Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #138 - 19th September 2016

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] hey everyone I'm modely i'm here to tell
[00:12] you about some of this week's patch
[00:13] notes to get things started you can now
[00:15] augment any died weapons or armor after
[00:18] the long-anticipated wait you are now
[00:19] finally able to do so divination caches
[00:22] will now spawn once every hour awarding
[00:24] buffs every three hours now you can do
[00:27] cash more frequently but receive the
[00:28] buffs as you used to we fix some issues
[00:31] with the inventory models of all jewelry
[00:33] they weren't as pretty as we wanted them
[00:35] to be but that has now been fixed hell
[00:38] we're in the twin Furies now pass
[00:39] through targets correctly low to Z is no
[00:42] longer lost when disconnecting whilst
[00:44] the loot interface is open before when
[00:46] you were looting from Beastmaster doors
[00:47] AG if you're disconnected you lose the
[00:49] pet however that is no longer the case
[00:51] and last but not least it is now
[00:53] possible to enter a divination cash with
[00:55] a familiar summon when you enter they
[00:57] will automatically hide themselves so
[00:59] feel free to stop mid slayer task and
[01:01] bring your yak with you while you get
[01:02] some divination XP if you'd like to read
[01:05] about the rest of the pass code from
[01:06] this week head over to the forums and
[01:07] use the quick flying code that's shown
[01:08] on this video there will also be a link
[01:10] to the forum thread in the description
[01:11] below make sure to check in for the next
[01:13] installment of patch notes I'm oddly and
[01:15] I hope you all enjoyed