Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #33: Demon Flash Mobs

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Automatic transcription

[00:07] hi there and welcome to this week's
[00:09] runescape podcast I'm mud clay and I'm
[00:12] sitting here with a lovely mod deck and
[00:14] this week we're going to talk about
[00:15] demon flash mobs hello Maud dig oh ok so
[00:18] I have a list of questions to talk to
[00:21] you about first one up why change demon
[00:24] flash mobs Dean doesn't like them so now
[00:28] he does fix know so do flash mobs have
[00:34] dwindled in popularity significantly yep
[00:38] there's a small group of players who are
[00:40] still enthusiastic about doing it but it
[00:43] is a very very small group of players
[00:46] part of the problem was the ninja update
[00:49] that added the Calgary and demons hmm
[00:51] took the unique rewards from the flash
[00:55] mobs and added it to something that you
[00:58] could do it anytime was much easier to
[01:01] do on your own right which took a lot of
[01:05] the the crowd that did remain away from
[01:08] those so I was always tasked with
[01:12] bringing some of the crowd back hurry
[01:14] come back to the demon a flash mobs
[01:16] crowd cool what would the changes you
[01:19] made so I added a few new rewards ok
[01:23] which we like four awards yeah i'm sure
[01:25] i'll talk to talk about those in a
[01:27] minute and made a few balance changes to
[01:32] the demon bosses themselves they were in
[01:35] some ways a bit to punishing they were
[01:40] so they're originally designed around
[01:43] really huge groups doing them which is
[01:46] great yep for release day and maybe day
[01:50] two and three but after that they're
[01:52] being done by that groups of five not
[01:54] allowed if that like it wants to be a
[01:57] piece of content where you wonder past
[02:00] any food see two or three other dudes
[02:02] doing it good oh I'll get involved or 0
[02:05] 0 PK those and if it didn't quite work
[02:10] that way because they were just too
[02:11] tough yep Oh
[02:13] it was still good for the the dedicated
[02:16] friends chat doing them yep because they
[02:19] could all go there as a group but it
[02:21] didn't work as a drop in sort of Peter
[02:25] not a large-scale kind of all the
[02:27] players yeah so made a few of the
[02:30] mechanics with that a bit friendlier to
[02:32] okay so small groups of players can go
[02:34] in yeah hopefully only it'd still be
[02:37] hard to tell because it's still like it
[02:39] is that release day and two and three
[02:42] days later okay the feedback on it will
[02:45] have to wait a bit like with every
[02:47] update basically always say oh it's
[02:49] great update now and but we need to see
[02:51] where it sells fair enough okay what are
[02:55] the new rewards so we've got a demon
[02:59] claw that drops which can be used to
[03:00] craft new familiars but basically all
[03:03] the same except they have different
[03:04] combat styles so you can pick where the
[03:06] XP you get from them goes their combat
[03:09] familiars and unlike all existing combat
[03:11] familiars they're aggressive so once you
[03:14] start attacking something like normal
[03:16] they'll join in but after that point
[03:19] most rumors got okay I'm done thank you
[03:22] again whereas these ones will
[03:24] proactively say okay you kill a troll
[03:27] I'm going to find another troll huh no
[03:29] you know a water thing yeah you're
[03:32] scared Slayer target familiar with a bit
[03:33] of a brain yeah exactly and they also
[03:37] have a special attack where they hid
[03:38] everything in a big group so if you feel
[03:41] like getting piled on you can set it to
[03:44] just keep doing that anymore I'll just
[03:46] use that on goblins yeah sorry 15 level
[03:48] five copies they were so designs to be
[03:51] useful for doing your site ask a lot
[03:54] faster come you could sit there and just
[03:57] turn auto retaliated against the goblins
[04:01] yeah happy s governed and also added 14
[04:07] new titles which are based on the names
[04:09] of each of the different types of demon
[04:12] boss that spawn so if you get general
[04:17] good face the terrifying goodness might
[04:19] not be a real demon it's double J then
[04:23] as a chance of dropping a general title
[04:26] and also
[04:26] the terrifying title cool and there's
[04:30] yeah the existing rewards the demon
[04:34] hunter ama or Slayer ama I never
[04:36] remember and maybe another thing it's a
[04:38] car remember right now cool so next
[04:43] question why change them to every two
[04:45] hours rather than hourly there have been
[04:47] a few complaints about that so first of
[04:49] all I'm not opposed to changing that
[04:52] back but I'm going to wait on it a
[04:54] little bit yeah I guys when they were
[04:56] hourly they were basically up all the
[04:59] time on every single world yep which is
[05:01] okay but it felt like they just sort of
[05:05] spammed everyone's chat logs and no one
[05:08] did it and they just saw hung around
[05:10] with with two hours it's a bit more like
[05:14] some of the D&D Slyke warbands where you
[05:17] plan to go do it yep get to get
[05:20] necessarily always there okay like they
[05:24] still spawn a group on every single
[05:26] world so at to our time yep go for a
[05:29] world hop and find all of them okay cool
[05:32] yeah not opposed to swapping that back
[05:35] if we really think it needs it yep okay
[05:38] I'll just we'll see how it goes exact
[05:40] see what people say sounds good could
[05:43] demon flash mobs be added to the
[05:45] mini-game 'used are they a minigame do
[05:47] you think ah the non minigame but there
[05:49] are d Indies on there so I saw this
[05:52] suggested on reddit and then I opened my
[05:56] D&D list no they're on there I've always
[05:58] been a oh so it's actually something
[06:02] that I've started doing in the last
[06:05] couple of days and hopefully in a week
[06:08] or two that will go out yeah yeah
[06:10] squeezing that in between sounds good
[06:12] kyra products and I go on to the dnd
[06:14] list yes wonderful was the demon flash
[06:18] mobs Reese earlier than planned some
[06:20] people thought it should be next week's
[06:22] released from this week's I mean we
[06:25] could we can make it next week's really
[06:27] see ya I don't know what people were
[06:30] expecting this yeah i'm not sure why
[06:32] guys come from it was released it was
[06:35] actually released later than planned
[06:37] it's like I've done for a few weeks
[06:39] yeah hmm there we go then had it this
[06:42] week and said the next week guys sorry
[06:44] about that have you made do in flash
[06:47] mobs too easy that's a big one I've seen
[06:49] without threads on that is it is it too
[06:51] easy now I think it depends entirely on
[06:54] who you r 6 j yeah i I've been
[06:57] complained out that it's not so lower
[06:58] ball trivially which I think I mean I
[07:03] took that as still job okay yeah I don't
[07:07] know I think so a couple people pointed
[07:09] out that some things will change that
[07:11] maybe didn't need to be like reducing
[07:14] the healing and yep bringing the Life
[07:16] Points down but this may be an
[07:19] unnecessary enough but it doesn't make
[07:21] it loads easier yeah like eighty
[07:23] thousand Life Points doesn't make a huge
[07:25] difference I mean I think yeah it's
[07:28] easier but then that was kind of the
[07:30] intent because we wanted more people to
[07:32] play it yeah in less group sorry it's
[07:35] it's been made easier but I'd like to
[07:39] think bringing the defense from down
[07:41] from fifty percent higher than what a
[07:43] player can possibly hit ya like I don't
[07:48] I can't speak for everyone yeah
[07:51] attacking something and missing non-stop
[07:53] is really boring to me yeah I'm ready
[07:56] enjoy that either I want to kill anyone
[07:58] ten but you know if people people are
[08:01] upset and they want to go back to
[08:02] missing and they can be done movie or
[08:07] just get the instakill darts out to be
[08:09] honest it's why do cool so my next
[08:12] question is what about kill jumping now
[08:14] kill jumping as we understand it is when
[08:17] players login they get straight to the
[08:19] boss and they get in just the last tenth
[08:21] of Health yeah and get the job that's
[08:24] actually a good point I didn't expect to
[08:28] see a lot of it at the moment there is
[08:32] more of it that I would like which is
[08:34] any really so at the moment their
[08:38] existing mechanic to prevent it is you
[08:42] have to do I think it's about 5,000
[08:46] damage in a small in a small space of
[08:49] time but 5,000 damage right at the end
[08:52] isn't
[08:52] contributing yeah I think if it
[08:56] continues might change it to be do this
[08:59] minimum amount of damage across the
[09:01] fight so at the moment the 5,000 damage
[09:04] you just have to do in like 30 seconds
[09:06] it's it is more of a mechanic to make
[09:09] sure that you don't hear at the
[09:10] beginning and wander off mm-hmm I think
[09:12] changing it so it looks like you
[09:14] contribute it might be a better idea it
[09:16] does make it more difficult for players
[09:20] who are a little bit underleveled or who
[09:24] are part of a really big group which I
[09:27] know we're not expecting that to be
[09:29] really big groups all the time but it
[09:32] does still happen like it's nice when 50
[09:36] people go there and they all get
[09:37] something they can wander away whereas
[09:38] if we say you have to do minimum yeah
[09:41] like 30,000 damage that immediately
[09:44] means not not everyone's going to be
[09:46] able to have anything yep which goes
[09:49] against the spirit of the original
[09:50] update yeah it's a fine line to walk
[09:53] isn't it yeah I mean that balance could
[09:56] just make it that they don't that you
[09:59] can't jump in at the last percent of
[10:01] hell like where do we determine whether
[10:03] it is yeah I know I haven't fought other
[10:05] solution for it yet but the we're aware
[10:08] of it yeah and we're looking yes looking
[10:11] to see what we can do wonderful right
[10:14] last question i have is are you
[10:16] intending to increase rewards in the
[10:18] wilderness to keep people going there
[10:20] because wilderness is scary i don't like
[10:22] to build I don't like dying no that's
[10:26] true most people don't so the rewards
[10:30] already are better in the wilderness the
[10:32] unique drops so the things I think
[10:35] people are going for at the moment other
[10:36] titles because they're worth yes no wife
[10:39] silly money especially especially the
[10:41] blazing one I have no idea why that one
[10:43] would be popular owl and they and they
[10:50] drop quite a lot more in the quite a lot
[10:54] more frequently in the wilderness so
[10:57] there's there's one good reason to do it
[10:59] yeah I know people get really upset
[11:01] about I for when I do this content I
[11:03] have to go into the one this but it's
[11:05] it's part of the game isn't it yeah risk
[11:08] versus reward you get the better rewards
[11:11] there yeah exactly it's just going to
[11:13] take a bit of a risk I mean I take in
[11:15] those risk is why so I have I have more
[11:18] Harrison who sits behind me and he hit
[11:20] his warbands every single day nothin and
[11:23] he gets very upset when people go to a
[11:26] ball bands in PK that's kind of the
[11:29] point yeah in a way wilderness flash
[11:33] mobs that danger is kind of a point yep
[11:37] I understood the problem with it before
[11:39] because they because of the mechanic
[11:43] where you turn on prior in it enrages
[11:45] basically in starts doing more damage
[11:47] yep maybe he couldn't use protect item
[11:49] which is why I specifically made it now
[11:51] that protect item it doesn't matter mind
[11:54] about that one right to make that a
[11:56] little bit less scary but I think I
[12:00] think that's all I'm willing to do for
[12:01] now okay no new rewards yeah rewards are
[12:05] quite nice at the moment the funnily
[12:08] enough I saw a forum Fred on release day
[12:12] was a white way when I attacker edema in
[12:15] the world this does it not skull me why
[12:17] are we not penalized even more for being
[12:19] in the world and steering me yeah you're
[12:23] gonna go that far wow interesting ok
[12:27] well thank you for your demon flash mobs
[12:30] description thank you for your time and
[12:33] I guess have fun I couldn't over me
[12:36] Cheers ok see you next week guys
[12:57] you