Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #2 - 26th November 2013

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] hey everyone I'm oddly back again to
[00:05] tell you about some of this week's patch
[00:06] notes to start it off players can no
[00:09] longer use the surge ability to get out
[00:10] of the merrows total collapsing during
[00:12] the rise of the six you can still search
[00:14] to escape but your team can't search to
[00:16] get past the timer trigger to give
[00:17] yourself a little extra time to get out
[00:19] the helmet equipment slot has been
[00:20] readjusted before this patch you
[00:22] couldn't click on your helmets lock
[00:24] correctly you'd actually have to go off
[00:25] to the side a bit just to find your
[00:27] helmet but now that's been fixed and it
[00:29] can be clicked on correctly retrieving
[00:31] items from a partially complete sale in
[00:32] the grand exchange no longer shows an
[00:34] empty office lon if players withdrew the
[00:36] money from a partially finished shell
[00:37] their offer wouldn't show any interface
[00:39] anymore which has now been fixed the
[00:42] achievement banner now displays a
[00:43] player's total experience correctly
[00:44] after reaching a billion before the
[00:46] patch it didn't have a comma separating
[00:48] the beginning number from the first set
[00:49] of three and dragging a noted item into
[00:51] a by slot on the grand exchange no
[00:53] longer gives you a you can't sell that
[00:55] item on the grand exchange message you
[00:57] can now use it as a helpful by feature
[00:59] on the grand exchange if you'd like to
[01:01] read about the rest of the patch notes
[01:02] from this week head over to the forums
[01:04] and use a quick find code that's shown
[01:05] on this video there will also be a link
[01:07] to the forum thread in the description
[01:08] below make sure to tune back in for the
[01:10] next installment of patch notes I'm
[01:11] modely and I hope you all enjoyed