Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #34: GameBlast!

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] hello welcome to this week's podcast I'm
[00:07] mod Michelle the podcast micro pig and
[00:09] I'm here with more Jane and modern
[00:10] finity and we're going to be talking
[00:12] about game blast hello yeah hi super
[00:15] excited yeah so can we just get a brief
[00:18] rundown of what you two are doing for
[00:20] game blast oh yeah yeah Gengar sits on
[00:23] it starts this friday at midday kind of
[00:29] pretty much doing everything for it from
[00:31] inviting players to the office nearly
[00:33] joining us and the 24 Hours of madness
[00:36] organizing all the activities and events
[00:37] which will be doing and to everything
[00:40] which you're going on live streak with
[00:41] 24 hours is a lot of time to fill only
[00:44] is yeah but I'd quite the challenge yeah
[00:46] yeah in itself so yeah it's a huge kind
[00:51] of operation and they've got loads of j
[00:53] mods involved as well worth it like 58
[00:55] volunteered to help out yeah that's
[00:57] going up yes we approach so there's
[01:00] gonna be even more people involved it's
[01:02] amazing yeah that's pretty crazy and
[01:04] with only can have what two days left
[01:05] it's really exciting now two more sleeps
[01:09] and so for those who aren't in the know
[01:12] what is game blast so game blast is an
[01:16] event that the charity special effects
[01:18] started last year so it's essentially
[01:22] it's a 24-hour gaming marathon that you
[01:24] can do between friday the 20th right
[01:29] through to sunday so you can do it a
[01:31] 24-hour period within that time so our
[01:34] starts as i said on the friday and
[01:37] everyone just anyway just gained for as
[01:41] many hours as you like you know we're
[01:44] gonna go for 24 hours they're easy
[01:46] because yeah because we're a little bit
[01:48] crazy and we're gonna see that you know
[01:51] we can raise some money for this this
[01:53] amazing charity that puts gamers with
[01:57] disabilities on a level playing field
[02:00] with all of us you've only got to
[02:02] imagine what would it be like if I
[02:04] couldn't play games anymore and this
[02:06] company helps those players of gamers
[02:10] play games so we've got some ex I
[02:13] in present is this year we do we do Matt
[02:17] and Darren are going to be with us from
[02:18] we got game you might remember them as
[02:21] the presenters from ring pheasant they
[02:24] were here with us or they're super
[02:26] excited to come back and be involved
[02:29] again they also there the presenters
[02:32] that multiplay used for their i Series
[02:34] events so if you don't know them room
[02:37] fest then you may know them for that so
[02:39] yeah they're really excited to be here
[02:42] they're going to go 24 hours as well I'm
[02:44] going to just to see how that pans out
[02:46] because its audacity we had my balance
[02:47] doing it I started showing through the
[02:50] ass-kicking side and towards the very
[02:52] last realize it is just like you'll see
[02:55] in the video is little white yeah yeah
[02:58] sleep like an integral so I yeah I'm
[03:04] really can ever interested to see how
[03:07] unlike the last 20 at last 12 hours see
[03:10] how the fairing which should be
[03:11] interesting yeah fun let's see how we're
[03:13] all fairy hailey this be fair we're all
[03:15] gonna be busy yeah um so yeah speaking
[03:19] of special guest is there anyone else
[03:20] we're inviting it's not just Joe mods
[03:22] taking part is it no no not at all no
[03:24] forgot um I think you know as Jane
[03:27] mentioned earlier game last is about
[03:28] getting as many people involved as
[03:30] possible I think of jagex is a perfect
[03:33] environment to get as many people as we
[03:34] can and into it so got around 30 players
[03:38] joining us and they range from some more
[03:40] play moderators and on forum on rails
[03:41] for cut km VIP Tom from the forums k
[03:45] from 2a and also got Botti and skill
[03:48] specs who can erupt an old school and
[03:50] never do some swan pause and think it's
[03:52] actually quite fun to watch see I got
[03:55] loads of people coming in and really
[03:57] excited to see how they and finally
[03:59] whole experience as well gaming with Jay
[04:01] mod sitting right next to us and just
[04:02] kind of throwing themselves into it so
[04:04] yeah yeah just on top of that we've got
[04:06] the special effect team they're going to
[04:08] be with us as well for for 24 hours so
[04:11] they're the guest of honor if you like
[04:13] so they'll be here you'll see them on
[04:15] the sofa throughout the live stream
[04:18] we've got a cooler master bringing along
[04:22] some awesome prizes to give away which
[04:26] are really really really great
[04:27] multiplay they're going to be helping us
[04:30] with the production of the stream as
[04:31] well so you'll probably see them on the
[04:33] sofa at some point as well try not to
[04:36] forget anybody oh we've got an amazing
[04:38] game as bus that's going to be parked
[04:40] just outside the entrance as well so
[04:41] fraga our friends over at froggers are
[04:44] bringing that long so that's fully
[04:46] equipped with consoles and PC so there's
[04:49] is a bit of a retro gaming zone going on
[04:51] there as well commenter that's gonna be
[04:53] really cool yeah it's okay going to just
[04:55] discuss the structure of the stream what
[04:57] games we obviously are we gonna see
[04:59] obviously it's a mainly a gaming stream
[05:02] yeah I would imagine that the gamers
[05:05] that are coming in there they're kind of
[05:07] runescape is Utley I don't know XP waste
[05:10] right oh yeah I should imagine you will
[05:12] see quite a bit of runescape yep we've
[05:15] got the block and load team they're
[05:16] involved as well so they're going to be
[05:17] doing a few challenges along the way but
[05:20] it's a gaming event so people are going
[05:22] to be coming in and playing whatever
[05:23] game they want to play so it's not just
[05:26] about jagex products this is about
[05:28] gaming in general so you should see
[05:30] quite a few things there's also rock
[05:32] band going to be going and just outside
[05:34] in the reception area so we're going to
[05:37] try and keep that going / 24 hours and
[05:39] Dylan's gonna be singing I believe for
[05:42] 24 hours so you know I family see if
[05:46] he's got a voice in under 24 hours yeah
[05:50] you probably following if you need at
[05:51] Gillette stolen I'm sure he'll be
[05:52] tweeting so not the time for us yeah
[05:54] little clips of all your song requests
[05:56] oh yeah yeah absolutely yeah but it's
[06:01] not just about video games and we've
[06:02] obviously got some other events going on
[06:04] yeah yeah in just a few yeah we're
[06:09] throwing things like like we mentioned
[06:10] rock band let's dance yeah it'll be
[06:13] quite funny to get a few people on that
[06:16] yeah I think whilst for doing all these
[06:18] kind of online and in gaming activities
[06:20] as well there's a whole host of fun
[06:23] quirky things going on too so boys it
[06:26] that yet to name one and don't spoil a
[06:29] surprise too much but clever on office
[06:31] and race around office chair race for CJ
[06:35] moderating around for on their office
[06:37] chairs and doing the
[06:38] we're doing a relay yeah there's a bit
[06:40] of a relay race relay races well yeah
[06:42] and passing God sort and always be a fun
[06:44] night yeah it will be recorded in lush
[06:46] yeah so whilst you be seeing kind of
[06:48] gaming content is also a burka it seems
[06:51] to break that up a little yeah yeah yeah
[06:53] get people up moving around and stuff so
[06:55] yeah you remember the challenges from
[06:58] last year yeah we've gone a bit bigger
[07:00] than mhm and not just featuring Alan
[07:02] this time no a whole host of jmar skinny
[07:04] you'll still get battered oh yeah so you
[07:08] mentioned earlier we've got some prizes
[07:11] mmm yeah I don't know I can't how are
[07:15] they going to go can't show them but I
[07:17] you know because obviously we're ready
[07:18] audio here but like this is how one of
[07:22] the things that we'd like to give away
[07:23] which is the felt party hats that you
[07:26] might seen at runefest they're
[07:28] absolutely covered in j mod signatures I
[07:32] want this so bad they sorta it's just
[07:35] all sickly videos oh it's so we've got
[07:38] whole bunch of these we've got signed
[07:41] t-shirts as well so there's t-shirts
[07:43] covered with just as many signatures
[07:46] mousemats there's God swords that you
[07:49] might have seen as well at reinvests
[07:51] we've got a bunch of those that will
[07:53] hopefully find a new home with you guys
[07:57] listening oh gosh just trying to think
[08:00] of all the prizes or say cooler master's
[08:02] they've got mechanical keyboards game of
[08:04] mice headsets yeah this does so much
[08:07] going on it's a lot to win there is a
[08:09] lot to win I'm gonna be was 24 hours
[08:12] right we're gonna need loads a giveaway
[08:14] so yeah you're gonna be one of watching
[08:16] that the whole thing I do like the
[08:18] vendome square on there's okay mouses so
[08:21] she's got a squirrel yeah okay so
[08:25] obviously we put the live stream going
[08:26] on but for those who don't want to XP
[08:29] waste are there any in-game events that
[08:32] we're doing there certainly are there's
[08:34] you you know you're going to see Jane
[08:36] Watson game all the time so you want to
[08:38] be watching the jagex at jagex Twitter
[08:41] account because that will be giving out
[08:42] all the information of where we are the
[08:45] drop is going to be happening a couple
[08:47] of times throughout the 24 hours mod
[08:50] steve w will be
[08:51] in game with a J mod account that you
[08:55] can donate bonds to who will you know
[08:59] he'll be putting that into the well but
[09:01] he'll be keeping a list of all those
[09:02] names so you know there be a chance for
[09:04] you guys to win something just from
[09:07] donating to what Steve w yeah anything
[09:11] like the listeners are all not going to
[09:13] want to XP ways but equally a lot of the
[09:16] stuff we've had outside look I'm next
[09:17] few wasted 24 hours been doing you know
[09:21] using my skills and stuff so yeah
[09:24] they'll be there with you in game and
[09:25] I'm sure we'll probably put a list of
[09:27] words they'll be on so you can find them
[09:29] in and skill with them yeah but also
[09:31] keeping out for this streaming schedule
[09:32] and because CM I'm going to be doing
[09:34] some events as well yeah and so you're
[09:35] funny can I get stuck in there too then
[09:36] there's loads opportunity for you too
[09:38] can i play with us as well you can't
[09:40] feel like we're involved with all over
[09:42] the studio definitely this all game
[09:43] together yeah okay final question mmm
[09:46] obviously it's about charity yep yeah
[09:49] you know really really amazing charity
[09:51] they're looking for a lot of money how
[09:53] do you how do we guard we can we have
[09:55] reached just over 48,000 last year as a
[09:58] lot that's amazing i was blown away i
[10:01] literally was blown away last last year
[10:04] so i would love to see a smash that
[10:06] total so there's several ways that you
[10:08] can get involved and donate you can go
[10:11] to just giving calm forward slash jagex
[10:15] and donate directly you can also text
[10:18] yeah so you can you can text them jg e x
[10:22] followed by the donation amount m 2 770
[10:26] you can also do your gift date on there
[10:28] as well obviously your standard text joy
[10:31] surprise and we are sorry convenient and
[10:33] great way to donate also got the
[10:36] fantastic game blast outfitting game you
[10:38] can get from solomon femoral store yeah
[10:39] so all the proceeds of that goes
[10:41] straight to the charity too that's a
[10:44] cool looking outfit you've got great
[10:45] cable network kind of has the 24 hour
[10:47] again little bit wearing oh yeah i'm
[10:49] wearing that honestly as many as i can t
[10:51] yeah that comes out whatever one to rush
[10:52] to the store get yeah i won't see them
[10:54] foot it over the world and if people ask
[10:56] what is it you tell them where you got
[10:57] it you tell me where to go to watch the
[10:58] stream you know really good yeah and
[11:00] it's an exclusive outfit oh yes it's
[11:02] specifically for gambler so please do go
[11:05] by
[11:05] it's gone dead it's gone yeah leaves the
[11:07] store Monday morning or so so you ready
[11:10] to adjust how that weekend get it and
[11:12] show your support it will that would be
[11:15] amazing and of course the well of
[11:17] goodwill you know that's open so bonds
[11:19] GP items anything you can throw in there
[11:24] will be converting that into real money
[11:25] and all proceeds go to special effect
[11:29] absolutely and I think it's really cool
[11:31] actually just to mention that we've got
[11:32] some of our community champions and
[11:34] players who are going to be Cano
[11:36] selfishly selflessly spending their 24
[11:38] hours slaying monsters and killing
[11:40] bosses and all the money and loot they
[11:41] generate you know throw into the well of
[11:43] goodwill as we allow sin tastic to see
[11:45] that yeah it would be amazing we've got
[11:47] double XP as well so you know makes for
[11:49] you can killing them all the late you
[11:51] know if you want throwing around a good
[11:52] will and just generate more money yeah
[11:53] it'll be amazing well thanks guys for
[11:56] talking to us about game for us more
[11:58] than welcome i'm so excited yeah it's
[12:01] going to be a great event yeah and du
[12:03] chien in because mod michelle will be
[12:05] doing some challenges haha yeah any wish
[12:08] you luck for / special effect
[12:13] team yes so make sure you bookmark that
[12:16] your favorite and you get rid of here
[12:17] tune into that 12 noon yeah on Friday
[12:20] the 24 peppery yeah definitely we'll see
[12:22] you there yes