Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #32: Player Owned Ports

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:03] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:06] on the newports update I'm Mont Matty
[00:09] the podcast monkey and with me I have
[00:12] I'm Raja Yara content QA and product
[00:14] lead mod Roli I developed this one and
[00:18] mud Alex senior environment artist and
[00:20] you're all members of the Guardians yes
[00:23] yeah yes one of our retention teams in
[00:26] our development teams yes so you guys
[00:31] have all been working on the newports
[00:33] wreaths Garland's of the world
[00:35] conveniently named into his yes it
[00:37] almost as if it was planned that way
[00:39] almost yeah so what are ports ok you're
[00:43] on pause for the post our space recall
[00:46] of a minigame where you have a port
[00:49] conveniently and you build up a fleet of
[00:52] ships and send them away in voyages in
[00:54] real time Riley explore the eastern
[00:57] lands and what what updates was were
[01:01] made this time so we had a expansion to
[01:04] the adventurers we have three new
[01:06] adventurers representing three new
[01:07] skills right we had upgrades to some
[01:11] most of the buildings right and other
[01:13] cosmetic upgrades such as new portals
[01:15] for entering exiting the instance we had
[01:19] new rewards a new type of voyage called
[01:21] clue voyages loads of stuff okay whole
[01:25] slew thurs well let's start with the
[01:26] adventurers who is the new adventurous
[01:28] we have three new adventurous the skills
[01:32] were chosen through a player power power
[01:34] right which was was quite good fun for
[01:36] me because we didn't know where we were
[01:38] going to end up with and had to I mean
[01:41] we had some ideas for characters
[01:42] beforehand yeah I had this idea that I
[01:44] wanted to use some non-human characters
[01:46] because all of the other adventurers
[01:48] imports of humans writer to try and mix
[01:50] things up a bit yeah so we had a few
[01:53] ideas in mind but we were waiting for
[01:54] that vote to come in to see what skills
[01:56] we had to then decide how those would
[02:00] interact with you know the characters
[02:02] representing those skills and we refined
[02:04] it from there right okay so it was kind
[02:07] of like a attend if I can save a Mad
[02:10] Libs type thing where you just throw in
[02:13] some
[02:13] information you come up with something
[02:15] now you can without you respond
[02:16] development wise okay so the three
[02:19] skills the first one is agility yep
[02:22] agility we have a guy called the Tengu
[02:24] right okay his real name is so Gibeau
[02:27] I'm probably pronouncing that wrong but
[02:29] that's how I say racket for divination
[02:33] we have the memory who is well she
[02:38] starts off at least called oggi okay and
[02:41] for dungeoneering we have the exile and
[02:45] because they don't really have names
[02:46] she's just referred to as the unburdened
[02:48] world bearer which is a very difficult
[02:51] thing to say five times fast twice but
[02:54] go I was very chocolatey hard enough to
[03:00] say one mont kiara can is that I'm
[03:03] bottom what I know yeah icarly oh no
[03:05] you're not even once right okay um and
[03:10] what do they do what do they provide for
[03:13] each planet adventurers they're kind of
[03:16] like an into the the narrative of the
[03:19] eastern lands raincheck them as an
[03:21] individual story arc and then we have
[03:24] sets of trio voyages we call them where
[03:27] three adventurers team up to take down a
[03:29] more epic storyline together but they
[03:32] also represent their skill and we'll
[03:34] give you benefits by XP in that scale
[03:36] and each of them can get you some trade
[03:39] goods which are generally what we use to
[03:41] make the rewards with imports and they
[03:43] do a few other things and each looks
[03:45] really cool Wow yeah yeah I think so
[03:49] yeah I remember seeing the concept art
[03:51] sometime before and they do look
[03:53] incredible these ones are pretty cool I
[03:55] think it's a breaking away from the
[03:57] human template had been set with all the
[03:58] others definitely meant we could make
[04:00] something really interesting yeah though
[04:02] that I really good thing that's really
[04:04] what helped is that we weren't just
[04:05] going for human characters again and
[04:07] maaan just went nuts with them yeah as
[04:11] usual yeah he goes a bit give him free
[04:13] reign and he runs with it and but yeah
[04:15] they turned out as I got and they came
[04:17] out awesome mmm they're really great so
[04:20] clue voyages then we got in the entirely
[04:22] new type of voyage yeah what a clue void
[04:25] foo voyages
[04:27] the I envisage these is kind of a cross
[04:31] between the story of voyages that you
[04:33] can send adventure is out on in that
[04:34] they've each got this kind of goal or
[04:37] this thing that they're trying to find
[04:38] and they will make progress towards that
[04:41] by finding hints and clues around the
[04:44] eastern ions and at the end of it
[04:47] they'll uncover as a unique voyage for
[04:50] that adventurer that will convey a
[04:52] unique benefit with it roll and then the
[04:56] other crosses sorry they're a bit like
[04:58] clue scrolls as well in that sorry it
[04:59] not please go as for garden scrolls
[05:01] right so you get them about the same
[05:03] regularity but you don't just send it
[05:06] out and collect four parts to finish it
[05:08] there's there's a little bit more to it
[05:10] and that you have to send your
[05:12] adventurer to a specific island in order
[05:15] for them to find the next clue in their
[05:16] hunt for this hidden thing they're
[05:18] looking for right I guess it in there
[05:20] not showing up and the new map table the
[05:23] map table is is what helps you to kind
[05:28] of track down these islands that you
[05:29] need to send them to right and it also
[05:31] increases how often you'll get a clue
[05:33] voyages to so if you want to if you want
[05:35] to play around with clue voyages that's
[05:37] the improvement you want to add to your
[05:39] port yeah the more the better if you
[05:41] want to engage with it and loads of gear
[05:44] and port improvements new weapons yeah
[05:47] we've got magic weapons and melee
[05:49] weapons to go alongside the deathless
[05:52] darts for range which were released with
[05:53] the previous ports update we've got new
[05:56] scrum shores fishing related this time
[05:59] yeah and we've got a bait waffles
[06:01] baiting screams roars right and that
[06:03] casket self he solves that name we
[06:06] waited we would go we went really what
[06:08] was fish fleeing scream Usher well then
[06:09] we realized it was obviously conflicting
[06:11] with the mini-game yellowing so we had
[06:12] to give us something else we jokingly
[06:14] suggested deadliest catching Yeah right
[06:17] okay but we wanted to convey the issue
[06:21] with fish fleeing and other such things
[06:23] as well was that it felt like you'd
[06:25] failed in some way yeah so what /
[06:28] baiting is the idea that you've been
[06:29] wrestling with this huge monster fish
[06:32] yeah so you still learn something from
[06:34] the experience but it go away yeah it's
[06:37] the one will go away so
[06:39] obviously this this came out of a player
[06:41] poll did you manage to include
[06:43] everything that you suggested you were
[06:45] going to in the poll there's never
[06:48] really enough time to do everything you
[06:51] have to pick and choose and do it have
[06:55] as much impact with what you have the
[06:56] time to do yeah for any given project I
[06:59] mean you could spend an infinite amount
[07:01] of time and do everything but then you
[07:03] just never do anything else but we went
[07:06] for a wide range of things and I think
[07:08] we recovered a lot of bases yeah it's
[07:11] like they were more spread far and wide
[07:14] and do lots of stuff to try to appeal to
[07:17] as many players who engage reports as we
[07:19] could and even those who don't with the
[07:22] the changes the ports outside of pause
[07:24] yeah to try and get more people playing
[07:27] there's been quite a few player
[07:28] questions in response to it I know mod
[07:31] rail has been all over the forums on it
[07:32] so Tony lies um but I've got some I've
[07:36] got some questions I've spotted so the
[07:39] memory is the memory technically the
[07:42] last naraj she know then it there are a
[07:49] very long time she just looks like an
[07:52] early she's not actually one ah I
[07:55] supposed to expand on that as well will
[07:56] I wasn't looking to bring back an
[07:59] extinct race again we've done enough for
[08:00] that right but I felt she would be an
[08:03] interesting in character for exploring
[08:05] certain backstories yeah okay but also
[08:09] just to target heartstrings a bit yeah
[08:11] she does have a virgin she's a touch
[08:13] point is that she had to remind you of
[08:15] an emotional hook tearing at your heart
[08:18] every time you see her vijaya other addy
[08:22] emily thoughts about a story line using
[08:24] all 12 adventurers I think it'd be a
[08:26] great idea ah a Dirty Dozen I don't
[08:29] think that green timing between level
[08:31] top of them yeah yeah I reckon if you
[08:33] could have a couple with maybe six of 16
[08:36] and 16 and another but running more
[08:38] interesting but 12 and one I think you'd
[08:41] be spreading your story across too many
[08:43] characters certainly in the way the
[08:44] story is delivered in port I think if
[08:47] you gave them a huge piece of law
[08:49] content you could get that kind of I
[08:51] mean our before we did
[08:53] podcasts were talking about this and I'm
[08:54] kind of against the idea because you
[08:57] wouldn't have enough plot development
[08:59] little character development and some
[09:01] characters will fall by the wayside but
[09:03] then someone suggesting like Dirty Dozen
[09:06] and seven samurai is like actually
[09:08] that's a really cool idea you'd have to
[09:09] break out the confines of Portus posing
[09:11] you'd have to make it you to a proper I
[09:13] think so process to do it is this yeah
[09:16] there's some other way of looking at
[09:18] delivering law in the next year that
[09:20] might be useful to you guys but I think
[09:22] that's a discussion for off-mike ok I
[09:25] unachieved I mean like me to megas
[09:27] already found a way out of da Vinci into
[09:30] into the 200 square she didn't get very
[09:32] far low no but she's there yeah I
[09:36] spoilers I tell ya it's a tiny tiny
[09:40] spoiler we have to tech we have to send
[09:42] manos born out the room sometimes
[09:44] sported you think that's it I oh and do
[09:46] anymore ionno we've already shown it on
[09:48] livestream love you sure let's turn cas
[09:52] où you might want to point out yeah yeah
[09:54] lucky Alex you got lucky go away with a
[09:57] asked to find another one to leak so the
[10:00] answer portal is that a worm there nice
[10:05] isn't it graphic Alistair yeah well very
[10:08] pretty yeah it did Pelican really nice i
[10:11] always pictured it was some sort of sea
[10:14] dragon preach i'm not quite sure where
[10:16] it fits into the law it was a nice
[10:18] concept that we were we were given that
[10:20] fits in with the azure theme yeah i mean
[10:22] i suppose if like they're talking like
[10:25] wormers in the old different style of
[10:28] dragon yeah yeah the ancient style and
[10:32] the the kind of asian dragons the
[10:35] japanese dragons do tend to fit that
[10:37] worm feel more more of a serpentine look
[10:39] rather than a what you'd caught like the
[10:41] runescape dragons that already exist so
[10:44] i suppose you could say you know that's
[10:45] maybe what the worms look like but
[10:48] whether or not that portrait depicts an
[10:50] actual were made by the dragon kin or if
[10:52] that creature came from somewhere else
[10:55] is may be answered through the storyline
[10:59] something for people to explore perhaps
[11:02] has to be based on the azure dragon
[11:06] and I'm going to butcher this again but
[11:09] Soraya right hey Ryu someone can create
[11:14] me on that I only Wikipedia myself the
[11:17] other the other legendary creatures the
[11:20] four winds and then the end in other
[11:22] part supports yeah so we thought why not
[11:24] just put the azure dragon in there where
[11:26] it made sense to yeah yeah and just be a
[11:30] question about the many weapons as well
[11:32] obviously there there's two different
[11:33] attack styles yeah well they're two
[11:36] different starting swords one of them is
[11:38] a long soil in one of those a short
[11:40] sword yet Japanese star soars like that
[11:43] often have there's different styles and
[11:46] different sizes yes I decided it would
[11:48] make sense to do one as one one of the
[11:50] other well and slashing and when a
[11:51] stomach yeah that's yeah just because
[11:53] that's what those swords do for the rest
[11:55] of the game and the reason yeah why was
[11:57] to evoke that feeling over samurai they
[12:00] would carry different towards for
[12:01] different situations yeah obviously they
[12:03] wouldn't wait with both of them out at
[12:05] the same time and then to start doing
[12:06] meteor strikes and but we were just
[12:09] going for you know a bit of a feel of
[12:11] that fee Mick yeah yeah it wish
[12:13] fulfillment Posen so what did you not
[12:17] get to include that you really wanted to
[12:19] cuz I know you know every development
[12:21] project there's always there's always
[12:22] something you wanted to get in that
[12:24] didn't match made the cut we probably
[12:27] more maybe more clue voyages if we had
[12:29] more time could have done clear voyages
[12:31] for the rest of ya it would have been
[12:32] nice to you get the other six and clear
[12:35] voyages and hidden Islands partly though
[12:38] I mean as nice as that would be I think
[12:40] we were so kind of happy with putting
[12:43] out the idea of clever wages and that
[12:45] players getting used to them yet so that
[12:47] then for a future ports update they
[12:48] could suggest what they might want to
[12:50] see from future adventurers in that
[12:51] regard absolutely rather than I was just
[12:53] cramming in some maybe not so useful
[12:56] rewards thank you only art why she
[12:59] denies his greeting no I think we ticked
[13:02] all the boxes art wise i'm foxxy we were
[13:04] constrained with with the time that the
[13:06] other devs hard yeah but um no I was
[13:09] happy with everything we produced report
[13:11] yeah I me right we even crammed in an
[13:14] island there to which yep was
[13:16] technically technically in the eastern
[13:18] lands oh it's very graphic
[13:20] is it doesn't exactly give a lot away no
[13:25] at eastern island yeah what do you want
[13:27] Delilah in the east yeah there would of
[13:31] course be the mention of the steel
[13:33] portal right yang ideally that would
[13:36] have come out with the original release
[13:37] of ports okay and we were so focused on
[13:40] providing locations for the Terracotta
[13:43] in the azure yea though we kind of
[13:46] didn't want to go too far back ok it
[13:48] would have been a nice addition but
[13:50] really most people either beyond that or
[13:52] they haven't got there yet and if they
[13:54] haven't got there yet they're more
[13:55] likely to skip over it anyway and before
[13:57] we start recording use of penguins
[13:59] penguins yeah there was a distinct lack
[14:02] of submarines in this update but i'll
[14:05] seed a penguin submarine find its way
[14:07] into port somehow yeah one of these days
[14:09] we'll do a ports penguins i hope one day
[14:11] in the future where you have loads of
[14:13] penguin crew and submarine pens and
[14:16] explore assure on and all of those
[14:19] islands up in the Arctic area featuring
[14:22] ping pong now be listen that would be
[14:25] also love that okay and the last
[14:28] question what what's your favorite part
[14:30] about the ports update what's your
[14:32] favorite bits in there or graphic wise i
[14:35] do love that azure dragon portal when i
[14:38] was when it was being made by rj kept
[14:41] leaning over his computer you know
[14:42] everyone's gonna love that you like now
[14:44] it's gonna be a just be another thing
[14:45] and it's got excellent feedback it's
[14:47] definitely one of my favorite pieces
[14:49] graphic wise but reward wise the new
[14:51] scriptures are pretty cool fishing cool
[14:54] bit of extra XP and there's a the other
[14:56] one is gives you like an extra casket
[14:58] when you catch to it yet pretty cool
[15:01] things of techniques probably my
[15:02] favorite i love the he looked amazing to
[15:05] start with as soon as I'm molting
[15:07] started doing all the idle animation is
[15:09] that for him it his dollar starting his
[15:11] dialogue as well yeah it just gave him
[15:13] so much character it is so interesting
[15:15] it's really good fun too right yeah well
[15:18] I suppose then I'd have to go the
[15:19] opposite because it was it's between him
[15:21] and the memory right my favorite
[15:24] character so I'm gonna go with her just
[15:26] because I get to make people cry in
[15:30] weak their bitter tea yeah that's very
[15:33] bittersweet story line but she was a
[15:35] great character to bring into the game
[15:36] when I'm glad that I got to do that and
[15:38] I think hopefully in future we can
[15:42] expand upon her character too right so
[15:44] but if not she's got a very prominent
[15:47] role within import yeah in that area of
[15:50] the game and there's a good reason why
[15:51] she eased West years thank you thanks
[15:54] for coming in and then that talk to you
[15:56] again soon bye bye
[16:06] you