Transcript of RuneScape Month Ahead (Sept 2017) - Sept Raffle, Invention, DXP

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Automatic transcription[edit | edit source]

[00:11] September isn't just about RuneFest.
[00:14] There's plenty of new content to play with in game too.
[00:17] First up there's the Double XP Weekend
[00:20] that starts on Friday the 15th of September and continues to Monday the 18th.
[00:25] It's the perfect time to work on those skills that you've neglected,
[00:28] perhaps even hit that next 99 that you've been working on.
[00:31] Make sure you've got yourself organised to make the most out of them gains!
[00:36] The next thing to think about is the return of Balthazar's big raffle,
[00:39] which is already live in-game now and will run until the 2nd of October.
[00:43] You can claim up to two tickets per day and enter prize draws,
[00:47] with a different reward available on each day of the week.
[00:50] Prizes like Golden Godswords, Warpriest Armour, Deathtouch Darts,
[00:55] Proteans and hundreds of millions of GP are available to be won.
[00:59] If you don't get lucky, there's always the clown costume,
[01:02] with a piece available for every five tickets that you hand in.
[01:06] The Ninja team have been busy with all sorts of updates this month,
[01:09] not least a huge improvement to the motherlode maw.
[01:13] We're adding plenty of items like chimes, memory strands,
[01:17] VIP slayer tickets, butterfly jars, scrimshaws, XP crystals,
[01:22] ghostly essence and shattered world anima,
[01:24] as well as removing items that you'd told us weren't that useful.
[01:28] There's a new lore book too explaining the origins of the Maw
[01:31] and gemstone dragons, and plenty more too.
[01:34] They have also been working on a new boss collection log
[01:37] to let you know how many unique drops you've collected from each boss after the update,
[01:42] and made some big new additions to content available for non-members.
[01:47] The biggest piece of new content this month is the long-awaited invention batch 2,
[01:52] a collection of new machines and devices to tinker with using our latest skill.
[01:57] The machines, all built in the Invention guild, are highly useful locations
[02:02] that will help turn your items into the things you want,
[02:05] without the need for you to do it.
[02:07] Turn logs into planks or take items from your bank and load them in
[02:10] for high alching are just two of the things on offer.
[02:13] Much like farming, these machines will work even when you're not logged in,
[02:17] so you can set them up and reap the rewards when you log back in.
[02:20] Each uses divine charges to keep going,
[02:23] so make sure they are all charged up!
[02:25] The new devices we are adding to the game cover a multitude of different features,
[02:30] like the separator, which allows you to remove gizmos without damaging equipment,
[02:35] the divine-o-matic that helps train divination,
[02:37] or the spring cleaner and tight springs,
[02:40] which are new player-made items just like the ones you're familiar with.
[02:44] Perhaps even bigger news though are the suggestions that we've added from you
[02:48] via social media and the forums.
[02:50] Higher augmented item levels give further benefits
[02:53] like even bigger drain rate reductions, there's increased chances of perk activation,
[02:58] and we've totally removed inspiration and augmentors are now tradable.
[03:03] We're hugely looking forward to meeting many of you at RuneFest on the 23rd of September.
[03:08] But if you can't be there, don't worry!
[03:11] You'll be able to stay in touch with all things RuneFesty via our RuneFest app,
[03:15] live streams of both stages to really immerse yourself in the event.
[03:19] We'll also be adding all the real world skill chip activities from RuneFest into the game.
[03:24] It's going to be an amazing meet-up, with massive reveals about the secret things we're working on
[03:29] and some very exciting news about RuneScape in the future.
[03:33] Have fun.
[03:34] Wooters out.