Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #66 - 13th April 2015

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] hey everyone I'm Marlene I'm here to
[00:11] tell you about some of this week's patch
[00:13] notes to get things started players can
[00:16] now add the magic watering can and magic
[00:17] secateurs to their tool belt now you'll
[00:19] never have to worry about forgetting
[00:20] them during a farm run it is no longer
[00:23] possible the place duplicate Dominion
[00:25] markers this way players can't use the
[00:27] markers to fill up an entire location
[00:29] players can now change their skill cape
[00:32] appearances at thok and the master
[00:33] crafter the magic ability chain will no
[00:36] longer aggravate more than one glace or
[00:39] players will no longer be skulled when
[00:41] they're aggressive familiars are
[00:42] provoked in PvP this way you don't have
[00:44] to worry about randomly sculling and
[00:46] losing all of your items holding a mud
[00:49] pie will no longer force players to use
[00:50] legacy animations and last but not least
[00:53] the players are now able to drag and
[00:55] reorder their bank tabs now you can
[00:57] organize your bank easily and
[00:58] specifically to your liking if you'd
[01:01] like to read about the rest of the patch
[01:01] notes from this week head over to the
[01:03] forums use a quick buying code that's
[01:04] shown on this video it will also be
[01:05] linked to forum thread in the
[01:06] description below make sure to check in
[01:08] for the next installment of patch notes
[01:09] I'm mod Lee and I hope you all enjoyed