Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #278 - 22nd July 2019 (Profound Halo, Skill Training Dummies and More!)

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] [Music]
[00:09] hey everyone
[00:11] Ahmad Lee and I'm here to tell you about
[00:12] some of this week's patch notes to get
[00:15] things started
[00:15] we've changed several things across a
[00:17] nikomia including the ANA chrony a
[00:19] general store traitor now supplies
[00:21] fishing bait and feathers once you have
[00:22] access to him in big game hunter strange
[00:25] rocks can now be obtained when skinning
[00:27] a creature and the segment XP bonus for
[00:29] the annakodi agility course has been
[00:30] redistributed throughout the tiers as
[00:32] the lower segments were too powerful
[00:34] also we've updated some combat features
[00:36] including the attack ranged a magic
[00:38] bonuses of the max comp and compte capes
[00:40] have been increased from 26 to 31 and
[00:43] the respective attack ranged in magic
[00:45] bonuses of the killing capes have been
[00:46] increased from 31 to 33 also you no
[00:50] longer have to dismiss pets and
[00:51] familiars before entering the ancient
[00:53] cavern via the Whirlpool other quality
[00:55] patches include now there's a toggle
[00:57] option to the legends cape allowing the
[00:59] player to choose whether to teleport to
[01:01] the gate or within the guild with ease
[01:03] also we've added the profound halo to
[01:05] head overrides this is unlocked when the
[01:07] player earns the profound title with
[01:09] lantus at castle wars and last but not
[01:12] least an auto deploy option has been
[01:14] added to skill training dummies
[01:15] excluding combat dummies so they
[01:17] automatically deploy the next one of the
[01:18] same type that is in your inventory this
[01:20] will be cancelled by any action now you
[01:23] can constantly deploy and knock down
[01:24] your skilling dummies without having to
[01:26] constantly click them this change came
[01:28] just in time for double xp weekend too
[01:30] so gather your supplies and stock up on
[01:32] dummies for double xp weekend on July
[01:34] 26th to July 29th if you'd like to read
[01:37] about the rest of the patch notes from
[01:38] this week head over to the forums and
[01:40] use the quick find code that's shown on
[01:41] this video there will also be a link to
[01:43] the forum thread in the description
[01:44] below make sure to check in for the next
[01:46] installment of patch notes
[01:48] I'm motley and I hope you all enjoyed
[01:54] you