Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (Sept 2018) - DXP, Player-Owned Farm, Quest Point Shop

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:00] We interrupt your Double XP Weekend to bring important news regarding RuneScape in September.
[00:16] On Monday 3rd of September, the very day that this Double XP Weekend finishes,
[00:20] you'll be able to get your hands proper dirty with Player-Owned Farm.
[00:24] This is a plot of land to call your own, dozens of animals to look after,
[00:28] and the biggest addition ever made to the Farming skill.
[00:31] To make the week even busier, the 1st of September is also the return of the raffle.
[00:35] Start planning the reward days that really deserve your tickets.
[00:39] We can also confirm that September is the month of Quest Point Shop,
[00:42] giving you rewards for your unused Quest Points,
[00:44] while Premier Club owners can unlock the first of their four Premier Club chests.
[00:48] In a survey at the turn of the year, you voted Player-Owned Farm as the most wanted update,
[00:52] and after several Build-a-Backlog polls, it still hasn't been cow-tipped from the top.
[00:56] Well, on Monday, 3rd of September, joy of joys, it arrives!
[01:01] On the northern fringes of East Ardougne is a farm overseen by Granny Potterington.
[01:05] Looking after the animals has become a pig of a job,
[01:08] and Potterington is searching for a qualified farmer to muck in.
[01:11] That's you, by the way, as long as you have 17 Farming and 20 Construction.
[01:15] Home-tele to Ardougne and you're pretty much there.
[01:18] After a swift tutorial, you'll be able to raise animals,
[01:21] gain materials and Farming XP from them,
[01:23] then sell the beasts for beans to buy a stable full of farming rewards.
[01:27] Expert farmers can optimise their gains by clearing poop,
[01:30] putting food in troughs, keeping animals healthy
[01:32] and breeding the very best for some sumptuous perks.
[01:35] And you don't need to be in the farm to be improving it.
[01:37] Harvest mushrooms to unlock zygomites,
[01:39] trap skillchompas to unlock chinchompas,
[01:41] and make yak pouches to unlock yaks.
[01:43] Don't have a cow, man? Buy them from the farmer's market!
[01:46] The rewards are beyond your usual benefits.
[01:48] There's a new elite skilling outfit in the form of the Master Farmer outfit,
[01:51] new skill-boosting potions for Divination, Hunter,
[01:54] Invention and Runecrafting, and improved ultracompost.
[01:58] That really is only the beginning of what you can gain from the farm,
[02:01] and there are 37 achievements to complete as you progress.
[02:04] Man-ure going to love it.
[02:06] The fifth most desired update from this year's surveys and Build-a-Backlog polls,
[02:10] the Farm and Master Skillcape Perks were 1 and 3,
[02:13] was a Quest Point Shop.
[02:14] An actual use for all the Quest Points that you have been accumulating over the past 17 years.
[02:19] May, a quest aficionado, will be settling her caravan in front of the Champions' Guild.
[02:24] Visit her and you can choose from several branches of a perk tree.
[02:27] Will you choose the combat gear branch, which hands you armour and weapons
[02:30] that make you increasingly strong against quest bosses?
[02:32] Or will you go for the pet branch and unlock an adorable little pup
[02:36] that can be customised according to your favourite quest series,
[02:39] alongside some useful benefits?
[02:40] Or will you level up the quest hub itself,
[02:43] including a chest to store quest items and a teleport to the latest quest?
[02:47] You can re-spec if you ever want to choose a different branch of the perk tree,
[02:51] and there are milestone rewards for everyone, regardless of which branch you choose.
[02:55] Just get yourself 25 Quest Points to start,
[02:58] and begin turning your quest list a wonderful shade of green.
[03:00] It wouldn't be September without a raffle to run alongside the updates.
[03:03] While the format hasn't changed,
[03:05] you still get a ticket every day and another if you complete a daily challenge,
[03:08] the presentation and looks have been given a lick of paint.
[03:11] Submit your tickets on the day that has the jazziest prizes,
[03:14] then cross your fingers and hope for the best!
[03:16] On Monday we have golden godswords.
[03:18] On Tuesday there are portable deposit boxes.
[03:21] On Wednesday there are protean packs.
[03:23] On Thursday it's golden warpriest.
[03:25] On Friday, deathtouched darts.
[03:28] On Saturday it's golden Barrows armour.
[03:30] And on Sunday it's a new one. Golden chaotic weaponry.
[03:34] If you're a Gold Premier clubber, a content exclusive arrives with Player-Owned Farm.
[03:39] This is the first of four chests that will be coming each month until the end of the year.
[03:43] Want a clue what's in the first chest? Well, there's "jack-all" in it.
[03:47] If you like your Rainbow's End rewards,
[03:49] then there's one in particular that's a site for 'saur eyes.
[03:52] The rainbow lizard has a colour-changing tail and crest,
[03:55] and will make you the centre of any party.
[03:57] Finally, whether you're going to RuneFest or plan to watch via livestream,
[04:01] we have some news that might interest you.
[04:03] The RuneFest app is available on Apple and Android stores now,
[04:06] and includes a survey for nominating your potential Golden Gnome winners.
[04:09] Over time, you can expect the app to update with a session schedule,
[04:13] alongside links to the streams, live polling and access to some great merch.
[04:17] RuneFest is just around the corner on the 5th and 6th of October.
[04:21] We're prepping some hefty announcements,
[04:24] so gird your loins and subscribe to us on YouTube and Twitch.
[04:27] It's going to be a good one.
[04:29] Do you want to try and go a little bit faster or do you reckon it'll be alright?
[04:33] That's probably the right speed.
[04:36] If I go faster, I'll just go blablaba...
[04:40] Okay. Ready?