Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #268 - 13th May 2019

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] [Music]
[00:09] hey everyone
[00:11] Ahmad Lee and I'm here to tell you about
[00:12] some of this week's patch notes to get
[00:14] things started when viewing a clans info
[00:17] via a guest clan chat it will no longer
[00:19] always mention January as their creation
[00:21] month now you can see what a clan was
[00:23] actually created we fixed an issue with
[00:26] some achievements and rune score certain
[00:28] achievements were rewarding the correct
[00:29] amount of room score but that has now
[00:31] been fixed players who were partway
[00:33] through the cabin fever quest at the
[00:35] point where they'd already added six
[00:36] plunder to their plunder chests will now
[00:38] once again be able to continue and
[00:39] complete the quest we made a change some
[00:42] time ago to only use five plundered down
[00:44] from the original six anyone who'd
[00:46] already stored six plunder and stopped
[00:47] the quest will have found themselves
[00:48] unable to continue despite the chests
[00:50] being full this has since been rectified
[00:53] we fix the disconnection when trying to
[00:55] display a clans upcoming events with an
[00:57] invalid event subtype selected there was
[01:00] an issue where gates would appear both
[01:02] open and closed simultaneously however
[01:04] we fix that problem and last but not
[01:06] least we fixed the issue causing
[01:08] whiteout lines to remain around
[01:10] actionbar boxes when hovered over now
[01:12] you can hover over and click your
[01:13] abilities without having to worry about
[01:15] the layout changing so go ahead and
[01:17] click those abilities freely and take
[01:18] down your opponents if you'd like to
[01:21] read about the rest of the patch notes
[01:22] from this week head over to the forums
[01:24] and use the quick find code that's shown
[01:25] on this video there will also be a link
[01:27] to the forum thread in the description
[01:28] below make sure to check in for the next
[01:30] installment of patch notes i'm mod lee
[01:32] and i hope you all enjoyed