Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #137 - 12th September 2016

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] hey everyone I'm mod Lee I'm here to
[00:11] tell you about some of this week's patch
[00:13] notes to get things started skilling
[00:15] pets can now be obtained via jinko
[00:17] tracking and trapping superheating and
[00:19] fletching ascension bolts re-entering
[00:21] combat shortly after leaving will no
[00:23] longer drain 5% adrenaline before if you
[00:26] were to leave combat your adrenaline
[00:27] would go down immediately however now it
[00:29] won't go down as quickly various jewelry
[00:32] items have been updated such as
[00:33] necklaces rings bracelets and amulets
[00:35] now they look different in your
[00:37] inventory as well as when they're
[00:38] equipped we've removed the left click
[00:41] option from marker plants Dominion mines
[00:42] and Dominion markers if you're not the
[00:44] owner of them transfigure now here's the
[00:47] correct amount previously it wasn't
[00:49] healing properly but that has now been
[00:50] fixed and last but not least bosses are
[00:53] no longer so friendly and hence will no
[00:55] longer go for peaceful walks with you
[00:57] when you insist on walking with them
[00:58] some of these bosses include kalphite
[01:01] king iraq sore necks and more so gear up
[01:04] and take down those bosses the correct
[01:05] way if you'd like to read about the rest
[01:08] of the pass code from this week head
[01:09] over to the forms and use a quick fine
[01:10] code that shown on this video there will
[01:12] also be a link to the forum thread in
[01:13] the description below make sure to check
[01:15] in for the next installment of patch
[01:16] notes I'm mod Lee and I hope you all
[01:18] enjoyed
[01:26] you