] well because blood runs deep and people
[20:25] have some real expectations for this
[20:27] quest I think culinary on its yeah we
[20:33] really wanted to put more time into it
[20:35] but I think we still pulled off really
[20:38] well with the different doing a horror
[20:40] as well like because broken home with
[20:42] moonscapes first horror like survival
[20:45] horror that we tried to do and then it
[20:47] was also the first repeatable quest so
[20:49] we were already trying to make the world
[20:50] wake up excellent what you most proud on
[20:57] the run if you had to pick out one
[20:59] single moment HP hmm I can't pick out
[21:01] one that's too many it's it's all good
[21:03] it's one rolling brilliant man I I
[21:05] honestly just loved the whole vault bit
[21:08] at the end the it's also like
[21:10] action-packed and the demons evil puzzle
[21:12] once you're into the bottle yeah I think
[21:14] everyone wants their past that vault
[21:16] door puzzle like that's past the sort of
[21:18] most difficult parts and they've like
[21:20] enjoyed the boss and fighting as nomads
[21:23] and then the cutscenes like some people
[21:26] been blown away by the cutscenes and
[21:27] then the ending is pretty exposed to so
[21:28] just that sorts that wind up in a moment
[21:30] as well it's really nice love happens
[21:32] I'm really pleased with our graphics
[21:35] guys they are amazing at what they do so
[21:38] model Luke F who has done the hideout
[21:42] looks amazing everyone's always been
[21:44] sweet so the marcher dammit mulches am
[21:47] sorry with the zemerik model just blown
[21:50] out of the water taking the original
[21:51] concept and just done it to a tee even
[21:54] the dylan realities
[21:55] yeah I remember those moments where you
[21:57] revealed them on live streams when
[21:58] everybody could see that I means amer
[22:00] eagle as well which was supposed to be
[22:02] done for the 200 yeah we kind of scold
[22:03] us from you there yeah the Parthians we
[22:05] hoped out a little bit we get we
[22:07] contributed a couple of thing yeah
[22:09] enzyme corner yeah which obviously you
[22:13] know it actually really helps contribute
[22:15] to the overall quests into team love
[22:18] yeah you getting question there's a lot
[22:20] of banter we hate each other via
[22:22] actually well that's it well every
[22:24] morning we cuddle I was really pleased
[22:27] for the team as a whole because
[22:28] everybody seemed really passionate about
[22:29] it whether they were graphics guys who
[22:32] are just trying to make something look
[22:32] really awesome or our law guys trying to
[22:35] make amazing story from what we've
[22:37] already got ya bunge chastised audio yet
[22:40] the audio is is a it's amazing so we
[22:43] worked I think nearly 30 tracks in total
[22:45] I me but in yeah we've added two new
[22:49] ones I think for the quest and yeah we
[22:52] worked plenty and they all sound great
[22:53] so definitely turn turn all your volumes
[22:56] up at the start excellent now you guys
[22:59] are working on other things I put down
[23:01] the wrong name for your scrum here do it
[23:02] polygons do the Dukes yeah use Dukes are
[23:05] working on other things there anything
[23:06] you can reveal oh yeah an exclusive well
[23:08] I think we should stir kind of brought
[23:11] everything within the line already I
[23:12] think within the lodge should have lost
[23:14] ha is anything coming out towards front
[23:18] end so we're working on oh oh so we're
[23:23] working on Easter currently and that is
[23:25] in full swing so you should see that
[23:27] within the Narin pioneered of a new
[23:29] holiday event or it's like an exiting
[23:36] you too honestly what if we need to
[23:37] sleep with me ok so you given up by this
[23:40] yeah way behind with me yeahh
[23:43] shall I obviously Easter coming out at
[23:45] Easter yeah we've where as we kind of
[23:48] set on the twitch stream the other day
[23:49] we've got quest 201 in the works we're
[23:53] making very very early start to the
[23:54] concept of that will be able to really
[23:56] just seeing a concept this morning and a
[23:58] yes
[23:58] I'll wait that's a super secret that's
[24:01] pretty epic and topic we don't know
[24:03] doing and we've been looking a little
[24:06] bit more of the livestock projects well
[24:07] so an addition to to the farming skill
[24:10] to have animals that you can rear as
[24:12] opposed to farming crops excellent
[24:14] Doggett farm home well we've been to
[24:17] within debating the animals quite a lot
[24:19] we've got a massive list of I don't know
[24:21] hundred different creatures a
[24:22] potentially pick from yeah as our
[24:24] initial offering in most likelihood it
[24:26] would be the sort of small amount like
[24:28] three perhaps and with a mind to
[24:30] potentially expanding in future
[24:31] excellent and it's coming up to 200
[24:34] quests this is 199 obviously do you have
[24:38] a favorite quest that you've worked on
[24:39] personally I never gives you a small
[24:41] list what Holly well Missing, Presumed Death
[24:44] shadow over are still broken home and
[24:47] then somewhere among these i don't know
[24:50] if i can pick a favorite really they
[24:51] want to until they've all been totally
[24:53] different you're so do i honestly don't
[24:59] know you mean favorite to work on or
[25:01] favorite result favorite result let's go
[25:04] favor um um i would say like personally
[25:08] playing through it and the law and like
[25:10] how happy am with my writing and stuff
[25:12] just honor among thieves is yeah is my
[25:14] favorite sicky choice yeah I'd agree on
[25:16] that I also loved working on my fault
[25:18] just trying to flesh out the bandos in
[25:21] characters really know a bit more
[25:24] interesting than what they've been in
[25:25] the past what Sarah door is at the top
[25:27] there with some of my favorite
[25:28] characters now cool I'm gonna go back in
[25:31] time a little bit when I was a developer
[25:33] and say lunar diplomacy you know I'm
[25:35] gonna say after talking to the meeting
[25:36] history class not quite now having a
[25:39] good additional name dropping it and now
[25:41] it's simply because even though took
[25:44] quite a lot of hard work to produce it I
[25:45] think it had a fair impact on the game
[25:48] yeah and in terms of you know like the
[25:50] rewards like the spell books you know
[25:51] actually I was quite I'm you know
[25:54] although it was massive in the budget
[25:55] for it was pretty pretty hard to get the
[25:58] character for what's his name it's a lot
[26:00] and you can thank your dream we will cut
[26:03] that bet okay let's go and now we're
[26:06] moving on to a quest that you haven't
[26:07] mater I don't need to be blowing your
[26:08] own trumpets here mm-hmm what's your
[26:10] favorite quest in game we enjoyed the
[26:12] world way
[26:13] yeah did you cry I didn't cry no I know
[26:17] mantis I'm not a crier um you have to
[26:20] come back to me other okay yeah world
[26:23] works is really good I really enjoyed
[26:24] branches branches of dart Meyer as well
[26:26] so that'll be interesting to see what we
[26:29] get Mikey six as well because that's our
[26:31] in the world live action yeah but okay
[26:35] coming right to elemental workshop three
[26:37] I just think that puzzle is beautiful oh
[26:38] my controversial I know my quest yeah my
[26:41] word Donna spill stolen Mike's I was
[26:44] going to say Elemental workshop as well
[26:46] I'm a I'm a fan of the series I like
[26:49] things that I like content that goes
[26:51] about things in a slightly different way
[26:53] and I think that those question and i'll
[26:54] provide differently against the other
[26:56] question hey so hop on the elemental
[26:58] workshop 5 hype train yeah bring it
[27:01] maybe we'll get to develop one of those
[27:02] questions I will begin fingers crossed
[27:04] okay thank you very much guys thank you
[27:07] so much for joining podcast so you're
[27:08] just looking at the scores hmm we have
[27:11] other bottom is more time I'm sorry you
[27:14] have one I having have 10 we're gonna
[27:19] see right now how the mighty fall ok
[27:24] that's everything they've drugged up
[27:26] always might be a swan song oh right i
[27:29] think i'm gonna get for this quickly
[27:30] I've got two and we have a lien filter
[27:33] on 600 beautiful p but gets shared a
[27:39] trophy there was there is my trophy i
[27:41] will buy each of you a chocolate bar
[27:43] from a vending machines congratulations
[27:44] love it I have it I know more dot e 1 e
[27:46] that oh I will oh you like the taste of
[27:49] victory why you've done the taste of
[27:52] glory hey well thank you very much for
[27:55] listening audience and we hope to catch
[27:57] you next week when there'll be another
[27:59] podcast thank you bye
[28:03] you