Transcript of RuneScape OldSchool BTS 2: Vote Slayer

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] VOTE SLAYER!
[00:09] The recent God Wars update
to the old school RS went down a storm,
[00:13] but with Slayer and Christmas
updates in their sights,
[00:16] the team certainly aren't resting
on their pixelated laurels.
[00:21] We've got loads planned
in November in old school.
[00:23] We've got some great things happening.
[00:25] We've got the player designed content
going in-game.
[00:27] We've got two great polls as well.
[00:28] We've got the Slayer update
and we've also got Christmas.
[00:32] Slayer is really popular.
The players have certainly let us know
[00:35] which is why we wanted
to do this big update for them.
[00:37] We're looking at all sorts of things
that the players have come to us with
[00:39] when it comes to Slayer.
[00:40] We're looking at adding new weapons.
[00:42] We're looking at adding adding new monsters,
adding a new dungeon
[00:45] and even adding Slayer points
so players can decide
[00:47] what Slayer tasks they want.
[00:49] We don't know exactly what players
are going to vote on yet,
[00:51] but one thing we are doing is
we are grabbing their feedback.
[00:53] There's lots of stuff
we would love to see go in,
[00:54] we'd love to see the Slayers helms go in
because they are really really popular
[00:57] and we think they are really quite cool.
[00:58] But at the end of the day
it's up to the players to decide
[01:00] what they want to put in game
because they're the ones in control here.
[01:02] If they post it in any
of the old school forums,
[01:04] the general forum or the feedback forum
we'll pick up their ideas from there,
[01:07] either that or they can come
and talk to us through the Q&A's
[01:09] that we have every week.
[01:11] Hello.
[01:12] Hello.
We've got important stuff we want to say!
[01:14] The Slayer poll will start
on the 20th of November
[01:16] and it will finish a week later.
[01:18] Players need to go to the old school website
where they'll find a link
[01:20] and they'll be able to vote there.
[01:22] As soon as they've voted they'll be able
to see the current results
[01:25] and then at the end of the week
they'll see the final results.
[01:28] Depending on what they vote on obviously
depends how long it's going to take to develop.
[01:30] Hopefully we'll get it in
by the middle of December.
[01:33] Along with the Slayer update
players will also be able to decide
[01:35] what they want to see at Christmas.
[01:37] We have the Christmas 2006 event ready to go
[01:39] and players can decide on what reward
they want to see with it.
[01:42] They might want to see a black party hat
as a reward for Christmas
[01:45] because at Halloween
we introduced a black Halloween mask.
[01:48] At the end of the day it's the players
that decide what goes into the game
[01:51] and that is one of the best things
about old school RuneScape.
[01:55] And we'll bring you more news
on old school RuneScape, next month.