Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #210 - 12th March 2018

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] hey everyone I'm mod Li I'm here to tell
[00:12] you about some of this week's patch
[00:13] notes to get things started the fury
[00:15] shark outfit animations no longer play
[00:17] when fishing for jellyfish and sailfish
[00:19] blue blob or jellyfish now healed for
[00:22] 750 per eat not 1000 we wanted to
[00:25] balance the jellyfish out a bit more
[00:27] which is the reason for this change
[00:29] players can no longer consume multiple
[00:31] puzzle skipping tickets by accident sign
[00:34] of the porter's now work with the
[00:35] deep-sea fishing spots
[00:37] now you can equip your signs and have
[00:38] your fish go directly to the bank
[00:40] the streak timer during frenzied fishing
[00:43] now refreshes when clicking the spot
[00:44] rather than after successfully flinging
[00:46] a fish and last but not least the puzzle
[00:49] picking code for elite clues has been
[00:51] updated to make puzzle boxes more rare
[00:52] and Celtic knots more common to be
[00:54] closer to the old chances the
[00:56] distribution will be much closer to
[00:58] 50/50 now and the chance of a wizard has
[01:00] not been changed now you shouldn't
[01:02] continuously run into slide puzzles and
[01:04] can swiftly continue on your journey to
[01:05] obtain a die if you'd like to read about
[01:08] the rest of the patch notes from this
[01:09] week head over to the forums and use the
[01:10] quick vine code that's shown on this
[01:12] video there will also be a link to the
[01:13] forum thread in the description below
[01:14] make sure to check in for the next
[01:16] installment of patch notes i'm mod lee
[01:18] and i hope you all enjoyed
[01:23] you