Transcript of RuneScape Official How to: DIVINATION

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:04] Official How to
[00:08] Divination is the latest skill to hit RuneScape and this is the official guide to get you started and on your way to hitting level 30.
[00:15] First, find Orla Fairweather who's hanging about in a camp on the edge of a crater just South of Draynor Village.
[00:21] She'll explain the background behind the skill and once she's done talking, send you off to begin collecting wisps from nearby.
[00:28] By the way, the NPCs around the area are also trying to understand Divination
[00:31] so it's well worth talking to them to hear what they've learned and to get some extra tips.
[00:35] Collecting Wisps is pretty straight forward, just click on a wisp as it floats about to start draining memories (and a little bit of energy) from it.
[00:41] Memories and Energy is stored in your back pack.
[00:44] With a full backpack it's time to convert those memories into energy by dropping them into the nearby crater.
[00:50] As soon as you start putting your memories into the crater, you'll be given 3 options on what to do with those memories.
[00:55] The first option is to exchange your memories for energy which you can then use to create items.
[00:59] The higher your Divination level, you better the item you can create.
[01:02] Creating items does give you Divination XP but you're not bothered about items and just want the XP, go for second option.
[01:08] You'll get a lot more XP than by creating items alone this way.
[01:12] Or, you can exchange memories and energy which gives you even more XP.
[01:16] You'll get roughly 50% more than if you were just trading memories but it does mean that you'll be using up energy of course.
[01:22] Once your pack is empty get back to a wisp and start collecting more memories.
[01:27] See these gold coloured wisps? These are known as Chronicles.
[01:30] For a short while, they're visible only to you and after that, they're then visible to everyone around you so grab 'em quick!
[01:35] You'll get Hunter XP for grabbing them and when you have 10 Chronicle fragments (making a whole chronicle)
[01:40] you can trade them with May Stormbrewer at the camp for a big Divination XP boost.
[01:43] If you've completed the World Wakes, May will also tell you where else you can trade Chronicles for greater rewards
[01:49] You train your first 10 levels of Divination near to the camp and once you hit level 10, you'll be sent off to a crater north of Falador.
[01:57] In this new location you'll come across Enriched Wisps which are good for groups of players and look... well, like this.
[02:04] Enriched Wisps can be interacted with by several players at a time
[02:07] and the more people draining an enriched wisp, the longer that wisp lasts for.
[02:11] Then when it comes to chucking memories into the crater, you'll get more energy or XP for your trouble.
[02:16] If you want to grab more XP even quicker, make use of something called "boons".
[02:20] They're made available to you once you hit levels 10, 20, 30 etc.
[02:23] They give you a 10% boost of XP at your next location so are pretty good to have.
[02:28] The task bar will be full of helpful tips on how to progress but by the time you hit level 20 you'll have the idea.
[02:33] Once you get to level 20 head on over to just east of Varrock where you'll be till you reach the heady heights of level 30.
[02:39] and that's where we'll leave this guide.
[02:42] The skill goes to level 99 and there are 12 Wisp locations to get there.
[02:46] Check out the map at the main camp to see them all.
[02:49] If you want more information on Divination, have a look at the Wiki, on the website and on the best RuneScape fansites.
[02:55] This is SilentCore now aka Mod Silent signing off on the Official how to train Divination guide.
[03:00] Have a great day, I'll see you next time.