Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #12 - 24th February 2014

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:02] hey everyone I'm motley and I'm here to
[00:04] tell you about some of this week's patch
[00:06] notes to get things started the first
[00:08] option on a gem bag is now fill instead
[00:10] of inspect this way it'll be easier to
[00:12] put your gems into the bag while doing
[00:13] something else agile and wicked clothing
[00:16] can now be added into the armor case in
[00:17] your play your own house instead of
[00:19] keeping them in your bank which takes up
[00:20] space whatever you need them now you can
[00:22] just grab them out of your house
[00:23] non-members will not be able to use
[00:25] three of the available five action bars
[00:27] this allows non-members to have a unique
[00:29] action bar for every combat style
[00:31] players with high level combat stats
[00:33] will no longer receive daily challenges
[00:34] for players with low-level combat stats
[00:36] such as killing five cows before players
[00:38] were getting assigned lower level tasks
[00:40] but that has now been fixed and last
[00:42] thing there's been a lot of changes to
[00:43] the highest minigame so head on over to
[00:45] the ladder northwest of falador and
[00:46] start a game to check them out for
[00:48] yourself if you'd like to read about the
[00:50] rest of the patch notes from this week
[00:51] head over to the forums and use the
[00:52] quick find code that's shown on this
[00:54] video there will also be a link to the
[00:55] forum thread in the description below
[00:57] make sure to check in for the next
[00:58] installment of patch notes i'll mod lee
[01:00] and i hope you all enjoy