Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #31: RuneLabs

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:14] hi and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:17] I'm mob Matt hey and we're here to talk
[00:19] about relapsing with me I have hi I'm
[00:22] mod kelpie I'm a project manager on
[00:24] runescape and I for the last few months
[00:26] have been workin on roon labs and I'm
[00:28] what Osborne so I'm now to design and
[00:30] also get the privilege of leading the
[00:32] Guardians we're going to work on the
[00:33] first relapse update and so we have a
[00:35] podcast veteran ala podcast first time
[00:38] newbie yeah no ruse don't worry I'm sure
[00:43] Dave won't hurt you yes yes I'll guide
[00:46] you through it Drake your mentor
[00:48] straight into the questions then what is
[00:50] relapse bruin labs is a new way for
[00:54] players to suggest their ideas to jagex
[00:58] and what makes it different to the
[01:01] suggestions forms is that there is a
[01:03] commitment to it so we are committing to
[01:05] taking every month new suggestion and
[01:08] making that and putting into the game
[01:10] yeah it's a natural extension of power
[01:12] as well if this idea of getting
[01:14] communities drive what we're producing
[01:17] some the great you know great updates
[01:18] like we have with our city but like this
[01:20] time the ideas come from the players and
[01:22] the players determine what gets to the
[01:25] top rises to the top yeah it kind of
[01:27] pulls for suggestions and the power labs
[01:29] oh the the player power labs that's a
[01:31] better now however and player power
[01:33] forward yeah really homes in getting a
[01:36] continuous develop yeah definitely cool
[01:39] yeah okay so how does it work players
[01:43] submit their ideas where do they fit
[01:45] their idea they submit their ideas on
[01:47] the rune website which we're trying from
[01:49] the front page of it is indeed website
[01:51] yet yep or if you go to the social tab
[01:53] in game it's linked there as well right
[01:56] our players can also support other
[01:58] players ideas ok and then throughout the
[02:01] month the top supported ideas will be
[02:03] reviewed by us jagex yeah and for the
[02:07] top view will then go to a play of how a
[02:09] pole and the winner of that will be made
[02:12] into the game ok
[02:13] so how can jagex possibly look through
[02:16] every idea I i think i feel i can answer
[02:19] bit listen okay i am looking to maybe
[02:21] idea ideas are we at the moment where i
[02:25] believe we're over 6,000 there 6100 yeah
[02:30] we came that kind of the bottom of in it
[02:33] something like 293 pages of it yeah oh
[02:35] yeah into something akin to that it's
[02:36] yeah yeah actually but i think the point
[02:39] is we're individually not looking every
[02:42] idea yes whilst we may be moderating and
[02:45] looking through all the ideas from
[02:47] moderation point of view in terms of
[02:49] actually reviewing the ideas we will not
[02:51] will not be going through all them will
[02:53] be only looking at the most top
[02:55] supported ideas so myself models born
[02:58] mod dean at the very least and probably
[03:01] several others will be each day have a
[03:05] meeting where we look at that probably
[03:07] like the from the first page of most
[03:10] supported ideas yet and be reviewing
[03:12] each of those making sure that they won
[03:15] fit the rules over in labs and then to
[03:17] fit the current criteria right okay so
[03:20] so we've mentioned criteria yeah so i'll
[03:23] hop to another one of my hand any
[03:25] questions so when we when we said quote
[03:27] what do we mean by criteria criteria is
[03:29] when we're developing projects yeah we
[03:32] need to factor in the number of things
[03:34] scope is one of them so that's how long
[03:37] it takes to develop it we also because
[03:40] ruin a runescape is a big game has lots
[03:42] of different things like quest combat
[03:44] yet skills we need to make sure we have
[03:48] a good mixer ideas because different
[03:49] players like different things yeah and
[03:51] so when we're deciding on what to work
[03:54] on throughout the year we make sure we
[03:57] have a good mix and therefore when
[04:00] models one is given projects you'll have
[04:03] to decide how much resources how much
[04:05] time is going to spend on it and the and
[04:08] to essentially is creating a set of
[04:10] criteria himself and stakeholders will
[04:12] also help guide in and yeah decide those
[04:14] sort of things a case study of the first
[04:16] one which a mock-up came to me and said
[04:19] like cook your team go ahead yeah I'm
[04:21] and we thought that let's have a median
[04:24] want to start off yeah and so we're not
[04:25] starting too small but we can also get
[04:27] some
[04:27] out relatively quickly yes you can see
[04:29] the kind of the results of room labs and
[04:32] also we didn't want to kind of restrict
[04:33] people too much a lot of people going to
[04:34] be having those ideas just been sitting
[04:36] on those ideas like golden eggs yeah
[04:38] wanting to get them out there and if we
[04:39] restrict too much then there's gonna be
[04:40] a lot frustration so we actually kept it
[04:43] relatively open that doesn't mean that
[04:44] future criteria won't be more defined it
[04:48] might be that we decide you know what we
[04:49] need and we need to quest this year we
[04:51] have got enough question a lot of my
[04:53] schedule and then it might be open
[04:56] purely to quest and that's yeah I
[04:57] competition that month will be about
[04:59] okay yeah definitely I mean if it's a
[05:01] case of the fur the first few criteria
[05:04] is for the first few months I mean
[05:06] that's probably all going to be quite
[05:07] open yeah but if it's a case that the
[05:10] first two or three or combat related
[05:12] ideas for example then we'll probably
[05:15] then say the following one then it's
[05:17] this size scope and it can be anything
[05:20] bar combat to make sure we do to make
[05:22] sure they both eggs into the gay yeah
[05:24] and yeah I'm really like some people
[05:26] feel like criteria restricts things but
[05:30] the point I want to make is really
[05:32] that's the sentencing restrictions that
[05:33] putting the team and both of you the
[05:36] team don't feel like the restrictive at
[05:38] all I mean that's absolutely compared to
[05:39] other games companies I've worked in
[05:41] search yeah so you said about supporting
[05:45] can you support an idea nail you can't
[05:47] support an idea now for the first week
[05:49] we've opened it so you can only submit
[05:52] suggestions and add other suggestions to
[05:56] your wish list where we get a drone as
[05:58] well in fact there's a very recommended
[06:00] thing to do so you can keep track of
[06:01] your own idea what we wanted to do was
[06:04] make sure that everyone has a chance to
[06:05] get their ideas in before we enabled
[06:08] supporting yes so that it wasn't the
[06:10] case that whoever put in the first idea
[06:12] had an unfair advantage over everyone
[06:14] else okay so next week we will enable
[06:18] supporting and with that you'll be able
[06:20] to prioritize you'll be able to sort the
[06:22] list based on the number of supporters
[06:24] okay and we'll also be adding in gmod
[06:28] messaging as well so we'll be able to
[06:30] start commenting on jobs and so if we
[06:32] feel like something doesn't fit the
[06:33] current criteria we can then state we
[06:36] can we don't you hate it for nobody
[06:38] nothing yeah I'm quite a bit
[06:40] yeah this idea is fine but it doesn't
[06:42] fit the car yeah unfortunately we're
[06:44] looking for a medium-sized project this
[06:46] is a large you'll need to and it might
[06:47] be they want to amend it again we
[06:49] resubmitted or at the end of the month
[06:52] what happened to that the support so
[06:56] once a once the end of month is finished
[06:58] and we switch over to the next criteria
[07:00] we r do reset all the sport boats back
[07:03] to zero but the ideas will remain the
[07:06] ideas will remain but because the
[07:08] criteria changes because opinions change
[07:11] over time because at times there
[07:15] throughout the year there's you at
[07:18] different times more there's more
[07:19] players in the game than other times we
[07:22] felt it's fair to reset the sport number
[07:24] so that you people are currently playing
[07:28] the game you get to sport the I you the
[07:30] ideas that who want and it's so it's not
[07:33] the case that one idea that was you
[07:36] supported at the height of summer you
[07:38] just sits there for the whole time and
[07:40] might not be it's a bit of variety
[07:42] buzzing appropriate my dears don't
[07:43] dominate at the top of the list for long
[07:45] periods means there's a very cycling
[07:47] around but if those ideas are so yeah
[07:48] but then they will rise the topic time
[07:50] over a year yeah each time and there
[07:52] might be a month where the criteria is
[07:53] more suited to the item that comes back
[07:55] through yes yeah and that will affect
[07:57] support and submitting your idea it will
[07:59] never be a waste yeah your idea will not
[08:02] just sees don't be downhearted if it
[08:05] doesn't get voted in all I know it only
[08:07] comes on page three or four not quite at
[08:09] the top and things like might have
[08:10] another chance next time around a
[08:11] rabble-rouser so you've explained why
[08:14] we've why we haven't included support at
[08:17] the start but there are some other
[08:19] features that I know I know we'd really
[08:20] like to include it that aren't in there
[08:22] that are missing as far as some players
[08:24] can say yes so lots of people though the
[08:28] big thing is searching the ability to
[08:30] search for ideas yep we very much knew
[08:32] we were releasing a system that didn't
[08:35] feature some cool features like this
[08:37] however we were thinking a lot more long
[08:40] term and by starting by launching
[08:43] relapse now with limited features it
[08:46] means that we can get ideas sooner and
[08:48] start developing them sooner which means
[08:51] we'll start releasing real ABS project
[08:54] during the summer as opposed to waiting
[08:56] several more months to get all the
[08:58] features in and really only releasing
[09:01] ideas at the end of the month yeah
[09:03] perfect is the enemy have done this is
[09:06] an old old phrase of project manager of
[09:08] mine oh I know used to use if you were
[09:11] also makes it matter before you release
[09:13] it you'll never get anything out the
[09:15] door yeah and so releasing now it's
[09:17] meant we were able to get development
[09:18] ideas out sooner yes otherwise we'd be
[09:21] you know the end of the year before
[09:22] anything with ya is limited now but come
[09:26] June no one remember yeah the fact that
[09:28] you we launched without search of it
[09:30] because we'll have all they all these
[09:32] abilities in by then and it also means
[09:34] that players can have a lot more of
[09:36] their say on how to shape room labs yeah
[09:38] the web team who obviously created ruin
[09:41] labs and did a terrific job they've got
[09:44] a prioritized list of things to work on
[09:46] next yeah and if there's something that
[09:48] players really want then that's going to
[09:50] probably move up the list yeah so now it
[09:53] can also help shape room then there has
[09:54] been lots of discussion the system
[09:55] development thread with the web dev laws
[09:59] about features that should or shouldn't
[10:02] be in there like yet whether we include
[10:03] downvotes etc yeah all disorganized now
[10:06] but the support function will naturally
[10:09] sort a lot of these ideas you can feel
[10:12] like the first few pages are that's
[10:14] about a lotta me what in for less than
[10:16] 48 hours we've had over 6,000 ideas yet
[10:19] it it doesn't matter what search
[10:20] function or call tools you have there's
[10:23] so many ideas gone in yeah you're never
[10:25] going to be able to find a perfect
[10:26] solution to find that one you want
[10:27] immediately from the time indeed yeah
[10:30] okay other do you have any tips for
[10:32] submitting a popular idea and this one
[10:35] for you did ya get for it um I like
[10:37] brevity I always do and impact so we
[10:40] think about that title that title is
[10:41] very important you got to kind of
[10:42] encourage people to kick through yeah if
[10:45] you include a lot of detail in your
[10:46] pitch certainly about the minutiae of
[10:48] you know the XP I gain or the rewards I
[10:51] gain for a particular combat update or
[10:53] the individual beats of a story a
[10:55] request that's going to be there maybe
[10:59] the people who do not vote it because of
[11:00] one individual detail yes maybe you're
[11:02] looking more if it's a quest at a
[11:03] scenario you know I like I'd like to
[11:05] have a heist or a westin or
[11:07] something like that in the game that
[11:08] might be a better approach rather than
[11:10] date you know drilling down to the
[11:12] detail yeah that was obviously gives us
[11:14] a bit more leeway when we're creating
[11:16] the content as well but yeah that
[11:19] there's I've seen a really good mix of
[11:21] looking at what's in gaming improving it
[11:23] and looking at some new stuff that has
[11:24] been done before so looking both sides
[11:28] of that fence okay so how does relapse
[11:30] work with quests because obviously the
[11:32] some people have a very set in the mind
[11:34] idea about what they want quest be yeah
[11:36] there's obviously a canon of law that
[11:39] those quests that are being suggested
[11:41] can't interfere with our ectly so how
[11:44] are we going to manage quests right
[11:45] through moonlit quest almost a bit of a
[11:47] special case because obviously there are
[11:49] intentions for the future in terms of
[11:52] narrative you've got things like the
[11:54] dragon kin the stone of jasny older gods
[11:55] story lines of sudden beats we want to
[11:58] hit there are certain things that we
[11:59] have planned though somewhat in the a
[12:01] moveable but we also want to be flexible
[12:05] with the ideas so it may be a case that
[12:07] if a quest rises to the top that affects
[12:09] something that is kind of something got
[12:12] power for the future or a slightly Canon
[12:13] breaking so isn't asleep with the game
[12:15] what we will likely do is contact so
[12:18] these Jack's kind of annotations were
[12:21] able to get will probably contact that
[12:23] individual and ask if it's okay to make
[12:24] some amendments okay all the suggests
[12:26] that they make some amendments and I
[12:29] mean there's also another point of quest
[12:31] can and more than any other piece of
[12:33] content be spoilered if you know
[12:35] everything that's happening in the quest
[12:36] that's in the detail of a room apps idea
[12:38] yeah it's going to ruin it for other
[12:40] people so an element of surprise needs
[12:42] to be added so we might come in and just
[12:43] have some creative license to change
[12:45] things but ultimately the spiritual kind
[12:48] of feeling of that quest will remain
[12:49] okay so obviously we've talked around
[12:54] about how to submit etc are there any
[12:57] rules that people need to follow when
[12:59] submitting yes you need there is as you
[13:03] would in the game and on the forms the
[13:06] rules of runescape apply you can go find
[13:09] those out and they wiki on the website
[13:11] if you need to and then in addition
[13:13] there is some upper rules for rune labs
[13:16] which were based on around what ideas we
[13:20] I can't accept so some of these rules
[13:24] are we're only accepting ideas for
[13:28] runescape 3 at the moment yet we aren't
[13:31] accepting ideas for old school or any
[13:34] other jagex products nope or for any new
[13:36] jagex products you might have ideas for
[13:38] all the website or web gangs like
[13:40] there's things outside se it's also it
[13:43] is yet there's only the development team
[13:45] that are committing to these ideas at
[13:48] this time so we won't be accepting web
[13:51] engine those are the sort of ideas we
[13:55] have seen sighs out like ya get Jamie I
[13:57] would get XJ mod in a hat and hissing a
[13:59] picture of them day Matlin yeah I mean
[14:02] I'm not quite I'm not like I quite like
[14:04] seeing suggestions for other things as
[14:06] well but as I said like we're only
[14:09] committing to developing these ideas
[14:11] there's no reason though that we can't
[14:12] pass these ideas on we're just not
[14:14] guaranteeing that we're actually going
[14:16] to do any of them yes so I've seen you
[14:19] add banana suit to Solomon store with a
[14:22] banana split mode and you why lighting
[14:24] ideas yeah yeah so I will pass the idea
[14:27] on what we we would not be that will be
[14:30] kind of passed on but rejected I think
[14:32] that's an important thing to note isn't
[14:34] it but a lot of this what we've been
[14:35] talking about has been about getting
[14:37] things into poles and stuff like that
[14:39] it's not only that I think that people
[14:41] can miss that we kind of grazing on
[14:42] these ideas looking for some times
[14:44] smaller ideas yeah 3 might grab
[14:46] ourselves and obviously you know kind of
[14:48] acknowledge that let the person know yum
[14:51] and it might become a ninja job it might
[14:53] be something want the retention team
[14:54] here grabs we've got a bigger category
[14:56] four ninjas which is intended for like
[14:59] smaller the usual ninja-like job yeah
[15:02] but I think it's very good as well for
[15:04] if you have like ideas for rewards you
[15:07] that's something that's sometimes quite
[15:08] difficult to come up with yeah and so
[15:10] you great ideas for new rewards is
[15:12] always welcome yeah they're unlikely to
[15:16] ever come to the top of the polls at top
[15:19] of the supported lists but because
[15:21] because all all the ideas are moderated
[15:23] yeah yeah we're getting the moderators
[15:25] are going to go through looking and they
[15:27] were we know the community team will
[15:29] pick out those kinds of a little idea
[15:30] here yeah and send them across the I'm
[15:32] it there's been some great ones that
[15:33] I've
[15:34] spotted that I've kind of forwarded on
[15:35] the idea of a kind of a post quest
[15:37] tracker all of these kind of rewards
[15:39] that you gain post quest that can easily
[15:41] be lost yet the notion of how to find
[15:43] them it's nice little idea i mean i bet
[15:45] something i forwarded on it's just an
[15:47] example of how we're grazing and picking
[15:49] these ideas up great what other
[15:51] enhancements then do we have planned to
[15:53] the real lab setup what other things are
[15:56] we going to add well as I mentioned
[15:59] earlier on like searching has been a big
[16:01] thing that the community wants it's
[16:02] something when you need to add fairly
[16:05] early on so that's topper less very much
[16:08] I'm the web team knee still need to work
[16:11] on a few things somehow about important
[16:14] things such as at the end of the month
[16:16] and like resetting the criteria in such
[16:19] right so that those tasks come after
[16:22] that but you as well as that there are
[16:24] things like on the when you go to you
[16:26] wish list it automatically you lists all
[16:29] the projects you've submitted yourself
[16:31] we would like to create more like search
[16:34] and filters yeah right so we'll probably
[16:38] have like a randomized one so so that
[16:42] pilot just brings up when you look at
[16:44] the room sprays you get a random list of
[16:45] ideas yeah that will help kind of just
[16:48] bring new ideas to to your attention so
[16:50] you're not always just looking at like
[16:52] the most supported ones yeah we will
[16:55] then also like to add that in game so
[16:58] where we currently have the on the
[17:01] social menu and in the same area where
[17:03] we have the player power poles we have a
[17:05] new relapse tab currently that just
[17:08] contains a description of what room nums
[17:10] is and there's a link to ruin labs we
[17:13] would like to then turn that page into
[17:16] consist showing these kind of like
[17:18] random ideas or maybe the hottest ideas
[17:20] at the time I'm not too sure yet maybe
[17:24] do you it depends on maybe what players
[17:26] want the most yeah but you be adding
[17:29] that stuff beyond that it's hard to tell
[17:32] as I said before it's very much we want
[17:35] players can help kind of molds what we
[17:38] were in lam j is yeah if we suddenly
[17:41] discover that you were getting lots of
[17:43] really really good ninja ideas for it
[17:45] then maybe we need to do more to support
[17:47] ninjer ideas yeah and you will change
[17:50] real abs in that way perhaps I think the
[17:52] point for no silly really we got kind of
[17:53] vodka asked us and his team are
[17:54] dedicating time to yes updating its
[17:57] gonna organically grow and it's not as
[17:58] if we're not allocating time or resource
[18:00] to yes definitely so what happens with
[18:03] duplicate entries then supercuts is a
[18:06] tough one because using the example of
[18:10] elemental workshop five yes a if two
[18:14] people submit elemental workshop five
[18:15] but then they provide plenty of details
[18:18] and those details are different then
[18:20] those aren't duplicates yeah players
[18:23] then need to make a decision if they
[18:25] want to support one or the other or both
[18:28] of them yeah maybe they're just keen on
[18:31] elemental workshop five they're not too
[18:33] bothered about the details they support
[18:35] PO for them yeah perhaps they've read
[18:36] through them ago do you know what I
[18:37] prefer this version over the other
[18:40] version I'll support that one so those
[18:42] both need both of those will remain open
[18:45] if we have two people something
[18:48] elemental workshop vibe and in the
[18:51] description they pretty much just say JX
[18:53] make this yeah then those are duplicates
[18:56] and so one of those will be closed what
[18:59] becomes tough then is ideally we would
[19:02] close the second one because you the
[19:04] first person who submitted it they put
[19:06] in their first however if for some
[19:09] reason people have seen the sec one more
[19:10] often and have supported that one above
[19:13] the other one then we probably need to
[19:14] have a discussion with both those people
[19:16] have submitted that it's in their best
[19:18] interest at elemental workshop five that
[19:20] would be yep have the most supports so
[19:23] we probably need to close the first one
[19:24] but if we engage with those players any
[19:27] further on the making of element and
[19:29] watch 05 then we'll definitely include
[19:31] both of them there's a little bit of
[19:33] discussion to be had about yeah and go
[19:35] on yeah we have to take things about a
[19:36] case-by-case basis a lot of the time for
[19:38] our example for how we are going to deal
[19:41] with the first one if something gets to
[19:43] the top we will look for other ideas
[19:46] that have the same name or have the same
[19:48] kind of feel and we'll try to when we
[19:50] were designing it once it gets commit
[19:52] committed to you then we'll probably try
[19:54] to incorporate or look at those other
[19:56] ideas too okay so um you look at it kind
[19:58] of web of similar ideas and maybe we can
[20:00] incorporate
[20:00] yep from a moderation point of view I
[20:03] know where it's pure duplicates so where
[20:07] somebody's ended up putting the same
[20:08] idea two or three times in quick
[20:10] succession say because because of an
[20:12] internet problem and then we'll remove
[20:14] they the oldest ones of those so just
[20:17] one of them remains so those those kinds
[20:20] of duplicates hopefully shouldn't appear
[20:21] on vote for very long frame as it isn't
[20:24] okay so we said a medium update what's
[20:28] medium mean the medium is tough because
[20:31] of course there's no context there
[20:34] hasn't been a relapse update that's been
[20:36] large before and small as well you just
[20:38] what does medium mean so it has been
[20:40] difficult we tried to give a number of
[20:42] examples so I'm in terms of quests that
[20:44] shutter over ashdown might fall broke at
[20:46] home we've given a few examples if it
[20:48] was a DMD we've given things I sinkholes
[20:51] and evil tree and get fixing caches as
[20:55] potential examples so we just tried to
[20:57] drill those out yeah and for me um ideas
[21:01] are malleable they flex right so it's
[21:05] more about what I wouldn't submit yeah
[21:08] for or I wouldn't except for medium
[21:10] things that are ideas that are huge
[21:11] obviously if you're looking for a skill
[21:13] or a skill rework those are done well
[21:15] they would be large yeah I hate to say
[21:17] it more than likely those will probably
[21:18] be rolled over to another competition
[21:21] month yeah something so small there is a
[21:24] ninja fix would probably not get taken
[21:25] by us because he just wouldn't do adjust
[21:27] this yeah I mean it feels like we can
[21:28] just pop that out as a ninja fix or
[21:30] maybe there's a retention update other
[21:32] updates can expand or decrease in size
[21:35] to fit that medium for me so it's more
[21:37] about what it's not included I guess cuz
[21:38] I don't want to restrict now that makes
[21:40] sense right so last couple of questions
[21:42] for you now though been some brilliant
[21:43] ideas already submitted allow any
[21:45] particular favorites for you each of you
[21:47] well I've already might mention the
[21:49] banana split on a question but yeah but
[21:53] there's been there's been some funny
[21:57] ones such as please add God armors but
[22:02] all the other gods promptly there's only
[22:04] band oz which is currently in the game
[22:07] already hey yeah
[22:11] a few things where people of demand we
[22:14] had them laughs at their going before we
[22:16] got with that precisely as you've detail
[22:19] I'm very sure there was one worse I'd
[22:21] news to the lobby which had just gone
[22:23] out it's Monday yeah yeah so there's
[22:28] there's some funny one some have a
[22:30] chuckle for some of those I'll say camel
[22:32] stacking is in there someone added that
[22:34] over something that came up with within
[22:36] five minutes pretty much for the video
[22:38] and quickly knocked out at some sort of
[22:40] bizarre if I'm it's not one person as I
[22:42] hey I've but this morning I saw about
[22:45] five different camel stuck and I dia I
[22:49] think it's all much Alan for oh yeah
[22:51] yeah I was it was actually an
[22:53] interesting thing because because the
[22:55] for that video needed to fill up the in
[22:57] the interface with ideas yes so when it
[23:01] looks like it's busy when they're
[23:03] showing off how it works and such so I
[23:05] was a having to randomly quickly come up
[23:07] with ideas and came up with I think some
[23:10] gems like slender ham halloween event
[23:13] yes h am humans against monsters of
[23:15] course so maybe like a slender man and i
[23:17] beg you Viking crow yeah big paper
[23:20] appearing in your peripheral vision my
[23:21] you least expect it give you a tickle
[23:24] yeah i know i've always been in favor of
[23:29] turning the lumbridge crater into a lake
[23:32] i think i've seen some people submitting
[23:35] that stuff so we can run saving us
[23:37] killing me how about that maybe you'll
[23:41] be disappointed if it was just in the
[23:42] lake with your own control boats we're
[23:45] working on boats you know since that
[23:46] sounds like a holiday been through that
[23:49] sounds a lot biggest summer holidays my
[23:51] favorite idea that is it was against i
[23:54] mean i quickly knocked up the interface
[23:56] was too said of a lake turn into a lock
[23:58] and then you can have the local um
[23:59] monster as well and yeah and then i
[24:05] spected medina mail them with discussing
[24:07] how you you can have like social fishing
[24:09] where two people going the robot catch
[24:10] fish and every count now and then it
[24:12] pops up you quickly have to take a
[24:14] screenshot of it and to show you off to
[24:15] prove that is real that's brilliant okay
[24:20] yeah just the type cost myself i keep on
[24:22] looking at the quests really i know you
[24:24] see
[24:25] my eyes yeah obviously I mean we can
[24:28] trivialize lot of things but you know I
[24:30] love the idea of was it Zaros as a big
[24:33] meaty like their hits Burrell city and
[24:34] destroys it was like one of the first
[24:36] quest that I saw like that so Draven
[24:40] it'll be a challenge but oh there's been
[24:42] some lovely ones there's anoraks request
[24:43] that I really like that was like that
[24:45] was the very first world yeah you have
[24:47] clothes for submission was in a row I
[24:49] was very pleased there was a very good
[24:51] idea as the first one yeah I was a
[24:54] little worried when we when we launched
[24:55] it and what the nature of the first yeah
[24:57] ideas might be but yeah they're all very
[25:00] good I'm nice and open ended in a way a
[25:03] really really nice submission for
[25:04] question that said well there's this bit
[25:05] in the game I'd really like to expand it
[25:07] as a quest here are some ideas should
[25:10] know no spoilers no yeah yeah you're
[25:13] absolutely right there's a nice kind of
[25:14] faction based in D which is an item sink
[25:16] which you can just kind of submit items
[25:17] the your chosen faction which is pretty
[25:19] nice yeah it's it's you can lose hours
[25:24] to reading it when I should probably be
[25:27] working on 200 quest but if you know I'm
[25:29] gonna just a certain amount of spin spin
[25:31] top good well thanks very much guys um
[25:34] and I'm really pleased with the way we
[25:36] lads gone and i hope to speak to you
[25:39] again soon in the future we'll do
[25:40] another podcast about marine lab spread
[25:42] about em yeah what's at the top of the
[25:44] tree yes your thing or further into play
[25:47] a power on the poles and such and for
[25:49] that enough people want it yeah and
[25:51] that's working on it as well so excited
[25:52] to do that yeah so keep submitting ideas
[25:54] Lauren wait keep them coming basically
[25:56] thanks everyone and speak to you guys
[25:58] soon bye
[26:09] you
[26:16] you