Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #48 - 24th November 2014

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] hey everyone I'm oddly and I'm here to
[00:11] tell you about some of this week's patch
[00:13] notes to get things started the lore how
[00:15] entitled now unlocks correctly for some
[00:18] players this title was glitched but now
[00:19] once you've completed the new quest
[00:20] heart of stone and have all of the other
[00:22] requirements you'll unlock the title
[00:24] players can no longer attack adamou
[00:26] after their Slayer assignment has
[00:27] finished after players completed their
[00:29] task they would still be able to attack
[00:31] Etta mu as long as they were in the room
[00:32] but now you no longer Ken a quick chat
[00:36] option has been added for Dungeoneering
[00:37] reward tokens now you can check how many
[00:39] tokens you have without visiting the
[00:40] reward shop you can now reskin your
[00:43] faithful summoning familiars is any of
[00:45] your purchase legendary pets now your
[00:47] pack can be disguised as a dragon wolf
[00:48] and last but not least the minimum
[00:51] number of players required to start a
[00:52] soul wars game has been lowered to five
[00:54] per team so get your friends together
[00:56] and start getting your zeal now if you'd
[00:58] like to read about the rest of the patch
[00:59] Road from this week head over to the
[01:00] forums use a quick find code that's
[01:02] shown on this video there will also be a
[01:03] link to the forum thread in the
[01:04] description below make sure to check
[01:06] them for the next installment patch
[01:07] notes I'm modely and help you all
[01:09] enjoyed
[01:11] you