Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #78 - 6th July 2015

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] hey everyone i'm mod lee and i'm here to
[00:11] tell you about some of this week's patch
[00:12] notes to get things started players can
[00:15] now open a beast of burden inventory
[00:17] into a tab to allow for easier use now
[00:19] you can avoid the hassle of trying to
[00:21] take things out of your familiar mr. X
[00:23] now offers players an option to never
[00:25] remove Ironman mode also players now
[00:28] need to wait seven days to remove
[00:29] Ironman mode in case a player has been
[00:31] hijacked the varrock first shops
[00:33] interface has been graphically updated
[00:35] players can now hover over the voice of
[00:37] saron icons and prove dentist to see
[00:39] their benefits this way you'll never get
[00:41] confused about what each clan has to
[00:43] offer ships feeds and player on ports
[00:46] have been tweaked the speed started now
[00:47] more important and the minimum voyage
[00:49] times have been lowered and last but not
[00:51] least as mentioned in today's news grand
[00:54] exchange functions have been expanded
[00:55] and improved there's now two new slots
[00:57] one for every one in 14 members and
[00:59] there are many other additions as well
[01:00] so head on down to the rock and check
[01:02] out the new and improved grand exchange
[01:04] if you'd like to read about the rest of
[01:06] the patch notes from this week head over
[01:07] to the forums use a quick line code
[01:09] that's shown on this video it will also
[01:10] be linked to forum thread in the
[01:11] description below make sure to check in
[01:13] for the next installment of patch notes
[01:14] I'm mod Lee and I hope you all enjoyed