Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #277 - 15th July 2019

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] [Music]
[00:09] hey everyone
[00:11] Ahmad Lee and I'm here to tell you about
[00:12] some of this week's patch notes to get
[00:14] things started we've added a new
[00:16] achievement to Anna crow Nia called do
[00:18] you think he saw us which rewards five
[00:20] rune score if you get caught by each of
[00:21] the big game hunter creatures once
[00:23] Slayer masks now correctly assigned task
[00:26] 20 a task from Laniakea demon horn and
[00:29] dragon tooth necklaces will now work as
[00:31] expected with dinosaur bones before the
[00:34] bones weren't triggering at all when the
[00:35] necklaces were equipped but now they do
[00:37] the guard NPC to the north side of the
[00:40] base camp can now reset agility lab
[00:41] progress for those that have lost their
[00:43] place on the agility course slayer
[00:45] dinosaur special attack animations are
[00:47] no longer choppy and are working as
[00:49] expected now they look just as fierce as
[00:52] the damage that you take from them and
[00:53] last but not least failing an encounter
[00:56] and big-game hunter will no longer
[00:57] reduce the amount of dinosaurs you can
[00:59] hunt in the area leaving teleporting out
[01:01] of the area or killing a dino will still
[01:03] make progress towards the encounter
[01:05] going on cooldown so grab your bait and
[01:07] prepare your surge abilities to take
[01:09] down some gigantic dinosaurs if you'd
[01:12] like to read about the rest of the patch
[01:13] notes from this week head over to the
[01:15] forums and use the quick vine code
[01:16] that's shown on this video there will
[01:18] also be a link to the forum thread in
[01:19] the description below make sure to check
[01:21] in for the next installment of patch
[01:22] notes on mod Lee and I hope you all
[01:24] enjoyed