Transcript of RuneScape Podcast #175 - looking back at 2015

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] I
[00:04] you
[00:09] hello and welcome to this week's podcast
[00:11] I've got a few hot men on the sofa with
[00:13] me today to talk about the updates of
[00:16] this year hello ladies stop giggling yo
[00:18] holla man laughs it got into do stuff
[00:22] I'm what I was born by the way I'm a
[00:24] goner you just ruined me for the start
[00:26] of this bug excellent what do you do mod
[00:28] Connor so I'm the senior producer on
[00:30] runescape whom I have to scribe what
[00:33] that is it's it's important I'm someone
[00:36] important on runescape I'm modely
[00:40] someone slightly less important on
[00:42] runescape sora report any Content
[00:43] developer and I'm not Liam product
[00:46] lineup for the dukes excellent so we've
[00:49] got like some representative people
[00:50] who've made some stuff this year I've
[00:52] made nothing oh sorry mais ever seen a
[00:55] team who has made some stuff yes
[00:58] excellent and so I just thought well we
[01:01] thought that we chat about like the
[01:02] updates the year and kind of talk about
[01:04] what made you proud what made you cry
[01:05] what made you incredibly happy with what
[01:08] you made it there bits here has been a
[01:09] fairly busy here all right we've gotten
[01:11] a lot of content oh yeah teams have been
[01:13] working very hard very hard let's say
[01:17] non-stop for about 12 months now well
[01:20] that's having that's good place to start
[01:21] because like the watch had this period
[01:24] when I didn't produce anything and then
[01:26] boom boom and put out Tusker raids yeah
[01:28] so I mean this talk brains first mmm so
[01:31] that was that was one you wore braids
[01:33] first yeah I want to talk great offense
[01:34] let's do it well you guys were like
[01:36] crazy excited kid to kind of work on
[01:38] fades yeah it was it and then that was
[01:40] more cristela's now yeah that was when
[01:41] mod carousel was leading the watch and I
[01:44] sort of joined towards the end but and
[01:47] that was something they'd been really
[01:49] keen everyone on the team was really
[01:50] keen to work on you know big large-scale
[01:52] bosses it's a team that really enjoys
[01:53] combat yeah so just to do the the
[01:56] ambition for it originally was
[01:58] absolutely huge obviously with having to
[02:02] develop tusky at the same time it didn't
[02:03] get as many bosses out as we wanted to
[02:05] but we have them all tucked away for
[02:07] like you know maybe 20 60 and stuff like
[02:09] that yeah some concepts came out in
[02:10] cherry fest and they take shown once
[02:11] there's a room first the sky man trike
[02:13] or whatever it is yeah what else do we
[02:16] show we showed the the fire boss and
[02:19] also the air route shailendra with
[02:21] idea for ya cool as that concept art
[02:23] made its way out I have to try out a way
[02:25] to weasel out I think so yeah but yeah
[02:28] as far as raised so far goes like it was
[02:32] a big a big risk for us because we're
[02:34] obviously a very aware that our players
[02:35] are quite soul oriented sometimes so it
[02:38] was like a gamble on whether people
[02:40] would really be sold on the group
[02:42] content and it has gone down like really
[02:45] well we've got groups of people still
[02:46] doing it you know regularly all the time
[02:48] but it's shown us that that's the sort
[02:51] of more that's the real high-end
[02:52] hardcore bbms and obviously we want to
[02:55] weave want to take the lessons we've
[02:57] learned from that into 2016 and do some
[02:59] more accessible ppm content so maybe
[03:01] something smaller group maybe something
[03:03] below that maybe something higher than
[03:04] that yeah and we're still talking about
[03:07] mixture but yeah those was mostly below
[03:09] that yeah so that yeah there's more ppm
[03:11] for more people but you slept in masks
[03:14] have as well you're like me you cheekily
[03:15] put in a well it's like we're we're
[03:17] doing rates that's slept I spend a
[03:19] little world yeah we'll just released an
[03:20] entire planet which obviously led on to
[03:23] like you know the Gobi quest and all the
[03:25] activities that you can do in mass cab
[03:27] all of the ancestors call MV ancestor
[03:29] keep on in college ancients yeah I don't
[03:32] know if we want to talk about that but
[03:33] yeah we've done a nice little segue into
[03:35] more content to miss preachers what we
[03:37] do is just keep the other people okay go
[03:40] for it go ahead tell us about a world
[03:41] the gobies obviously it was in creating
[03:44] raids in the initial brainstorms we
[03:46] wanted to create a race that if you just
[03:49] went in for things on a different planet
[03:50] there's there's less of a reason than if
[03:53] you're it feels more compelling if
[03:55] you're going there and you're saving the
[03:56] indigenous people who can't like defend
[03:58] themselves and we wanted to come up with
[03:59] a negative on yon came up with obviously
[04:02] the gobies and in this like straight
[04:04] away what's an obstacle tragic race yes
[04:06] a raised or like a typical of court at
[04:08] already there along with the rocket
[04:09] exactly and the rock grows and squashes
[04:11] it when it gets too old a single most
[04:13] pathetic race and everyone loves exactly
[04:17] everyone loves them so that's why we
[04:19] made the call of the ancestors because
[04:21] everyone was really really engaging with
[04:23] the gobies and there's a fresh slate to
[04:26] tell a story with and our first bottle
[04:28] quest as well name yes yeah start off
[04:30] doing these kind of span dilemma not
[04:32] necessarily has to be sad
[04:33] robotic West both smaller or personal
[04:35] yeah using the breeze existing SS
[04:37] certainly something that we're going to
[04:38] it was kind of a bit of an experiment
[04:40] and it went well so you're going to
[04:42] carry on doing that in 2016 hot from the
[04:43] whole you know shooting shooting things
[04:46] at distance yeah so we learn we learned
[04:48] lessons from that like yes we can do
[04:50] bottle quests they can be really
[04:51] effective no we can't do this super
[04:56] tricky well we can do it but it has to
[04:58] be very forgiving and people with track
[05:01] pads or like ball mice won't like them
[05:05] it's a small thing to learn but
[05:07] important yeah definitely it's on our
[05:09] fail what we have a fail wall in our
[05:10] scrum team where we put things that like
[05:13] you know when quite wrong and that we
[05:16] should learn from and that's on there so
[05:18] yeah to be fair the wall is pretty empty
[05:20] only a good strong hit rates the
[05:22] couple's a couple of things because
[05:24] we're getting would get on to Halloween
[05:27] he's got fighting tour he lays the smack
[05:30] down and another one that went you know
[05:32] pretty well i think i was with Tusker I
[05:34] really obviously some people who kind of
[05:36] wanted some changes those changes came
[05:37] in but you guys guys hit dusker as well
[05:39] it was monitoring the amber two
[05:41] monumental things are one go I think
[05:43] we've learned from that yeah I O'Connor
[05:45] that feeling of like massive updates on
[05:48] the same team we've learned a lot from
[05:50] the backer for this year we've changed a
[05:52] lot of what we're doing for 2016 based
[05:53] almost and nearly entirely on the watch
[05:56] and what they had to go through you had
[05:58] to start to the summer that's like the
[06:00] worst time in a month yeah yeah so you
[06:01] guys have like march and comment what it
[06:03] is it's like you lie I think yeah yeah
[06:06] so there is that distinction that
[06:07] separation yeah I think it's been quite
[06:09] a hard year for the watch just very busy
[06:11] and just having a bit of space to
[06:15] develop you know God Wars dungeon to
[06:17] coming up is just so exciting to you
[06:19] know that breathing room or it is in
[06:20] doing all the meetings hounding a match
[06:22] on my desk today I will just bring it
[06:24] back to try things very sorry anyway you
[06:26] get this run it over and so we've talked
[06:28] a lot about the watch um I was looking
[06:30] down at the updates and the Dukes
[06:32] produced Michael congratulations yeah we
[06:35] yeah that's them so I've got three
[06:39] highlights from your team my personal
[06:41] favorite is probably dishonor among
[06:42] thieves maybe just because you didn't
[06:46] oversee it is the one I am least
[06:50] comfortable talking but obviously and
[06:52] fast anyways is modeling it's not her
[06:57] month II I thought very brilliant nope
[07:01] alright think what was I my been for
[07:03] know my name is disaster of the top 10
[07:05] quests and that differ and it kind of
[07:07] dropped in there yeah Mitzvah because it
[07:08] was the quest okay was very recent yeah
[07:10] but still you know it people like 10 so
[07:13] that was honestly probably the one I'm
[07:16] most proud of of the updates I've been
[07:19] on this year just because just
[07:20] delivering on the story and you know
[07:23] just there's a lot of spinning plates
[07:24] there it's like you're emotional and
[07:25] nomads represented well zemerik's
[07:27] represented well yeah and like basically
[07:30] bringing professional exam rights
[07:32] character so he's not just this oh he's
[07:34] the evil God making him more interesting
[07:36] and a bit more personable and then
[07:38] introducing characters like Jared
[07:40] bringing Nomad back bill Reich yeah
[07:42] there's a lot going we can play a choice
[07:43] making sure there's a max actually
[07:45] approached one has a strong you no
[07:47] reason to support him exactly and I was
[07:50] just really happy with how it turned out
[07:51] I think we've got one of the coolest
[07:52] cutscenes that's in gay yeah the ending
[07:54] is all I remember me send my feedback
[07:55] when I was ultra skeptical is like wait
[07:57] a minute this stealth section in this
[07:58] door section i'm not sure they know we
[08:00] get some feedback we changed something
[08:01] they will love hate sections i think as
[08:03] well they chew my mind we we were
[08:05] definitely trying to do things that
[08:07] ambitious in our engine some people
[08:10] really love them some people just didn't
[08:13] agree with them so yeah it was
[08:14] definitely sort of marmite if them yeah
[08:16] those were definitely learning points
[08:18] for me I think like the theme of sort of
[08:21] want me to talk about all of these is
[08:21] like there's points have gone really
[08:23] well and then the points that don't go
[08:24] so well we you know we take on board we
[08:27] learn from little your scene yeah the
[08:29] learnings as it were I was sorry what
[08:32] game I was really cool that you I mean
[08:34] when he's got the light within and
[08:36] hero's welcome as well I mean your
[08:38] team's to kind of questing yeah it seems
[08:40] definitely for the sort of first half of
[08:42] the year we were all about the quests
[08:43] yes light within and I spent very well
[08:47] about it hated
[08:50] it's going to another leg within say ya
[08:52] light within was um just bringing siren
[08:55] back obviously is quite a huge thing
[08:57] yeah and just the sheer amount of effort
[09:02] involved in trying to represent one of
[09:04] these one of the most favored gods yeah
[09:07] what's been hanging around in the
[09:08] background trying to include eros in
[09:10] that and try to explain some of that
[09:12] relationship between sarin and zeros and
[09:15] bringing in a whole new world bringing
[09:17] in to use land a new world oh you world
[09:20] that was again just came so yeah I think
[09:27] on the whole it went very well I think
[09:30] looking back we we would like to revisit
[09:32] toffee ad I think we didn't give the
[09:36] players enough reason to go back there
[09:38] and it's quite nice place to it's one of
[09:41] the coolest places yeah love it it's a
[09:43] nice place too so where potentially we
[09:45] visit as well and the characters they're
[09:47] just like that's the same genus cab you
[09:49] know we put something out there doesn't
[09:51] have to be used solely for you know
[09:53] chipping away at Crystal choked if it is
[09:55] you know there are other things that you
[09:56] can do there in the future indeed yeah
[09:58] and hero's welcome which was something
[10:01] else one of these things that we were
[10:02] all so worried about if we were totally
[10:04] worried about that well we're gonna
[10:05] bring back a god it's like then we're
[10:08] gonna kill him 30 minutes everyone was
[10:12] just incredibly but he doesn't know if
[10:16] you don't know by now then yeah
[10:18] nevermind we was so pike when we made
[10:21] him yeah him like his amazing look his
[10:24] lover absent yeah holograms I can't kill
[10:28] him amazing love absent yeah they're
[10:31] gone forever I think he is probably my
[10:32] favorite modelling game I mean he is
[10:34] back it genuinely he is he is the best
[10:37] god what the past for this yeah yes we
[10:43] did that but I'm night we then came from
[10:46] moon apps yes was I guess it was kind of
[10:49] a a gift really because you read guys
[10:51] really embrace that without one I really
[10:53] like my cleanups update it was um Arun
[10:56] labs is is always interesting to work on
[10:58] because you taking ideas directly from
[11:01] one players had gaga lady gaga lady yeah
[11:05] very good to work with yeah and it's
[11:08] really nice to just get involved with
[11:10] community like that you have that
[11:11] passion come back from from outside the
[11:15] team it's really it's a neat little
[11:17] segue come on high level mobs and then I
[11:20] level mobs and then waterfall fishing as
[11:21] well yeah exactly you guys have had so
[11:23] many team quest aunty marine labs this
[11:25] year are the guardians which any had
[11:27] those that may i think i'm pretty sure i
[11:29] was exactly LOL city walked for the day
[11:32] and was passed over you guys okay over
[11:35] to you guys yeah and you hit it with a
[11:37] hermit crab that's cool we did but even
[11:40] got a full gamut full range of people
[11:41] you're working with though with those
[11:43] said Cyrus Corey the camels who is
[11:45] constantly chatting tease I don't ask
[11:47] yeah and have rank for the water wall
[11:51] yeah Frank was really cool to work with
[11:53] as well just that but his ideas were
[11:55] really worked really really good and
[11:57] hopefully we got enough of his ideas in
[11:59] there that he feels like he owns I think
[12:01] he did why did a painter Brennan looks
[12:02] very very similar did do yeah that that
[12:06] whole area was just his spot is already
[12:08] challenging to work with as well I think
[12:10] modeling environment eyes almost tore
[12:14] all of his hair out trying to squeeze
[12:17] enough clairol space up there yeah
[12:18] absolutely really worked because a lot
[12:20] of the budget in that areas already used
[12:22] as well so you're gonna not make it too
[12:24] expensive what's a crazy aerial walkways
[12:27] hi poli stuff going on please just
[12:29] become so difficult whenever we try to
[12:31] build anything new yeah I entirely blame
[12:34] you yeah that would be me but this isn't
[12:36] a retrospective on 2014 which leads the
[12:42] room labs because ring labs kind of came
[12:43] out at the start of the year it's and
[12:45] one of those things we probably learn
[12:46] from as well as kind of hit and miss
[12:48] because we've had some cracking updates
[12:50] out I mean I'd really love dragons as
[12:52] one of my favorites program updates of
[12:54] the year to be honest and that was
[12:56] definitely relapse suggestion yeah it
[12:57] was it might be then kind of like a I'm
[13:00] not going to say it's a no-brainer but
[13:01] like when you see the Dragons pop-up
[13:03] time zone yeah we should definitely do
[13:04] that yeah and then community got behind
[13:06] it as well and Guardians did an
[13:08] excellent job of what they had yeah I
[13:10] say what they had they did an excellent
[13:11] job yeah clam and is really nicely there
[13:14] a little bit
[13:15] and by different kind of mechanics on
[13:17] the creatures a little bit higher a
[13:18] little bit tougher and kind of led into
[13:20] the high level mobs then for the end of
[13:22] the year as well splash of law get
[13:23] rewards yeah Barry is it Mary bearing
[13:26] ops ii they're very scenario is buried
[13:27] yes Mary but rune abs as a whole we did
[13:31] obviously had to come to terms way over
[13:33] the course because I'm for a number of
[13:35] reasons it just didn't reach the
[13:36] critical mass that we're hoping for you
[13:37] know that was because of various things
[13:39] like snow search features poor trending
[13:41] on that dates but also it just didn't
[13:44] have the people there yeah other people
[13:45] is unfortunate we wanted to try and give
[13:47] everybody a chance to get involved with
[13:49] the game and what we kind of got back
[13:50] from it is people are involved at the
[13:52] game and are kind of happy with the
[13:53] direction we're taking in most places
[13:54] yeah poles we got far more and far more
[13:57] back out of it and they can kind of
[13:59] steer where we're going but in general
[14:00] are large-scale ideas people are excited
[14:02] by them so no he's got to get down place
[14:04] and let people play my think that's the
[14:05] biggest one I think you just have to
[14:07] look at 2016 to see the opportunity that
[14:09] we gained by not committing say a third
[14:11] of our updates to relapse is that we
[14:13] have this clear idea of what we want to
[14:14] do for the year and just hit Bam Bam Bam
[14:16] every month with something that has
[14:18] impact and hopefully people see that and
[14:20] don't see the loss of rune labs yeah
[14:23] looking at what people are saying I
[14:24] don't think I people aren't too worried
[14:27] about us dropping it well it's what we
[14:29] don't try and go for indifference and if
[14:30] we could have made people angry or make
[14:31] people happy we'll go for it but if we
[14:34] can if we just get a lo lot of meth and
[14:35] it's not worth the effort yeah
[14:37] absolutely we talked a little bit bout
[14:38] the Guardians with the Dragons so we
[14:40] have no guardians representative which
[14:41] makes me tempted to just and I just got
[14:43] over what they've done yeah yeah exactly
[14:45] i'm gonna set it in let me just have a
[14:47] quick look here no i don't think they
[14:49] did anything no i know it's in size 8
[14:52] font that's probably why you can't see
[14:53] it um other thing the biggest one
[14:56] they've done is done dimension of
[14:57] disaster Oh cunningly was when I was
[15:00] product owner so I'm happy to talk about
[15:02] this one but as we self a question yeah
[15:04] why not we hit 200 quests so there was
[15:08] that kind of rummaging around in our
[15:09] heads trying to find out the best way of
[15:10] doing 200 that kind of anniversary and
[15:14] there was all this talk of like a recipe
[15:15] for disaster to should we do a vampire
[15:18] quest is 200 quest should we do a
[15:21] massive kind of well gothic sleep style
[15:23] thing and to be honest we just thought
[15:25] like let's celebrate the adventurer
[15:27] let's celebrate questing I was our big a
[15:29] min
[15:29] when mojo he was now product owner came
[15:32] up with a fab idea and got himself a
[15:34] game in the process because I threw out
[15:35] a competition to win a game for the best
[15:37] idea was this and it's a wonderful
[15:39] lifestyle thing of what would happen if
[15:42] the adventure never existed which is
[15:44] neat it's nice and I think the greatest
[15:46] success of it was it was less a quest
[15:48] the more an environment like you tumble
[15:51] into this place you've got loads of
[15:52] other people that you can all see in
[15:53] your sharing coins I may be off here
[15:57] yeah but I believe dimension for
[15:59] disaster is the quest that caused the
[16:01] most people to go from playing almost
[16:05] predominantly old school to come into
[16:07] runescape to play a quest that's so
[16:10] weird I'm not sure what it is i dono
[16:12] maybe yeah the dimension feels a little
[16:14] bit old-school e to them but yeah it's
[16:16] great it's a lot of people have started
[16:18] out and and played it through and I've
[16:20] seen tiny zemer eagles about who are
[16:22] fantastic when we saw that where a key
[16:25] role in chuckles and the guys also get a
[16:27] lot of emperium and have you guys played
[16:29] it I've not quite done my to know you
[16:32] played it internally yeah to give
[16:34] feedback and stuff but I think the
[16:36] general and failing from people who
[16:38] played at three players was that kind of
[16:40] no joke on it was came immediately after
[16:42] hero's welcome yeah yeah I was that
[16:44] worried again just coincided it's not as
[16:47] ignorance on out of a massively cool
[16:49] looking awesome gas oil introduce him
[16:51] kill him oh yes why this planet and
[16:52] squares but yeah we should probably
[16:54] prefix this whole thing with we're gonna
[16:55] spoil every single piece of fun day one
[16:57] rat he is taking notes right now I'm
[16:59] sure he'll dig that one of the things
[17:01] that was definitely important to get
[17:02] right and that was the fight against him
[17:04] yes we had lots of rounds of like
[17:06] feedback and improving the mechanics all
[17:09] that and I just remember the first time
[17:10] I played it when you get to the end and
[17:12] you sort of you like snap the spear and
[17:14] drive it through his head I just like
[17:16] that is amazing and everybody everyone
[17:18] thought the same thing yeah just the
[17:20] visuals when you get to the roof at
[17:21] Tower yeah skybox scale smell java is
[17:24] you forget how kind of bold it was or
[17:27] how risky it was because you don't
[17:29] actually go into Castle chicon you know
[17:30] we always said you would we were worried
[17:33] that people kind of would kick up about
[17:34] now I know it's beautiful yeah I do like
[17:37] that rug pull moment babes whether or
[17:38] not PES also night and also Madonna
[17:40] didn't create
[17:41] you know everybody even though she only
[17:42] do branches people were like well with
[17:44] Madonna's not doing it then I'm not on
[17:45] board ma trollee you know who did so
[17:47] much work on previous vampire quests
[17:49] also produced fate we got to do with
[17:51] safe pair of hands but even then people
[17:52] still still suspicious I think he proved
[17:54] in Yemen is a great quest yeah I did
[17:57] love all of the death anims a work Josh
[17:59] it's an amazing yes I'm not sure is it
[18:02] mod mod hang yeah I'm worried about yeah
[18:04] I'm a little bit worried it like Sierra
[18:06] missing lutely free reign on what he
[18:09] chooses to make them do and that's what
[18:11] he made I know I'm scared he also made
[18:13] that lovely little kiss animation with a
[18:15] leg pop did that was big is that was a
[18:17] plate while we was kiss that led to bite
[18:19] yeah but below leg pop yeah he's a cute
[18:24] what ramen love them Romans our biggest
[18:27] fan boy I love it you just if you want
[18:29] to get a sense of whether no pairs will
[18:30] have something just go to my drama and
[18:32] show too it's good for that going
[18:35] outside of like well what we call the
[18:37] retention teams you got he's but I mean
[18:39] there's some other real big hit some of
[18:41] his dogs cape which is probably worth
[18:43] mentioning go what we did maybe we did
[18:45] Darce Gabe that was that was a massive
[18:48] twister I like the fact that as a team
[18:51] we can just do something crazy we kind
[18:54] of do it around the same time every year
[18:55] it's not because we plan to do it at the
[18:57] same time every year it just happens
[18:59] yeah we did iron man in 24 TN this year
[19:02] we ended up doing dark scape we had an
[19:04] idea we went around for a while on kind
[19:06] of an arena based thing in the main game
[19:08] like a pvp arena area never really
[19:11] worked I looking at the numbers of
[19:13] people getting involved in mini games
[19:14] they just tend to dwindle and pulls you
[19:16] away from what you're actually doing so
[19:17] we gave dark skip a shot we just changed
[19:21] everything in fact we did it so fast
[19:23] that I think I did half the half the
[19:25] environment work and then somebody to
[19:28] come in and fix after work and then you
[19:30] were tempting interfaces then people had
[19:31] to change good no no yeah okay yeah i
[19:33] turned to the interfaces and then
[19:35] somebody to fix it in their jealousies
[19:36] and then i made shadowed rates and we
[19:38] accidentally i think i'm more of a
[19:40] detriment to describe to me than
[19:41] anything else yeah
[19:44] but I think it's gone it's gone really
[19:46] well we've learned lots from it and I
[19:48] know my pie has well we've seen the
[19:50] combat up there yeah and that's going to
[19:52] be a scurvy a big change for it as well
[19:54] so it'd be good to see where it goes but
[19:56] we're not ashamed to ditch I these big
[19:57] innovative Young's you know it didn't
[19:59] take a huge amount of lead time it which
[20:01] is something want to try see if it was
[20:02] successful yeah and just keep keep
[20:05] mixing it up a little bit some of the
[20:06] updates in 2016 talk about 2016 I know
[20:08] but we've kept back but you know that
[20:10] are relatively innovative we have some
[20:12] interesting ideas long as we can deliver
[20:14] on them yeah yeah well inherits that
[20:15] admittedly I also wanted to mention the
[20:17] beach I mean we did a number of events
[20:19] they're probably worth mentioning
[20:20] founded always in particular but the
[20:23] beach was one that I think that really
[20:24] now had the guy probably in one place
[20:26] and I remember being in the meeting when
[20:28] we were trying to trying to figure out
[20:29] what it was and similar to what we're
[20:32] doing in 2016 with the monthly ownership
[20:34] by a team it was we were already doing
[20:37] this with the other two teams and we
[20:39] were sitting down trying to plan out was
[20:41] may I think we were going to just do a
[20:43] nice little beach pack a couple of toys
[20:45] beach ball every time we were coming up
[20:48] with ideas to put into this pack to give
[20:49] players like oh well I'd want a
[20:51] volleyball court you can't put that in a
[20:53] box oh I want I want a place that I can
[20:56] like play with my fishing boat you once
[20:58] again you can't put that in a box let's
[21:01] just build an area for them to play with
[21:02] all these toys that will give them in
[21:03] the box okay while you were giving them
[21:05] a box just give them all the toys and
[21:07] then we made the beach it was just
[21:09] trying to create that social hub for the
[21:11] whole summer some place that everybody
[21:12] could go down and everybody could know
[21:14] where to meet their friends a very quick
[21:16] place people already recognized the
[21:17] crater we just gave it kind of it we do
[21:19] love easily that crater but it worked
[21:21] really well yeah I remember and it's a
[21:22] claudia i think we corrected called it
[21:25] because we just wanted to create John
[21:26] lobster and the human kind of retro
[21:29] actively look to what we could do with
[21:30] it but I really loved I remember us
[21:32] talking about names oh god I those claw
[21:35] go at one point which years said no
[21:37] t-that was my lady I was really that was
[21:39] a very lady where I'm glad we said no I
[21:41] can't try to remember some of the others
[21:42] you know I can only think of cloth
[21:43] sergeant snaps i think was wrong just
[21:45] shows the noble naming we go from pinche
[21:48] yeah ok we're naming we go through it
[21:50] before her before an update funny thing
[21:51] is the volleyball you mentioned i don't
[21:53] mean that wasn't actually on the beach
[21:55] that then appeared we had a door in all
[21:57] right
[21:58] volleyball on the beach that never
[22:01] opened we never actually got it ready
[22:03] the place that that actually ended up
[22:05] was the other sandy place we made this
[22:07] mask oh yeah as a raised easter egg so
[22:10] even if something doesn't actually make
[22:12] it into an update you notice has anybody
[22:14] played there yet yeah yeah we showed it
[22:16] in the RA combat talker Rufus it was
[22:18] great that sprint review where are you
[22:20] just sitting down showing us lots of
[22:21] raids very gladly Ernest playing through
[22:23] kind of hey honimaru and then something
[22:26] I'm by the way we've also done a little
[22:27] thing and that pops these go be nice
[22:29] awww you guys didn't have any time yeah
[22:31] I know we can only head to the table and
[22:34] I thought it was like that's great but
[22:36] come on but in typical mud crocell
[22:38] fashion I think you did it in his lunch
[22:40] in about 20 minutes yeah things just
[22:42] keep some issues well yeah indeed and
[22:45] then you stabbed in all right so there
[22:49] are updates we haven't mentioned gone
[22:50] guys won't want to pick up and bring
[22:52] something that you you're really proud
[22:53] of if you want to talk about whoever's
[22:55] thought of one first because I've just
[22:56] been kind of thrown this out yeah
[22:58] because you went through a woman tour
[23:00] here are all the ones that everybody
[23:01] remembers let's talk about them and then
[23:03] you want just to talk about other me I'm
[23:04] gonna pick out falador then I think for
[23:06] me I was going for followed or aquarium
[23:08] I wasn't sure um what aquarium was
[23:10] really as well yeah okay I'll get for a
[23:13] crime that did you steal both good so
[23:16] aquarium yeah chrome was decent and it
[23:18] was this surprise when we sat down as a
[23:20] team trying to come up with ideas for
[23:21] param we knew we want to do a pH room
[23:23] and a crime was one that we were kind of
[23:26] like yeah we like the concept we're not
[23:28] sure about what we put into the pole
[23:29] anyways if it started drumming up ideas
[23:31] and when it came to win what's up again
[23:34] we going to do with this and then idea
[23:36] after idea came in and what I really
[23:38] loved was the graphics guy is somewhat
[23:39] Joe more alex kind of sat down and said
[23:42] we could really do something interesting
[23:43] with this then course Thicke's and kind
[23:45] of having these fish on these kind of
[23:47] rotation cycles and it looked beautiful
[23:49] and then I just kind of spurred the team
[23:51] on and so we got came up with a kind of
[23:53] nice design because some social elements
[23:55] in there with the crackers and pong
[23:57] balls yeah that was that was really good
[23:59] that bit and hang on try it with fishing
[24:01] and stuff exactly got people fishing
[24:02] again and I really like that you saw
[24:04] this little bump like people came back
[24:05] to play aquarium you know it's great
[24:07] gone but what are you chosen I've chosen
[24:10] anything
[24:11] my ones that I'm most proud of you deep
[24:14] into my eyes yeah she's got lost I was
[24:18] really I like death Lola's training it's
[24:20] just as like it was that team trying to
[24:22] do something a little bit different try
[24:24] and move players around the game world
[24:25] giving them reasons to come back and try
[24:27] contents they might have touched for a
[24:29] while I think of him a reward for yeah
[24:30] it was it was a nice i think was well
[24:33] executed was well done i think people
[24:34] who could appreciate it great example a
[24:36] treasure hunter just produces having
[24:37] light rattling as well yeah you know if
[24:39] it felt like kind of people could just
[24:41] check in and do yeah you thinking you
[24:43] can usually do I want that's that's was
[24:45] there for and it uses what we already
[24:46] have which is the ends we've learned
[24:48] from the best I think you see some
[24:49] things that are similar yeah I'm pretty
[24:52] much Patch doll as apart from high level
[24:54] mobs which I'm kind of proud of because
[24:57] that was a really tough project and we
[24:59] had to make a slam up that people would
[25:01] take their tier 80 plus gear too yeah
[25:04] you had to own November didn't you
[25:06] ruined and owned November with it I
[25:08] think we learned a lot from that and if
[25:11] we had to do again there's a lot we
[25:12] would do very differently sure I think
[25:15] the requirement would be a big one
[25:16] wouldn't it because we went everyone
[25:17] loves suggestion just with a kind of
[25:19] haze got me high level and their horse
[25:21] were locked into being high level for a
[25:23] month absolutely but um yeah I think the
[25:27] mobs we produced were interesting them
[25:29] had really interesting the clubs as well
[25:31] the mammoth was cool I personally love
[25:33] the Ripper demons yeah and they're one
[25:35] hit kill it had for a mean man I know
[25:37] there has to be the woods and yeah the
[25:40] wyverns were just gorgeous area really
[25:44] nice mechanics of getting frozen and max
[25:46] you've just got new character artist the
[25:47] needs but yeah I'm with this and he did
[25:49] he was there I'm mod Neil's I think
[25:52] that's what he's calling himself there's
[25:54] no it was basically on the team for two
[25:56] weeks and we like yeah so you've got to
[25:58] make these monsters they've got to be
[26:00] iconic they've gotta be the best the
[26:01] errands ever seen your kids yeah he came
[26:05] and in the next week he had finished a
[26:06] hermit and the next week he was on to it
[26:09] he was just going flat out from the
[26:11] moment he arrived yeah mmm Scott modani
[26:13] are you gonna say to make chest height I
[26:15] would talk about the affair sides but I
[26:17] don't I can't really say too much about
[26:19] it yet so I do want to talk about gone
[26:22] those Souls gone because I think even if
[26:25] sentiment was
[26:25] slightly bad because you know maybe the
[26:28] the currency and XP like you know the
[26:31] rewards didn't hit the mark and people
[26:33] were a bit fatigued but if you look at
[26:35] it just from a point of view of
[26:36] graphically law wise and mechanically I
[26:39] was I was really proud of that update
[26:41] should we make like with the boats and
[26:43] collecting the souls there was something
[26:44] that was just really nice about that
[26:45] like it was really fun just looking down
[26:47] TTYL on the bridge yeah exactly we did
[26:50] that for the first time you go under the
[26:51] bridge with people running over it and
[26:52] see how players the boss was really cool
[26:56] with like a mascot sort of acting like a
[26:57] puppeteer at the top and yeah I just I
[27:00] thought it was really just one of the
[27:02] most cool things we made purely from
[27:04] that sort of point I think you're right
[27:05] we learned good bit from it as well we
[27:07] learned a couple of things yeah we hit
[27:09] with too many events at once you know
[27:10] these kinds of things if we just take it
[27:13] on as the runescape team and also like
[27:15] just on the watch we we learn a load of
[27:18] lessons from that so not only do I think
[27:21] we made something that was really cool I
[27:22] think we also you know gained alot
[27:24] knowledge from it so coming out of
[27:26] remember the day looking it was actually
[27:28] okay everything joining together from
[27:32] nowhere like a bunch of random
[27:34] circumstances caused the end of October
[27:36] and the start in November to converge
[27:37] and walking down to you guys and going
[27:39] yeah so what what week were you planning
[27:42] to launch Halloween wouldn't be there a
[27:45] week with Halloween and it wouldn't oh
[27:46] it overlaps with falender and also we're
[27:49] starting Raptor the next week yes yeah
[27:52] I'm Madeline and yeah redlands there
[27:55] fella Drew's there I was like absolutely
[27:58] gutted about the result of that cause
[27:59] because before it went out I was so
[28:01] pleased with it and react around what
[28:03] we'd made I've gotta give cyndaquil the
[28:05] suggestive that shot as well because he
[28:07] was great gave us chocolates a true
[28:08] infest and everything he was brilliant
[28:10] work pretty bad i made to be handed them
[28:12] out to cosplayers nobama cyndaquil was
[28:15] there but you know it's just sharing
[28:17] there's no way for him to leave any way
[28:20] I could get the cosplayers to follow me
[28:21] mr. Hansel and Gretel them upstairs with
[28:23] chocolate that's incredibly creepy
[28:25] that's me
[28:28] follow me children anyway to end on a
[28:31] nicer now to reinvest Hobson festus
[28:35] greater view yes there was something
[28:36] different about this year don't know
[28:37] what it was I think it might be
[28:38] increased odds on state more I enjoy k
[28:40] thanks cuz i was in there this year yeah
[28:42] it was the dad really added some oh my
[28:44] it took away from the after party last
[28:47] night I think you might be more Connor
[28:48] on the mirror ball perhaps let's not
[28:51] talk about the mirror ball you can just
[28:54] google that or than dolly dump no I
[28:56] think it's fine I don't think it's there
[28:58] I well after talk like that no you're
[29:00] okay we all did some bad things exhale i
[29:03] got caught on camera yeah but we got
[29:05] caught on camera next to you on camera I
[29:09] was a highlight it's cuz he felt it was
[29:12] a mirror how mirrors work you don't have
[29:17] to do what they're doing but we got to
[29:19] announce 2016 which went down well yeah
[29:20] that would really well the response to
[29:22] things like you know Gower quest the
[29:24] bleeps you know it's quite is you know
[29:26] it is getting really difficult towards
[29:28] the back end of this year to not talk
[29:30] about 2016 like this is the fourth time
[29:32] in a retrospective or 2015 nike so this
[29:35] thing we're doing in 2016 it's me
[29:37] segwaying into the year this podcast you
[29:39] know is an exciting night exact and
[29:41] we're all working on 2016 cars it out i
[29:44] love when people are working on
[29:45] christmas and it's like you know just
[29:47] the end of summer okay happy Christmas
[29:50] everybody it's not for another couple of
[29:51] months so there you have it thank you so
[29:54] much for listening to this podcast if
[29:56] you are interested in more
[29:57] retrospectives we're going to do a top
[29:59] 10 retrospective on at the live stream
[30:03] on tuesday so please do check that and
[30:04] yeah as will be picking our favor our
[30:07] place now okay so thank you from us I
[30:09] hear you're very much and goodbye