Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #188 - 25th September 2017

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] hey everyone I'm mod Lee I'm here to
[00:12] tell you about some of this week's patch
[00:13] notes to get things started
[00:15] players are no longer able to whack
[00:16] others in the wilderness with fun styled
[00:18] weapons to prevent people from being
[00:20] tricked into sculling carrying cursed
[00:22] energy your memories will now prevent
[00:24] players from teleporting and will now
[00:25] ignore the wilderness level restrictions
[00:27] to allow anyone to attack them The
[00:30] Invention guild Bank chest area can now
[00:31] fulfill formally bank only functions
[00:33] such as healing and keeps aching before
[00:35] it wasn't acting as a proper Bank but
[00:37] now it correctly does so an additional
[00:40] clay Rock has been added to the meta
[00:42] fast dig site to help with menopause
[00:43] pottery oven runs the quake decimate and
[00:47] assault ability descriptions within the
[00:48] powers interface and the Augmented vine
[00:50] with special attack description have
[00:52] been updated to improve their clarity
[00:54] and last but not least the exiled cow
[00:57] fight queen will no longer spawn
[00:58] multiple times inside a boss instance if
[01:00] the final hit is dealt by the dark magic
[01:02] aura before if the dark magic aura was
[01:05] used as the final blow
[01:06] multiple cow fight Queens would spawn
[01:07] but now only one will spawn as usual so
[01:10] grab your carrots dagger and get back
[01:12] into the action if you'd like to read
[01:14] about the rest of the patch notes from
[01:15] this week head over to the forums and
[01:16] use the quick vine told that shown on
[01:18] this video there will also be a link to
[01:19] the forum thread in the description
[01:20] below make sure to check in for the next
[01:22] installment of patch notes I'm mod Lee
[01:24] and I hope you all enjoyed