Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #239 - 1st / 8th October 2018

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] hey everyone I'm mod Li I'm here to tell
[00:12] you about some of this week's patch
[00:13] notes to get things started the settings
[00:15] menu has been significantly overhauled
[00:17] we made it so that it is not only much
[00:19] easier to navigate around but also a lot
[00:21] more descriptive anything that needed
[00:23] further explanation now has it and the
[00:25] settings menu has never been better
[00:27] insect repellent can now be added to the
[00:29] tool belt now you don't have to keep one
[00:31] in your bank or get a new one from the
[00:33] beekeeper each time you want to gather
[00:35] honey from your player own farm evil
[00:37] Dave spellbook can now store up to 1000
[00:40] of each watchtower Camelot falador are
[00:42] doing Lumbridge and Bharat Chip teleport
[00:44] tablets and can now be equipped in the
[00:46] pocket slot we've added climbed top and
[00:49] climb bottom options to the lighthouse
[00:50] and windmills that have three floors all
[00:53] players should once again find they can
[00:55] teleport using the memory strands from
[00:57] the currency pouch in the inventory and
[00:59] from the main currency pouch itself
[01:00] should this still not work we recommend
[01:03] on favoriting any memory strands you
[01:04] already have Andry adding it and last
[01:07] but not least it is once again possible
[01:09] to open the settings window whilst in
[01:11] combat
[01:11] now during combat you're able to edit
[01:13] your controls the type of XP you're
[01:15] gaining your loot settings and a whole
[01:17] lot more so make sure you check out the
[01:19] brand new settings interface whether
[01:21] you're in combat or not if you'd like to
[01:24] read about the rest of the patch notes
[01:25] from this week head over to the forums
[01:26] and use the quick find code that's shown
[01:27] on this video there will also be a link
[01:29] to the forum thread in the description
[01:30] below make sure to check in for the next
[01:32] installment of patch notes i'm mod lee
[01:34] and i hope you all enjoyed
[01:42] you