Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #159 - 27th February 2017

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] hey everyone I'm modely I'm here to tell
[00:12] you about some of this week's patch
[00:13] notes to get things started the
[00:15] shoreline wobbegong fishing spot is once
[00:17] again visible when using the Java client
[00:19] lava gongs out in the sea remain
[00:21] unchanged ganoderma car mer can now be
[00:24] crafted without thread with the crafting
[00:26] skill cape torque active before you
[00:28] weren't able to craft ganoderma armor
[00:29] but now you can the level requirement
[00:32] has been removed from the Dungeoneering
[00:33] skill capes calgarian dungeon teleport
[00:35] the Elven mushroom patch now works
[00:38] correctly with the farming caper before
[00:40] the first ones are working with this
[00:41] patch but we've made sure to fix it also
[00:44] the blood read herb patch now functions
[00:45] correctly when harvesting herbs with the
[00:47] farming skill cape perk active you now
[00:49] have a chance to harvest the whole patch
[00:51] at once and last but not least a variety
[00:54] of lucky items from treasure hunter can
[00:56] now be stored with the ango please note
[00:58] that dying and not protecting them will
[00:59] still permanently lose your lucky item
[01:01] so clear out some bank space and let the
[01:04] angle hold on to your treasures if you'd
[01:06] like to read about the rest of the patch
[01:07] notes from this week head over to the
[01:08] forms and use the quick buying coalbed
[01:10] shown on this video there will also be a
[01:12] link to the forum thread in the
[01:12] description below make sure to check in
[01:14] for the next installment of patch notes
[01:16] and modely and I hope you all enjoy