Transcript of RuneScape Podcast - Bloopers Reel - Customer Support Week Special

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] no Adam I haven't told you yet we have a
[00:03] request for management containing
[00:05] podcasts they really want the hundreth
[00:08] pod couture they really want us to do a
[00:09] podcaster bloopers oh so so all of the
[00:12] stuff with Calvin laughing and that
[00:15] point where Steve can't say that one
[00:17] phrase and we record it like 10 times
[00:19] just really proud swearing but
[00:21] essentially with but we said we should
[00:23] do it for the hundredth one buzzer also
[00:26] us was makes brass prepare for a
[00:31] different type of Mel we had the
[00:33] unfinished creature which is sort of
[00:35] along those lines naughty so yeah
[00:48] originally we were just going to have an
[00:51] extra room off the bar which was
[00:53] basically a graphical rework room and it
[00:55] just be like a conveyor belt and you get
[00:58] the the poor graphic models going in one
[01:01] side and they go through this big-ass
[01:02] machine it's a swear word I'll allow it
[01:09] will allow it okay yay luca's villa is
[01:18] it a suicide so donkey asks hey Shrek
[01:29] it's not on key yeah I ain't no fun so
[01:37] if you do lose control and safe halfway
[01:40] through the podcast and it don't just
[01:44] get bleeped up yay you can use is a
[01:49] witless we can just go beat beat beat
[01:53] beat beat yeah that's all they'll be of
[01:58] you beat me baby baby in fact you can
[02:01] bleep over my bleeps with my bidding
[02:03] with my bleep just put out my bleeps and
[02:06] bleep me
[02:09] God so what you're saying is we're going
[02:13] to meta bleep it yes yes psychic Sophie
[02:25] just send us out back on all right
[02:28] everything starts oh my god why's have
[02:30] done that yeah mentioned no idea what
[02:36] okay up for coughing okay okay guys
[02:40] we're em we're reporting our site hello
[02:45] this is money oh my god you're right can
[02:49] you forgive oh stop it hey you serious
[02:56] Sky's my school yeah I bet if you go
[02:58] wrong with example to me count it yeah
[03:41] Oh
[04:10] vomiting our shame away we might move
[04:37] because it with Sierra on the Prophet a
[04:39] lien that will know its life it's great
[04:47] out here all right ready hello I was
[04:55] closer i have two major anger lady
[05:02] please don't worry no really an amazing
[05:09] I really analyzed okay hello this is
[05:13] Molly phony good be nice hey hello a
[05:30] money pit professional to a nice hello
[05:44] this is my affinity and welcome to the
[05:46] customer support segment of the podcast
[05:48] I'm joined here by I think tonight right
[05:52] okay joy another side and I'm joined
[05:57] here by you'd say I can't do that okay
[06:00] hello I'm hello
[06:09] oh but if you get a guy but let's go up
[06:23] fine I'm fine hi up when I had a
[06:28] customer support I've been here for
[06:30] about 11 years was this party is it was
[06:34] funny what so he looked at me yep hello
[06:38] everyone delighted to be back again for
[06:40] another custom sport podcast it's
[06:42] becoming one of my favorite moments that
[06:43] we cashed in these areas other than
[06:45] Senior Corps stay of course silly so
[06:48] today it's just me and you one on one
[06:50] I'd say that but yeah check out scamming
[07:05] prevention guide it's all in there okay
[07:08] cool thanks Steve that update release
[07:09] all their don't like that alright thanks
[07:12] Steve the update some reason it so I can
[07:15] we get in there if it sounds too good to
[07:18] be true it probably is kind of line so
[07:21] okay so so so Steve hacked into someone
[07:23] that up I'll say sounds too good to be
[07:25] true and then you say how do you find
[07:27] these people that work on this
[07:28] organization and then you start talking
[07:29] about well I'll guys definitely talk
[07:33] about okay okay you saying that tell him
[07:36] IDC night I'm just a primeira book okay
[07:51] thankful day stay so I guess innocentive
[07:54] if you could summarize what you just
[07:55] can't talked about that what would that
[07:56] sentence be like it means the phrase
[07:58] people have probably heard but if it
[08:00] sounds too good to be true it probably
[08:02] is right so conscious
[08:09] if it sounds too not too good good idea
[08:19] they want it hmm ok that's the same
[08:22] thing again all right Steve so if you
[08:25] could summarize what you just said
[08:26] they're in a sentence or two how would
[08:27] you do that well there's a phrase that
[08:29] people have probably heard which is if
[08:31] it sounds too good to be true right you
[08:55] know help in trying to shut it out right
[09:02] lies all right stay safe you go
[09:06] summarize what all right Steve so if you
[09:13] could summarize what you've just gonna
[09:24] write it down so I'm funny of it right
[09:26] ready all righty if you could just
[09:30] summarize what you said they in a
[09:31] sentence or two how you do that well
[09:33] there's a friend again I can just am up
[09:43] I can just do disc it plays out like
[09:45] okay cool yeah is just right right
[10:03] I really it's coming down in your pool
[10:07] ensign right okay well there's a frame
[10:15] I make myself saying now just take over
[10:22] there and say it I don't even know I
[10:28] think we're putting too much emphasis
[10:30] just on this question because yeah I did
[10:32] a little bit maybe that's maybe that's
[10:34] why okay so I'll just I'm just made you
[10:37] say yes I'll just nice step yeah okay
[10:45] like to get the word jump thank you say
[11:12] it first so good to be true it probably
[11:15] okay ready well if it sounds too good to
[11:19] people what if it okay my baby when I'm
[11:25] doing it now do what God if it sounds
[11:31] too good to be true it probably is Oh
[11:42] brilliant well if it sounds too good to
[11:48] be true I fell this will not often in
[11:51] all right okay if it sounds too good to
[12:00] be true it probably is
[12:11] oh I need to talk to jackets to get that
[12:52] fan removed I didn't cheat you know it's
[12:54] a false positive how can I get help I'm
[13:00] not answering how can you get help from
[13:02] my okay so I'm gonna put yourself in the
[13:06] shoes of a player so I didn't cheat you
[13:08] got it wrong that I was banned
[13:09] incorrectly hug though how could I your
[13:13] help okay and not how can I go and I
[13:15] letter how do you respond to yeah okay
[13:19] right yeah okay so I didn't cheat i got
[13:24] banned and you know so quite a bit ok ok
[13:37] I didn't cheat I feel like I'm Jeremy go
[13:41] showed up but ok
[14:09] Otis doing well ready I course I did huh
[14:15] ready mm-hmm stop at it but for the
[14:40] macro band permanent backrub macro bands
[14:42] they're all poetic I might answer whole
[14:56] thing again actually we need that as a
[14:59] clip Adam leave me different clips right
[15:02] so I guess for this episode it's goodbye
[15:05] from me and goodbye from the team oh oh