Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #234 - 28th August 2018

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] hey everyone I'm mod Li I'm here to tell
[00:12] you about some of this week's patch
[00:13] notes to get things started
[00:15] the reprisal ability can now be manually
[00:17] triggered again after using it now you
[00:19] can return the damage to your opponent
[00:20] earlier than the intended six seconds
[00:23] crystal trees now move locations at a
[00:25] specific time starting at zero game time
[00:27] moving once every two hours
[00:29] the burthorpe games room giant mole King
[00:32] black dragon and chaos elemental are now
[00:34] listed as free to play in the grouping
[00:36] system we've resolved an issue with the
[00:39] camera sometimes facing downwards when
[00:40] teleporting into proof thinness now your
[00:43] camera will stay true when entering the
[00:44] elf city trying to equip player owned
[00:47] ports armor when not having the defense
[00:49] requirement will no longer change the
[00:51] item lose charge and last but not least
[00:54] the desert amulet for now has the
[00:56] ability to teleport the player to the
[00:57] ruins of loser now if you need a return
[01:00] to user for a quest or for a clue scroll
[01:02] you can get there easier than ever so
[01:04] dust off your desert amulet four's and
[01:06] enjoy the fastest transportation around
[01:08] if you'd like to read about the rest of
[01:10] the patch notes from this week head over
[01:12] to the forums and use the quick vine
[01:13] told that shown on this video there will
[01:14] also be a link to the forum thread in
[01:16] the description below make sure to check
[01:18] in for the next installment of patch
[01:19] notes and mod ly and I hope you all
[01:21] enjoyed
[01:23] you