Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #75 - 15th June 2015

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] hey everyone I'm motley and I'm here to
[00:11] tell you about some of this week's patch
[00:12] notes to get things started players can
[00:15] now turn on an overlay to display the
[00:17] remaining Slayer target count from the
[00:18] interface settings interface this way
[00:20] you can easily keep track of how many
[00:22] kills you have left in your slayer task
[00:24] Calgarian demons will no longer drag
[00:26] players into rocks now you won't have to
[00:28] worry about becoming a rock slug
[00:30] unlocking agile legs is once again a
[00:32] requirement for equipping a trimmed
[00:34] completionist keep the herbicide will
[00:36] now state which herb was destroyed this
[00:38] way you know which herb you received as
[00:40] a drop and how much XP you got for it
[00:42] players can now remove and upgrade their
[00:44] play your own house costume room
[00:45] furniture without having to empty them
[00:47] out first and last but not least the
[00:49] world leader armor now only has a chance
[00:51] to cause its special effect while at
[00:52] least three pieces of the set or worn
[00:54] this way it will remain consistent with
[00:56] previously released more presets so head
[00:58] on over to the world event and get your
[00:59] armor now if you'd like to read about
[01:01] the rest of the patch notes from this
[01:02] week head over to the forums use a quick
[01:04] flying code that's shown on this video
[01:05] there will also be linked to forum
[01:06] thread in the description below make
[01:08] sure to check in for the next
[01:09] installment of patch notes I'm mod Lee
[01:11] and I hope you all enjoyed