Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #258 - 4th March 2019

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] [Music]
[00:09] hey everyone Ahmad Lee and I'm here to
[00:12] tell you about some of this week's patch
[00:13] notes to get things started
[00:15] Tier three urns have been renamed to
[00:17] plain urns to prevent some confusion
[00:19] with daily challenges now it goes from
[00:21] lowest to highest tier crack turn
[00:24] fragile urn plain urn strong urn and
[00:27] decorated urn after killing the
[00:29] Ambassador the dungeon progress is reset
[00:31] as expected also The Ambassadors drop
[00:34] table has been slightly buffed this
[00:36] change also notes all of the rune
[00:37] Salvage drops we fixed an issue where
[00:40] the quest overview for regicide was
[00:42] displaying it as complete a step to soon
[00:44] if you're having trouble starting roving
[00:46] elves first speak to King laughs is to
[00:48] complete regicide using an augmentation
[00:50] dissolve iranai snide drag or weapons
[00:52] will no longer remove the die from the
[00:54] weapon charge bows now take into account
[00:57] arrows equipped or held an equipped
[00:59] quiver so special effects like those of
[01:01] dragonbane and black stone arrows can be
[01:03] used with them damage will be reduced to
[01:05] the lowest tier of the arrow or charged
[01:07] bow charged bows will work as usual when
[01:09] no arrows or another type of ammunition
[01:11] is held in the ammo slot and last but
[01:13] not least we've made a lot of changes to
[01:15] the runescape 3 mobile client beta such
[01:17] as fixing a variety of color highlights
[01:20] on text around the game to make it more
[01:21] visible on the mobile screen also we've
[01:24] changed some screen sizing and graphics
[01:25] and loading screens as well each change
[01:27] in fixed brings us closer to a mobile
[01:29] release but for those of you who have
[01:31] access to the beta test out the changes
[01:33] and let us know what you think if you'd
[01:35] like to read about the rest of the patch
[01:36] notes from this week head over to the
[01:37] forums and use the quick find code
[01:39] that's shown on this video there will
[01:40] also be a link to the forum thread in
[01:42] the description below make sure to check
[01:44] in for the next installment of patch
[01:45] notes i'm modely and i hope you all
[01:47] enjoy
[01:49] you