Transcript of RuneScape OldSchool BTS 3: Roof Top Agility

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:08] this numbers old-school BTS has festive
[00:11] joy aplenty but if Christmas leaves a
[00:13] humbug you taste in your mouth
[00:15] there are sleigh updates and minigame
[00:16] pol and rooftop agility to whet your
[00:19] old-school appetite to the rooftop
[00:22] agility is the result of the player
[00:24] designed content competition we ran a
[00:26] few months ago where a player called big
[00:27] red Japan come up with an idea for
[00:29] having rooftop affinity courses on the
[00:31] top of rooftops around the big cities
[00:32] everyone plays in rooftop courses offer
[00:35] a variety of ways to Train agility which
[00:37] is a great way to mix it up as soon as
[00:39] players hit level 10 agility they need
[00:40] to head over to Draenor and hunt down
[00:42] where the shortcut is the rooftop course
[00:44] rooftop agility is due to make it into
[00:46] old school runescape at the beginning of
[00:48] December minigames are great because
[00:54] they allow players to level skills are
[00:55] sort of light-hearted way they're
[00:57] alternative way to get XP you can play
[00:58] via friends and they've got some really
[01:00] good rewards as well since old skool
[01:02] came out we've heard an awful lot about
[01:04] people who want to play minigames more
[01:06] they have trouble finding people to play
[01:08] castle wars where they have trouble
[01:09] finding people to play trouble brewing
[01:11] with and we just want to solve that
[01:13] problem players will be able to vote on
[01:15] matchmaker system whether they want that
[01:17] in game as well there's lots of little
[01:18] things for individual games for example
[01:19] should we include a skirt in the rewards
[01:22] the castle Wars and also whether they
[01:24] can get to trouble brewing without
[01:25] having to travel to Moscow Harmons first
[01:27] the idea behind the point is not about
[01:29] bringing in new minigames is about
[01:31] looking at the existing minigames we've
[01:32] got finding out what the barriers are to
[01:34] getting into them and finding solutions
[01:36] for that so we're going to be looking at
[01:38] getting some sort of matchmaker system
[01:39] in where you can identify yourself as
[01:41] wanting to play a minigame will help you
[01:44] find other people who want to play the
[01:45] mini game and get you there nice and
[01:46] easily we're also going to be looking at
[01:48] the rewards as well and making sure
[01:49] they're relevant and useful for people
[01:50] playing old school the pole is due to go
[01:53] live in the middle of December
[01:54] and it should run for seven days we've
[02:00] been speaking for a long time about
[02:01] updating Slayer the players are
[02:03] certainly let us know that is really
[02:05] important to them when we did the recent
[02:07] poll they both display it as their
[02:08] favorite skill
[02:09] the biggest reason Slayer is popular is
[02:12] because you can kill and you can skill
[02:14] at the same time so any waiting on these
[02:16] creatures you get an XP for when your
[02:18] skills as well as a weak combat skills
[02:20] the Slayer updates will include things
[02:23] such as a new Slayer dungeon for players
[02:25] to train against Slayer monsters in a
[02:27] new Slayer master as well and a whole
[02:30] load a new Slayer items such as a slayer
[02:32] mask Slayer fans can expect to see the
[02:34] first update before the end of the year
[02:40] Christmas is coming to old school and we
[02:42] bring you the 2006 Christmas event which
[02:44] has the kerb Lynch's so snows beginning
[02:47] to form on crime to volcano and the
[02:49] goblins that live in there don't like
[02:51] the cold and they need to Stoke their
[02:52] furnaces to keep the heat of the volcano
[02:55] and melt this night what they decided to
[02:57] do is decide to kidnap children from the
[02:59] little village and get them to stake
[03:00] their furnaces the players don't have to
[03:02] go in there and save the children how
[03:05] the players save the children that's
[03:07] something they're going to have to find
[03:08] out by themselves if you do save the
[03:10] children you're gonna get hole later
[03:11] party house you're gonna get two of each
[03:12] color you're gonna get black party out
[03:14] and a rainbow party out as well
[03:17] christmas is coming to old school on the
[03:19] 19th December and that's last update for
[03:20] the month and the last update the year
[03:22] so all that leaves me to say is for the
[03:24] entire old school team Merry Christmas
[03:26] and have a happy new year old school BTS
[03:29] will be back in the new year to find out
[03:31] what's coming to servers in 2014