Transcript of RuneScape Patch Notes #100 - 14th December 2015

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:09] hey everyone I'm motley and I'm here to
[00:12] tell you about some of this week's patch
[00:13] notes to get things started
[00:14] weh-weh wait it's the 100th episode of
[00:17] patch notes so I feel like we should
[00:19] wrap this one up mod mark dropped the
[00:22] beat
[00:31] it's December 14th and a lot has changed
[00:33] so when little patch Raptors would I've
[00:36] arranged there's a short cooldown for
[00:37] your snow and power we've now rewarded
[00:39] that you have to find a little gap we
[00:41] had a looping drops to a lot of things
[00:43] like a bunch of Diaries and elven
[00:45] wedding rings phase can't stall damage
[00:47] just by cutting cheese and if you ever
[00:49] find a bug like that reported please now
[00:51] some weapons have a slightly better
[00:52] special attack when your enemy is done
[00:54] to do more damage with rack don't forget
[00:56] punish pisses shot and slice as well and
[00:58] hurricane doesn't interrupt your magic
[01:00] spell foot day after day there's new
[01:02] things that will pull it out for my
[01:04] baguette drinks you know the ninja team
[01:06] will never up and call it quits it next
[01:08] Monday I'll be back with another episode
[01:09] of this if you'd like to read about the
[01:13] rest of the patch notes from this week
[01:14] head over to the forums use the quick
[01:15] find code that's shown on this video it
[01:17] will also be a link to the forum thread
[01:18] in the description below thank you for
[01:20] your support throughout 100 episodes of
[01:22] this series make sure to check in for
[01:23] the next installment of patch notes I'm
[01:25] MC Lee I mean mod Lee and I hope you all
[01:27] enjoyed
[01:35] you