Transcript of RuneScape OldSchool BTS 1: Nightmare Zone

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Old School RuneScape
The Nightmare Zone
[00:09] The first big update to hit the oldschool Runescape servers has just arrived in the shape of the Nightmare Zone.
[00:14] Behind the Scenes caught up with the Community management team just before launch as they put the update through its paces.
[00:20] The new content is called Nightmare Zone. It's essentially Dominion Tower from the main game in Old School Runescape.
[00:26] The Nightmare Zone is the first piece of exclusive content into Oldschool Runescape so it's pretty exciting stuff.
[00:31] It features all of the bosses currently in Old School but with one or two extra game modes added.
[00:35] Endurance mode is a solo mode where you take on each quest monster one at a time and you can see how long you can actually last for.
[00:41] You fight through waves of bosses until the game finishes and you're offered all your rewards.
[00:44] The second mode is called rumble, now this is where all the bosses come together at once and don't stop.
[00:49] There is no end. They keep on coming until all of your team is dead.
[00:52] When you kill the bosses you'll unlock reward points and you can use those points to buy special items you can use inside of the nightmare zone
[00:59] so stuff like the overloads or the absorption potions that are really useful for continuing to play it.
[01:04] We're really pleased with it, it really speaks to what the community have asked for.
[01:07] It really gives them a sense of nostalgia by engaging some of the oldschool tactics that they previously had against some of Runescapes hardest bosses at the time.
[01:14] Bringing new content to the game is entirely dependent on what the community request, the players make the choice.
[01:19] What they say goes really, we take their feedback and we make it happen.
[01:24] Reaction from the livestream so far has been brilliant we really didn't know what to expect with it being new content but so far it's been fantastic.
[01:30] This was actually my first time playing it on livesteam. These guys are pretty well experienced with it, I died a few times but it was still pretty fun.
[01:37] There was about 4000 people watching which was pretty crazy, and everyone was super excited to see the AGS.
[01:42] I was rocking the full Bandos, which will be available in the near future.
[01:46] So I think live streaming is really important for oldschool Runescape and as demonstrated today we got 4000 concurrent viewers
[01:51] which was crazy so we're definitely going to do a lot more especially for some of the more exclusive content such as God Wars
[01:56] and whatever else you guys vote for when you're voting in the polls.
[02:01] And you'll find a link to Retro Runescape on the main page of